For the longest time I was horribly embarrassed by any outward shows of how much of a nerd I was, especially at home. I felt that expressing the intense amount of feels that I had for “immature” YA books or “childish” cartoons/anime would upset my parents for raisingsuch a failure of a daughter. I had been so ashamed for liking these things that I never really bothered to pursue any of it online or with friends.

Everything changed when, on Christmas day of 2009, I was gifted my very first laptop. At the time, I had dedicated many days and nights to filling up spiral bound notebooks with my hand written stories, so finally being able to quickly type them out in private was a newfound freedom. Needless to say, my laptop and the things I dared to Google search were gateways to the fandoms, fanfic, and Internet friends that have become a major part of my life.

I’ve published a mile stone of 80 fanfics ever since. Now, with the support of my friends and family, I am no longer afraid to be passionate and creative. I would like to take a moment to thank and recognize those who gave me the courage to continue to write and to be myself unapologetically.


Meeting you was such a pivotal point in my life. Thank you, thank you a thousand times over for always supporting my work and encouraging my ideas. If we had not started messaging back and forth over Alien Force, I would never have kept up with fanfiction. If it weren’t for you, I would not have continued to post anything, to write anything, and I really hope that gives you an idea of how much I treasure our friendship. (hint: a lot)

Your own talent for writing such beautiful pieces of fiction helped me learn and grow immensely as a writer. Whether extremely AU or believably canon, your dazzling imagination is the heart and soul of your fics. Never be afraid to dream big and put those ideas into words, because you pushed my creative limits so that they weren’t so narrow.

♥  alalison ♥

One day, when I was over at your house, you shared something incredible with me. You seemed completely at ease when you showed it, but as I read over the open word document you had filled a page of with a story about a princess,  I was in awe that you would share something so personal. I hope you continued that story. We were so young, but I had enjoyed reading what you had written and was amazed at my realization that people could actually share their work, finished or not.

I’ve always admired your unwavering strength in remaining true to who you are and the way you don’t have to censor yourself for anyone. I still try to strive for that quality, myself… Really, Alison, your confidence and strength amazes me.

corgusprime ♥

I never got near the NaNoWriMo goal since the year I started, but thank you for listening to my half-ideas over coffee and pushing me to get them down. I’m proud of you for pursuing your passion for English and the written word. All your hard work and kind encouragements are really admirable! We should definitely have another Starbucks chat when I’m back home.

shadesninde, sarcatt, jncera, brella ♥

You are all my YJ writing idols. You are my senpai’s. Never before have I been as affected by writing as I have with all of your stories. I know you all had a lot of emotional material to work with, but your writing gave YJ and its characters more depth than I imagined. 

shadesninde ♥ You understand Kaldur so well. I love him, I really do, but I was never quite able to completely peg his character until I started to read your fanfics. You also have an incredible ability for creating genuine emotional impacts (Camp Us had me laughing and crying all over), and that’s something I think every writer should strive for.  

sarcatt ♥ You’re exceptionally skilled at writing tender moments between Wally and Artemis characters. You give moments like first kisses and shy finger brushes an intimacy that’s lost with a lot of fiction these days. Readers get ridiculously giddy about these sweet, heated, or even heartbreaking moments that you create, and it’s something I’ve always admired about your work. 

jncera ♥ You’re the queen of emotional development, I think. The relationships you create between Wally and Artemis characters are completely believable because you understand how they work in real life. Nothing you’ve written feels forced, and your work reminds me to be genuine with my words, written or spoken. 

brella ♥ I will always admire how you labored over The Next Great Adventure, which is still one of my favorite pieces of fiction to date. If I’m remembering this correctly, that masterpiece was your way of coping with that gut wrenching season finale, and I think it’s incredible that you did that. Writing is many things, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone write from the heart like you do. You remind me of my passion for storytelling, and I am grateful for that.

moonprismpowah ♥

I don’t know what you have and haven’t read of my work, but I want to thank you for your continuous support regardless. You’ve always told me to keep writing… I don’t think I can ever express how much that means to me. I will always treasure our friendship, Maia. Thank you for everything. I’ll be home soon. ♥

♥  Honorable mention for ETNRL4L who is without a tumblr ♥

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I’M CRYING??? if you really want to know feel free to let me tell you about ~*HOMESTUCK*~


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Wikipedia drew you in? That’s gotta be a new one. Welcome to the club that reads HOMESTUCK. :D

All I wanted to do was read about the history of Microsoft Paint. THE ARTICLE WAS NOT ABOUT PAINT.