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Casey Nogueira free kick. Can we just take a second to look at how dirty this goal is. Sick nasstyy.


U-20: 24 Goals 35 Caps

In her stint as a principal forward for the U-20 and U-23 USWNTs from 2006-2009, KO scored more goals than Alex, A-Rod and Press combined, and is tied with Syd (24 goals in 39 caps).

Jersey numbers 10, 19, 17 & 21. Pics from 2007 U-20 World Cup, Concacaf Cup, 2008 Pan-American Games qualifiers etc…

Technically not a statistical tie with Syd if you include the formula. Hate to quibble cuz I love Syd way too much, but if you add Syd’s caps for CANWNT, she has 24 goals in 41 caps as a U-20 to KO’s 24 goals in 35 caps. Add that to KO’s parallel achievements at the Stanford Cardinal, where she led the team in scoring in 3 out of her 4 years there, and led the the nation in goals (26) and points (65) as a senior in 2009. As a pure offensive starter, the case for her being the dominant collegiate and USWNT youth-development player of the late ‘aughts, is pretty good. And all without a NCAA D1—nor a U-20 championship—especially when you consider that UNC won three titles in the same period. As Bruins, Syd and Lauren Cheney come the closest…and if they played Press more as a U-20/23.

U-20 Pan-American Games, qualifiers, 2007.

Random is random. There goes Officer O’Hara—in her Kells Irish restaurant & pub (Portland) shirt—instigating the usual crooked shit in some hotel hallway. Casey Nogueira, Shrek and Donkey co-star.

The things this woman has done for her country. 24 goals in 35 caps for the U-20. That’s still a record or something.


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September 12, 2008

Strange Goings On at The Farm

Stanford 1-1 UNC, 2OT

Yaaaas, that’s KO scoring on a certain Ashlyn Harris of the visiting Tar Heels to level the game 1-1. UNC struck first with a give-and-go from Casey Nogueira to Tobin Heath. The game would go on double overtime and despite Baby Press making life difficult for Ash in the latter stages, her goaltending (6 saves) preserves the draw.

That game is epic for several reasons. Three future recipients of the MAC Herman Trophy were on the pitch, all Cardinal (KO, Press & Teresa Noyola—all three would play for the national title, with Tess finally winning one for the Card in 2011.)

No less than six ’15ers (O’Hara, Press, Engen, Harris, Heath, & Klingenberg) saw action in the match. Many more players were current or former USWNT, U-WNT, WPS or NWSL (Nogueira, Noyola, Allie Long, Lindsay Taylor, Ali Riley, Nikki Washington, Allison Falk etc…).

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