U-20: 24 Goals 35 Caps

In her stint as a principal forward for the U-20 and U-23 USWNTs from 2006-2009, KO scored more goals than Alex, A-Rod and Press combined, and is tied with Syd (24 goals in 39 caps).

Jersey numbers 10, 19, 17 & 21. Pics from 2007 U-20 World Cup, Concacaf Cup, 2008 Pan-American Games qualifiers etc…

Technically not a statistical tie with Syd if you include the formula. Hate to quibble cuz I love Syd way too much, but if you add Syd’s caps for CANWNT, she has 24 goals in 41 caps as a U-20 to KO’s 24 goals in 35 caps. Add that to KO’s parallel achievements at the Stanford Cardinal, where she led the team in scoring in 3 out of her 4 years there, and led the the nation in goals (26) and points (65) as a senior in 2009. As a pure offensive starter, the case for her being the dominant collegiate and USWNT youth-development player of the late ‘aughts, is pretty good. And all without a NCAA D1—nor a U-20 championship—especially when you consider that UNC won three titles in the same period. As Bruins, Syd and Lauren Cheney come the closest…and if they played Press more as a U-20/23.
Casey (Nogueira) Loyd

Tobin and Casey Nogueira join the Starbucks team at the same team and are touted as the future of the shop. They’re known far and wide for their extravagant drinks and their friendship. One day, Casey marries a sweet guy named Zach and takes a break to go work grassroots barista classes. She returns a few years later to find that Tobin has moved on and no one remembers her name. She retires again that same year.


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Casey Nogueira and Allie Long remove a dog from the pitch after the dog got loose from the owner.  Casey and Allie took it into their own hands. when the team got upset by the way security was handling the issue. 


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Allie and Casey “fighting”

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Comment by Heather O'Reilly on this video: “i am dying watching this. we out we out”

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Moscow, Russia. August 13-19, 2006.

Stephanie’s Squad

In honor of Stephanie Cox’s retirement from Seattle Reign FC, October 20, 2015. Stephanie Lopez Cox was a veteran of the USWNT (89 caps) and its youth development teams. 

She captained the U-20 Women’s World Cup squad in Russia. Undefeated through to the knock-out stage (courtesy of goals from Baby KO, A-Rod, Jessica Rostedt, Danesha Adams, Casey Nogueira & Allie Long) the US fell to China PRC in the semifinals (on penalties). 

Pics also include Lauren Cheney, Tobin Heath, Jordan Angeli, Christina DiMartino, Amanda Poach, Brittany Bock, Carrie Dew and, Erin Hardy.