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I wanted to make this comic a little longer but meh…. 

Have a Mommy Mae and Mommy Bea comic after they brought home baby Cassandra (also yes Mrs. Borowski dropped off the swing). 

(Mother 3 spoilers down here ahoyyyy!)

I’m a little surprised that more people aren’t talking about the parallels between Undertale and Mother 3 because there are really nice ones that I picked up on.  These games both mean a lot to me and part of why I played Undertale in the first place was because I had heard it was inspired by Mother in some ways.

Claus’ story has a lot in common with Asriel’s: two children who lost their lives and were later “revived” as empty shells of themselves.  Both of them play vital roles in bringing about the so-called “end of the world” as we know it in the story.  The final battle with Asriel in Pacifist is a big callback to Claus’ in Mother 3, but especially due to what happens halfway through (skip to 12min in that video for the part I want to talk about).

Throughout Mother 3′s story Hinawa - Claus and Lucas’ mother - plays a vital role despite being deceased for much of the game.  She has a prominent golden flower motif - sunflowers, to be exact - and said flowers are often used to symbolize her.  Her tender memories of Claus are able to reach his heart during the final battle and pacify him.  She may be gone, but her spirit is strongly felt throughout the entire story.

A deceased family member with a golden flower motif who reaches out to a loved one with their memories during the story’s final battle… doesn’t that sound familiar?

In a Kill All run the Claus parallel above could be extended to Chara as well, but in a Pacifist run?  Chara is playing a similar role to Hinawa, especially at the end of the story.

“I’m really happy you could be with me just before the end…”

(This is my own opinion, but I like to think Once Upon a Time is Chara’s theme in some fashion.  This song bears a faint resemblance to Mother 3′s Love Theme, which is often used in relation to Hinawa)

(also writing this post made me cry over Mother 3′s ending again ughhhhh)