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yo wtf??? we had so much development in s3??? like between all the characters ESP keith/lance & all of sudden we take like 8 steps back & i feel like i'm watching s2 or smth, this is so annoying casey i thought we were going FORWARDS not backwards

lemme tell yall something. theres NO WAY in HELL. that they should of let keith leave like that. after all the development and shiro LITERALLY being like “i want you to lead and ive ACCEPTED MY PLACE AS NOT BEING THE LEADER” and they just go on to say “oh yeah we’ll miss you make us proud” LIKE BITCH WHOOOO THE FUUUUUCK. you got me bENT SIDEWAYS.


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I was looking for tabs to Take Me Out To The Ballgame, and I wanted to add original attribution so I looked up the song on Wikipedia. And I learned after twenty-five years of going to baseball games that it’s actually about a fangirl, Katie Casey. 

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It was early enough that Shiro was still asleep, which was saying something.  Early enough he wasn’t dressed, or jogging, or showering, or doing pushups.  Early enough he was deeply asleep and dragged unceremoniously out of the haze of dreamland, out of his warm bed, and over to the controls for his door, which were beeping continually, aggravatingly until he slapped his hand against them and the door slid open with a dramatic whoosh.

Shiro stood face to face with a pumpkin.

More specifically, some kind of orange paper mache monstrosity meant, probably, to resemble a pumpkin carved with a horrendous, gaping face that looked suspiciously like it was melting, and Shiro didn’t want to find out why.  Said monstrosity appeared to be propped on top of a black spandex-clad body, equipped with long spindly fingers that were currently reaching towards Shiro with possibly some ill intent, but his self-preservation hadn’t kicked in yet.

“Tricks and/or treats!” the pumpkin said.

“Coran?” Shiro mumbled.

“Pidge told me all about your Earth celebration of Howl-the-Ween, which we surmised that based on your calendar might fall on today.  I have prepared a costume modeled after your fearsome elder god Jack to participate in the ritual giving of candy.”

“O-okay, but Coran,” said Shiro, rubbing his eyes, one hand on the doorframe.  “You go trick-or-treating at night.  Not first thing in the morning.”

“I see.”  Coran’s voice echoed from somewhere within the paper mache.  “That does make sense considering the rather frightful nature of these traditions.  In that case, consider this your wake-up call.  You’re needed on the bridge, spit spot.  You too, Keith.”

Shiro, abruptly, straightened to attention.  “Keith isn’t—”

“The veil is thin on hallow’s night, and all truths can be seen, Shiro.  Up and at ‘em.”

The door slid closed, and Shiro stared at it for several seconds before turning on his heel and crawling back into bed.  Keith rolled over while he was resettling the blankets, head tucking under his chin.  “Was that a jack-o-lantern at the door?”

“No,” Shiro said, “I’m choosing to believe that the last two minutes didn’t happen.”

“So we’re not getting up?”


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As much as I admit that this season took steps back, I hope that the fandom can realize that we don't know all of their plans for the rest of the series yet. I sincerely believe they have plans for the next seasons that will develop each character and show their strengths best. Keith leaving sucked, but they have their story planned out and we don't know the full of it yet. I hope I'm not being overly optimistic, I'm going to appreciate what I can of this season and look forward to the next.

of course we don’t know their full plans but this is still a bad season compared to the others.