casey x rusty


“Case, do you remember when I first came to CRU and I was terrified? I was lonely, and I didn’t have a world. But if I had never came here, I never would have joined a fraternity, met Cappie and all those guys, Calvin and Dale. I never would’ve had the relationship that I have with you now. Now I have a whole universe.

Casey: Look, Rusty’s great. He’s not going to end up like planless, unfocused Casey. Don’t worry, he’s not going to be like me.
Rusty: I can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be like.
Casey: Rusty, I’m trying to help you.
Rusty: I’m trying to help them understand that being like you is something to aspire to. If I were like you I’d have amazing people skills, I’d be able to solve problems creatively.. if I got to be president of my fraternity, I’d basically be learning how to be CEO of a small corporation. All in all, I’d be pretty incredible. And I would expect my parents to be proud of me. Oh, and I would stand up for what I want, no matter what. Which means for right now, I will be remaining in Kappa Tau while maintaining the high academic standards that happen to be just as important to me as they are to you. If I have to find a way to pay for it myself, I will. Now I want to see a menu, I want to see it now.

CASEY: You wanted to join a fraternity. Why not just say it?
RUSTY: Because I’m not like you. I care about what mom and dad think of me.
CASEY: Newsflash, so do I! And I am so tired of them thinking you’re perfect and I’m ridiculous!
RUSTY: Yeah, you try being Casey Cartwright’s dorky little brother. ‘Your sister’s so pretty’, 'Your sister’s so cool’, 'Your sister has friends’. You were like perfect.
CASEY: To everyone except mom and dad.

RUSTY: Can I give you a piece of advice? The reason people get scared when their safety net is gone, is that they begin to doubt themselves. They think that they can’t do what they did before because that net’s not there. I’m just saying, I wish that I was as good as you, walking the tightrope that is college.
CASEY: You’re really into this net analogy.
RUSTY: And if you fall -
CASEY: If you say ‘I will catch you’, this conversation is over!
RUSTY: That’s fine.

Casey: Rus, we have a good thing going here. A year ago, if someone had asked me what your favorite color is, I probably would have assumed you were color blind, given the way you dress, now I know that it’s brown.
Rusty: Actually, it’s green.
Casey: My point is, let’s cherish and protect our new relationship, not muck it up with something like sharing things.
Rusty: Two hours, that’s all I need.
Casey: Rusty, two hours was all you needed for your drivers test. It took four produce men, and five quarters to get my car off that horse. I had to take the school bus for a week … Your sketchy history spans decades. What about my Cabbage Patch Drink and Wet Newborn?
Rusty: What, you’re stupid doll that could pee?
Casey: You filled her with cranberry juice. That doesn’t look like pee!
Rusty: I was six years old, Casey! I was six!
Casey: Or the time that you erased my online NSYNC diary?
Rusty: I was twelve! I’m eighteen now.
Casey: Oh my God. Six, twelve, eighteen. 666. This explains everything!
Rusty: Stop treating me a kid. Or Damien. I’m a grown up. When are you gonna see that?
Casey: Rusty. I see you just as you are. As my little brother, who’s not borrowing my car.

RUSTY: I was at an engineering party last night with my roommate, who I suspect is kinda racist, and we stood around a multi-purpose room talking about all the theoretical scientific inconsistencies of the Matrix.
CASEY: And this is weird for you because…?
RUSTY: There were robots, Casey! Robots! I wanna have a real college experience. I wanna have fun.
CASEY: You don’t know how to have fun!
RUSTY: But I can learn! Isn’t that what college is for?
CASEY: Hell no! You and I, we’ve always stayed in our respective worlds. I never crashed one of your gay camp sleepovers.
RUSTY: Wilderness Excursions!
CASEY: Whatever! My point is, you have your world and I have mine.
RUSTY: I don’t have a world anymore … Please, help me.
CASEY: I’m trying to help you. You’re not fraternity material. You’re just gonna be disappointed.
RUSTY: I’m gonna do it, Casey.
CASEY: Monthly brunches! I’ll call you!
RUSTY: I will join a fraternity!