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Frustration - Rated: E

Summary: Noah can’t handle Ginny. She finds someone who can.

I decided to post it, after all that :) Thanks to everyone who talked me through my minor freak out about this fic. I think it came out way better than it could have. It’s technically a day late for Sinning Sunday, so is this Moaning Monday?

If you’re squeamish about infidelity, fair warning. There is technically no infidelity in this fic, as Ginny and Noah are not exclusive, but it’s a close call. I also had to tag Ginny/Noah because I got weirdly graphic about their sex life. Don’t worry, Bawson endgame. Obviously.

The first time Ginny had sex with Noah, it was…nice.

Okay, maybe she’s not being fair. It had its moments. The whole night had its moments. From Eliot’s awkward goodbye, Ginny felt herself becoming more and more interested in this billionaire video game mogul. The kiss on the street had been sweet, light, and she’d fallen into it the way she knew she was supposed to. Noah did all the right things, said all the right things, and she was attracted to that. Attracted to him. And when someone does and says all the right things, the right thing to do is to take him back to your hotel room.

And that had felt right too. She was actually grinning as they kissed and fell into her bed, which was exactly what Ginny had always wanted. She wanted a man she could laugh with, smile with, and Noah was checking all her boxes. Sex was supposed to be fun, and this was fun, so she took the next logical step.

And that was fun too.

He helped slide her clothes off like a man who knew what he was doing, and when his hands ran along the skin of her stomach, she could feel goosebumps rising in their wake. His button down got caught as she tried to pull it off, and it sent them both into comfortable laughter, only dying down when his lips attached to her neck and started kissing down her body. Ginny was into it, her body responding, and she knew this was an objectively good sexual experience.

But it was the first time, so there were little things off about their interaction. Noah’s mouth on her neck – usually a pretty strong erogenous zone for Ginny – was so light she actually had to bite back a giggle. When that same mouth found it’s way between her legs (score one for Noah), she tried to guide him to where and how she wanted it, but the slow, soft licks of his tongue just couldn’t get her where she wanted to go. “Faster” and “harder” were met with miniscule responses, until she finally just pulled him up and slid a condom into his hand.

Things got a little better after that, her hips canted upwards and rolling into him, his cock (slightly above average, nothing to write home about) sliding deep into her in a slow, deliberate rhythm. It wasn’t perfect, not exactly what she wanted, but Ginny still came – a pleasant, warm feeling spreading into her stomach as Noah found his release as well.

He held her after, and slept in her bed, and all Ginny could think was how nice the night had felt. Sure, it wasn’t perfect, but first times were never perfect, right? The next time would be better.

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When I say I like Noah Casey...

I mean I LOVE Ginny. So I like Noah.

We all know Ginny has had a rough go of it since even before we met her on our screens. There are very few instances where we’ve been able to see a side of Ginny where she’s carefree and truly happy. The first was with Mike before all of the drama started, and the second was with Cara before the breakdown. Otherwise, this beautiful woman keeps getting hammered with bullshit.

When we meet Noah, the CEO of his company, he is doing the tech work for this video game. Obviously not usually something a CEO does but Ginny is still instantly amused by him, revealing a small tidbit about her liking Mario, and the banter is short but sweet. Even Will and Amelia notice the connection (and Ev was on board for it too). Noah asks her out and she is genuinely surprised. She hesitates but her smile never falters and not once does she look uncomfortable. And we’ve seen her shoot guys down on the spot. He gets pulled away but Eliot steps in to tell her who he really is, and Ginny only seems more interested.

When Noah steps back in, she is intrigued about why a CEO is doing the grunt work, he asks her out again, and Ginny gives this rant about it being hard to go on a date in public BUT SHE DOESN’T EXACTLY SAY NO. Noah’s immediate response was “When can I pick you up?”, and again Ginny is surprised but not in a bad way. Noah doesn’t ask her in an arrogant way, but because he wants her to know that that isn’t going to bother him.

Ginny says she can’t and he doesn’t push her but later, when Ginny is once again sitting all by herself, she gets a Mario like video that Noah sends to her to ask her out again. HE MAKES A VIDEO JUST FOR HER IN THE STYLE OF A GAME SHE SAID SHE LIKED, and she loves it. Go back and look at her face. Our Ginny is happy. Yes, I said “Our Ginny” because that’s who we’re all here for. She deserves to be treated like the queen she is. She deserves to have someone fawn over her, and take her out to dinner, and make video games for her, and just help her have fun and relax. This man clears out an entire restaurant for her and, before Mike calls her away, she is actually enjoying herself.

That’s what I want for her. Yes, I live in the Bawson dumpster and my throats still hurts from screaming at my television, but I’m in this for the long haul and those two idiots needs to see other people to realize how much they love each other. I’m okay with Noah being that other person for now (not that I think he’ll stay that long) as long as Ginny stays smiling and happy.

And let’s get real y'all! Blip wasn’t lying when he said Ginny needs to get her some. My girl needs to let loose a little and release some of that tension. A little wax on, wax off from Noah might help with that.

“Story Time”

Have I told you guys how much I love Thomas Sanders? no? probably because if I start talking about him I NEVER STOP… so instead of a 200 page long essay about my undying affection for this cinnamon roll, here’s a rosey doodle of him swamped in Steven Universe flowers

If for some crazy reason you don’t know about him yet go look him up right now immediately it will make your life x20000 better

Or you can follow him here: @thatsthat24


Casey Sanders

Book it up Rochester

Promoters have a very strong influence in their local music communities. As we all know they can be selfish assholes looking for a cheap buck for a very poorly done booking job or they can be a blessing to a local community with no musical direction. Casey Sanders in the minds of many would fall into the latter. It can be argued that this man has singlehandedly pumped quarts of fresh blood back into our local scene. Over the past year he has given local bands a shot to play with some big names in the industry. Bringing in acts such as The Atari’s, The Queers, The Toasters, Mischief Brew, and soon The Flatliners, Casey has busted his ass to try to make every show he has go off without a hitch.

Better still, Mr.Sanders isn’t in it for the money. More often then not he’s lucky to break even on his show’s, always making sure the bands on the bill get their fair share first. *Fellow promoters take note* 

Every show is usually a blast and every bill is guaranteed to have varied talent. But, all in all, Casey and his booking agency Book it up Rochester is an example to be followed by other local promoters from across the nation.

Check out The Flatliners show March 3rd at Dubland Underground.

Support your scene!