casey salamander

it bothers me that john can captchalogue casey the salamander when she’s like, a living animal and probably sentient

if you can put people on a captcha card then you could in theory duplicate them and combine them with other objects and i dont like that

anonymous asked:

The classes as homestuck characters (who doesnt have any class eg. The mayor, casey the salamander, clubs deuce, etc.)

This one took longer and was a bit more difficult to figure out than I’d like, but I appreciate the challenge!

X/Y = different forms of the same character, that both demonstrate attributes of that class in some manner
X (/Y) = different or alternate forms/names of the same (sometimes) character, the first of which demonstrates the class’s attributes and the second of which doesn’t or doesn’t as much

Lord - Andrew Hussie
Muse - MSPA reader
Heir - Ms Paint
Page - Genesis frog
Thief - Draconian Dignitary (/Diamonds Droog)
Rogue - Becquerel
Prince - Jack Noir (/Spades Slick)
Bard - Aimless Renegade (/Authority Regulator)
Mage - Wayward Vagabond/Mayor
Seer - Doc Scratch
Knight - Hegemonic Brute (/Hearts Boxcars)
Maid - Perigrine Mendicant
Witch - Lil Cal
Sylph - Clubs Deuce/Courtyard Droll