casey rodgers

Chapter 5 Part 2

Christopher Maurice Brown

“Chris”, Asia said making me kiss my teeth. “Why are you here?” I questioned glaring at her, “I came to see Ava where is she”, she pushed passed me making me groan. Bitch better be lucky my fucking body is sore I closed the door and faced her, “She’s not here”she looked at me funny. “So she’s with Ms. Joyce?” she questioned making me shake my head. “Chris your letting a bitch take my daughter places”, I clenched my jaw soon regretting it. “First of all chill with that b word and I got MY daughter hanging out with my girl”, her face turned red before she got to shouting of course. “I DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHO THAT BITCH IS I DON’T APPRECIATE YOU HAVING HER AROUND MY FUCKING DAUGHTER LET ALONG TAKING HER PLACES BY HER SELF”, I shook my head at her dramatic ass.

“Lower your fucking voice you must forgot who you was talking to and who the fuck do you think you are coming in here trying to run shit, last time I checked you dropped Ava off here talking about your parents said you cant keep her so miss me with your bullshit”, I said watching her clench her jaw. “I never said you can permanently keep her plus I move out of my parents house so I want her back”, she explained folding her arms. “What the fuck you mean.. you cant take my daughter from me I’m not letting that happen”, I shook my head she got me all types of fucked up if she think she’s taking Ava from me. Before she could say something the doorbell rung making her fold her arms, I limped to the door and opened it to see Lani standing there with Ava, “Oh my god Chris what happened to you”, she said in a panic/worried tone touching my face making me flinch.

“I’ll tell you later”, I pulled her inside closing the door turning around to see Asia and Lani having a stare down. “So you the bitch who trying to play mommy to my daughter”, Asia spat with so much venom making Lani furrow her eyebrows. “First off im not a bitch and second of all I’m not trying to play mommy to her I’m helping Chris out”, Lani said making Asia roll her eyes. “Whatever but you won’t be seeing my baby anymore because I came to pick her up”, she tried to take Ava out of Lani’s arms but I stepped in her way. “You not taking her so back up and get out Asia”, I glared down at her and she rolled her eyes chuckling.

“Chris I am her legal guardian um last time I checked your name is not on the birth certificate so if I was to call and say you stole my baby who would they believe me or you”, she explained folding her arms. “YOU FUCKING KEPT HER A SECRET HOW WAS I SUPPOSE TO KNOW I HAD A DAUGHTER”, I shouted making everybody flinch. I’m fucking heated I mean how you gone try and lie on me like that. “WHATEVER CHRIS IT’S NOT LIKE YOU WANTED HER ANYWAYS”, She screamed making me ball my fist up fuck she mean I wouldn’t of wanted her that’s my daughter for crying out loud.

“You know what Chris we’ll settle this in court, but just know I’m getting my daughter from you so enjoy your last day with her”, and with that she left out of the house slamming the door. I sat on the couch raging I mean how she gone do some shit like this and for what, I mean I can see if I wasn’t trying to help her out with her but I am. “Chris”, Lani said sitting next to me. “Yeah”, I answered looking her. “Don’t worry if you tell the judge your side of the story than I’m sure he or she will understand”, she said making me shake my head ion want to believe that. “Chris what happened to your face though”, she touched my jaw making me groan in pain. Ava looked up at me worried before reaching out to me, I picked her up wincing making Lani also look at me worried.

“Dada”, she touched my face poking her lips out. She squeezed my cheeks making me yell out causing her to flinch, “Sorry to yell chunky daddy is hurting”, she leaned up and kissed all over my face lightly pecking my lips. “Thank you baby”, she clapped her hands smiling brightly at me.. I swear I’m going to miss my baby. “Oh I got jumped”, I looked over at Lani who was shaking her head. “Chris I told you to be careful”, she said with a hint of attitude making me sign. “I know that but being in the drug business there's no being careful”, I explained making her sigh out. “I know Chris but cant you find another job that doesn’t involve you getting jumped?” she questioned making me sigh.

“its not easy Lani I mean I’ve been doing this since high school I cant quit now”, she nodded before standing up holding her hand out. “Come on so I can clean you up”, I nodded grabbing her hand following her upstairs. I sat Ava down before going into the bathroom taking a seat on the toilet, “This might burn”, she dabbed alcohol on a towel before cleaning my cut. “Shit Lani”, I balled up my fist as she continued to clean my cuts. “Why did they jump you Chris”, she stopped and looked at me making me sigh out. “Because I took the blame for my nigga that's why”, she shook her head closing the alcohol

“Chris they could of killed you what were you thinking”, she said looking at me disappointed. “I wasn’t and don’t say that”, she sighed turning away from me. “Chris I’m worried that this will get out of hand and I don’t want to lose you”, her voiced cracked making me grab her by her waist and sit her down on my lap. “Look Alani nothing is going to happen to me ma trust my word ok”, she nodded locking her hands on the back of my neck.

“Now give me those lips woman”, she giggled before leaning in and kissing me. “For us to be taking things slow we sure do kiss a lot”, she said while running her thumb across my bottom of my lip. “Yeah true but I mean we might as well consider ourselves as a couple we already know each other, we’ve been knowing each other for 2 years now”, I explained watching her nod a bit. “Yeah but I feel like we can make it official when you take me out on a official date”, I nodded a little. “How about next week sometime since I’m dealing with baby mama drama”, she nodded climbing off my lap. “Ok”, she smiled brightly causing me to chuckle.

Shit hopefully I can do it without Asia fucking shit up by trying to take my daughter.

Alani Casey Rodgers

I watched as Chris sat on the floor and played with Ava, I couldn’t help but smile at the sight. Every since our talk in the bathroom all that’s been on my mind is our date and Asia trying to take Ava, I just don’t understand how she can just try to take her away from him after they’ve gotten so attached to each other. I feel like she’s wrong for that I mean I know that’s your daughter and all but you have to think about Chris feelings, I mean he loves his daughter with all of his heart and for you to try and take her away from him is fucked up.

I know if I ever was to have a baby and me and the father don’t get along I’m still going to tell him about it I mean he deserves to know that he has a baby walking around, know I can see if Chris was a bad father who didn’t want to be in her life but he’s not like that.. he’s far from it. “Lani take our picture”, Chris said bringing me out of my thoughts. I grabbed my phone clicking on the camera app. I took a picture of Chris holding Ava up in the air while leaning her towards him and kissing her nose, “Aw”, I gushed making him kiss his teeth before groaning out in pain.

“Chris you need to put a ice packet on your jaw”, he nodded a little going back to play with Ava. Somebody knocked on the door causing him to furrow his eyebrows, “Come in”, he said before the door opened revealing Ms. Joyce. “Hi Ms. Joyce”, I greeted watching a smile appear on her face. “Hi baby how are you”, she asked walking over to me. She pulled me into a hug, “I’m fine”, I smiled at her as she released causing her to nod. ‘Hi- Chris what happened to your face", she said in a horror tone making him sigh a little. “I got into a fight ma nothing major”, I narrowed my eyes at him how can he just lie to his mama like that.

“Yeah alright boy”, she said with a unsure tone before grabbing Ava out of his arms. “Hi grandmas baby”, she kissed all over Ava’s face making her laugh and squirm around. “Come on baby grandma got some nice things for you”, she walked out of the room closing the door back. “Chris how can you just lie to your mother like that”, he sighed getting off of the floor walking over to the bed and laying down pulling me on top of him. “It’s not lying I just didn’t tell her the whole truth plus she don’t need to know what I do”, I nodded my head laying it on his chest. “Chris I want you to stop and I’m serious”, he sighed causing me to look up at him.

“I will.. I promise”, he kissed my forehead wincing a bit. I just hope that he stops this.

Chapter 5 Part 1

Christopher Maurice Brown

After the whole incident yesterday it made me realize that I need to pay close attention to Ava, I just wished I would of known what she is allergic to I mean damn Asia could of warn somebody shaking my damn head.

Just incase your wondering yes I told my mama and trust me she wasn’t happy, but that’s because I didn’t call her. But like I told her at the time I wasn’t thinking about calling people I was to concerned with Ava’s health. I can tell that her allergic reaction scared her because when they released her from the hospital she’s been more attached to me. It’s like all she wants to do is lay on my chest or just be near me I’m not complaining though my baby can be close /under me I don’t mind.

I know your also wondering what about the kiss you and Alani shared, well lets just say it drew us closer and made our relationship stronger. No we are not dating but we are committed to each other meaning I broke off all ties with my hoes and she did the same for any nigga who she associated with on a flirting level.

I looked down at Ava who was sucking her thumb just chilling on my chest. Today is a chill day for us, I don’t feel like doing shit but eating junk food and watching cartoon network. “Chunkyyyy”, I sang making her look up at me.

“Hi my baby”, I said smiling at her. She took her thumb out of her mouth crawling up and sitting on my chest facing me. “You not going to say it back mama”, I pouted causing her to laugh and grab my lip. “Ah”, she squeaked tugging my lip. “Fair enough”, I poked my lips out causing her to do the same and lean forward. “Gimmie kisses”, I poked my lips out and she leaned down grabbing my cheeks and kissing me. “Thank you baby”, I tickled her sides causing her to laugh. I began to play with her hands as she made noises, “can you say dada chunky”, she stopped and looked at me confused.

I really want to if she will say it. “Come on mama say dada”, she leaned forward and giggled. “Dada”, she said making me smile wide as hell. “You said it”, I clapped her hands together and she laughed out. A knock at my door made her head shoot up, “come in”, I called out. Minutes later Alani walked in with a smile on her face.

Ava reached out for her as she stood on my chest. “Hi baby”, Alani cooed picking her up kissing all over her face. Ava squirmed around giggling out, “Hi baby”, I teased making her blush. “Hey Chris”, she greeted sitting down on the bed.

“So I don’t get no kisses”, I faked frowned causing her to laugh. She sat over down before crawling over to me planting a kiss on my cheek making me frown. Honestly I was hoping to feel her soft ass lips on mines again.

“You asked for a kiss but you never said where”, she said making me nod and lick my lips. “Alright ma”, I said watching her smile as she laid next to me. “So what was y'all doing?” She questioned looking up at me.

“Shit chilling Ava said dada”, she smiled brightly looking at Ava who was making her way over to the toys that was spread out on the floor.

“Aw that’s so sweet”, I nodded chuckling a bit. “Yeah it is so what brings you by”, I questioned making her furrow her eyebrow. “Oh I just cant stop by to see my baby huh”, she said making me pull her closer. “Aw you missed me”, I said poking my lips out towards her.

“Nope I was talking about Ava”, she laughed mushing my face. I licked her hand causing  her to squeal. “CHRISTOPHER!” She wiped her hand on my shirt furiously making me chuckle. “Don't put your hand in my face”, she frowned nudging my chest.

“You freak”, she said making me laugh. “Mhn I can get freaky if you like”, I mumbled watching her cheeks turn red. “Stop being nasty boy”, I shrugged pulling her on top of me.

“I cant help it ma you make me this way”, I mumbled against her neck lightly kissing it. She laughed a little looking at me. “Well you need to stop simply because Ava is in the room”, I nodded biting down on my lip.

“So if she wasn’t you saying I can be freaky”, she shook her head sitting up. “Nope that’s not what I’m saying get your mind out the gutter”, Ava ran over to the bed with a toy in her hand. “Chris why isn’t her hair done”, Lani questioned picking Ava up.

“Because she’s chilling plus I don’t know how to do hair”, I explained making her shake her head placing Ava on her lap grabbing the baby hair gel. She placed some in her hands putting it on Ava’s hair before grabbing the brush.

As soon as she began to brush her hair Ava began to whine soon bursting into tears. Alani bounced her up and down on her knees putting her hair into a ponytail, “There I’m all done boo”, she turned her around and kissed her cheeks wiping her face. She climbed off of Lani’s lap and ran back over to her toys, “So are you planning on moving out of here and getting a place of your own”, she questioned looking up at me. I nodded a bit I mean I feel like its time that I get my own place simply because now I have a daughter and we cant share this room its not even that big and I feel like she needs her own room. “Yeah we need our own place I’ve actually been looking around for houses”, she nodded a little. “don’t you want to start off small like maybe a condo or something”, I shook my head again. “Nah I want a house because sooner or later you will be living with us”, I said looking up at her watching her smile.

“Who said that”, she questioned poking my chest. “I did I’m not pressuring you but you will”, she shrugged a bit laying her head on my chest. “Maybe”, I smiled a bit watching Ava run around until my phone rung. I looked at my phone to see that Marcus had texted me.


Ay boss want his money Asap


I’m on my way

I got off of the bed heading into my closet putting on a pair of pants and my timberlands, I walked out to see Alani sitting there with confusion written over her face. “Where you going”, she questioned looking me up and down. “I got to drop this money off”’, I saw a wade of disappointment wash over her face making me sigh out. “Don’t look like that ma I promise  won’t be long, spend time with Ava while I’m gone please”, she sighed nodded a bit standing up grabbing her diaper bag. “Where do you keep her clothes”, I pointed to the dresser and she nodded walking over to the dresser packing a few clothes. “Come here Ava”, she squatted down opening her arms Ava ran over to her giggling.

I chuckled causing Lani to laugh, I’m so happy that Ava is attached to Lani. She dressed her up grabbing her diaper bag. We walked out of the house and I locked it up heading over to my car unlocking it, I got Ava’s car seat out of my car putting it inside of Lani’s. She buckled Ava inside and I gave her a few kisses before turning my attention back to Lani, “Don’t frown ma I’ll be fine”, she sighed causing me to pull her into a hug. “I don’t wont you to get hurt”, I shook my head grabbing her chin so she’s looking me directly in my eyes. “I’m not”, she leaned up and kissed me shocking the hell out of me.

“Go boy”, she said making me nod my head and get in my car. I watched her pull off before pulling out of the driveway heading to the warehouse, once I arrived I got out grabbing the duffel bag that sat in the passenger seat. “What’s up why you out here”, I questioned Tyga watching him pace back and forth. “Man I don’t got the money”, he grumbled looking down. “Fuck you mean you don’t got his money nigga are you crazy”, I stared at him watching him shake. “Man I got caught up in some shit, some niggas robbed me how am I suppose to tell him that”, he looked up at me with sorrow. “Fuck.. here”, I tossed him the duffel bag and he looked at me shocked.

“I-I can’t take this from you man”, I shook my head. “I’ve been working for him longer than you I know what he’s about he’ll kill you with no problem because you still fresh”, I explained watching him nod chewing on the inside of his jaw. We walked inside to see Don smoking a blunt counting money, “You got my money”, he asked never looking up. “Y-yeah”, Tyga stumbled over his words placing the duffel bag on the table. Don looked up at me frowning, ‘Where the fuck is my money", he spoke venom lacing his voice. “I-I got robbed”, I looked at me and his eye twitched indicating that he was pissed. “HOW THE FUCK DID YOU GET ROBBED YO ASS SUPPOSED TO BE STRAPPED AT ALL FUCKING TIMES”, he shouted banging on his desk causing everybody to jump.

“They snuck me”, I explained watching him chuckle bitterly. “Well you know what happened right”, he questioned staring at me. I nodded watching two guys walk up to me, one of them punched me in my jaw causing me to groan as I fell to the floor.

Alani Casey Rodgers

“What should we do today Av”, I questioned looking through the mirror at Ava who was playing with her shoe. “Huh”, she looked at me causing me to smile and shake my head, I swear this little girl is something else. I stopped at the red light lightly tapping my chin, hmn I guess her and Drew can have a play date since I haven’t seen him in a couple of days. I pulled up at her condo parking In the lot getting out of the car right along with her diaper bag.

I walked up to the door and pressed the call button, the door buzzed and I opened it walking inside. I went to her door and knocked a few times, she opened the door with

a smile on her face, “Hi stranger”, she said making me laugh walking inside of the condo. “Whatever if anything you’re the stranger I mean you know where I stay”, I explained making her chuckle and nod her head. “Whatever but is this the famous Ava”, she smiled at Ava as I nodded. “Yup this is her”, I looked at Ava to see her staring at Crystal. “She looks just like him.. aw”, she grabbed her hand shaking it a bit. “Yeah I brought her over so her and Drew can play with each other”, she nodded walking into the living room where Drew was sitting at. “Hi Drew bear”, he smiled running over to me. I sat Ava down and pulled him into a hug kissing his fat cheeks, he laughed before looking over at Ava. She stared at him before looking up at me, “He’s nice baby”, he held his hand out grabbing hers pulling her towards the toys that was scattered everywhere.

“Aw my baby is a ladies man already”, Crystal said making me laugh before taking seat next to her. “Yeah he is.. so you know me a daddy basically got into it right”, she shook her telling me to continue. “Well I told him about me and Chris and of course he had to go talking about he’s no good, I mean he acts like I’m still a child”, she nodded a little. “Girl he’ll get over it I mean he was like that to Drew until he realized that he was good for me, don’t stress about it though daddy only doing this because he hates to see us grow up in his eyes we’re still his little babies”, she explained making me nod she’ s absolutely right. “But enough about that did you and Chris make it official yet”, she questioned making me smile brightly. “No but we kissed twice”, she smiled making me blush like crazy.

“Girl ya’ll need to go head and make it official ya’ll would be so cute together”, she said making me blush more. “No I don’t want to rush than regret”, she nodded a little. “I feel you but I cant wait for it to happen”, I laughed a little looking at Drew and Ava to see them playing with the toys talking in their baby language. I swear it’s the cutest thing ever like they are so adorable, I thought back to what Crys had said, we would make a cute couple huh… I actually cant wait to we make things official.


Christopher Maurice Brown

I rubbed my now swollen jaw as in my car, I can’t do this shit no more man I mean working for Don is hard as hell not to mention he got niggas want to beat your ass every time you fuck up. My phone vibrated on my lap making me look down and unlock it to see that Tyga had text me.


Ay man I’m sorry about what happened earlier you shouldn’t had of got beaten up for my fuck up.


You good man stop stressing about it, but lowkey I’m about to quit this shit


Shit you need to this shit is not safe for lil mama


Don’t I know but imma hit you up later



I put my phone in the cup holder starting my car up, I groaned as I pressed down on the gas pedal my fucking body is sore due to them fuck niggas I swear if I could I would murder they bitch asses. Once I arrived at the house I got out of the car limping onto the porch, I unlocked the door going inside shutting it limping over to the couch laying down it. I know I’m badly bruised I mean a nigga light skin and shit, I shut my eyes moaning out in pain, somebody knocked on the door making me groan. I got up slowly limping to the door. I opened the door regretting that I did, “Chris”, the person said making me kiss my teeth….

Chapter 6

Christopher Maurice Brown I looked down at Ava as she peaceful slept, last night I really didn’t get no sleep because all I could sit up and do is think about Asia taking my baby from me. I mean this shit is so stressful that it’s making a nigga want to smoke, I ran my fingers through her black curls signing out. Hopefully the court see where I’m coming from and let me keep her or at least let me see her anytime I want. I just don’t want it to end up where Asia ends up keeping me away from her. “Good morning baby”, my mama said from the door scaring me a bit. “Morning”, I grumbled looking back down at Ava who was stirring in her sleep. “What’s wrong baby and don’t lie to me”, she said sitting on the edge of the bed. “Asia trying to take me to court about Ava, she came here yesterday talking about how she want her daughter back and she’ll tell them I kidnapped her because my name is not on the birth certificate and I’m stressing”, I explained watching her shake her head. “Baby don’t even stress as long as we have a good lawyer and proof that she dropped her off her than your good, plus her parents is proof I mean they the one’s who told her to bring her here”, she said making me nod my head she does have a point. “Hi my lazy grandchild”, she said smiling brightly making me look at Ava who was sitting on my chest. My mama smiled before standing up, “Oh get up boy we are going to see your aunt Christine today she wants to meet Ava”, I nodded sitting up. She walked out and Ava turned around smiling at me I swear my chunky mama can cheer me up through anything. “Hi chunky”, she giggled crawling up towards my face laying her head in the crook of my neck. “You
sleepy baby”, she grabbed my ear and began to rub it. I don’t know why but that’s a habit of hers. “Well you cant go to sleep we got to get dressed”, I said sitting up getting off of the bed. “What you going to wear”, I questioned sitting her down on the bed walking over to the dresser where I keep her stuff at, I pulled out her clothes and a diaper walking back over to the bed sitting them down picking her back up. “Ok come on lets get you clean”, I walked her into the bathroom cutting on the tub water. I took her clothes off placing her inside grabbing her soap and towel, she giggled like she normally do as I washed her up also washing her hair. Once I was done I grabbed her towel getting her out of the tub with it, “Now you a clean baby’’, she giggled as I laid her on the bed drying her off before putting baby lotion on her and also putting her diaper on. "When do I start potty training you”, I rubbed my chin watching her play with my phone. I’m just curious when do I actually began to put her on the pot. “I’ll just ask ya grandma”, I put her clothes on drying her hair off with the towel. It was now puffy and curly. “Alright go find grandma while I go get in the shower”, she climbed off of the bed running out of the room. I chuckled shaking my head a bit I swear she’s something else. I was about to go into my closet when my phone began to ring, I picked it up to see Lani calling me on face time. I answered it watching  her beautiful face appear on my screen “Hey Chris where’s my baby at” she smiled into the camera“Oh so you only called for Ava huh and not me aight I see how it is” I frowned a bit making her laugh“Don’t get in your feelings and of course I wanted to speak to you my love.. what you doing today?” she questioned playing with the tips of her now curly hair“Nothing going to see my Auntie Christine.. why don’t you wear your hair like that”, she looks mad beautiful right now.“Boy I’m about to get it flat ironed because its to much when I leave it like this.. it’s irritating”, she complained signing out.“I don’t see nothing wrong with it.. it makes you look more exotic”, I said licking my lips watching her laugh.“Stop it.. but I’ll talk to you later I have to make a store run for my mama”, she smiled a little.“Alright”, I said good bye before hanging up.I sat my phone down heading inside of the bathroom.~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~~*~*~*~ I tied my shoe before standing up and brushing my hair, I need to cut this soon. I looked in the mirror to see that my jaw wasn’t swollen no more but I do have a cut underneath my eye, I already know I’m going to get questioned for it. I grabbed my phone and Ava’s diaper bag going downstairs and into the kitchen to see her sitting in her high chair sipping out of her sippy cup. “Boy she needs her hair done”, my mama said rubbing Ava’s hair. “Naw she straight we twins.. ain’t that right chunky”, she smiled extending her arms out . I picked her up watching her cling on to the sippy cup as she drunk out of it. “Whatever boy lets go”, she walked out of the kitchen and I chuckled following behind her. I strapped Ava up in her car seat as my mama locked up the house, “Dada”, she said poking her lips out. I pecked them watching her smile before tending back to the cup, I snapped a quick picture of her before getting into the front seat putting on my seat belt. I saved her picture as my screensaver smiling a bit, my mama got in the car and looked at me weird. “what you smiling for”, she questioned starting up the car. I showed her the picture and she awed before backing out of the driveway, “Ma when am I suppose to potty train her”, I questioned looking over at her. “Now would be a good time,  you want to train her while she’s young so when she turns 3 she’ll be wearing panties instead of diapers”, she explained making me nod my head. “So are you really going to tell me what happened to you”, she looked over at me making me sigh out. “Later ma ion feel like talking about it”, I grumbled making her nod her head. I know that I can’t stall no more simply because she’s bounding for me to tell her and I know I can’t keep lying to her. We arrived at my auntie house causing my mama to smile a bit. I got out of the car also getting Ava out before sighing out, let’s just say that my auntie is very blunt and I know she’s about to ask me a million and one questions. I walker onto her porch and knocked on the door a few times. I looked down at Ava who was now sleep I swear my baby is lazy as hell. “Hey boy”, my aunt greeted smiling deeply as she let us in. “Hey auntie”, I gave her a hug smiling a bit. “So this is your daughter huh”, she looked at Ava and smiled. “Yes it is”, she nodded telling me to sit down. Let the interrogation began….. “So who is this young lady that you decided to impregnate”, she stared at me and I sighed out. “Asia”, she furrowed her eyebrows before nodding. “Mhn so you didn’t listen to me and your mother when we told you to wrap up Christopher”, she said making me sigh out and look over at my mama who was lightly shaking her head. “I did”, that’s all I could say I mean I always wore a condom so I don’t know how she ended up pregnant.  “Apparently you didn’t if your holding a baby right now so are you and her getting along”, she questioned making me shake my head. “She’s trying to take me to court because she wants Ava back”, she shook her head. “That’s nonsense i mean why start explaining”, she folded her arms. I told yall she was going to ask me a bunch of questions. “For starters she’s jealous of my girlfriend and she felt a salty when my girl had took Ava out, so she was saying how she don’t want her to play mommy to Ava so she’s trying to take her because she’s the legal guardian due to the fact that I just found out about her”. I explained making her furrow her eyebrows. “What do you mean you just found out about her.. Keep going”, she sat up straight. “She brought her to the house 2 weeks ago crying talking about her parents said she couldn’t keep her because she was a sin. But the thing about it is I didn’t know she was ever pregnant because she left me and now that I’m attached to Ava she’s trying to take her from me”, I looked down at Ava who was moving around on my chest whining a bit. I rubbed her back causing her to grip my shirt. “First of all she’s a silly hoe I mean damn Christopher was the pussy that good I mean you should of chose wisely when you decided to lay up with her, she’s so messy that its ridiculous I mean who hid a child from their father , drops them off than decides to tries to come and run some shit shaking my head”, she shook her head leaving me and my mama shocked. “Christine”, my mama said making her shrug. “He needs to hear it Joyce”, my mama shook her head getting up off of the couch walking out of the living room. “Auntie I don’t want her to take my baby girl from me”, I confessed while playing with Ava’s curls. “Just have faith baby god puts you in positions like this for a reason, all I can is pray for you.. But speak more of this girlfriend of yours”, she said making me smile a bit. “Her name is Alani and I’ve knowing her for 2 years now”, she smiled brightly. “Aw I can’t wait to see her she seems like she makes you happy hopefully I meet her soon”, she said standing up. “You will.. I promise”, she smiled again before walking away. I looked down at Ava signing out, Hopefully Asia won't try and take my baby from me….

Alani Casey Rodgers  “Look what the cat done drug in”, Alex said causing Hang to laugh. “Whatever hoe”, I said taking my jacket off laying it across the couch, I decided to come and chill with them today since I haven’t seen them in roughly a week. “So you finally have time for us”, Alex pressed making me furrow my eyebrows. If I didn’t know better I think she’s mad. “Why you acting like that”, I questioned staring at her watching her fold her arms. “I’m not acting like nothing I’m just saying you acting different since you and Chris began to talk”, I kissed my teeth she makes no sense at all. “How am I acting different your not making any sense and I didn’t come here to argue with you”, she rolled her eyes before standing up putting her coat on.  “Whatever I got places to be.. Hang I’ll call you later”, and with that she walked out of the apartment slamming the door shut. “What is her problem”, I looked at Hang who just shrugged shaking her head. “Honestly I don’t know but don’t worry about her.. how you been”, I nodded smiling a bit. “Good but a lot of things has happened, I found out my mama is pregnant, and I got into it with Chris baby mama”, her eyes widened. “Oh I can’t believe mama is pregnant and why did ya’ll get in to it”, I sighed replaying the whole scene in my head, “She talking about she don’t want me to play mommy to Ava and how she’s taking Chris to court so she can get her back”, she shook her head. “That’s fucked up for her to try and do that to him”, I nodded in agreement. “It’s like Chris is going through so much I mean he got jumped by some guys”, she nodded her head a bit. “Yeah Marcus told me that, that’s fucked up”, I nodded a bit, “Yeah but beside the drama Chris said we are officially going on a date next week”, she squealed running over to me. “Oh my gosh that’s great honey”, I smiled widely causing her to smile. “Yeah we are making things official to”, she squealed again making me cover up my eyes. “Stop screaming”, I groaned making her nod her head. “I’m sorry but I’m just excited for you that means we have to go shopping and find you something sexy to wear, not to mention something for after the date”, I shook my head making her frown. “I’m ok with shopping for the dress but if your talking about lingerie and all of that than no I’m not ready for that”, she looked at me for a minute before raising her eyebrow. “Wait your a virgin?” she questioned making me nod, I mean it’s nothing to be ashamed of, “Wow I didn’t know so does he know”, I shook my head. “Nope I don’t know how to tell him I mean how would he react to me telling him that”, I said playing with my nails, “Well I fell you girl and trust me I don’t think he would over react to that but just don’t wait until you guys are about to do it before you tell him”,she said thrusting the air making me laugh out.  “Stop it and I wont”,she laughed before sitting back down. “Girl I’m telling you once you step into that life..girl you just might become a nympho”, she explained biting down on her lip. “Well that’s if his sex game is bomb”, I continued to laugh at her crazy ass I swear my best friend is crazy. “I’m just saying boo but I can’t wait for your date”, I smiled a bit..  I can’t wait either but hopefully nothing will ruin it.. such as Asia and her drama…
Chapter 8

Alani Casey Rodgers    I smiled as I stepped inside of my parents house, today is the day for our date and I’m very excited to be honest. “Look at you cheesing”, my mama said making me laugh out. “I’m excited mama I can’t believe the day is finally here”, I said causing her to smile. “We got to get you dolled up honey meaning you need your nails, hair and feet did”, she said making me nod a bit. “I know mama Hang and Crystal are going to take me, you can come if you like”, I stated making her shake her head a bit. “I would love to but you know I have to go to a meeting today.. but make sure to come over so I can see you”, she said yarning a bit. “I will now go take a nap sleepy head”, I said making her laugh before walking up the stairs. My daddy walked down and I chewed on my bottom lip, no my daddy don’t know about the date, yeah I know I should of told him sooner but I mean didn’t you see the way he acted when I mentioned Chris. “Um daddy can I talk to you for a minute”, I said with a nervous filled tone making him furrow his eyebrows. “Yeah what’s wrong baby girl”? he questioned taking a seat on the opposite side of the couch.  “Now what I’m about to tell you, you can’t get mad”, I said making him clench his jaw. “Your pregnant Alani”, he said in a harsh tone making me frown. “Why would you assume that I’m a virgin”, I said making his face soften up. I swear I hate when he jump to conclusions I mean damn let me finish before you decide rather to get mad or not. “Chris and I have a date tonight and I want you guys to meet him”, he shook his head making me clench my jaw. “No I don’t approve of you going out with him Lani you have a bright future ahead of you and letting this thug come in your life is going to ruin things”, he stated making my leg shake. “HOW CAN YOU JUDGE HIM AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW HIM”, I shouted soon regretting it when he got off of the couch. “You better lower your fucking tone when you talking to me and I do know him.. I seen him selling drugs near my work office, now I told you your not going out with him and THAT’S FINAL”, He yelled causing me to flinch, I’ve never seen my daddy so mad. I mean he never yelled at me.   “Daddy why must you be so hard I mean I’ve been knowing Chris for 2 years, what he does don’t faze me because he’s a nice person and he cares for me that’s all that matters”, I argued making him shake his head. “Alani he sells drugs for a living I mean you’ll stoop that fucking low and risk your future for this kid are you serious. Do you realize how stupid you sound”, he barked making me stand up because now he’s pissing me off. “WHY MUST YOU TREAT ME LIKE A KID, YOUR ALWAYS DOING THIS. IT WASN’T A PROBLEM WHEN CRYSTAL DECIDED TO GET PREGNANT, YOU WASN’T CLIMBING DOWN HER THROAT, WHY CAN’T YOU LET ME LIVE MY LIFE HOW I WANT TO. I’M NOT A KID ANYMORE I’M GROWN”, I cried out in frustration. “BECAUSE YOU ACT LIKE ONE THAT’S WHY, DON’T WORRY ABOUT WHAT I SAID TO CRYSTAL. LIKE I SAID YOU WILL NOT BE SEEING CHRIS POINT.BLANK.PERIOD”, He yelled again making my mama dash down the stairs. “What’ going on”? she questioned looking at my dad than at me.  “Mama he’s being unreasonable he don’t want me to be with Chris and it’s unfair why cant he just be happy for me like you are”, I said wiping my cheeks which was covered in tears. “Ryan why are you acting like this I mean let Lani be happy she’s finally found somebody who cares for her other then family”, she said glaring at him. “He’s no good for her, Maria he’s a drug dealer I mean why would she want to be around that come on how stupid does that sound”, he said making my mama shrug her shoulders. “Ryan that doesn’t matter he cares for Lani just as much as she cares for him and plus don’t act like you didn’t use to do it, I stuck around didn’t I. I married you and had 2 kids by you even after you had hit outs on you so don’t go judging that boy because your sounding like a coward”, she said making him kiss his teeth. “Man don’t make this situation about me like I said I don’t want you talking to him and if you do than we have nothing else to say to each other”, he gritted making me nod and grab my purse as a horn beeped outside meaning Crystal is outside. “Well I guess we don’t have nothing else to say”, and with that I walked outside getting into Crystals car. “Lani why you crying, what happened”?, Crystal asked in a panic tone causing me to wipe my face and sigh out. “It’s daddy he’ being unreasonable talking about he don’t want me to see Chris because he sells drugs and he’s no good. It’s like he’s never satisfied on what I do”, I explained wiping my face again. “Look you already know ho-”, I cut her off my throwing my hand up. “No I don’t even finish your sentence because you never went through what I’m going through. He don’t say anything to you I mean you had a child, he didn’t say anything plus Andrew sold drugs but did he say anything so once again you don’t know”, I faced the window watching her drive away from our parents house. She didn’t say anything because she knew I was right, it may seem like I came off harsh but I’m just in my feelings right now. “Lani cheer up.. I know whatever daddy said to you hurt your feelings but you can’t let this ruin your day, I mean today is the day were you and Chris makes it official. Honestly you shouldn’t listen to daddy at the end of the day it’s your decision not his”, she explained making me look over at her and smile brightly. “Thank you Crys I’m sorry if I came off harsh”, she waved her hand shaking her head a bit. “It’s fine what you said was true”, I nodded and we pulled up at Hang’s house. Crystal blew the horn and soon enough Hang and Alex walked out of her apartment making me furrow my eyebrows.. what’s she doing here. “Hey boos”, Hang spoke as she got in the car right along with Alex. “Hey guys”, she greeted. Crystal spoke but I gave her a smile wave, she and I haven’t spoke since she lashed out on me so for her to be here is kind of strange. We finally arrived at the mall and Crystal found a parking spot before we entered the mall, as we were walking around trying to find a store so I can get a outfit my phone vibrated. I pulled it out and saw I had a text from Chris, I smiled causing Hang and Crys to aw. “Shut up”, I said sliding open the text. From: Chris  Hi Beautiful I wanted to let you know that I’ll be picking you up at 8 and bring a bathing suit with you To: ChrisMr what are you up toFrom: Chris  I can’t tell you that, just don’t forget.. I’ll see you at 8To: Chris Fine I look up to see Crystal, Hang and Alex looking at me, “What”? I questioned looking away from. “Your blushing that’s what.. mhn hmn you texting Chris huh”, Crystal teased making me blush. “Whatever”, I mumbled walking into a store that had a cute dress in their window. “Hello welcome to Doll house how may I assist you today”, A girl greeted me as I briefly looked through the rack of dresses. “Um I’m trying to find a dress, I have a date tonight”, she smiled and led me to another rack filled with pretty dresses. “Mhn do you have a certain dress that you prefer”, she questioned making me shake my head. “Not really I mean I want something that’s not to revealing or to tight”, she nodded and began to look through the dresses. “Oo what about this”, Crystal said holding up a red short dress. “Crystal”, I said stern making her shrug. “What’s wrong with it, I think it’s cute actually”, she said walking over to me with the dress in her hand. “That’s to short and you can tell that it’s going to be tight on me”, I explain making her shake her head. “Stop complaining and put the dress on”, she said handing it to me. “Fine”, I took it going into the dressing room and trying it on.  I looked in the mirror and ran my hands down my side smiling a bit, I must admit the dress is nice on me even though its a little tight and short still. “Let us see”, Hang said from the outside breaking me out of my thoughts . I opened the door and they looked at and smiled widely. “Ooo with that dress on you just might get some”, Crystal teased making me blush. “Shut up I still think its to short”, I protested making her shake her head. I mean the dress stops above my my knee so you can basically call it a thigh high dress. “No it’s not.. your buying it and that’s final”, Crystal said with a serious tone pushing me back into the dressing room. I groaned and took the dress of quickly putting back on my clothes walking back out of the room, “Luckily I have some red bottoms to go with the dress so you don’t have to worry about buying heels”, Crystal said causing me to nod a bit as I stepped in line. After I paid for the dress our next stop was going to get a medi/pedi because lord knows I need it.  “I’m so happy to finally get pampered I mean it’s good to get out of the house and actually enjoy my self”, Crystal sighed out as the lady massaged her feet causing Hang and Alex to agree with her. “Oh um Alani I wanted to apologize on how I acted towards you, I didn’t mean to snap like that it’s just that every since you and Chris have been hanging out a lot it just seems like you don’t have time for us”, Alex stated making me look at her. “Alex you should of told me you felt that way I mean yeah it seems like that because me and Chris go way back and I actually have feelings for him so of course I’m going to be around him a lot but that don’t mean I’ll cut you and Hang off”, she just nodded a bit and leaned back in her chair. By her saying that I wonder do Hang feel like that to. Finally after hours at the mall we had stopped by Wendy’s to get us something to eat. “So what do we do now I mean I have 4 hours until the date”, I questioned as we made our way back to the car. “Well I have to pick up Drew from Andrew’s house so we can chill at my place”, I nodded a bit pulling out my phone tapping the instagram app. I was scrolling down my news feed when I stumbled across a picture of Ava with lotion all over her, I laughed out exiting out of instagram clicking on the texting app clicking Chris’s name.  To: Chriswhy you got my pooh bear with lotion all over herFrom: Chris She did that to herself, I left the room for 2 minutes and came back to see her with lotion on her \To: Chris    Aw she I miss her cute self    From: ChrisShe misses you to..but I can’t wait to see you tonightTo: ChrisMe either oh you can pick me up from Crystal’s apartment From: ChrisAlright, but I got some last minute things to do so I’ll see you later    I looked up to see Andrew bringing Drew to the car, I didn’t realize that we even arrived at his house. “Hey girls” he greeted waving at us. We spoke to him and watched Crystal roll her eyes, lets just say that her and Andrew aren’t speaking to each other. “You can’t speak Crystal”, he said with a smirk making her nose flare. “Andrew get the fuck away from my car”, she snapped causing him to roll his eyes and slam the door. Drew cries filled the car causing Crystal to kiss her teeth. “I swear Andrew can be a dick”, Hang grabbed his sippy cup out of his book bag giving it to him to calm him down. “I don’t understand how you do the whole baby daddy thing”, Alex said making Crystal sigh out. “It’s not easy but he’s my son father so I have to put up with his bullshit”, he huffed pulling away from his house. The car was silent, well except for Hang telling Drew how handsome he is. When we arrived  at her apartment I shielded my eyes from the beaming sun as I got my bags out of the car, “Why is it so damn hot”, Alex whined getting out of the car. “How about it’s 81 degrees outside or how about its the summer time”, I said sarcastically making her kiss her teeth. “Ion need your sarcasm Alani”, she said as we followed Crystal in to her apartment. “Mhn”, I laughed soaking in the A.C as soon as I stepped inside making me sigh a bit.  “I guess we can sit and watch some movies”, Hang suggested making me nod and put my bags on the couch and kick my shoes off. This should kill time but boy I’m nervous… ******************************************************************************** “Hurry it’s 7:49”, I rushed Crystal as she flat ironed my hair. “Calm down Lani”, she said kissing her teeth continuing to flat iron it. I fiddled with my freshly manicured fingers while Hang did my make up which consist of mascara and red lipstick, “Alright I’m done”, she said smiling at me making me stand up and look in the mirror. My hair was straight with a part down the middle, I didn’t want her to get to fancy with it and I’m getting in water. I took a good look at myself and smiled brightly before putting on the red bottoms Crystal gave me to wear, “Damn somebody’s cherry getting popped TONIGHT”, Alex shouted making Hang and Crystal laugh as I blushed wildly shaking my head. “Shut up nobody’s cherry getting popped”, I replied causing them to chuckle and shrug. “Yeah whatever just wait till she get some D she ain’t gone know how to act”, Crystal giggled making me roll my eyes as I sprayed some perfume on. It was a knock on the door making my heart beat extra fast, “Your date has arrived”, Hang smiled at me as Crystal and Alex left out of the room to get the door. “Hang I’m nervous”, I confessed making her look at me in shock. “Why boo I mean your going out with Chris..this is what you wanted right”? she questioned making me nod my head. “Of course I do its just that I never been on a date and I’m nervous”, I began to play with my fingers making Hang rub my shoulder. “Look boo don’t stress everything is going to be fine now come on you got your man waiting on you”, I smiled brightly causing her to laugh. I took a deep breath before walking to the front of the apartment to see Chris standing there getting interrogated by Alex, I took the time to take in his appearance I mean he looks great. His hair is tapered on the sides with the top curly, he has on a all black tuxedo looking more handsome than ever. “Alex leave him alone.. she’s all yours”, Hang smiled at Chris but he paid her no mind due to the fact that he was staring at me. “Hi Chris”, I greeted shyly walking over to him causing him to smile at me not before handing me the red rose he had in his hand. “You look beautiful”, he spoke making me blush. “Thank you and you look handsome”, he nodded and grabbed my hand leading us out of the apartment and to his car.  He opened the door for me helping me inside of the car before he got in his self starting it up, he drove away from the apartment and I begin to fiddle with my fingers making my self nervous all over again. 

Christopher Maurice Brown The car ride to our destination was very quiet, I looked over at Lani to her fiddling with her fingers I couldn’t help but chuckle at her being nervous. “Ma why you nervous”?, I questioned looking at her as I stopped at a red light. “Don’t laugh at me when I tell you this”, she said with a serious tone making me nod my head. “ I won’t laugh I swear”,she nodded before looking down. “This is my first date so I’m very nervous”, she looked at her and I smiled grabbing a hold of her hand. “Don’t be nervous just relax alright”, I said making her nod and grip my hand tighter. After about almost a hour I finally arrived to our destination, I looked over to see Lani sleep with a cute pout on her face. I chuckled a bit lightly shaking her, “Lani we here”, I continued to shake her causing her eyes to flutter open. “Finally”, she mumbled narrowing her eyes at me. I laughed getting out of the car going over to open hers, “Thank you”, she cheesed making me nod my head with a small smile. “No problem”, I grabbed the slickly cloth from out of my back pocket walking up behind her and placing it over her eyes. “Christopher what are you up to”? she questioned as I placed a kiss on the back of her neck before leading her through the the building and to the back where I had us a spot neatly made up, The scenery consist of a outdoor area with rose pedals spread around a round table which have two plates of steak and potatoes with a side of wine. Then you have not to far from us a lake that I had ask for permission for Lani and I to swim in, of course they said yes. I took the blindfold from off of Lani eyes hearing a small gasp escape from her lips, “Chris”, she whispered standing in the same spot for a few minutes. She turned around with teary eyes causing me to furrow my eyebrows, “You don’t like it”, I asked with a hint of worry making her shake her head. “No I love it.. its so sweet of you to do this for me”, she hugged me wrapping her arms around my neck. “Thank you so much”, I shook my head giving her lips a peck in which I couldn’t wait to do I swear she have some soft ass lips. “Don’t thank me you deserve it”, she pulled me down for a kiss shocking me simply because this kiss was different from all the other ones. This kiss had a meaning behind it and I can’t quite put my fingers on it, “Mhn you better stop before you get more then a kiss”, I said pulling away causing her cheeks to turn red I couldn’t help at the fact that she blushes so easily. “Come on lets eat”, I grabbed her hand leading her over to the table. She smiled brightly as I pulled her chair out before going to sit in my own. “This is really nice Chris”, she complimented looking around with a wide smile I swear that smile haven’t left her face yet and I don’t plan on making it leave. “I’m glad you like it.. now lets talk and eat because I’m starving”, I stated making her giggle before taking her lid off of her plate as I did the same. “Ooo my favorite Christopher you know steak and potatoes are my weakness”, she gushed picking up a fork placing a potato in her mouth moaning out. I couldn’t help but watch as her eyes close like low key they turned me on, “You might want to stop”, I said biting down on my lip making her eyes fly open. “Stop being negative”, she laugh covering up her mouth making me shrug eating some of my food.  “I can’t help it when you doing stuff like that”, I said eating some of the potatoes that were bomb shout out to my mama for helping me. We soon began to talk about any and everything, I must say that this date is going better than I expected it to be. I couldn’t help but fiddle with the Pandora box that I had in my pocket, I had stopped and brought her a Pandora bracelet with today’s date carved in the heart pendant which represents the day that we’re finally going to make things official. “So what happened to me meeting your parents”,I asked thinking about her saying that I was suppose to meet her parents today. “Um my dad and I got into it and I preferred that you didn’t meet them because I felt it would of ruined our day so maybe another time”, she answered with a hint of sadness making me shake my head. “Aye ma don’t be sad it’s cool”, I reached over and tilted her head back up since she decided to put it down. “I swear you brighten my day”, she smiled causing me to smile also. “I can say the same about you.. um it’s one more thing that I have for you”, I watched as she sipped the last bit of wine before nodding a bit. I stood up walking over to her gently pulling her up from her chair, “So you know we made a agreement that when we go on a date that we’ll make things official right”, she nodded waiting for to continue.  “Well first off wanted to say that I’m grateful that I could take you on this date, Lani I want you to know that I’m ready to be in a relationship with you.. no more being best friends like I truly care about you and I’ve always felt that way about you. I know when you left for those 2 years our friendship drifted away but as you can see it quickly went back to how we were before, I now I’m rambling on but to sum it all up I’m ready for you to be mines and I’m also ready for you to hold me down through hard times”, I spoke opening up the Pandora box revealing the pink bracelet. Tears slowly slid down her face as I placed the bracelet on her wrist, “Chris I’m ready to call you mines also”, she wrapped her arms around my neck kissing my lips repeatedly causing me to smile at her. “But Chris just promise me that what ever bad happens we’ll remain best friends”, I nodded a bit before kissing her lips. “I promise but nothing bad is going to happen so you don’t have to worry”, she smiled before pulling me into another hug. “Now for the last part of our date you have your bathing suit right”, she nodded a bit. “Yes its under my dress”, I nodded before stripping out of my clothes leaving me in just my boxers, “Well take ya dress off so we can get in the water”, I bit my lip causing her cheeks to turn red once again she blushes so easy which is cute. “No peeping”, she said in a stern tone making me place my hands over my eyes. Now y'all know I ended peeping of course because well Imma freak, “Ok you can look even though you already did”, she said sarcastically making me laugh before taking my hands from off of my eye.  “You know I had to Imma a freak baby”, I walked up to her kissing her neck lightly nibbling on it. “Mhn you said we’re getting in the water so stop”, she moaned out pushing me away but not before I poked at the hickey I made. I picked her up running towards the water causing her to scream out as I jumped in taking her under the water with me, we came back up and she splashed my face laughing lightly as she wrapped her legs around my waist.. yeah this has to be the best date ever and I’m happy I get to call Alani mines..
Chapter 7

Alani Casey Rodgers ~1 week later ~ “There’s my child”, my mama said as I made my way over to her. I laughed a bit and took a seat next to her. Today is the day that she gets checked up so they can see how’s the baby doing, “hey mama”, I greeted leaning over the seat kissing her on the cheek. “Mhn hmn hey mama nothing why haven’t I seen you in a week”, she questioned looking over at me. “Sorry mama I’ve had a lot on my plate plus I’ve got so much to tell you”, I explained making her nod a bit. “Yeah OK we can talk over lunch since your daddy didn’t want to feed me”, she frowned a bit making me lightly chuckle. “Yeah speaking of him where is he?, I asked. Before she could answer he walked in smiling a bit, "Hey daddy”, I spoke as he sat down. “Hey baby”, even though I’m still upset from the whole him bashing Chris I’m still going to speak to him. “Alex Rodgers”, a nurse called my mama name. She sat her magazine down and stood up walking over to the nurse. We trailed behind her as she led us in a room. My dad and I sat down in the chairs as mom laid on the bed, “ok let’s see how the baby is doing”, the nurse said as she lifted up my mama’s shirt putting some blue gel on her stomach. “That’s cold”, my mama whispered making me laugh out a bit. “Ok mom as you can see this is your baby.. now we can’t find out the sex of the baby because it’s not big enough for me to see”, she explained making my mama nod her head a bit.  “But when you get around 3 months I’ll be able to tell you the sex of your little one, everything looks find which is a great thing. Have you been taking the vitamins we prescribed you?”, she questioned wiping the gel off of her stomach before handing her the ultrasound. “Yes I have every single day”, my mama replied before thanking her and taking the pictures out of her hand. “See you soon”, the nurse smiled at us as we made our way out of the room. “Daddy I’m stealing mama for a few hours we need to talk about some things”, I said as we made our way outside. “No problem.. I’ll see you when you get home”, he kissed my mama before hugging me and walking the opposite direction to his car. We got inside of my car and I started it up looking over at my mama, “So where should we go?”, I asked backing out of the parking spot.  “Well I’m craving some Wendy’s so we can eat there”, she suggested placing her hand on her stomach lightly rubbing it. “So what did you want to tell me”, she said looking over at me as I stopped at a red light. “Well I don’t know where to start to be honest”, I said looking over at her. “Start with the good”, she said making me smile a bit. “Well me and Chris talked about our relationship again and he said that he was going to take me out on a date so we’ll make it official”, I explained watching a smile appear on her face. “Aww look at my baby growing up”, she cooed leaning over and pinching my cheek .“Mama you gone make me crash”, I groaned swatting her hand away causing her to laugh. “I’m happy for you baby.. I can tell that you and Chris are going to make a cute couple”, she said making me smile but I soon stopped thinking about the whole Asia sitaution.  “Yeah me to but I’m not ready for the baby mama drama I mean me and her already have problems”, I said sighing out. “What happened baby”?, she questioned looking over at me as I parked in the empty parking space. “Well she came over to his house looking for Ava and I had her at the time so when I got there she tried to get loud with me calling me out my now. She was talking about how she don’t want me to play mommy to her daughter, so she’s threatening to take Ava from Chris”, I explained watching my mama shake her head as we got out of the car. “She’s just jealous that your dealing with Chris and he doesn’t want her anymore, don’t stress about her because even if your playing mommy to Ava your doing a hell of a job. Your doing more then she is”. She stated making me nod my head, I am doing more for Ava then she is I mean don’t use your parents as an excuse not to see your daughter.  “I honestly don’t want her to take Ava from Chris ma I mean she is his world and if she takes her than he’s going to be devestated”, I said sighing out shaking my head a bit. “If Chris has a good lawyer and faith I’m sure everything will be fine now come on chile I’m hungry”, I couldn’t help but laugh as we made our way inside of the Wendy’s. “Hi welcome to Wendy’s how may I help you”, the lady behind the counter greeted smiling at us. “Hi I’ll like a Junior bacon cheeseburger, a large fry and a frosty”, I said looking over at my mama watching her rub her chin. “Um I’ll like a chili, a Junior bacon cheeseburger, a fry and a vanilla frosty”, she nodded ringing us up. “That’ll be $20.01”, she said making me pull a $20 bill and a penny handing it to her. “Your food should be ready in about 10 minutes”, I nodded going over to an empty booth. My mama sat across from me and smiled a bit. “So have you found a job out here yet”, she asked making me nod my head. “Yeah I’m a part- time model, I felt as of I might as well do something that I like plus I’m getting paid a decent amount of money”, she nodded as tears clouded her eyes. “Mama why are you crying”, she sniffed and wiped her tears. “Your growing up into a beautiful independent and I’m so proud of you”, I couldn’t help but smile extra wide.  “Aw thanks mama I’m glad your proud of me”, she smiled again and the lady walked over with our food. “Enjoy your meal”, she smiled at us making me thank her before getting my food out of the bag. As I was eating and talking to my mama my phone vibrated making me furrow my eyebrows, I grabbed it out of my purse and unlocked it to see that I had a picture message. I opened my message app and saw that it was Ava smiling brightly, I smiled extra wide and showed the picture to my mama causing her to aw. I decided to text him back. To: ChrisAwww look at my widdle baby she’s to cuteFrom: Chris I know with her bad self.. she misses you thoughTo: ChrisYou miss me to don’t front sir From: Chris Of course I miss your big headed ass To: ChrisSir my head is not that big :( From: ChrisI’m kidding ma but I want to spend some time with you and Ava again do you mind coming over?To: Chris Aw I’ll love to spend time with ya’ll.. I’m out with my mama though so after I’m done spending time with her I’ll be over thereFrom: ChrisAlright Ma I slid my phone back in my purse and looked up to see my mama smiling at me, “What”, I said eating one of my fries. “You all over here blushing. I know you was texting Chris mhn hmn I want to meet him and his daughter soon”, she said smiling making me nod my head. “You will I promise”, I replied before eating my food again. I mean him meeting my parents shouldn’t be a problem… Well I hope nothing goes wrong

Christopher Maurice Brown  “You wanna see Lani huh chunky”, I said tickling Ava watching her face flusher red as she laugh. “You a silly baby”, I laughed picking her up fixing her jean jacket. I pecked her lips a few times causing her to smile and grab my cheeks. I just pray that Asia don’t try and take her away from me, I swear Ava is my world and I feel like without her I’m incomplete. “I love you baby”, I said kissing her fat cheeks. “Dada”, she said making me smile brightly at her. I sat her on my lap and grabbed her moisturizer and poured a little on my hands before rubbing it on her hair, her hair began to curl up. I put her headband on her head before tying her Taxis up. Yes I do know how to do her hair, I mean I have to start learning now. “Look how cute you look”, I cooed tickling her stomach listening to her giggles. I stopped and got off the bed taking a look at my self in the mirror real quick.  What I have on is nothing major I mean I really didn’t feel like dressing up, I brushed my hair before going over to Ava and picking her up and placing her pacifier in her mouth. “Alright let’s go fill your sippy cup up”, I said looking at her to see her pressing the home button on my Iphone, I walked down the stairs and into the kitchen to see my mama sitting there drinking coffee. She glared at me and shook her head turning back around, I sighed and sat Ava on the counter grabbing her sippy cup out of the cabinet and going over to the refrigerator opening it up grabbing her apple juice out. I know your probably wondering what happened between me and my mama, lets just say I told her about me selling drugs and she flipped the fuck out on me. She told me that she won’t allow that in her house so I need to move out, she was saying how she never thought I would stoop that low and she raised me better than that. I know I hurt her and I was trying to explain but she wasn’t having it, she told me I need to get my shit together so I have about a week to move out.  I know that I should of been moved out but face it I’m a mama’s boy so it hurt me when she said that I needed to find my own place since I want to sell drugs.  I poured the juice in Ava’s cup and gave it to her before putting the container back in the refrigerator. The door bell rung causing Ava to look at me and hold her arms out, I picked her up and walked to the door and opened it to see Alani standing there with a smile on her face. Ava quickly reached out for her causing me to laugh, “Hi my baby”, Lani cooed kissing all over Ava’s face causing her to giggle. “Where’s my love at woman”?, I questioned causing her to look up at me and smile. “Hey Chris”, she said before she leaned up and kissed me. I grabbed her waist and bit her lip slightly listening to her moan before she pushed me away. “I swear your a freak”, she said laughing a bit making me laugh to. “I can’t help it.. but I thought you was chilling with your mama”, I said closing the door as she took a seat on the couch. “I was but she told me to go head and come over here.. she was sleepy anyways”, she explained and I nodded grabbing my keys off of the table. My mama walked out of the kitchen and smiled at Lani, “Mama J”, Lani greeted smiling at her.  “Hi Lani how are you”? my mama questioned making Lani smile a bit. “I’m fine how are you”, she asked making my mama sigh a bit. “Stressed but fine”, she replied before kissing Ava on the cheek and going up the stairs. I sighed and headed to the door with Lani and Ava behind me. “What’s wrong with mama J”, she asked looking at me as I strapped Ava inside of her car seat before opening up the door for her watching her get inside before I closed the door. I got inside of the car and started it up backing out of the driveway, “She’s mad at me.. I told her about me selling drugs so she kicking me out”, I explained making her shake her head a bit. “Chris you should of told her sooner”, she said making me sigh out. “I know Lani.. it’s not easy telling your mama that you’re a drug dealer and expecting everything to be alright”, I said not looking her way because I already know she was shaking her head. I pulled up to the small ice cream parlor that was located down the street. I decided that we should have another mini date like we did at the pizza shop, I parked my car and got out also getting Ava out.  “I wanted to have another family day like we did at the pizza shop”, I explained to Lani watching her smile and nod a bit. “Ok”, she said before walking over to the counter since it was a outside parlor. “Hi welcome to Frosty’s how can I help you today”, the man greeted smiling at us. “Can I have a cup of cookies and cream ice cream and vanilla with sprinkles”, he nodded and grabbed two cups putting the ice cream in the cups placing them on the counter. “And you miss”, he asked looking over at Lani. “I’ll like a vanilla cone with strawberry dip”, he nodded and made her ice cream passing it to her. “That’ll be $3.00”, I nodded handing him the money taking our ice cream and sitting at a empty table. I placed Ava on my lap handing her the spoon letting her feed herself. “So I was wondering if you can help me look for a condo”, I said eating some of my ice cream. “Mhn sure I don’t have no problem with that”, she said smiling at me eating some of her ice cream. “So I told mama about our upcoming date and she said that she wants to meet you soon”, I nodded a little..speaking of the date I know exactly where I’m taking her. I want our first date to be remember able and special. “Speaking of our date can you tell me where we’re going”? she questioned making me shake my head. “Nah I want to surprise you”, I said making her pout and continue to eat her ice cream.  "Your no fair", she said making me laugh out. “Trust me when you see it you’ll thank me latter”, I said smiling cockily at her watching her roll her eyes a bit, “Yeah ok sir”, she said smiling  at me again.. I swear she has the prettiest smile ever, I can’t wait to officially call her mines.  “So have you heard from Asia”, she questioned making me shake my head. “Nah and I really don’t plan on to but I know that I’m ready just in case she try some shit”, I said making her nod her head. “Yeah I just hope she don’t try and completely take her.. I’ll be devastated without my little pooh bear”, she said reaching over and pinching Ava’s cheeks causing her to smile with a face full of ice cream. “Yeah me to”, I looked at down at my baby and smiled at her. I just hope that Asia don’t try something like I said before.  And hopefully this date with Alani goes well because boy what I have in store for her…. It’ll be the best night she ever had 
Chapter 12

Alani Casey Rodgers

“Lani get up”, I heard Chris mumble as I buried my face deeper into the comforter trying to tune him out. “I know yo ass hear me get up”, he said sending a hard slap to my ass. I winced in pain before throwing the cover off of me cutting my eyes at him, “That hurt asshole”; I mumbled rubbing my now hurting cheek. “Watch that name calling shit and get up I’m taking you with me to go pick up Ava”, he explained causing me to sit up and shake my head is he crazy. I mean how would it look bringing your girlfriend to your baby mama house knowing that we don’t like each other, “That’s not a good idea Chris I mean me and that girl barely get alone”. I explained making him kiss his teeth while shrugging his shoulders a bit, “So we are going to get Ava and I think it’s best if ya’ll try to get alone simply because ya’ll are going to be seeing each other majority of the time”, he explained causing me to furrow my eyebrows at him. “Chris I will try but I doubt it will work”, I shrugged making him chuckle and shake his head. “Lani don’t start no shit”, he grumbled crawling into the bed placing his face in the crook of my neck planting kisses on it. “I won’t”, I moaned out gasping at him sucking on my neck I’m sure leaving a hickey.

“Good now come take a shower with me”, he said looking up at me. I chewed down on my lip and shook my head slightly, I feel like we are moving too fast and plus I know Chris ass is going to turn a simple shower into an x-rated scene. “Chris you don’t think we’re moving too fast I mean we are fresh in a relationship”, I stated making him shake his head. “Lani you act like we’re strangers who just got in a relationship I’ve been knowing yo ass for 2 years”, he stated making me bit down on my lip out of nervousness, I mean nobody has ever seen me naked. What if he doesn’t like what he sees than what…? I guess he could see that something was wrong with me because he grabbed my chin making me look at him. “Lani if you don’t feel comfortable with taking a shower with me I understand, like I told you yesterday if you don’t feel comfortable with certain things than I won’t pressure you”, he said sincerely making me nod my head with a small smile. One thing that I can say about Chris is he cares about me meaning he won’t pressure me into doing something that I don’t want to do, I watched him grab a pair of sweats, a t-shirt, and some boxers from out of the dresser. Before he went into the bathroom I got up and rushed inside also wincing in pain due to the fact that my ass still hurts, I grabbed my toothbrush turning on the faucet water putting my toothbrush under the water wetting it a bit before placing some toothpaste on it. After 5 minutes I rinsed my mouth out and washed my face turning off the water, Chris came into the bathroom with his shirt off causing me to bite down on my lip.

Just glazing over his chest tattoos had me tingly; he placed his clothes on the counter before walking over to me with a slight smirk. “You see something you like”, he said picking me up placing me on the counter. “Yes”, I whispered as he parted my legs wrapping them around his waist. He leaned down and kissed my lips making me wrap my arms around his neck deepening the kiss, he gripped my sides causing me to moan out at his roughness. His hands crept up my shirt and he broke the kiss looking at me for conformation, I nodded a bit and he took it off throwing it over his shoulder, “Damn”, he mumbled causing me to blush. He bit his lip before trailing kisses from neck to my breast making his way back up to my neck, he than unhooked my bra slowly pulling it from my shoulders also tossing it on the floor. He slowly began to caress my harden nipples making me wet, he kissed my lips once again sliding my shorts from off of me right along with my panties.

“Pretty and pink”, he mumbled looking down at my exposed treasure before looking up at me. I sat on the counter fully naked and aroused as he turned on the shower water stripping out of his clothes which was his basketball shorts and boxers. I gasped at the sight of his erection, I mean god this man is blessed. He walked back over and picked me up placing me in the shower with him. He held me against the wall as he attacked my neck with kisses causing me to wrap my legs around his waist; he kissed down from my neck all the way to my stomach getting down on his knees placing my legs on his shoulders. “C-Chris”, my heart began to race. I never had this done to me before it’s all so new, “Relax Lani I want to make you feel good”, he mumbled before blowing on my dripping core making me gasp loudly. Next thing I know he had his mouth latched on to my clit tugging at it with his lips, I clawed at the shower wall as his tongue toyed with my clit not before poking at my entrance. “Ah”, I moaned out grabbing onto the back of his head once his tongue made its way inside. “Shitt”, I dragged out as his pace increased. “Oh w-wait”, I Grabbed his head trying to push him away. “Mhn mhn take it”, he slapped my hands away. He took his thumb and rubbed my clit causing my eyes to roll in the back of my head and my back to arch; he removed his mouth and rubbed up and down my slit with one of his fingers making me look down at him.

He slowly inserted his finger making me wince in pain; he kissed my stomach as his finger slowly made its way in and out of me. “Oh gosh”, my breathing quickened as his finger hit a certain spot causing me to shut my eyes and moan out loudly. His name ended up falling off of my lips as a chant as he added another finger curling them both, “Please”, I pleaded as he tortured me by slowly pumping his fingers in and out of me. “Please what… what you want me to do Lani”, he whispered in my ear slowly rubbing on my clit with his thumb. “Go faster!” I cried out digging my nails in his shoulder. He picked up his pace making sure to bite down on my neck, I cried out not caring that anyone hears me. I swear he’s taking me on a level that I’ve never been on before, “Fuck!”, I threw my head back feeling that familiar pinch in my stomach.

“Chr-Chris why do it feel like I have to pee”, I moaned out as his fingers continued to go at the same pace making me arch my back once again. “You’re about to cum Lani”, he nibbled on my ear as I rocked my hips to the rhythm of his fingers biting down on my lip hard. “Ah-Ah I-I’m”, I couldn’t finish my sentence because soon enough I came on his fingers. I sighed out panting as he removed his fingers placing them in his mouth, “Sweet as fuck”, he said before attacking my lips with his. I sucked his lower lip running my fingers over his fade, he broke the kiss and groaned, “Shit”, He whispered looking down I followed his glaze and saw that he was hard. As much as I wanted to help him out I just couldn’t due to me being so afraid, “Don’t worry I got it now hand me your towel and soap so I can help you wash up”, he kissed my neck making me nod before handing him the items watching him pour the body wash on the towel getting it soapy before starting with my back.

“So how was it”, he asked making me smile widely. “Amazing”, I gushed causing him to chuckle and kiss the back of my neck. “That was only the tongue wait till you get the dic-”, I cut him off by kissing his lips. He should know that him talking like that makes me feel some type of way, I know your probably wondering why don’t you like it, and well I can’t really explain it, it’s just complicated and I don’t feel like explaining.


After fooling around with Chris for nearly an hour we were finally ready to go, “These shorts man”, he mumbled before smacking my ass causing me to pout. Chris must not realize how heavy handed he is so that shit hurts, “Stop it and what about them”, I asked getting inside of his range rover closing the door as he got in also. “Ya ass sitting right in them”, he answered causing me to shake my head at him. I don’t know why but every since yesterday Chris has been more sexual with me, not saying it’s a bad thing because I get to experience things that I never done before. “Shut up”, I hit his arm as he pulled out of the complex. “Lani I need to ask you a question”, he said looking over at me placing his hand on my thigh as we stop at a red light. Oh lord another one of his questions; I nodded my head telling him to continue on what he was going to say. “Why every time I talk about something sexual or say sexual things you cut me off”, I bit the inside of my cheek shrugging my shoulders a bit.

“I don’t know it’s just that it makes me feel some type of way”, he nodded before pulling off as the light turned green. “You should have told me and I won’t talk like that anymore, I’m not trying to make you feel uncomfortable”, I smiled before grabbing his hand and squeezing his hand in mines. This is honestly why I fell in love with Chris; he is so caring when it comes to my feelings.

Once we arrived to her house Chris quickly got out of the truck helping me out also, “You so damn short”, he laughed out causing me to kiss my teeth. “Chris I’m 5’1 it’s not my fault you’re so damn tall”, I pouted causing him to shake his head and laugh. “And I’m 6’3 which once again makes you short, you said 5’1 like its average or something”, he continued to laugh causing me to roll my eyes and walk onto the porch. “Stop laughing and knock on the door”, I pushed him towards the door. He chuckled before knocking on the door a few times standing back a bit, the door opened revealing Asia. She squint her eyes at me before telling us to come in, we walked inside and I looked around a bit. I must admit it’s nice in here, we sat down on the couch and she took a seat on the other couch facing us.

“First off I want to say I’m sorry for everything, I never wanted things to turn out like they did. I guess you can say that I did everything out of anger and jealousy, I don’t know what triggered me off was seeing how attached she was to Alani”, she explained looking over at me with a hint of anger. “Asia Lani don’t have nothing to do with this, yeah she watches Ava for me and all and that’s because for 1 she’s my girlfriend and 2 I trust her, you need to let your bitterness go because Lani is staying around”, he explained causing her to fold her arms. “I know that Chris I just don’t want her playing mommy to my daughter she already has a mom”, she spat causing me to kiss my teeth. “I wasn’t playing mommy to her I was simply comforting, and if she had a so called mommy than why you dropped her off at Chris and leave for nearly 3 months. I mean a real mother wouldn’t have just dropped her baby off and disappear”, I shrugged my shoulders watching her face turn red.

“Alani mind your fucking business because you don’t know shit, I am a real mother so stay in your lane and fall back because Ava is my child”, she spat causing me to chuckle. “Yeah she’s your child but gets more excited when she sees me than you”, I could tell I stuck a nerve because she jumped up from the couch trying to get to me. I stood up ready for her to strike so I can fuck her up, “Bitch you’re getting on my last damn nerve, keep opening up your mouth and Imma close it for you”, and she barked causing Chris to step in between us. “Lani sit down and shut up”, Chris gritted while clenching his jaw. I looked him up and down before folding my arms and rolling my eyes, he got me fucked up talking to me like I’m his damn child. “Chris don’t talk to me like that control yo bitch ass babyma-“, I was cut off by him cutting his eyes at me.

“Alani I said sit the fuck down!” he shouted causing me to jump before sitting down on the couch. I know it’s the wrong time to say this but he just turned me on, she snickered causing him to cut his eyes at her. “And you sit down to”, he gritted causing her to take her seat and kiss her teeth. “Now I’m only saying this shit once… ya’ll are going to learn to get along rather you like it or not. You’re the mother of my child just like she’s my girlfriend, so Asia don’t disrespect her and Lani that goes for you. I’m tired of this bickering shit its old and needs to stop”, he explained looking at both of us. “Chris I’ll be good once she learns that Ava is not her daughter”, Asia said causing me to roll my eyes. “I know she’s not my daughter I was helping him out that’s all, I think she knows who her mother is”, I said causing her to shrug her shoulders.

“Speaking of Ava where is she”, Chris questioned causing Asia to bite down on her lip. “Um”, before she could finish the door opened and in walked I’m assuming her boyfriend with Ava on his hip sucking on a pacifier. I looked at Chris to see nothing but pure anger…

Uh oh this is not going to be good


Christopher Maurice Brown

I didn’t need a mirror to see that I had a mug on my face, who the fuck gave her permission to let this nigga take my fucking daughter anywhere. She trips that Lani had her out but turn around and do the same shit, “Who the fuck told you to take my daughter out”, I gritted standing up. “Aye chill out homie I can do whatever the fuck I want to do”, he replied causing me to ball my fist up. I’m about to catch a motherfucking case today, “Chris please calm down”, Asia pleaded grabbing my arm in which I snatched away from her. “Fuck calming down you let this nigga take my daughter somewhere by himself, fuck wrong with you I don’t know this nigga and he alone with my daughter”! I yelled causing her to jump and look at me stupid. “Chris I know him and he wouldn’t harm Ava”, she argued making me count to 10 because she really want to get smacked. “Miss me with that bullshit, this nigga alone with my fucking daughter how do you think that makes me feel. Lani take Ava away from him”, Because I feel like going in his shit right now. “Ay man you need to chill out, you act like Imma touch her or some shit. You getting hype for nothing”, he kissed his teeth causing me to walk towards him. “Fuck chilling out nigga I don’t know you so therefore you had no right being alone with my daughter and say something else on god I’m going in yo shit”, I felt Lani tug at my hand telling me that it wasn’t worth it.

“Asia you got me fucked up if you think your getting Ava back anytime soon, you got niggas taking my daughter places and shit like its cool when its not. And I dare you to try and come at me with that court shit”, I spat making her bite down on her lower lip, “And let me find anything on my daughter unusual I put that on everything I love I’m coming for ya life”, I sized him up before leaving out with Lani and Ava behind me, I couldn’t even enjoy my daughters presents without thinking about that nigga being alone with my daughter.

“Lani when we get to my house I want you to check Ava”, I said watching her strap her down and kiss her cheek before nodding. I looked back at Ava to see her smiling widely at me, “Dada”, she squealed laughing loudly, “Hi chunky mama”, I rubbed her knee before starting my car up and pulling away from the house. “Chris”, Lani whispered while grabbing onto my hand. Oh she not off the hook for that shit she pulled. “I’m good Lani”, I squeezed her hand heading towards my house which isn’t far. I parked my truck and hopped out opening up the back door and unbuckling her from the car seat picking her up hearing her giggle in my air, “I missed you chunky”, I said closing the door showing her face with kisses. She laughed loudly grabbing my cheeks planting a kiss on my lips, I’m so happy to have my baby with me. We walked into the condo to be hit by the A.C, Lani came over to us and took Ava out of my arms planting a few kisses on her cheek before taking her to the back. I sat down on the couch and sighed out praying that she don’t find nothing because boy if she do I’m catching a case tonight, after about 4 minutes Lani came back with Ava only this time she had on a onesie. “Nothing’s wrong with her”, I nodded watching her sit Ava on the floor right along with a few toys she had in her hand.

“Chris I’m sorry”, she apologized sitting next to me resting her head in the crook of my neck. “Lani you know you was wrong”, I stated causing her to nod her head. “I know she just made me mad”, she pouted causing me to flick her lip. “Stop that pouting”, I leaned down and bit her bottom lip causing her to moan lowly. She pulled away planting a few kisses on my neck before getting up picking Ava up, “You think you slick”, I said causing her to laugh and kiss Ava sitting back down with Ava on her lap.

“What are we going to do today”, Lani asked while playing with Ava’s curls. “Shit ion know lets watch a movie or something”, I shrugged my shoulders causing her to nod before heading over to the T.V searching through the movie rack. “Ohh Brave”, she squealed like a big as kid causing me to laugh out. She put the movie in and came back over sitting down cuddling underneath me as Ava laid her head on my chest, “Oh and Chris I want to live with you”, Lani said making me look  down at her with a big ass smile. I grabbed her chin and kissed her deeply pulling away to see her blushing, “Thank you”, she nodded and laid her head in the crook of my neck. Ya boy over here happy as shit because this is all that I wanted…

My own little family.. 

Chapter 11

Christopher Maurice Brown

I sluggishly got out of the bed as my alarm clock rung making me groan before turning it off, every since Asia got full custody of Ava I’ve been down. Ion even hang out with the boys as much and I haven’t seen Lani in damn near a week, it’s like losing Ava was like losing the other side of me without her I feel lost I really miss my chunky mama. What Asia pulled a court was fucked up and low, she fucking act like Ava was in danger when she wasn’t. What’s even more fucked up is that I moved in my condo and Ava is not here to see her room nor is she here to stay with me and enjoy her new home like I should be doing but I can’t because my baby is not here with me. My phone vibrated making me reach for it as I pulled my shirt down. I look and saw that I had a text from Tyga telling me that coach was waiting on me to get down to the court, I grabbed my gym bag from off of the floor also grabbing my keys before heading downstairs into the kitchen. I looked over to see Ava’s high chair placed by the table causing me to sigh out and grab a Gatorade from out the fridge heading out of the kitchen and to the front door, I locked the house up and got inside of my range starting it up and backing out of the driveway heading towards the gym. As I was driving my phone lit up displaying Lani, Ava and I, I need to call Lani as of today because I know I’m hurting her feelings by not calling her I mean what type of boyfriend am I.

Once I arrived to the gym I grabbed my stuff locking my car and heading inside to be greeted by Hang, “Chris what the fuck is your problem”, she spat with her hand on her hip. “Hang miss me with ya attitude because I ain’t trying to hear it”, I grumbled placing my bag on the bleacher making her kiss her teeth. “I don’t care Chris why you been ignoring Alani you got her feeling like you mad at her or something”, she said causing me to feel bad. “I didn’t mean to make her feel like that I’m just sad about the whole Ava situation”, I confessed making her face soften before nodding. “I understand but don’t go pushing Lani away because All she want to do is help you out and be there for you”, she stated making me nod my head. “She on her way”, I questioned hoping that she says yes. “No her and her mother are going to a doctor’s appointment but call her Chris”, I nodded jogging on court only to get yelled at by couch. I don’t have time for this shit…


I huffed after nearly two hours of listening to coach bitch about nothing I grabbed my Gatorade and bag heading towards the door. “Ay Chris what you bout to get into”, Marcus called out jogging over to me. “Shit about to hit Lani up since I haven’t talked to her why wassup”, I questioned screwing the top back on the bottle. “Shit Ty and I about to have a smoke session and we was wondering if you wanted to come”, he explained making me shake my head a bit as much as that sounds fun I don’t feel like it right now. “Nah man not today maybe next time”, I mumbled leaving out of the gym and heading inside of my car starting it up. I picked up my phone and clicked on Lani’s name composing a new message…

To: Lani Bear

I know I’ve been ignoring you for damn near a week and I want to apologize can we meet up

From: Lani Bear

Why should we Christopher you know you hurt my feelings by ignoring me you act like I did something to you

To: Lani Bear

I know and that’s why I’m sorry for doing that can you please stop by the house 

From: Lani Bear 

Fine I’ll be there in 20 minutes

I sighed a bit placing my phone in the cup holder before pulling out of the parking lot and heading back home, I already know that Lani isn’t going to forgive me easily but my baby won’t be mad at me for long.


Alani Casey Rodgers 

I shook my head a bit at the text messages that Chris just sent me, he expects me to just act like nothing happened and leap into his arms… He has the game really twisted; Chris really hurt my feelings by ignoring me for that long. I mean all I tried to do was be there for him and comfort him but he ignored me and pushed me away hurting my feelings in the mist of it, “Why the long face baby”, my mama asked making me look at her to see her rolling down her shirt. We just got down with seeing how the baby was doing; they told us that in 3 months we’ll know the sex of the baby. I’m praying for a baby brother because we don’t have a lot of boys in our family and plus I just want a brother, “Its Christopher”; I mumbled hitting the home button only to see him and Ava. “Oh first name bases what he do”, she questioned grabbing her purse from off of the chair before walking out of the room with me on her side. “He’s been ignoring me for a week ma and it hurt my feels, now he’s texting me talking about he’s sorry and can we meet up, first off he apologized through a text message do he want me to accept that”, I explained placing my phone on my lap as she pulled out of the parking lot.

“First off I’m not taking sides when I say this but Lani you have to see where he’s coming from, his daughter got taken from him and he’s sad right now meaning he down right now but then again he had no right ignoring you when all you were trying to do was comfort him. I say you talk to him and work things out because you guys are too cute to be going through this”, she gushed causing me to laugh a little. I swear my mama stans for our relationship, I mean she mapped everything out for us meaning we’re going to get married and I’m going to have 4 of his babies. I kindly stopped her right there because ain’t no way I’m pushing out four kids. Two is the max.”Call me later to tell me how things went”, she said as she pulled up in front of my apartment complex.

“Alright mama love you”, I kissed her cheek before getting out of the car heading to the front door. Once I got inside of my apartment only to be hit by the A.C, I moaned lowly kicking my shoes off heading into my room stripping out of my sweater and leggings replacing them with a tank top and shorts. I don’t know what possessed me to wear a sweater in 80 degree weather; I looked at my now curly hair slightly groaning. I hate when my hair gets too curly, it’s hard to maintain. I headed back to the front with my phone in my hand going inside of the kitchen, as I placed a few grapes in a bowl I decided to text Christopher to let him know that he can come over so we can talk. I grabbed my bowl and sat on the couch scrolling through instagram as I ate, I sighed out a bit looking around my apartment. I swear it gets lonely when I’m by myself; I need a puppy or something. I was knocked out of my thoughts by a knock at the door. I popped my last grape in my mouth placing the bowl on the table heading over to the door, I opened it to see Christopher standing there looking good as ever, he had on a white beater and a pair of basketball shorts. I bit down on my lip causing him to chuckle a bit,

“Are you done because it’s hot in this hallway”, he said causing me to snap out of my trance and look up at him. “Whatever”, I mumbled walking back over to the couch sitting down. He soon came over and sat down pulling me onto his lap, “Christopher you suppose to be over here explaining not trying to cuddle with me”, I said crossing my arms making him sigh out. “I’m sorry ma like honestly it wasn’t my intentions  to ignore you it’s been a rough week for me simply because I don’t have Ava anymore and it’s killing me I miss my chunky mama so much like I feel like a piece of me is missing”, he explained causing me to frown and grab his cheeks. “Chris I know how you feel but that don’t mean you had to treat me like that, I was only trying to be there for you”, I said causing him to nod and peck my lips. “I know baby I’m sorry”, he apologized again before kissing me once more. I wrapped my arms around his neck moaning out as his hands slid into my shirt caressing my sides, I don’t know how but I ended up laying down on the couch with him on top of me sucking on different parts of my neck. “Can I show you how sorry I am”?, he whispered pulling my shirt up a bit making me panic. “No Chris we can’t”, I managed to say pushing him off of me.

He looked at me with a confused look before sitting up, “What’s up why not”, he asked making me bite down on my lip. How in the hell am I going to tell this man that I’m a virgin without feeling embarrassed. “I-Um I think we’re moving to fast”, I rushed out causing him to stare at me. “You’re lying Lani what’s the real reason”, he asked pulling me back onto his lap. “I’m a virgin Chris”, I mumbled burying my face into his neck not wanting to see his reaction. “Damn.. why you embarrassed about it”, I lifted my head up to see him smiling at me. “You don’t find it weird that I’m 19 and a virgin”, I asked raising my eyebrow at him. “Nah I actually find that to be a good thing simply because that means you haven’t been out here and nobody has been in my shit”, he bit down on his lip squeezing my ass in the process. “Your shit huh”, I moaned out causing him to nod his head.

“Hell yeah this mines and when I get inside best believe you’re going to be like Oh Chris it’s all yours, I’m yours”, he tried to sound like me causing me laugh out. “Nothing on my body belongs to you sir and I’m not going to be like an-“, I was cut off by him placing one of his hands in my shorts slowly rubbing my clit. “What were you saying”, he whispered in my ear as I bit down on my lip trying to suppress my moans in which I failed at. “Chriss”, I moaned out feeling a weird feeling shoot through my body as his pace increased. “Wassup”, he whispered in a husky tone slightly rubbing a little harder. “Oh gosh mhn”, I began to move my hips while burying my face back into his neck. “It feels good huh”, he bit down on my ear causing me to nod my head quickly feeling a tight pinch in my stomach. I felt one of his fingers poke at my entrance and I quickly grabbed his hand out of fear, “Relax Lani if you don’t want me to do it I won’t”, I bit down on my lip feeling stupid at the fact that I’m too chicken to let him do it. “I’m sorry I’m acting like a chicken”, I sighed out running my fingers through my curls. He took his hand out of my shorts and shook his head lightly pecking my lips, “Don’t trip I know your new to this that’s why I won’t pressure you to do anything that you don’t want me to do”, I nodded shifting a little in his lap due to me sitting on something hard. “Chris why do I feel something hard”, I furrowed my eyebrows and moved off of his lap to see that he was hard.

“Oh gosh I’m sorry”, I blushed at the fact that I got him worked up for nothing. “Yeah mhn hmn you caused this with your moans and shit”, he stood up and adjusted his self before turning to look at me. “You know I’m going to need some lotion right”, he said causing me to laugh a bit before grabbing his hand and leading him to my room handing him the lotion. “Shit not funny Lani, but I won’t be doing this for long because when I get inside of my pus-“, I cut him off by pushing him into the bathroom not able to take his sex talk. I heard him chuckle a bit causing me to walk out of the room, I felt something wet in my underwear causing me to furrow my eyebrows, than it click… he made me wet. I sat on the couch not knowing how to feel I mean I’m fully aroused but scared to let him do anything sexual to me.

I need to stop being such a damn chicken.. Gosh the things that man do to me

Christopher Maurice Brown

“Chris I want a puppy”, Lani said while straddling my waist resting her head in the croak of my neck, she decided that she wanted me to stay and cuddle with her since she was going to be lonely if I had of left her. “Mhn why”, I asked causing her to look up at me with a pout. “Because I get lonely here I’m by myself and a puppy will keep me company”, she explained causing me to shake my head. “I told you to just move in with Ava and I, you won’t be bored and you get to lay up with me”, I explained kissing her neck which displayed previously hickies. “Chris you don’t think it’s too soon and plus I can’t just leave my apartment”, she said causing me to kiss my teeth. “Lani just tell them you’re moving and no it’s not too soon, I really want you to live with me”, I confessed causing her to smile at me before pecking my lips. “Aw Chrissy pooh”, she gushed making me kiss my teeth at that name. “Chill”, I grumbled smacking her ass watching it jiggle. She hissed before pouting, “Stop hitting my butt Chris”, she whined making me laugh out and rub it.

“Stop whining so much and I can’t help it”, I grabbed onto it causing her to moan lowly. Her ol freaky ass, “Let me ask you a question”, I said making her look at me before sitting up. “Yes”, her tone came off unease making me rub her thigh. “So you’re a complete virgin to everything huh”, I questioned making her furrow her eyebrows. “What’s everything”, she bit down on her lip making me chuckle a bit. “Like receiving head, getting fingered shit like that”, I answered watching her cheeks flustered red before nodding. “Damn I guess daddy got to teach you a lot of shit”, I said causing her to laugh and place her head in my chest. “Stop it”, I laughed a bit before lifting her head up. “Don’t be embarrassed or shy around me Lani I got you alright”, she nodded before smiling. “Why are you on this subject anyways,” she asked making me shrug a bit. “Because I noticed how you reacted when I was about to finger you that’s why I asked”, she nodded biting down on her lip.

“I wanted you to continue but I was scared that it was going to hurt and it was my first time doing something like that “, she stated making me nod my head and bit down on my lip I feel like Lani a undercover freak. “Mhn hmn just wait till I put a lil breezy in ya life you gone be hooked watched”, she laughed before placing her head on my chest sliding her hands up my shirt which is another habit of hers. “Yeah ok Chrissy pooh”, I kissed her forehead before grabbing my ringing phone off of her nightstand to see that Asia was calling me. I quickly pressed the answer button putting the phone up to my ear.

Chris: What’s up is Ava ok

Asia: She’s fine Chris I wanted to discuss your visitations rights

Chris: Alright so what did you come up with \

Asia: I decided that we can do joint custody meaning you can get her 3 weeks out of the month 

Chris: I’m glad that you came to that conclusion I appreciate it

Asia: I know I feel like I’m coming in-between you and Ava’s relationship I mean I see how attached she is to you and me having full custody isn’t going to work out

Chris: Yeah I know so when can I come get her

Asia: Tomorrow is fine actually she really misses you and plus we can talk a little more about the situation

Chris: Alright I’ll see y’all tomorrow

Asia: Ok

I hung up the phone smiled causing Lani to look up at me, “Well what happened”, she questioned making me smile a bit. “She said that I can have joint custody of her and we’re going to talk things out tomorrow”, She smiled brightly and clapped her hands. “Aw I can’t wait to see my little princess I miss her chubby self”, she gushed causing me to laugh and agree with her. I’m just glad that I get my baby tomorrow; my little family will be complete once Lani decides to move in with me.