casey lambert

Casey perched awkwardly on the couch, making sure to not touch Derek as they watched Logan and Hope warily.  Somehow she was sure sitting too close to him right now would just make everything even more tense.

“This can’t keep happening,” Logan said, finally breaking the silence.  “I’ve had a lot of complaints, and Hope is having the same problem.”

“They’re exaggerating,” Derek said automatically.

Logan rolled his eyes.  “Bailey said he could hear you two even over his music last night, Derek.”

A filthy smirk crossed Derek’s face, and he couldn’t stop himself from glancing at Casey, causing her to burst into a fit of giggles.

“This is serious, Casey,” Hope said with a frown.  “Sara said she walked in on the two of you in the kitchen the other night.”  At that, Casey bit down on her bottom lip, trying to stop the stream of giggles.

“It’s just not proper, Case,” Hope continued, her voice sounding softer now that Casey had stopped giggling.  “I know you love him, but –”

She was cut off by Derek’s voice.  “Wait, what?”  Casey blushed as Derek sat up from where he had been lounging beside her, trying to catch her eye.  “Casey?”

“What?” She continued to avoid his gaze.

“Have you been telling your friends you love me?”

She finally looked at him and shrugged.  “Am I not allowed to?”

He reached over and grabbed her hand, squeezing it lightly.  “Not if you don’t tell me first.”

Casey grinned at him, and opened her mouth to say something before being interrupted by Logan.  “How cute. Let’s go back to how you two have to stop having sex on every flat surface you find.”

“Are you going to be less of a prick once Julian gets back, Lo?” Derek asked, still gazing at Casey.

“Fuck you.”


“Oh come on, don’t make me say it again.”

“No, no—please say it again, because this must be a fucking miracle or something—”

“Case, don’t be like this.”

“Oh, I’m gonna be however I like. I think you’re forgetting that I know you, Derek. And I also know that what you just said—”

“Do you want to check my phone? For other messages from other girls or something? Cause you can, you’re allowed to, here you go—”


“There’s nothing in there, Case—only your messages, only your pictures, only your calls—”

“But… I don’t… Wow… you really mean it then?”

“For fuck’s sake—yes.

“You’re… really?”

“Casey—I really am in fucking love with you.”


→ Mila Kunis as Casey Lambert
→ Jon Hall as Derek Seigerson

Derek S.: Come to prom with me.
Casey L.: There aren’t enough hell no-s in the world to suffice.
Derek S.: Please…?
Casey L.: Did you fall and hit your head or something?
Derek S.: I started out wrong. Meet me now? Same place?
Casey L.: Give me one good reason to.
Derek S.: …I don’t have one good enough.
Casey L.: Fine. I’ll give you five minutes. If you come within a foot of me, I’m out.
Derek S.: That’s all I want.
Casey L.: Whatever.
Derek S.: …Thanks, Casey.

“I’m an idiot,” Derek told her immediately, staring with something like hopeless desperation. It spilled out of him unbidden, and he had the nasty feeling that he was going to go to bed tonight with humiliation still fresh. “I’m the biggest idiot in the world. Monumental. Everything you’ve said about me, you’ve thought about me, you’re right. You’re absolutely right, and I’m a terrible person.”

Expectations | Dasey

Title: Expectations
Author: mymnemosyne/Megan
Word Count: 567
Genre: Angst
Summary: Once you fall in love, you can only fall apart. Derek tries to forestall it, but maybe he’s already too late.
Notes: I have this headcanon that Derek’s failure with Casey (and really his lack of long-term relationships in general) stems from a warped view he’s developed of success/failure, and his inability to believe himself good enough for a relationship. This is a muddled first attempt at sorting through that.

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"Sex Signatures" – Dasey

“I swear, Seigerson.” Casey whispered as they leaned down on Derek’s bed. “If you fuck this up again, I’m killing you.”

“And I’ll let you.” Derek said solemnly, surprising Casey with the seriousness of his voice. He stared into this eyes and found softness that overwhelmed the lust that was shooting through both of them at the same time. This was a different Derek from the one she left a year ago.

“Good… We understand each other.” She smiled and wrapped her arms around her boyfriend’s neck. “So are we going to seal the deal or what?”

Derek smirked and she knew he was always there in the end. But he was hers again. She was going to try and tame the beast the second time around when he promised that he wouldn’t hurt her again. She was more careful now though, just in case the beast got out of the cage and end up breaking the promise. “I thought you’d never asked.” But those precautions would have to be thought out more when she wasn’t about to have sex. His calloused hands went up her blouse and found the clasp of her bra quite easily. They kissed intensely, tongues fighting for dominance because Casey’s positively did not want to give up its space in her mouth without a fight, something Derek enjoyed thoroughly. She unbuttoned his shirt, caressing the toned skin with every button she opened. Derek loved feeling her skin against his again. And she had to admit, she missed it too.

Derek’s head dipped down her neck and she made him slip off her shirt. She made a small gasp as his mouth reached a spot that hasn’t been touched by anyone for a while and when his hands cupped her left boob with gentle pressure. She was already soaking her panties.

She wrapped a long leg around Derek’s bare waist and felt him grind on her a little bit. “God, I missed you.” Derek whispered and put their lips together again.

“I know you did babe.” She smirked while they kissed. He chuckled. 

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Anyway, this is fanart for Lionphantom’s awesome fic Outed. The character, Casey Lambert, belongs to CP Coulter, who is so talented it hurts a little bit.


Rihanna - Only Girl (In The World) (by RihannaVEVO)

This song reminds me so much of Dasey. Casey should sing this to Derek. xD

The Zombie-Apocalypse Drabbles (part 7)

Place : Raymond
Where : a small village
Time : 4.50pm
When : 5 months after the outbreak
Advice :  Don’t push away any other survivors, don’t shower without telling.

The ninth death was, just like all the others, hard but in a way a relief. Casey had not been the same. You could say that the old Casey was gone, that she had in a sense already died the moment Derek had died in that basement. After time passed she got careless, not bothering to check for her own safety not even when they were saving the others or surrrounded. It was during a brief shower that it happened. Everyone was busy doing something, she didn’t bother to see what so she took a shower. She felt so dirty and numb as she sat under the stream of warm water, hugging her knees to her and cried. Cried for everyone who she missed, everyone who died and over Derek. The one love she never got over. She never heard them coming over the water and her sobs. It wasn’t until their hands were on them and their teeth in her flesh, she didn’t struggle, she knew that any help would be too late and she didn’t scream either.

Her final thought was just that she’d be with Derek now.