casey is the better affleck

Tell me: what movies are you rooting for at the Oscars?

NGL, the only two movies I really liked were Fences and Hidden Figures

I read the stageplay for Fences when I was in college, and didn’t care for it terribly then, but seeing it acted out, I actually really liked it. Also, Viola Davis is a goddamn force of nature who can’t be stopped.

And Hidden Figures was just delightful. I’m a total nerd for NASA, and I love seeing the stories of how it all came together.

La La Land (AKA Hollywood Hand Job) was terribly over-rated and lacking in the wonderful pizazz of the 50s musicals that it’s supposed to be an homage to. Basically, if a ‘50s-style movie musical lacks A. Gene Kelly, B. Debbie Reynolds, C. Donald O’Connor doing backflips off of walls, and D. Cyd Cherisse’s legs, it’s going to suck.

Moonlight was absolutely beautiful, very important from an SJW representation standpoint, but incredibly fucking boring.

Manchester by The Sea was two hours of nothing but misery, Denzel in Fences was way better than Casey Affleck, and it breaks my heart to see Michelle Williams reduced to the Crying Wife.

And why the honest fuck would I ever subject myself to Hacksaw Ridge, or literally anything that Mel Gibson has gone within ten feet of?