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rasey prompt: casey is reminded that he does not have a protective shell and raph is the most distraught boyfriend

It was, Casey mused, highly ironic. Casey had almost died a lot in his seventeen years of life, all in super cool ways – alien invasions, robot attacks, mutants, ninjas, Shredder. But each and every time, he’d come out on top with hardly a scratch.

So what was it that finally took down the great Casey Jones?

Some dumbass civilian in a car.

It wasn’t even cool. The guy wasn’t out to get him or running from the cops or transporting stolen goods across state lines. He was just late getting to work and ran a red light.

Upside, Casey didn’t have to go to school for a while.

Downside, the guy trashed his bike.

And broke his leg. And sprained his wrist. And bruised several bones. And cracked a rib. And gave him a concussion.

Bones heal. Bikes don’t.

Casey sighed and flopped back against the pillows. He pushed the buttons to make the bed go up and down. He debated calling the nurse to get his comic book from the corner of the room he’d tossed it in a fit of frustration, but decided against it. It wasn’t like it had gotten any less boring over there.

Besides, he got the feeling the nursing staff was getting a little tired of him.

He was seeing how fast he could flip through the channels on the tv when the window slid open. Casey perked up as Raphael slipped inside and shut the window behind him.

“Raph! It’s about time you showed up! I’ve been in here for almost two days!” He lifted up on arm to show Raph the line of stitches up his forearm. “Check it; the doc says it’s going to leave a totally sweet scar.”

His doctor was cool. He knew what a teenage boy’s priorities would be.

Raph grunted. He stared at Casey’s cast, not making eye contact.

“Hey, you gonna sign my cast? My sister said she might do something fancy with markers, like flames and stuff.”

Raph said nothing.

“Come on man, you gotta give me something to work with here.”

Raph’s shoulders hunched and he shoved something at Casey – a bouquet of flowers, although “bouquet” was a bit of a stretch for the eclectic handful of bruised flowers most likely stolen from a park.

It still left Casey breathless.


He took the flowers carefully.

“Thanks Raph. This is…” He cleared his throat. “This is really nice.”

Raph shrugged. Something was up. Something was definitely up. Casey decided to go for “irritate into a reaction”. That usually worked. He put on his best, most obnoxiously winsome smile.

“You gonna let me kiss you to say ‘thank you’? It’s been lonely in here all by myself.”

Finally Raph looked at him, glaring at him with red-rimmed eyes.

“You could have died,” Raph said, voice cracking. Casey blinked a few times.

“Well…I mean I guess? I almost die all the time, though.”

“Yeah but you don’t!” Raph flung his arms out. “You never ended up in the hospital before! And it wasn’t even because of a fight, it wasn’t something where it was because you weren’t trying hard enough or because you were being your usual stupid idiot self-!”

“Gee, thanks,” Casey muttered. Raph continued as if he hadn’t heard.

“-it was just an accident!” Raph gave Casey an agonized look. “It was an accident,” he repeated, hoarsely. “I could have…you could have… and I would never…”

I could have lost you.

Casey carefully put the flowers on his bedside table and gestured for Raph to come closer. Raph did, reluctantly, and pressed his face against Casey’s shoulder.

“I couldn’t have stopped it. Even if it happened again there’s nothing I could do,” he said, his voice muffled by the hospital gown. Casey rested his cheek against Raph’s head.

“This shit happens, man. We won’t always be able to keep each other safe. It’s not your fault.”

“That’s why it sucks,” Raph said.

“But hey, I survived! It’s gonna take a lot more than some dude in a car to take down Casey Jones.”

Raph huffed a laugh and moved a little closer, one arm around Casey’s waist, face now pressed to the crook of Casey’s neck.

“You gotta face it dude, you’re stuck with me. You think you could get away that easy?”

“And here I was hoping I could just push you in front of a bus and get it over with.”

“New York City doesn’t approve of people damaging their public transportation vehicles,” Casey said loftily, getting a real laugh out of his boyfriend this time.

“So,” Casey said, reaching up to toy with the tails of Raph’s bandana. “You wanna see how far we can get before the heart monitor goes crazy and the nurses think I’m having a heart attack?”

He felt Raph’s mouth curve into a smile and a hand slide its way under the sheets.

“I love you,” Raph admitted. “You fucking loser.”

And thus ends Rasey Drabble Week. I had a ton of fun, thank you to everyone who sent me prompts! I might do something like this again, it was good times.