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I can’t help but draw this cute little family x3

A little scenario that @blazeneko and @t3f3r came up. Mae will get jealous if Bea only pay attention to the kits so like it or not, Bea had to hold her too.

They’re heavy, but when they start to purr all together, she doesn’t mind carrying them for as long as they like.

Whenever Bea is in distraught/doubt, Mae will be the one to give her a kiss to comfort. Or whenever Bea is passed out on the couch due to being in the Ol’ Pickaxe all day, she would put a blanket over her and kiss her goodnight.

Little Casey and Baby Brooke belongs to @t3f3r! -ft. 2 year old Brooke x3


This is an alternative scene from tmnt movie

I’m laughing so hard because casey actually said “this is class pain 101. Your instructor is casey jones”

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I almost died of cuteness trying to type this. What if Mae sang a sweet lullaby to baby Casey? (I'm sorry if my grammar is a bit off)

Okay okay okay OKAY- i just had to draw this out cause I couldn’t get it out of my head today…
(and also don’t worry, anon- You’re fine! (owo)b ).


I wanted to make this comic a little longer but meh…. 

Have a Mommy Mae and Mommy Bea comic after they brought home baby Cassandra (also yes Mrs. Borowski dropped off the swing). 

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So if wilson started dating, how would Angus and Gregg give the "if you do anything to hurt him" speech? same with Bea and Mae for Casey and Brooke

It went something like this…

They are a bit overprotective… But its not their fault that around their teen’s age they almost died in the center of the earth… In the woods…  ┐(o < o)┌

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I wonder where Selmers fits into all of this.

Oh my gosh okay but in all seriousness…. I was a HUGE MaexSelmers fan before Mae and Bea… No it doesnt matter because I love both pairings SO MUCH! (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

As for Selmers in this predicament… She’s like a neighbor and a babysitter too (I mean Angus and Greg would love to babysit Mae and Bea’s kid, but during this time they are actually living in a different city an hour away with their own kid). 

Also Mae and Bea may need Selmers to keep a quick eye on Casey while they run out to pay bills or when one parent is going to work and the other is just coming out but is a few minutes late…. Selmers doesn’t mind because it’s Mae’s kid after all. 

Plus, Casey loves poetry. She loves to listen to Selmer’s poetry and she loves to make her own.


Casey Jones Art Appreciation

Fun things to note:

  • Pic #3: Lil bby hockey Casey. TEEENY TINY lil guy between the two big blue monsters sayin’ ‘Hey!’
  • Pic #4: 'DCompose’, the spine reads 'Destruction, Terror + Mayhem’, pretty sure the whited-out corner reads 'don’t look’, 16 is his jersey number
  • Pic #5: Jersey number again, sketches of his gear, pucks flingin’ off that viking’s rippling abs, skull puck
  • Pic #6: he forgot to colour in April’s left sleeve. Good goin’, dumbass

My favourite drawing, though, is his little itty bitty monster truck with his jersey number on the flag

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Okay, we now know that Mae and Bea has two baby girls. But how about Bea's reaction of seeing Casey at the hospital? Like the proud parent reaction i.e. crying tears of joy and yells "I'm a mom!"

Bea’s reaction was definetly a proud parent.

Actually how this pretty much went down, Casey was suppose to be born sometime after Longest Night, but in actuality she was coming RIGHT on Longest Night (she was literally almost born at her grandparents’ place omgg). 

Bea rushed Mae to the hospital, and Casey was literally born moments after they got through the hospital doors. There was only one complication and that was Mae passing out from shock.

In Mae’s mind, she was experiencing the ‘dream state’ like she had previously in the game, but to Bea… Mae literally passed out due to her blood pressure reaching dangerously low and Bea nearly had a heart attack. 

Mae was fine though after the doctors got to her and soon the two were able to hold onto baby Casey for the very first time. Mae was surprised to see that the baby was actually pretty small than she had imagined lol-

But Bea tho… She fell in love with the baby and literally broke down into tears by how cute she was.

Baby number two, aka Brooke, had a much smoother delivery. And Bea was STILL very ecstatic lol. 

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Does Mae and Bea still see Angus and Gregg and how are those two doing on their little ball of love? :3

Mae and Bea still do! They have been seeing the two since they both helped Angus and Gregg move to the city (Bea had the car at the time and Greg and Angus wanted to move a few of their things from their old apartment to their new one)

Also the two have been fine, actually they have been doing great! Especially with their son Wilson.

Here’s an old photo of the lovely family when Wilson was 1.