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  • me in S3/4/5 of Chuck: remember when the show was super funny and lighthearted and you laughed a lot and smiled because everything was just so silly and Chuck was some poor schmuck who got kicked out of Stanford and didn't really know what he wanted and he got the intersect and looked like a complete fool with it and Morgan was so juvenile and never thought beyond himself and john casey was just a stony, cold, killing machine that served his comic-relief purposes and sarah was just a spy and everything was beautiful and nothing hurt and nobody had any idea how much their lives would change and you didn't cry your fucking body weight in tears every five episodes
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A quick ficlet of Mikey being a badass, and space arc shenanigans with the whole team. 

because people don’t seem to respect that he’s just as much of a ninja as his brothers and probably twice as terrifying 

AO3 version.


“We go out for drinks, and this happens,” Donnie muttered irritably, shifting the ropes tied around his wrists. “And they weren’t even alcoholic this time.”

“In Leo and Raph’s and my own defense-” April said, also tugging at her bound wrists. “-none of us knew that we weren’t supposed to climb that particular statue. And it’s you, Casey, and Mikey who wandered off; we were just trying to find you!”

“Wonderful job of that. You found us, and then we all got arrested,” Donnie said dryly.

“I said we were sorry!”

“You did, they didn’t,” Donnie nodded at his older brothers, who were slumped against one another unconscious. Casey and Mikey were still conscious, for all the good that did; the two of them also struggling against the rough rope that they’d all been trussed up with.

Around them, the majority of the village they’d stopped down in was gathered. In hindsight, it may not have been the best idea to pick a planet that still had tribal rule, and warrior code. Donnie didn’t like the look of blades swinging from the aliens’ waists, or the sizable masses of their arms.

Earlier, he’d thought it was all very fascinating. A bipedal species with two sets of arms, claw like nails, and fierce looking tusks jutted from their mouths. A genetic marvel from where he came. They also resembled ‘World of Warcraft’ characters, and never let it be said Donnie wasn’t interested in the gaming community, for all its grievous errors and rampant biasness.

Though now, as the chief of the village called to order her assembled followers, they seemed more intimidating than fascinating.

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           Eyes wandered around as she stepped into the set. It was not a place she had ever EXPECTED herself to be in. Especially not like this. Not being actually asked to come. It had been a mistake anyway, Accidentally getting cast to do some stunts on a TV show. That was definitely a first. Still the payment was not half bad and it did sound like fun. Especially when they promised her WIRES.

           “They asked me to do some stunts?” She explained as someone finally approached her. Smiling at the guy when he directed her towards a group of people, she quickly made her way towards the group. Still she decided to keep a small distance as it seemed like they were talking. As she stayed behind, she studied the people in the group. One of them was probably the DIRECTOR or whoever was in charge in this place. She recognized another as well. After all the guy was on all the posters that was placed on EVERY wall possible in this building. 

Tonight on Wander over Yonder

In the next installment of our 1 Hater cartoon /1 Wander cartoon half hours we explore the theme of being distracted by nonsense and loosing sight of what’s really important in life. First up…

The return of Emperor Awesome in THE COOL GUY gave us a chance to define once and for all what Hater really means when he says he wants to be “The Greatest in the Galaxy!”  Also it gave us a chance to see how cheesy and gross Awesome’s “Not so awesome” life really is. 

Written By: Todd Casey

Storyboard By: Riccardo Durante

Directed By: Eddie Trigueros

THE CATASTROPHE is a title I forgot I had also used for an episode of  Powerpuff but it’s OK because they both deal with catastrophic complications created by cats. This episode also marks the return of another Season 1 villain who was not supposed to be named in the official press release but even though the cat’s out of the bag on that plot twist, this episode is a lot of fun. Wander is in full on cute overload mode in this one, so much so that I think he may give adorable cat videos a run for their money.

Written By: Noelle Stevenson

Storyboard By: Mark Ackland

Directed By: Dave Thomas

But more important than the return of two old villains these episodes mark the addition of our two new Season 2 writers TODD CASEY (Krampus, Four Wizards) and NOELLE STEVENSON (Nimona, Lumberjanes, Four Wizards)  

We couldn’t be more happy to have Todd and Noelle on board this season. They both brought such great energy, enthusiasm, and TALENT to the show and Wander is soooo much better off because of their contributions. Lots of great stuff coming from them both this season. Oh the feels, so many feels.

Frank, Todd, Noelle and our composer Andy are going to be live tweeting tonight’s episodes so join them if you can. I may pop in as well if I can find out where the coal goes in my steam powered computing machine.

Stranded | Closed RP with @anetteshortie-rp

“Oh my gosh that will be so awesome!” Mikey cheered excited. “My   bro’s and I have never been to any festival before!” he was just as   excited as a little kid was, so happy and full of energy. He was really starting to love this paradise.

Raph kept silence as he   continued to eat his desert. He was really enjoying this island and was starting to like it here. Well he liked it even more because of Sirena.

“Whoa, a festival? That’s gonna be so awesome!” Casey grinned and cheered.

“It  sounds so fun!” Lexi smiled excited. “We’d love to join and help you   guys if you need any help during the festival. I mean if you need any   help of course.”


The shark girl finished her desert and stand up. “Well I  will see you tomorrow I will go back to my hut” she told them short and  caressed Raph and Mikeys cheeks before she left Araks house. She didnt  wanted to be longer than she needed to be inside the village. She  ingored the stares of the villagers and quick ran  back in to the  jungle.

April smiled she didnt wanted Sirena to go  but she was to fast for her to stop her. Something was off about her  behavior, it was like she didnt liked to be in the village. The question  was why?

“ See you tomorrow Sirena” he said to her  before she walked out and turned back to Lexi. “Of course you can help,  the women and children putting up the decorations” he offered Alexis  smiling. But then he looked out of the window. “Its getting late you  should take some rests, I think my wife has finished ot prepare your  rooms” he told them and stand slowly up.


Curiosity (Mike Fuentes and Tony Perry ONESHOT)

Hi all :) I finally had motivation to finish this - it is a threesome between (Y/N), Mike and Tony. (Initially it was a PTV orgy but I had no idea how to write that.) SMUT warning all over this one; I hope it’s okay! I quite a few smutty oneshots to get through, not to sure about fluffy ones. Enjoy xx

Anon requested: hey can you do a smutty imagine where you’re ptv’s merch girl and uh mike starts to like try to get in your pants and everything then one night at a party they all get druck with leads to a ptv orgy? please please please???? Xxx

Anon requested: hey its the girl who wanted thr ptv orgy um any guy I don’t mind

Anon requested: Need another band member? Okay - Tony. :P

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