casette tape

i have been staring into the void too much today so maybe let’s put together a list of fluffy niche-interest rom coms?

feel free to add to the list or expand something; i just really wanna briefly disappear into the softest cave possible:

-due to a scheduling error, a small midwestern town holds its ren faire and its civil war battle re-enactment on the same weekend. a union soldier keeps running into a ren faire knight. maybe they’re both women? they initially don’t know what to make of each other but kept getting sucked into intense 3-hour debates about historical accuracy vs making experiences accessible to the average layperson. also, the finer points of fight choreography. they bond over dismissing racist hecklers who are upset at the notion of POC in portrayals of history. their wedding is WILD

-two musicians (one acoustic, one electronic) who each dated the same tumultuous, charismatic-but-unreliable songwriter discover they are each the subject of a very personal break-up song on the newest album. they form a genre-bending musical duo to express their complicated emotions, but as their fame starts to grow, so do their feelings for each other.

-in the 1980′s, two die-hard sci-fi fans who subscribe to the same handmade zine become penpals. this could be an epistolary novel, maybe, interspersed with other things they sent each other: fanart, casette tape playlists, and lengthy debates about the symbolism and subtext in their beloved show. 

-a ghost falls in love with another, different ghost

-a time traveler is trying really hard to blend in but unfortunately they are starting to really develop feelings…for the age’s most pre-eminent historian.

vintage stuff that michael mell definitely owns

-a coca cola bottle from 1963
-3 separate typewriters
-a victorian era dress that he wore once as a joke to a renaissance fair 
-tons of old books (including all of lord of the rings from when it first came out)
-star wars merch from the 70s
-hella lot of casettes+vinyls and a tape/record player
-his signed elton john album is his most prized posession
-old star trek on vhs
-a hairpin from 1920