not that im saying i know people are but if you happen to be crossing into canada here are some tips:

  • Sunglasses are your friend, snow can get blinding
  • Sunscreen is necessary for bright days. Sun reflects off the snow and onto your skin don’t get sunburnt
  • brighter days mean colder weather.  there’s less insulated heat on those days so wear warmer clothes.
  • down clothing is the best for cold weather.
  • if you’re planning on doing long hikes don’t wear gore tex. itll trap the sweat and make it colder.
  • wool is the next best thing to down.
  • sleeping bags lie. -40 doesn’t mean comfortable at -40 it means you’ll survive but you wont like it.
  • learn how to make a quinzee just in case
  • snowshoes will help sooooooooooo much.
  • american coins have a 1:1 exchange rate with canadian coins. bills do not. if you’re making small purchases use coins to save money.
  • it’s insanely hard to make a fire in winter, just, dont try. get a small stove like this:

you can make food and boil water in there and it’s compact.

  • snow pants are great they keep you warm and snow out
  • dont cross over bodies of water. it’s been a warm winter and that means that theres a large chance the ice wont hold and you dont want to end up in ice water
  • don’t get wet. hypothermia can set in quick and can kill you even quicker.
    • in case you do get wet change into dry clothes asap
    • dont take off the wet clothes in you dont have spares
    • use blankets to warm yourself up
    • using another persons body heat doesnt work it just makes them colder
  • in case of frostbite:
    • warm affected body parts up slowly. the water in the cells has frozen and sudden defrosting can make the cells expand and explode. you don’t want that
    • if it’s black go to a hospital. call an ambulance staying off the grid is not worth gangrene
    • you can get frostbite in your eyes be careful
  • the lighter your pack the easier it is to hike
  • be safe please

the #1 & her captain

On Ella Mcleod

Ella Mcleod, you were a great soccer player. We will miss you and we thank you for your time playing in the NWSL.

However, is it true that you retired because you caught a horrible case of the Canadian? If so, would you prefer a basket of moose meat and maple syrup instead of this fruit basket I was going to send?

-Jill Ellis

RIP Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette

It makes me really sad to think of what our world has come to. For my friends and followers who don’t know, a two year old girl name Hailey Dunbar-Blanchette was kidnapped a few days ago and her father, Terry, was found dead shortly after the amber alert was announced. I think all Canadians hoped that she would be found alive and be able to return home to her mother in Alberta but that wasn’t the case. Tonight Canadian RCMP found the remains of young Hailey in a rural area.

Hailey was 2, a baby, she was innocent, happy and bright. Her future has been stolen from her and her family.

This world has become a disgusting place for it to sink so low as to kill an innocent baby.

RIP Hailey

RIP Terry