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Geometric Optical Illusion - Pattern VII - by LimenGD | Accessories on Society6.

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NEW! Anti Gravity Smartphone Case

If you are tired of the old selfie stick and are looking into alternative ways of making equally good selfies, then look no further than the Anti Gravity Smartphone Case by Mega Tiny Corporation. The back side of this smartphone case was made with nano suction material which sticks to, literally, any flat surface.

Spy AU with idigihearts1x3


Malorn had been working at this agency for a few years now, taken under the wing of the heds of the agency. Kyro Destan, and her husband-slash-assistant, Riven. He took few field cases, usually constructing gadgets and testing them out.

While constructing a new gadget, Riven had come to his ‘office’ (wasn’t really an office, the laboratory was a collection of floors under the agency itself), telling him that he needed to come to Kyro’s office. Malorn headed to the office on the top floor, seeing another person in there, a man with curly, blood red hair.