* Weak masculine nouns decline -[e]n in every case except the nominative; only a few decline -[e]ns differently in the genitive.
der Junge, den Jungen, dem Jungen, des Jungen
der Friede, den Frieden, dem Frieden, des Friedens

^ Masculine and neuter nouns decline -[e]s in the genitive, with the exception of some weak masculine nouns (see above).
der Hund, des Hundes
der Vater, des Vaters
das Haus, des Hauses
das Auto, des Autos

̃ Dative plurals decline -[e]n unless the plural already ends with -n or -s.
die Äpfel, den Äpfeln
die Bücher, den Büchern
die Bananen, den Bananen
die Fotos, den Fotos

̄ There is no plural form of the indefinite article. The negative plural form is shown for explanatory purposes.

† Possessive pronouns decline in the same pattern as the indefinite article.

German case declensions download as PDF


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