* Weak masculine nouns decline -[e]n in every case except the nominative; only a few decline -[e]ns differently in the genitive.
der Junge, den Jungen, dem Jungen, des Jungen
der Friede, den Frieden, dem Frieden, des Friedens

^ Masculine and neuter nouns decline -[e]s in the genitive, with the exception of some weak masculine nouns (see above).
der Hund, des Hundes
der Vater, des Vaters
das Haus, des Hauses
das Auto, des Autos

̃ Dative plurals decline -[e]n unless the plural already ends with -n or -s.
die Äpfel, den Äpfeln
die Bücher, den Büchern
die Bananen, den Bananen
die Fotos, den Fotos

̄ There is no plural form of the indefinite article. The negative plural form is shown for explanatory purposes.

† Possessive pronouns decline in the same pattern as the indefinite article.

German case declensions download as PDF


Or should I say ‘’Sherlock’’? You used to hate it when I called you by your middle name. It’s has been a long time since we last clapped eyes on each other. 

I hear on the grapevine that you’re now a consulting detective. There has been an incident at the bank - something I can’t discuss via mail. I’m hoping you can sort it for me. 

Please call by. Needless to say, I’ll be relying on your discretion and professionalism.  

Kind regards,

Sebastian Victor Wilkes

I will be in touch tomorrow and will bring my friend and colleague, John Watson.

- Sherlock


On Christmas Eve 1945, five of the Sodder Children—Maurice, 14; Martha 12; Louis, 9; Jennie, 8; and Betty, 5 — were trapped inside the family home when it caught fire at 1 a.m. Their father George tried valiantly to save them, but he couldn’t reenter the house. His daughter Marion raced to a neighbor’s place to call for the fire department, but no help arrived until 8 a.m. By then, the house was nothing but a pile of ash.

The remaining Sodders assumed the children were dead, but the Christmas Day search of the remains showed no bodies. It was suggested by the fire chief that the fire had been hot enough to completely cremate all five bodies.

But there was something else to consider. George Sodder, born Giorgio Soddu in Italy, was no fan of Mussolini — and he was not quiet about it. After refusing to purchase insurance from a salesman mere months prior to the fire, the salesman threatened him by saying, “Your goddamn house is going to go up in smoke, and your children are going to be destroyed. You are going to be paid for the dirty remarks you have been making about Mussolini.” Additionally, the older Sodder sons had noticed just before Christmas a man parked near their house, watching the children as they came home from school.

Jennie Sodder, the matriarch of the family, didn’t understand how there could be five children who died in the fire and not leave anything behind. A crematorium employee told her that bones could still remain intact in a two-hour fire at 2,000 degrees. Their house had burned down in 45 minutes. She also noticed that in the basement of their house, household appliances were burned and melted, but recognizable.

Many more odd occurrences turned up as the family wondered how and why this happened to them—their wiring had been cut and was not faulty as previously expected, a witness said they saw someone fiddling with George’s car, a family member said they had heard something hit the roof shortly before the fire—but one of the strangest things that happened was almost 20 years later in 1968.

Jennie Sodder received a letter addressed only to her, postmarked Kentucky with no return address. There was a photo of a dark-haired man in his 20s. On the other side was a handwritten note:

Louis Sodder. I love brother Frankie. Ilil Boys. A90132 or 35.

The man bore a striking resemblance to presumed-dead Louis Sodder. The family jumped at the opportunity and sent a private investigator to Kentucky—he was never heard from again.

The last remaining Sodder, Sylvia, still doesn’t believe her siblings died in that fateful fire, but no one has any further clues as to where—or why—they disappeared.

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За + Acc vs За + Instr

Russian preposition за may take either Accusative or Instrumental. Here are a few common structures with за + Acc:

Благодарить за помощь/ поддержку/ совет - to thank smb for one’s help/ support/ suggestion etc.

Награждать за работу/ лояльность - to reward smb for one’s job/ loyalty etc.

Nouns in the Accusative here are the cause of the action described in a verb.

With verbs of motion: to move behind/beyond smth:
Зайти за дом - to go behind a house
Заехать за знак - to drive beyond the traffic sign

A few common structures with за + Instr:

Обратиться за помощью/ поддержкой/ советом - to ask for help/ support/ suggestion

Here the nouns are the reasons of an action described in the verb - something that is a desired outcome.

за meaning ‘while doing something’, 'at something’:
Люди за работой - people at work
Разговоры за чаем - Tea chats, chats while drinking tea.

With verbs of motion - again, за + Instr identifies the reason, the goal: Пойти за продуктами - to go to buy some groceries
Зайти за чем-то - to come by to get smth.


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It’s kind of cute how Conan just assumes that Ran must have been around for a case or that he must have told her about the case. I think it’s one of his Shinichi’s traits. He’s used to telling Ran about cases he has solved, so he automatically assumes that she must have known about the Bourbon-Jodie case as well.