“i’m going to get away with murder, i’m a kennedy.”

in 1975, fifteen year old martha moxley attended a halloween party at a residence in her neighborhood close enough to be seen from her own home. brothers michael and thomas skakel were hosting the party, and at 9:30pm, martha was last seen alive willingly heading behind a fence to continue kissing thomas in private.  

the next day, martha’s body was found in her own backyard beneath a tree. her pants and underwear were pulled down, but there was no sign of sexual assault. pieces of a broken golf club were found near her body, and evidence showed that she had been both bludgeoned and stabbed with the weapon. 

naturally, thomas skakel became the prime suspect for martha’s murder, having been the last to see her alive. but a lack of evidence kept the case unsolved for over 25 years. 

between 1975 and 2000, the case was repeatedly closed and reopened due to the ever-evolving alibis and testimonies of the skakel brothers. michael was found to be lying quite often, which over time became more damning than thomas having been seen with her in the window of time before the murder. 

a popular theory as to why the brothers were given so much leniency is because they were related by marriage to senator robert f. kennedy. reportedly, michael was overheard at one point telling friends “i’m going to get away with murder, i’m a kennedy.”

on june 7th, 2002, michael skakel was finally convicted for the murder of martha moxley. he was sentenced to twenty years in a connecticut prison.


* Weak masculine nouns decline -[e]n in every case except the nominative; only a few decline -[e]ns differently in the genitive.
der Junge, den Jungen, dem Jungen, des Jungen
der Friede, den Frieden, dem Frieden, des Friedens

^ Masculine and neuter nouns decline -[e]s in the genitive, with the exception of some weak masculine nouns (see above).
der Hund, des Hundes
der Vater, des Vaters
das Haus, des Hauses
das Auto, des Autos

̃ Dative plurals decline -[e]n unless the plural already ends with -n or -s.
die Äpfel, den Äpfeln
die Bücher, den Büchern
die Bananen, den Bananen
die Fotos, den Fotos

̄ There is no plural form of the indefinite article. The negative plural form is shown for explanatory purposes.

† Possessive pronouns decline in the same pattern as the indefinite article.

German case declensions download as PDF


These monstrous boxes remind us of The Luggage, one of our favorite recurring characters in the late, great Sir Terry Pratchett’s indescribably awesome Discworld series. The Luggage is a large chest made of sapient pearwood, “half suitcase, half homicidal maniac,” that will follow its owner absolutely anywhere and serves as fearsome bodyguard, battering ram, henchman and, of course, luggage carrier.

Inspired by the shape-shifting Mimic monsters from Dungeons & Dragons, these fantastic Mimic Monster Boxes are the work of Mellie Z of Fine Line Leather Design based in Lehighton, PA. They’re handmade using leather (usually resembling the hide of a fantasy beast) that’s sculpted around a wooden base. They’re brought to life with the addition of vivid paints, expressive glass eyes, beastly fake teeth, and sometimes patches of fur as well.

Mellie Z makes a wide variety of other fantasy-themed leather goods and also takes custom orders for her Monster Boxes, which can be made anywhere from 3 inches to 3 feet wide. They may not be able to sprout hundreds of tiny legs or devour your worst enemy, but they are wonderfully fearsome and each clearly has its own unique personality.

Visit the Fine Line Leather Design website, Facebook page and Etsy shop to learn more and to check out Mellie Z’s other awesome creations.

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