Passez Go is a television production company based in Montreal. They approached Canadian graphic design studio Caserne with the task to refresh their brand. Caserne responded and created this incredibly strong visual identity that you can see above. The strong typography and bright colors really make the brand stand out.

You can see the full project at their Behance portfolio.
Un soldat de la caserne de Maagoula fait une succession de braquages à Bejà

Dans la soirée du 22 septembre 2011, un soldat a quitté la caserne de Maagoula à Beja en possession d’une kalachnikov et a entamé une succession de braquages. Cela a démarré avec un ordinateur puis une voiture, puis une autre voiture avec laquelle il a prit la route pour la capitale.


Via Flickr:
abandoned military caserne in Mulhouse, France.
The caserne was built between 1874 and 1877, shortly after the german-french war. In these times when Alsace belonged to Germany, the caserne was called Kaiser Wilhelm Kaserne. Later, when Alsace became french again, the name was Caserne Lefèbvre. Now it’s abandoned for a bit more than 10 years. Nevertheless, the tank “Austerlitz” still remained in the yard of the ruins of this formerly huge caserne. In the second world war, Austerlitz attacked this caserne which was occupied by Germans, and started the liberation of the city of Mulhouse.

This object is included in the list of historical monuments of France. Click here to find more details (in french language):… :INSEE )&USRNAME=nobody&USRPWD=4$%34P&SPEC=9&SYN=1&IMLY=&MAX1=1&MAX2=100&MAX3=100&DOM=Tous

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