My current favorite Simblrs/Legacies/Stories

I was assigned a separate phone for my  work caseloads…hooray! So now I can use my personal phone to receive notifications on my favorite Simblrs! So needless to say, I’m currently reading ( stalking!) these Simblrs, and you should too! LOL

1. @tinwhistletoo I just finished reading her Isolde story and it was ah-mazing! I have an irrational fear of vampires even pixel Sim ones ( I’m weird lol) but her story was so good…I didn’t even mind the scary ass vamps! Plus the romance was so storybook perfect, in a bloody terrifying vampire way, lol! Currently reading her latest story, and yeah, it’s got me hooked too.

2. @thefoxandhersimblr If you’re into complex love triangles, well developed characters and beautiful Sims…please read the Ivy Legacy. What amazes me is that it’s one of those legacies where there isn’t a long block of text to read in order to understand what’s going on…the dialogue itself is so well written you feel the drama in just a few short sentences. I want to master this skill, for real lol. I be writing essays, lol.

3. @simlishanddreams Ever read legacies or stories where the Sims feel like real people, and you just get super invested in them? That’s how I feel about this Simblr, I just adore it. 

4. @cinamun  Reading this Simblr is like watching a movie unfold! Alex and Larry had me laughing, crying, cheering…all kinds of roller coaster emotions, and I’m feeling the same way with Indya. Her pics are so detailed, I’m just in awe.

5. @simazinblr I love the Richards Legacy! I just discovered this Simblr not too long ago, and Jovan and Crystal are my dream couple! Plus Jovan is sooo sexy lol. 

I have so many more Simblrs I adore as well! Reading stories and legacies is such a relaxing pastime for me. This community is so talented, it’s so inspiring.

Hey Tay and my wonderful friends!! 💕😊😘

I have a little “life update” to share with you all!!

As most of you know I graduated as an Occupational Therapist in November and have been job hunting. Good things happen to those who are patient. Today I was offered both a fulltime position at a Private Hospital with a mixed caseload and at a Private Paedatric Practice with children (7 days in the clinic and 3 days in schools). I’m currently so excited and beyond happy that I actually have job offers. I can’t wait to share with you over the next couple of days what position I decide to take 😁😁😁
Immigrants are going hungry so Trump won’t deport them
Luisa Fortin sometimes sits up at night, wondering what her clients are eating. She is the SNAP Outreach Coordinator for the Chattanooga Food Bank — but lately she has done less outreaching.

Her families, working immigrants in northwest Georgia, are spooked by the political climate, Fortin said. Increasingly, she’s being asked to explain how food stamps may impact immigration status, if not to outright cancel family food benefits.

Since mid-January, five of Fortin’s families have withdrawn from the SNAP program. One, the single mother of three citizen daughters, had fled to Georgia to escape an abusive husband. Another, two green-card holders with four young children, were thinking of taking on third jobs to compensate for the lost benefits. These families represent a small fraction of Fortin’s caseload — she estimates she has signed 200 immigrant families up for SNAP over the past six months — but based on the calls she gets from other clients, she fears more cancellations are imminent.

“I get calls from concerned parents all the time: ‘should I take my kids out of the program?’” Fortin said. “They’re risking hunger out of fear … and my heart just breaks for them.”

Chattanooga is not an outlier here, either.

In the two months since President Trump’s inauguration, food banks and hunger advocates around the country have noted a decline in the number of eligible immigrants applying for SNAP — and an uptick in immigrants seeking to withdraw from the program.

Their fear, advocates say, is that participation could draw the eye of Immigration and Customs Enforcement or hurt their chances of attaining citizenship. Without federal nutrition benefits, many are resorting to food pantries and soup kitchens to feed themselves and their children.


… and once more the pain-body’s question, even in Dream, on Dream, with Dream: 

Am I still trapped?



… unfold, refold: 

Listen, look, attend again, give attention, loan attention at the pain-edge, turn breath into sympathy and fall to the Dream-edge—

It is hard work for the Dream addict, already the world has changed again—bon courage! Sympathy is out of style. Dream might make profit, too, but profit is opposed to Dream, profit injects fictitious cure-assault on Dream… Do not care for sense!—Now the cure-assault may come at any time, even in the desert canyons, come to you with commerce rights to your sleep and to inject a caseload in Dream and work it with your body—process it, work the missing persons in/with/through you, your native chemical power—and then?—

Wake and work till work, and break—

Back to work with you, Processor!

Am I still trapped?

Oxygen - Tim Drake x Reader

Working in the Gotham Police Department must be incredibly stressful, considering that the entire department is basically a joke. As a detective, and a pretty good one at that, you were out of place among your useless coworkers. Tim sat in front of the cave’s supercomputer to find new info on some of Y/N’s cases, heaven knows the rest of the detectives wouldn’t be useful to his friend. As he reviewed the caseload, his phone rang.

“Hey, Y/N,” he answered.

“Hi Tim. Do you mind coming over? I’ve had a rough day and honestly all I want right now is a drink and someone to cuddle with.” A smile spread across Tim’s face, unreasonably glad that he was the person Y/N had called for comfort.

“Be there in a few,” the boy said, already looking for his coat. When he arrived, he found Y/N slouching on the couch with a scowl and a couple empty glasses on the coffee table. Your demeanor brightened immediately when he entered.

“Hey, Drake!” you greeted with a smile. He sat on the couch next to you, smiling to himself when you curled up into his chest. His arms wrapped around Y/N without him even thinking about it. You sighed at his touch, causing Tim’s heart to skip a beat. His face went a bit red. Tim, you’re friends, nothing more, and it works like that. Get over yourself, he thought. Truthfully, he wanted more. But from what he had gathered, Y/N didn’t. He was torn away from his thoughts when the person beside him broke the silence.

“It’s almost 11:00,” Y/N said. Tim internally groaned, having not realized how much time had passed. Leaning away from him to let Tim up, Y/N appeared to be contemplating something. As he was about to grab his jacket and say goodnight, you grabbed Tim’s hand. He turned to look at you, noticing something he didn’t recognize in your eyes. He raised an eyebrow. Clearing your throat, you locked eyes with him.

“Stay the night. Please.” He grinned, heart beating a bit faster. Then he realized your apartment only had one bed.

“Okay,” he said, trying to not act flustered.

Laying with you, arms around your waist, Tim realized how much he had wanted this. Once he was almost certain you had fallen asleep, he gently kissed your hair.

“I love this, Y/N. You have no idea how much I’ve craved your touch… If only you needed me as much as I need you.” After a few seconds of silence, he heard a whisper in reply.

  “I need you more than I need oxygen, Tim. Now go to sleep.”

This is why I adore the stuffing out of Harvey, and why he will always be my #1 choice for SDV husband.

He’s real. This is a real thing that happens to doctors. Caseload goes up, stress goes up, moodiness goes up. (Unless you’re in emergency and then, well, more power to you for dealing with this ALL THE TIME).

While I think his pre-dating/pre-marriage dialogue restricts his character to a two note ‘I’m the town doctor, here’s medical advice!’ type - I know that I myself do that in real life when I don’t intend to. It’s tough to shift out of ‘doctor mode’.

No need to be moody, baby. I’ll do the massaging for a few weeks. ;)

Theatrics -- Tim Drake x Reader

I love Hamilton, so I had a blast writing this! Just a quick disclaimer: I do not own Hamilton other than in CD/mp3 format. Enjoy my lovelies!

The request for this prompt can be found here.

Word Count: 787

You loved Tim, you really did, but sometimes he could get a little carried away.

The life of a crime fighter easily led to some bad habits. Perpetually tired and caffeine addicted were two such traits Tim had developed over his career. His obsessive urges to finish a case as quickly as possible was another such habit. You could recall countless times your boyfriend had showed up late or flat out canceled dates just to spend more time on his caseload. When you two had finally moved in together, you’d hoped he would make more time for you. You admitted he made more of an effort now, but some things never change.

You huffed in annoyance at the sight of Tim hunched over his laptop sitting on your couch. His blue eyes scanned the screen rapidly, soaking up all the information he could. He had been like that for the past three hours. You could feel yourself losing what little patience you had left for the man you were madly in love with. Idly you wondered if this is what the girls who dated Bruce felt like when he ditched them to go be the fearsome Dark Knight.

Stepping out of the kitchen, you walked over the engrossed vigilante. Your iPod was playing softly as you passed by it. You two shared a mutual love for music and musicals so it was rare for songs not to fill the air of the apartment. Currently, you had the soundtrack to Hamilton playing. You knew every word to every song as did Tim. Spontaneously singing and dancing to the tracks were a regular occurrence, which gave you an idea.

After checking to see what song was coming on next, a devious smirk came to your face. You reached over and turned the volume up. The change caught Tim’s attention and made him look over to where you were standing. He cocked his head in confusion until the opening chords of “Say No To This” began playing. A smirk of his own crossed his lips. Placing his laptop on the coffee table, the dark-haired male sauntered over to loom over you.

“There’s nothing like summer in the city.” You sang trying to match Leslie Odom Jr’s pitch. You failed miserably, but it did get the intended laugh from your boyfriend. “Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty. There’s trouble in the air and you can smell it. And Alexander’s all by himself. I’ll let him tell it.”

You gave Tim a challenging look. Not one to pass up a challenge, he smirked in acceptance. Placing the back of his hand against his forehead, he slightly leaned back and dramatically began to sing.

“I hadn’t slept in a week. I was weak, I was awake. You never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a break. Longing for Angelica, missing my wife.” He held out his hand toward you as he sang the next line. “That’s when Miss Maria Reynolds walked into my life, she said.”

You took the small step forward to minimize the space between the two of you. Placing your hand gently against his toned chest, you fluttered your eyelashes attempting to look innocent.

“I know you are a man of honor. I’m so sorry to bother you at home, but I don’t know where to go, and I came here all alone…”

As the two of you continued to sing along, your antics became more and more overly exaggerated. Neither of you were taking the lyrics seriously and by the time you reached the chorus, both of you were laughing loudly. AT some point, Tim had attempted to twirl you around and made you lose your balance. You squealed in alarm wrapping your arms around Tim’s neck. The two of you ended up in a heap on the floor still laughing. You snuggled closer to the man’s chest and sighed in bliss. He chuckled at your actions, but didn’t pull away.

“What was that all about (Y/N)?”

You smiled at him playfully. “You needed a break and I needed to spend some time with my boyfriend.”

“I have been neglecting you lately, huh?” Tim looked guilty at his words. He leaned forward a placed a soft kiss to your lips. “Let me make it up to you.”

“If it doesn’t involve food in some way, I’m not interested.”

“It amazes me how you’re not fat from how much I see you eat.”

You cried out in mock anger. Swatting his chest half-heartedly, you pouted at him. “Meanie…”

“I’ll order us a pizza once we get through this soundtrack, then we’ll eat and binge watch something on Netflix. Sound good to you?”

“Sounds perfect.”

~Mod Nerd Bird

Happy Valentines Day, @prosciuttoe!

A/N: I hope you like this, Valentine! I tried to incorporate a little fake dating into an enemies to lovers trope and I’m excited for you to read it!

Summary: Clarke and Bellamy work at the same law firm and despite being incredibly attracted to one another, they can’t stand each other. But Bellamy has a secret and Clarke stumbles onto it completely by accident. Spending Valentine’s Day together afterwards isn’t planned, but it ends up being a great idea.

Rated: T

Warnings: brief mention of child abuse, vague, nothing graphic or explicit.

It was an unusual night. The stuffy corporate firm had won a huge case. Millions of dollars would flow into the law firm and everyone was being treated for the months of hard work that they’d all put in on top of regular caseloads. The verdict was handed down around four in the afternoon and the partners had the office drenched in champagne and top shelf scotch by five. It was now seven and they were both much more relaxed and chattier than they would normally be.

Clarke Griffin and Bellamy Blake hated each other. She considered him an arrogant know-it-all and he thought of her as an overworked stick-in-the-mud. But tonight was an unusual night. And they were sitting in a corner of the swanky conference room because the two arm chairs in the back corner were the best.

“Why’d you become a lawyer?” Bellamy asked Clarke, his words were slow and his voice was deep.

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A Sunday Kind Of Love

Fandom: Chicago PD
Pairing: Linstead
Timeline: Set about a week after 3.17, during Jay’s off week.
Genre: Fluff and smut on a Sunday.
Rating: M

  • “Read your latest one shot. Amazing!! Here for all the Linstead angst and smut because… angst and smut. If you’re taking requests, I’d enjoy reading either Jay being injured (angst), or waking up on a Sunday morning (smut).”
  • “I love your linstead oneshots! can you write something where Erin questions jay about Brianna like after she saw the hand-holding and what the ex husband said about her wanting to sleep with him? :)”

A/N: Here we go with another one. Also look out out for the injured Jay one, it should come up sometime soon.

The title comes from a song by Etta James.

It’s one of the few Sunday’s they have off. Sure, they get an occasional weekend here and then, where the caseload is low and they’re all caught up on paperwork, but it doesn’t happen often. Criminals don’t rest, even on a Sunday.

But this one is calm and as peaceful as it can be, after the events of past week, when Jay lost a friend and was almost shot himself. It has been a tough couple of days to say the least.

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should i tell my caseworker that its really just not working, we have completely incompatible personalities, and i want a fucking new one? I have no idea how much trouble it would be to get a new one (bc caseworkers all have different caseloads etc) but i just. we have gotten nothing done, probably because he literally just graduated from social work school and has no fucking idea what he’s doing. I’ve been seeing him since June when I moved to this town and I am not at all hooked up with ANYTHING IN THIS TOWN, I have asked “can you help me get set up with the food bank again because i moved” SO MANY FUCKING TIMES and i am not.
I’ve been concerned about hurting his feelings but he’s done shit like been a complete passive-aggressive asshole because I have migraines that cause me to cancel appointments on little-to-no-notice because….i have no control over them.
like oh my god its just at the point i cannot fucking stand him anymore

One of the offenders on my caseload (who is seriously mentally ill) today claimed I’M severely mentally ill and only have my job because of the Americans with Disabilities act. And I’m clearly not offended but mostly I’m just super confused. It does explain why he’s been asking if I’m ok all week.

My job is weird, yo.