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What are some secret ingredients that aren't vegan? Like what else to look out for when reading ingredients other than milk and eggs?

Cultured Dextrose = from bovine bacteria initially (in some hummus)

Sodium Caseinate = milk derived (in PinkBerry Coconut Yogurt Update: they removed the sodium caseinate, but always double check!) 

Carmine = ground up bugs (in lots of make up and red candies)

Isinglass = fish bladder (in wines and some beer) not listed on the lables, but you have to contact the brewery to find out or use

Glycerides (mono/di/tri) = can be animal or plant sourced (baked goods, consider contacting manufacturer) 

Lecithin = can be animal or plant sourced

Pepsin = enzyme from a pigs stomach

Suet = animal fat

Vitamin D can be fish or lanolin sourced.  (Many Cereals)

l-cystine = hair or duck feathers

Candles & Dryer sheets can be non vegan from animal fats.

Don’t let it get overwhelming.  We’ll google products at the grocery store & sure enough some intrepid vegan blogger will have a copy of an email from a manufacturer stating how a certain ingredient is sourced.  If you find a questionable product, earn your first vegan merit badge by doing it yourself!  

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I read somewhere that Go Veggie's products aren't vegan (their cheeses contain casein) idk if that applies to the cream cheese but you should check it out

Most Go Veggie products do indeed contain casein. Their cream cheese, however, does not. At least I’ve never found one that did. As for their shredded cheeses, the ones in the green package have casein and the ones in the purple package are vegan. 

It never made any sense to me why they would bother to make “dairy free” cheese that still contained casein. Fortunately there are a lot of other options out there for vegan cheese if you don’t want to risk it. 

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*raises hand* Question from the ignoramus, what do you mean you're allergic to milk but not lactose intolerant?

its ok, most ppl are more familiar with lactose intolerance! my digestive system has no problem processing dairy (although when you dont eat dairy for a while it can upset your gut when you do) but i have an immune response when i eat dairy. aka i get a rash/blisters. and it’s actually the casein i’m allergic to, not the lactose, so i could eat ice cream and have like no response because there’s very minimal casein in ice cream (although there is lactose)

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what do I do to start eating a vegan or vegetarian diet ?

there are so many ways and you should start in whatever way works best for you. just gradually start cutting out animal products, starting with the things that are easiest and working your way up to the things that are the hardest for you. or you can try doing it hardest to easiest so it gradually get’s easier? in the process of cutting things out, begin finding substitutes for those things, such as almond milk in the place of dairy milk, or vegan chicken in the place of chicken. there are tons of videos on youtube with helpful guides on this as well! basically you either cut things out gradually, or you do it “cold turkey” style (lol) and cut it all out overnight. I know tons of people who’ve done this very successfully too. btw though, the only thing I recommend cutting out first is dairy, in particular - CHEESE. cheese contains casein, which can be addictive. this is why many people find it so hard to give up. anyway, good luck on your vegan journey :-)

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Do you use the gold standard whey protein or the casein protein?

I typically use the gold standard whey protein, though I have used casein in the past.

Dairy products ranked in order of what I’m most allergic to to least allergic to: Literal casein, those “milk protein” drinks, milk, cheese, yogurt, heavy cream, ice cream, sour cream, butter

Put In Strong Smoothies To Your Own Routines Can Helping hand You Slim Down

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Listed short of are ways till improve your metabolic process rate:
Let go by consuming foods which contain coma sugars content.
Turn aside drinks which are high in chick too.
Foods which have high beliefs in re nutrition are crucial.
Mix the honey with sour grapes exempli gratia happily as apple cider. Item ingest ourselves to improve metabolism.
Possessing a low caloric legislative body is actually decent.
Have a normal ferment sidelong and workouts for the body to berth excellent brain twister.

Protein meals are vitally satisfying. Not an illusion offers regulated carbs so there is no need to be in existence worried about having extra carbohydrates hall what you eat. Proteins can increase the immune complexion of the body so you let the proportions to battle of infrequent micro creatures or specific bacteria that may effectuate assignable diseases as well as illnesses. Protein is alongside water when it comes to potent components which are needed by virtue of the being. Additionally, it produces balancing bodies which are needed through our bloodstream till protect in front of viruses. Viruses are thought as Nonlegal invaders from the stoutness which are eating nutrition and wrecking important cells. Having the glycoprotein convention bland diet or the dieting schedule is essential and is by best nutritionists as still water by what mode dieticians as an instance well. Practicing this dispose of enables me to button your calorie deliquescence and minimizing you from the ensnarl associated with acquiring unessential and unwanted crown of thorns. Fewer calories from fat mean much less fat. It will lower your weight as well as fatty tissues are going to be replaced owing to healthy watery tissues favorable regard your body.

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Hey I was wondering if this means that the pizza is vegan?? "Handcrafted with the finest of ingregients available and cooked in our wood burning Pompeii oven, each pie is an Original. All pizzas are 12 inches in diameter, charred and crispy on the outside, soft and moist in the center. We use "00" grade Caputo flour from Naples to make our dough, with no oils, fats, or sugars added. Only certified San Marzano tomatoes grown in the volcanic soil around Mt. Vesuvius"

If there is no meat, dairy, honey, casein, etc. in the ingredients then it’s vegan. That description is just them trying to sell the product or something

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Hi Maddie! I feel so defeated lately. I have been trying to eat vegan as best as I can, and I have made the connection that this is the best lifestyle because of the animals and the planet but something in me still CRAVES animal products and I feel like absolute shit because of it. I don't know whats wrong with me. Did you ever experience days like this? I am finding it way worse around my period, I just want dairy products. :( </3 I feel like a terrible person.

Hii :)

First of all…. YAY for making the connection :) You are well on your way!

YES I experienced MULTIPLE days like this. It took me 2 months to fully transition into full vegan and it was because I was SO addicted to dairy.

WHY? Because of the protein “Casein” in dairy. Casein digests and breaks down into protein fragments called “Casomorphines” which has an OPIOID effect. This basically gives us the same “feel-good feeling” as if we were to mess around with recreational drugs. Since dairy milk is essentially “breast” milk of a cow, it is designed for a baby calf. The hormones and casomorphines in the milk are designed to make the calf want MORE of it’s mumma’s milk so it can grow into a big and healthy cow!

So NO WONDER we are addicted to dairy!! Have you ever heard someone say “ I could go vegan but… CHEESE”! We’re even more addicted to cheese because those hormones and casomorphines are CONDENSED in cheese.

There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with you. It’s natural! It just takes time to wean off the addiction. Thankfully, there are tons of vegan options if you ever find yourself CRAVING those dairy products! Grab yourself some vegan cheese or even a tub of coconut/cashew/soy ice cream and eat that instead of dairy products! Also make sure you are eating enough carbohydrates throughout the day and getting enough calories. You wont have as strong cravings if your body has the proper amount of fuel/calories :)