casei does art

“How does a moment last forever? How can a story never die? It is love we must hold onto, never easy, but we try, sometimes our happiness is captured, somehow, our time and place stand still, love lives on inside our hearts and always will.”

-Written by Alan Menken from “Beauty and the Beast”

When I watched “Beauty and the Beast” and I heard this lovely new son, I was kinda inspired of doing this TMNT edit with the most beautiful family moments ‘cuz in the scene where Maurice sings the song I asked myself “how would it be if Splinter sang this song for the turtles?” and it just hit me and I said why not ‘cuz this song talks of the beautiful moments in your life and the love within, and Splinter’s love for his children was perfect to apply it.

So here you are dudes and I hope you like my edit and if you’ve not watched Beauty and the Beast, you must go to the nearest cinema you have and watch it.