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Diamond City’s littlest detectives

Hey guys wanted to share my art project from class with all of you I am really proud of this comic panel redraw. I’m also proud that I didn’t trace well cause tbh I feel like tracing is cheating ad not really art. It doesn’t do anything for you.Nyways that’s a rant for another day. But I hope you guys like this I tried my best I’m new to oil pastels and honestly I didn’t think it would look as nice as it is.the building where also new to me for I don’t draw alot of backgrounds.

P.s I posted this to the wrong blog before this fml

I recently got caught up on the glass scientist Web comic by Sabrina Cotugno @arythusa after listening to the Jekyll and Hyde musical and being reminded of how much I loved it! I got inspired to draw my own Rogue scientist Cassius!
She is a bio- minerologist which basically means she works with minerals (such as gems, gemology being a sub category) and since the supernatural as well as scientific exist in this story she has learned to create golems (living beings of stone).
Just a Lil info:
- Cassius Cecil William-Taylor
-25 years of age
-5 ft 1" (154.93 cm)
-lived with her grandmother until she turned 18
-began her research with synthetic gems bc of her outrage at human treatment under de beers ( the diamond company)
-ended up creating life
-plays piano when in a slump
-is deaf in her left ear completely
-lives off coffee and biscuits (cookies) at times
- somehow always smells of amber, the earth and fresh rain.

so, since Utterson doesn’t have a design/hasn’t appeared in The Glass Scientists, i decided to draw out my own concept of what he’d look like! i love this stoic lawyer so much and i hope he appears in the comic at some point!


some art for an idea i had! (technically an au then?)

jekyll tried creating an elixir that would split himself and hyde, but it failed and now theyre even mORE stuck together??? they mostly just fight over wardrobe and what they spend their time on day to day

also under the cut is the way creepier, way more tragic first drawing i did of these two amalgamated

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