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How I voice Karkat Vantas. You can apply this tutorial to any character voice with this generalized summary:

How to do a character voice:

  1. Change every single facet of your speech.

Villains, Vocal Chains, and Various others.

A lot of times when I’m messing around in logic i come up with voices that I’ll use to shape some effect chains around. From voice effects to modeling spaces and stuff…

I don’t really have much at all to do with them, and I’d just spent a day recording a bunch of stuff with the same 1 or two voices, so I figured I should just do a short video showing some things off, doing some stuff I don’t get to do often.

Some of these are in my character demo, which is over here.

[A6I5] Come in, Dave

Have another little midnight snack of an audiopost to tie you over.

I recorded this for the full thing but couldn’t figure out how to transition, and felt the Karkat/Dave conversation worked better by itself.

There’s another collab post I’m waiting until tomorrow to upload because I didn’t want it to be drowned out by the log I just posted earlier. 

But yeah, Enjoy I guess.


Karkat is not kid friendly

voice acting repost 3

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my karkat is slipping today I didn’t have time to warm up

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i remember i did this in response to an ask once

I tend to like my OCs with a bit of mental instability.

He turns away in the middle of his laugh and slams his fist on the door, freezing in place. “What’s wrong? You were smiling just a second ago.” He turns slowly, gulping and looking over his shoulder, but avoiding eye contact.“I’m happy.” He creaks, “I scare myself whenever I feel happy.”

I can’t say too much about what this is for, but it’s certainly a character I’m working on.

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are you?