case study 9

1945 - case study house #9

via James Vaughan

Charles Eames and Eero Saarinen - architects

Senior Thesis & Research Proposed Titles

1. Bench Migration Patterns on Bryn Mawr’s Campus: I Have Never Seen Anyone Carrying a Bench, How Do They Move?

2.  The Mysterious Life of Bobby Pins and Hair Ties: The Quantum Physics of Disappearing into Thin Air

3. Check Your Privilege at the Door: How Many Discussions Do We Need to Change Stuff?

4. Breaking the Seal: The Breakdown of Important Proteins or Something with Enzymes Probably and Your Bladder

5. Will This Be on the Exam?: Education in America, and Yes There Will Be A Quiz at the End. 

6. Where Did You Get Those Shoes?: Consumers and Market Stuff

7. Feminism in Films: I Chose These Films Because They Were on Netflix and I Didn’t Want to Walk to Canaday

8. The New Nuclear Family: A Case Study Featuring the Kardashians

9. A Linguistic Study of Faux Science Babble in Star Trek: The Universal Translator Can’t Even Understand What Engineering Just Said 

10. How to Find A Thesis Topic: A Philosophical Perspective on the Exploration of Knowledge


1- likes stuff that smell good.

2-likes the fact that they’re Taurus/accepts their sign.

3- loves food.

4- can be really quiet sometimes.

5- Are childish around people they are comfortable with.

6-love buying good stuff /deals.

7- give practical or meaningful gifts.

8 -A bit self absorbed/centred.

9- Are serious in really serious situations , either than that they try to lighten the mood or don’t really care.

8- are in a constant case of self study/improvement.

9 - needs some me time every once in a while.

10- loyal.

11- feel happiest and relaxed when surrounded by nature.

12-usually has a correct first impression of everyone they meet.

13- really honest and sometimes rude.

14-doesn’t need everyone’s attention.  

15- wants to marry someone who is caring , smells good and has a good fashion sense.