case of the murdered redhead

The Redhead Murders

The Redhead murders were a series of murders committed through the United States believed to have started in 1978 and ended in the 1980′s but may have even continued until 1992. All of the victims have never been identified but most of them had reddish hair. Their bodies were abandoned along major highways suggesting they were engaging in prostitution or hitchhiking. Authorities have no idea how many people were involved in committing the murders, if they were perpetrated by the same person or how many total victims there were(currently it is believe there were 6-11 victims). 

A possible suspect emerged in the mid eighties when a trucker tried to strangle a woman with red hair. This was later dismissed even though he dumped the body in the same area. Another suspect, another trucker, came about in Pennsylvania but was later dismissed after being question by the authorities leading the investigation.