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HUMANS S02 E04 CLIP: odi + sophie.


so my very good friend mauve is writing an adorable modern au taakitz fic called (when i think about you) flowers grow out of my grave, and i’m doing some illustrations for it! these are for chapter one, which you can and should go read right now.

Markhyuck! Matching Phone Cases
  • someone: omg!! that's so cute! do you guys have matching phone cases?
  • mark: haha yeah! isn't it cut-
  • donghyuck: what the fuck? why do you have the same phone case as me????? why would i, nct's visual, want to have a matching phone case with your nasty ass? why are you tryna copy me? who you trying to be??
  • mark: but this was your idea--
  • donghyuck: *red* I DON'T KNOW WHAT HE'S TALKING ABOUT

anonymous asked:

Match-Up, please and thank you? I'm a straight girl with long honey-brown hair and brown eyes. I am definitely the mother of the friend group, and I worry WAY more often than I should. I have awful migraines and I have a limping right foot. I love seeing others happy and I will cater to every whim and will. I will cuddle, nuzzle, and kiss, and whenever they sit next to me I'll gently rub the back of their head because I like the way people lean into touches. (PT 1) Sorry for the length!!

I think UF!Sans would be a good match for you–or rather, you’d be a good match for him.  

He lowkey craves some affection, and the fact that you’re willing to cuddle, nuzzle, and rub the back of his head catches him off-guard in the best way.  He’s more than willing to return all the affection, and his quiet, low growl of a voice won’t affect you when you’re dealing with migraines.. though, you might want to stay away from his house when Edge is home if you have one otherwise, the pain might get so bad that you’ll puke (which would leave an opening for a few jokes about Edge making you physically ill, which Paps wouldn’t appreciate in the slightest).  

Red will pun right back with you, and he’s all about some memes and shit-posts.  He’s also been known to have a goofy grin if you can catch him completely off-guard–or if you catch him when he doesn’t think you’re looking at him.  He relates to the anxiety and self-hate because that’s pretty accurate to him, too, but when he glimpses it on you.. it doesn’t sit well with him.  He’s going to want to help you through that, and in doing so, he’ll likely be able to ease that burden off his own shoulders as well.  

And hey, Red loves curves.  ;)  You’re perfect just the way you are.


We’re polar opposites in that respect. I don’t really care much for his angsty muggle tunes and he vehemently DESPISES WizPop. He says that anybody who listens to WizPop loses brain cells with each song, and it’s a wonder I’m so good in my subjects considering all the ‘moronic garbage’ I listen to. I suppose he’s just really passionate about his music. 


“We [Jamie and Dakota] have a very special relationship. I’m close to Jamie’s wife [Amelia], their children, she’s a great person to me. There are many franchises in Hollywood, but in my opinion this is the only one where the actors have developed a true friendship. As we are both here every day, the opposite would have complicated the case…” _ Dakota Johnson - Paris Match 2016

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