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“You know, I think I’m finally getting the hang of the British crossword.”

My faves on the cover of RS 🙌❤️


Detective Conan (名探偵コナン)

It’s guys versus girls from the cast of Detective Conan in this new rock star set of posters from the November issue of Animedia Magazine (Amazon Japan | eBay), both illustrated by animation director Akio Kawamura (かわむらあきお).

Every parent dreads the day when they have an empty nest.
Bruce Wayne is no different.
Only Damian really lives at home now.
Or at least Bruce thinks he does? He hasn’t actually seen him for a week.

Alfred will sometimes find Bruce in the Cave, sifting through old newspaper articles of the many adventures he had had with his children. Or he’ll be sat in his study, WE work ignored on his laptop,while he rearranges the photographs on his desk for the umpteenth time.

All robins eventually learn how to fly, and so do children.
Unlike robins, children, however, always seem to know the way back home.

All of the Batkids just waltz through the Manor’s front door without knocking.
The first port of call, is to rifle through the mail for any letters that had been sent to the Manor (or in Jason’s case, the magazine he liked reading as a teen, that Bruce has never stopped the subscription for.)

The second stop is the kitchen. Always, the kitchen. A quick hello to Alfred before the fridge is raided and the random prodigal child is off in search of whatever had called them back home for.

Without fail, the final stop. Each child always pokes their heads around Bruce’s study and gives him a wave, a hug, a hello, before disappearing off.

Times like this, when his children actually remember that Wayne Manor exists?
Alfred will find Bruce stood at the top of the grand staircase listening.
Not just to the arguments, although there were a lot.
Oh no, he also listens to how the kids have just come home as if they had never left. Slotting back in. Filling the Manor with their favourite shows, activities and general chatter.
Bringing the manor back to life again.

All children grow up. All children will one day, fly the nest.
However, no matter what life throws at the Batkids, come hell or high water, even death itself. Each of them can walk through Wayne Manor’s doors and just for a moment, feel the weight of adulthood lift from their shoulders.

It may take longer for some of them, than the others, but in the end? Deep down, beneath all the bravado and angst? Each Batkid knows that they can always come home.

And that is why Bruce Wayne stands at the top of the staircase and …. smiles.
Well, until the novelty wears off and he goes from Batdad to Batman on 0.2 seconds after someone falls off the chandelier for the millionth time!


[X] Snacktime!

ok but 4 real what does a person even say when they meet jemma redgrave

Unrequested (Requests are open tho)

RFA went to the beach with MC who loves the beach, like it’s her second home


  • Tbh he’s just as childish as you at the beach
  • Making sandcastles with you and catching sand crabs, stuff like that
  • You guys would play in the ocean too
  • Once he saw you swim really far out, and when he tried following you he almost drowned
  • You and the life guard had to save him lol
  • Made you wear a 1 piece so he wouldn’t be distracted
  • Was still distracted
  • Died when you asked him to put on your sunscreen


  • He thought it was so cute when you played in the ocean
  • He usually watched you from a beach chair before you convinced him to swim with you
  • He liked taking selfies at the beach though
  • He also liked staring at your butt
  • Wait what
  • Makes sure you always wear a 2 piece
  • Asks to put on your sunscreen
  • Pervert


  • Rented Bought you a resort
  • He always brings himself a bottle of wine and a magazine
  • You asked him to play in the ocean with you and he just kinda stared at you
  • “For… Enjoyment?” “Jumin do you even beach”
  • He got you a custom made swimsuit just in case his magazine wasn’t as interesting as he thought
  • There’s a special hole to show cleavage???
  • He doesn’t even wear a swimsuit himself
  • Just a tropical shirt, jeans and sunglasses
  • He literally said “No. Maybe later.” When you asked him to put on your sunscreen
  • Maybe later?
  • ;)


  • Loves to sunbathe
  • You guys always put on each other’s sunscreen
  • She usually wears a one piece and you wear a 2 piece
  • Buys you both smoothies and french fries
  • Best wife
  • Sometimes builds a small sandcastle with you since your such a damn sweetheart when you ask
  • Only dips her toes in the water though unless it’s really hot
  • Sometimes glances at you
  • *Blushes*


  • Loves the beach too!!!
  • Loves splashing you with salt water and making giant holes then waiting for someone to fall into it
  • Hesitantly puts on your sunscreen for you
  • Teases you for asking him tho
  • Of course brings himself honey buddha chips and Dr. pepper
  • One time a seagull stole his chips and boy was he pissed
  • He let you bury him up to his chin in the sand once
  • He got a great view of your ass the ocean