case house

This took eleventyhundredhours but it was worth it.

ASRA WTF BRUH do you not have any home training?

Cal’s reaction to learning that her roomie gave a (at the time) complete stranger/wanted fugitive unchecked access to their home would have been pretty intense (ノಠ ∩ಠ)ノ 

Fluffy hair better stay on that journey for a while but who are we kidding he’ll just erase her memory

Poor Jules, he thought the shopkeep was in the loop about the whole spare key thing. But, come on doc, you know this guy well enough. You should have guessed that Asra might not have mentioned that detail to his landlord because he is a Grade-A Mess™.

PS I finally figured out my apprentice’s look, so here’s her deets:

Name: Calendula (Cal or Callie for short)

The pragmatic shopkeep and magician’s apprentice who longs to travel the world 

Favorite food: Toasted bread with fruit preserves

Favorite drink: Iced red tea

Favorite flower: Marigold


A restful few days in the Bunker since the argument with Mary, then (!) (12x14 sneak peek)
Keep It Simple And Stay Open: The Waffle House Storm Menu
The 24/7 comfort-food chain is notable for keeping the doors open when hurricanes and natural disasters strike, but two of its restaurants in Houston have had to close because of Harvey.


Because Waffle House tells customers it never closes, the company feels a special obligation to stay open under the most severe weather conditions. That means a lot of planning and storm logistics. In the case of Harvey, Waffle House “jump teams,” restaurant managers from Ohio, Tennessee and Georgia, headed to Houston to keep the grills going — in some cases doing the shifts of storm-stranded local employees.

This has single-handedly restored my faith in America. Also, listen up Hollywood:

“When I told you to get me a caramel cappuccino with more sugar, I meant more sugar than the actual coffee, Naomi-san.”

“I know that, B, but first, I didn’t want to look like a complete idiot while ordering and second, you didn’t say please.”

“Are you suggesting I am an idiot, Naomi-san?”

“No need to state the obvious, I am suggesting you start ordering your own abomination of a coffee.”//

!! coffee buddies! crime solving buddies! <3