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52 short stories
1: story entitled ‘A New Beginning’
[feat DaiYui and university]

It’s more than a little unexpected when halfway into his first semester of university Daichi stumbles upon Michimiya in the middle of his evening run. At halfway into the semester, while still not quite feeling as grown up as being able to say he lives on his own in another city was supposed to grant him, he at least had a routine. Routine currently means a run half an hour after he’s eaten, a running path that takes him out past most of the small area of the city he’s come to know, before crawling back around to the campus gym (in case of a particularly heavy meal) and the closest convenience store (in case of a particularly warm day).

Yet not in the few weeks of this being his routine has Daichi ever spotted a red-faced Michimiya leaving the campus gym as he debates whether or not to pay it a visit himself.

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“Look, you mean well - I’m sure you do. But I’m fine, and I really don’t want to talk about it, so - can we just drop it?” Hallie was obviously exhausted - hadn’t slept well in days. But between moving HQ, Ashley’s injury, the scene outside of her gym, and not having seen her roommate in a few days, the stress was clearly getting to her. “I’d really rather talk about anything else. He’s a friend of mine, so - it’s not something I want to dwell on.”