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Colour Soulmate AU - Jughead X OC

[A/N: Finally I’m back! However not with the stuff you wanted or asked for, I am a terrible writer. This is a little rough around the edges but hey-ho! 

Okay so this is going to be an anthology series of different pairings (any and all pairings) finding their soulmates and I’m going to be using a multitude of different soulmate tropes! Starting with the soulmate AU, I apologise that this is really wordy but I had to get in all the different elements of what a soulmate consists of. I also plan on probably keeping each post as a one-shot which is maybe a little mean but I kind of like how I ended this one, let me know what you think! Also American readers please excuse my English-isms.]

Word Count: 1895

The sleepy town of Riverdale was illuminated with lights and colours, Pop’s Chok-Lit-Shoppe flashed a warm neon red, reflecting against the hoods of the cars that sat parked outside in the cold dark chill. The words Twilight Drive-In sat prettily against a dark blue backdrop held above the rusting letters ‘Closing Soon’, the abandoned sign creaked under the pressure of a strong wind that struck it heavily. The large Town Hall stood proudly painted in the freshest of lemon colours, the shadows of the night illuminated the deceitful corruption that lay hidden behind the closed doors.

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There’s a spider in my bathtub
She looks like me
And she’s crawling
To the ceiling
And I’m waiting patiently
For the telephone to ring
and I’m relatively lonely here
And I feel a little warm
and I wonder if you’ll take me there
Can you take me there?


Today’s Look: Viscera Eyes. Collage editing and vintage ‘60s mouth patch re-color by me. I really wanted to dress like I was in the Mars Volta, so I went all ‘70s silk, gaudy patterns, and hallucinatory visuals.

has this been mentioned before

Prokopenko has a lot of time to think when he’s dead.

Not dead, really, but (according to the doctors) just a little ways off. They don’t really know what’s going on (how could they), but they call it a coma and seal the file away so an unsolved case doesn’t mar their professional track records. Not very kind of them, but that’s the way of the world. Kavinsky always believed in that side of the world.

Proko thinks a lot floating in his “coma.” He thinks about what he said to K, what he would keep quiet about now, what he’d have told him if he’d known K was going to die. Not die, really. People like K didn’t die. Prokopenko wasn’t sure how, or why, but he knew that. He felt K in his chest, had since K’d dreamed him back to life. It felt like something heavy, but not unpleasant. Like the weight of a blanket when it was cold.

Proko feels it still, anchoring him to his body. He checks on it fitfully, between periods of floating in the haze that threatens his mind and his memories.

He’s afraid. Afraid he might pull himself back to semi-consciousness and find it gone and himself alone. Afraid Jiang and Swan and Skov might stop visiting, afraid he might get old lying on this bed for years until they unhook him from their machines (not that it would do anything) and bury him alive in an unmarked grave.

whoop whoop birthday meme (tagged by @oodlyenough)

Last movie I watched: crap, I’m not sure I remember. I think it was Guardians 2? That was definitely the last in theater and I’m terrible at watching movies at home so it counts either way. I really liked Guardians 2 tbh! It had bad dads and somewhat-less-bad-dads and reluctantly feelsy sisters and the best Marvel opening credits sequence ever!!!! my heeeart. and inexplicably I loved Rocket. still. again. I cannot believe the Bradley-Cooper-voiced CGI rodent with a machine gun is a fave 

Last song I listened to: boss has the new Beatles satellite radio station on in here :) uh the last song I was actively listening to on it was Ticket to Ride. oh, now it’s Don’t Pass ME By! this station is cool

Last book I read: I just finished the first book by an author whose second book I LOVED. I did not love the first one. Every other sentence was a comma splice???? the last book I loved was, no joke, Shonda Rhimes’. 

Last thing I ate: something called a “deluxe grilled cheese” from the dunkin’ donuts across the street. it was fine. 

Fictional Character I would hang out with for a day: this is always hard for me because so few of my favorite fictional characters would like…enjoy spending time with me, probably… maybe Cordelia Chase, maybe Pam Beesly, maaaybe Veronica Mars? oh my God, I’m now only 5 years younger than season 1 Lorelai Gilmore. oh, God. maybe her. maybe Sookie. 

If I could be anywhere right now, where would I be?: probably manhattan I guess, maybe Scotland near Glasgow

Current fandom obsession: honestly I think about Person of Interest, like, all day. what is the deal with CBS procedurals secretly being feelsy found family shows with compelling twists??? I literally–I love Person of Interest so, so much. but we’re only like…maybe ¾ through season 2, so I just have to ignore it on here until we’re finished. IT’S HARD. 

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anonymous asked:

I was reading what you said about Virgo mars and you said "their mind is their biggest weapon" which is so accurate. When Virgo mars get mad they will literally use their words to cut you

Definitely, it’s the same case with Gemini Mars because both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury, and they use their words to cut you to your core, breaking you down intellectually. Other Mars signs lean towards physical expressions of anger but Gemini Mars and Virgo Mars are the primary ones who resort to verbal expressions of anger/comebacks. But they do know what will hurt people the most, they choose their words carefully to make sure it resonates with your weaknesses.

Imagine being Jared’s new roommate

Two suitcases, that’s all I have with me. Oh, and a cat in his cage. Not too bad if you think that I’m 25, broke and ready to fail in life.

I read the address on the yellow post it once again, I’m sure I’m at the right place, but not so sure that I want this to be the right place. The neighborhood isn’t that bad, there is a lot of waste on the streets, but it could be worse. The building in front of me needs a new coat of paint, and the door phone does not work.

A girl comes out of the building as I try to find my phone and call Shannon asking for help.

“You want to go in?” She asks me eyeing my luggage, “That thing hasn’t work in years”

“Could you…?” I ask, pointing at the door, with the biggest smile I can provide, “I’m new”

“Are you sure?” She asks, searching for the keys on her purse, “I don’t want to come back home and find out that I’ve been robbed”

“What? Oh, no. I just… It was an emergency move, I don’t have the keys yet”

“Let’s hope so” She laughs, “I’m Shayla, by the way”

“Thank you, Shayla, have a nice day!” I shout as I see her going down the stairs.

Shayla just waves at me without looking and continues with her walk down street. I use one of my suitcases to hold the door as I enter the second suitcase and Gren’s cage. It’s only when I’m inside that I notice that the building only has stairs and I’m supposed to reach the fifth floor.

“God hates me” I whisper, trying to plan how I’m going to get all my stuff up.

Maybe I could go and knock on the apartment of Shannon’s brother. He’s expecting me, I don’t think he would be rude to make me lift all this by myself. But, I also don’t want to leave all my things alone at the lobby. I couldn’t forgive myself if someone stole Gren, I would die.

Ok, let’s risk the luggage.

I take Gren’s cage and run upstairs, the less time I take, the less I risk losing the only things I have left. By the time I reach the fifth floor, I’m sweating like a pig, and I cannot breath properly. Gren looks a bit traumatized for the earthquake inside his cage.

Still trying to catch my breath, I ring the doorbell two times. The door opens, and a guy with the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen opens the door. Is this Shannon’s brother?

“Hey! I’m Jared” He says, showing me a big smile.

“Oh, hi” I say with the little breath I have left, mentioning my name between short breaths, “Could you help me? My luggage is downstairs”

Jared accepts and leaves Gren inside the apartment. Jared doesn’t even look like his brother; the color of their eyes is different, Jared is taller and less burly. But that ain’t important, right? If he’s half as awesome as his brother, everything was going to be great. Well, he let me stay in his apartment without even knowing me, that puts him in my awesome list for good.

“How did you get in?” He asks me when we are halfway down the stairs.

“A girl let me in. Shayla?”

“Oh! She lives in our same floor, she’s awesome”

“Great, I already met a neighbor”

We continue our way in silence, Jared takes both suitcases, not allowing me to protests about it and we head upstairs again.

“Are you sure you’re okay with this? I mean, you don’t even know me…”

“Shannon says you’re cool, so I’m okay with that” He says with a smile, “What happened anyway? Did your landlord kicked you out or something?”

“Something like that” I say, already battling with my breath. Damned stairs. “They were selling my building and my dear landlord forgot to tell me”

“Shit, what an asshole. Could you help me with the door?”

I take the keys from Jared’s hoddie to open the door. He lets me come in first, leaving me startled by the looks of his apartment. He doesn’t have many furniture besides an old tv, a couch, and a table with two chairs in the kitchen. But the walls… Oh, God. The walls! They are a work of art. Some parts are covered with paint splashes, in others you can find doodles and what seems like poetry. A single easel is located in front of a large window at the far left, an unfinished portrait of a woman, still wet on it.

“I’m sorry if it’s a bit messy” He apologizes, taking my luggage to one of the doors at the end of the apartment, “I tried to clean, but I was a bit tired”

“It’s okay” I mutter, following his steps, “This is perfect”

“The room is a bit small, it doesn’t have a bathroom. Well, there’s only one in the whole apartment, but I promise I’m way more neat there”

The room is not as small as he makes it seem. There’s a mattress on the floor, a few pillows on top of it; one drawer, a dusty bookshelf and a desk with an old chair.

“Shannon said you didn’t have any furniture, he brought that mattress but we do not have a base, is alright if…?”

“It’s perfect, Jared, really. If it wasn’t for you I would be sleeping in the streets”

“Ok” He mumbles, taking his hand to run through his hair, “My bedroom is the one right next to this one, the bathroom is right across it”

“Great. Oh, by the way, do you have a fire escape, right? I think I saw one from outside”

“Yeah, it’s right outside your window” He says, pointing to it, “Why?”

“For Gren, he needs a place for his sandbox”

“Oh, right” He laughs, “I had forgotten about him”

As if Gren knew we were talking about him, we start hearing a few meows coming from his cage.

“I’ll let you settle down, I’ll be right outside”

Jared leaves me alone after bringing Gren’s cage to my bedroom.

I wasn’t joking when I told Jared that if it wasn’t for him I would be in the street right now. I had no one, reason why Shannon was so worried about my situation. In just an hour he had fixed my life, making sure that I had a place to crash, food and bed.

The bedroom is way cleaner than the living room, and it doesn’t take me too long to arrange everything comfortably for Gren and me.

The smell of something sweet reaches my nose, and a knock on my door announces Jared’s visit to my new bedroom. When I open, I find him holding a cup of hot chocolate in one hand, and crackers on the other.

“A little something for your belly”

“Thank you so much, you’re an angel!”

Jared laughs, taking a seat on the only chair in my bedroom. Gren jumps to get comfy on Jared’s thighs, purring loudly.

“He’s really friendly”

“You don’t like cats” I notice by the way he stiffened when Gren jumped on him, “I’m so sorry!”

“No, no. I like cats!” He assures me, starting to caress Gren behind his ears, “They usually don’t like me, I’m a bit surprised to be honest”

“Gren is a bit antisocial, he must really like you”

“Gren?” He asks confused.

“Grenouille. That’s his full name”

“Wait, I know that name…”

“Jean-Baptiste Grenouille” I clarify, “Perfume”

“Right, I knew it!” He cheers, taking Gren’s paw to high five it. Gren doesn’t even raise his head in reaction.

I drink my chocolate, wanting to ask about the art that covered the walls. Does his room follow the same pattern? Is this his work?

“Can I ask you something?” He nods, a smirk on his face, “You work as a painter?”

“Not exactly” He clarifies, “I teach art to kids”

“Really? At a primary school?” He nods once again, “Cool”

“Shannon said you are librarian”

“I am” I say, a bit embarrassed, “I was supposed to work there for a couple of months after college, but I end up staying for two years. I really like the job”

We continue talking about different topics; Jared’s work at the school, his bad experiences with other cats, his relationship with Shannon. When Shannon comes to the conversation I already know he has questions, but he doesn’t start asking them till I tell them it’s okay.

“So, you two dated or something?”

“Yeah, for a bit. It didn’t work thou, we were more friends than lovers, we weren’t what we were looking for at the moment”

“When was this? I get the feeling that he’s mentioned your name before”

“Like two years ago, I think”

“Anyway,” He says, standing from the chair, leaving Gren to occupy his place, “It’s late and I’m sure you want to rest”

I stand to take the dirty dishes to the kitchen but he takes them from my hands. A smile appears on his lips again, the same on mine.

“Thank you, again”

“Don’t worry. I think I’m gonna enjoy having a roommate” He says before leaving me alone in my new bedroom.


It’s the sweater, isn’t it? Chicks can’t resist argyle…

let’s ignore the weird graphic aay

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I demand that Nightwing has a "#1 Dad" mug. No buts about it.

Erm?? He has it on a shelf?? In a trophy case?? Mar’i made it for him in kindergarten and he cherishes it like a second child?? Um???

Like of course he has this mug man.