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I genuinely hope that henrik knows how extremely talented he is, how much we love him, and how much we appreciate what he brought to the role of Even, and to skam in general. I love how much of a team the skam cast and crew are, and how they work together to create something so wonderful and relatable. this season wouldn’t have been the same without henrik and I’m really glad he went out for the audition that day.

Okay hear me out: the critical role cast has some issues when it comes to lgbt+ representation & interacting with fans.

I know it’s easy to look at fans being upset over Marisha’s comments about Keyleth’s sexuality & think fans are “demanding”, “asking too much”, “intruding on a private game”. These are all accusations I’ve seen in the last 24 hours. It’s important to remember that this has all come up because Marisha was joking about f/f attraction on the stream. She has Keyleth say she wanted to see Vex’s breasts and it spiraled from there. 

Fans are reacting to this because Keyleth being bi/questioning/etc will remove the sting of this conversation. 

Confirming a character as exploring something other than heterosexuality (however badly it’s done) is still better than using other sexualities as a punchline. 

And the critical role cast does this. It does this a lot. Here are a few from the top of my head:

  • the purposeful misgendering of raishan (mainly by sam)
  • grog’s ‘boyfriend’  Kerrek
  •  scanlan’s many, many jokes about sex with men*
  • laura’s whole ‘haha maybe vex will get a gf ;) jk she’s been in love with percy this whole time’
  •  hell, vax’s romance with gilmore started off as liam trying to flirt the price of goods down. to his credit he committed to it for a while, but then he followed the bisexual trope of finding the ‘right’ person of a different sex and choosing them instead.

*sam had been joking about scanlan and men for months before finally discussing the topic seriously on twitter. even then he just said “not 100% heterosexual”. it’s progress, but there’s still a way to go

“but emma, they have good intentions! you have to be patient and respectful of the cast!” my dudes i dont have to respect someone who treats the representation of my community like a novelty shirt they can wear for a day and take off later. i know they’re trying, i know they’re learning, but they still need to apologize when they make a mistake. no one is asking for blood, folks. 

This could have been avoided (or certainly at least reduced) if Marisha hadn’t initially been so evasive on twitter. the unwillingness to confirm anything read as Marisha wanting to continue the trend of joking about lgbt+ representation. it was a dismissal. 

i love Marisha, god knows i defend her until i’m red in the face, but no one gets a universal pass. she’s an adult and she knew she upset people. it wouldn’t have cost her anything to tweet something like “hey i didn’t think about keyleth’s speech last night and i’m sorry that it came across as a cheap joke. i’d like to explore keyleth’s sexuality more & this will take time bc she’s inexperienced. please bear with me as both she and i figure this out”

that’s literally all she needed to do.

the cast struggles when it comes to apologizing to the lgbt+ community. we just need to look at how they handled the situation with j’mon’s misgendering. matt actually used the “dont get mad at your allies” speech, something i know a lot of us (myself included) have heard before. again, mistakes are going to happen. people slip up, we know this, but you still apologize for mistakes. you dont get to say “hm i dont think what i did caused you any harm”. you have to step back and say “oh i upset you? that wasnt my intention and i’m very sorry for that. this is new to me and i hope i will do better in the future”

final thoughts:

-this isn’t a private game anymore. this is a show that many of us pay money to access. that doesn’t give us the right to make demands, but it does give us the right to ask that our sexuality and gender aren’t treated as a joke. it gives us the right to ask a cast member if they were serious when they flirted with the idea of their character not being straight. 

-the problem isn’t that keyleth is questioning. the problem is that the cast has a tendency to joke about these things and then never return to it, as if lgbt+ representation is a tap you can turn on or off. (sam is the only exception i can think of, but again that wasn’t confirmed on screen.) minority groups shouldn’t be treated like this.

-it’s not entitlement to ask that your sexuality isn’t a punchline. it’s not demanding to ask for clarification. it’s not asking too much for an apology. 

if straight actors dont want to seriously consider non-heterosexual orientations, then they dont get to make jokes about sexuality. 

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do you have any thoughts on how... idk how to put it right, compliant? len seems to be with the legion? i mean there might be some further reasoning in the next ep and then more reasoning in the fact that there are only two episodes left and len's only showing up now but i figured i'd ask

So the thing is, I’ve seen a lot of comments in the tag and from people I follow calling Len OOC for getting along so well with the Legion, but I honestly don’t understand why?

I don’t think he’s being compliant at all? 

What we can conjecture is that they came to him realizing he could help them de-stabilize the team and help steal the spear, and laid their cards out to him, enough anyway. They told him more or less that he goes off with this team and sacrifices himself, that he’s dead within two years. They no doubt offer some form of proof though I have no idea what, other than Eobard’s general time-travelling abilities. Maybe it doesn’t take much more than bringing him to the Vanishing Point and showing him what they have. He’s gotta make sense of this somehow, right? 

And they tell him there’s a solution. They’re all after the Spear of Destiny to secure their own fates, and figure he is similar to them in that regard. He doesn’t want to die, does he? Wouldn’t he like the ultimate power in the universe, the power to change his own fate, to stick it to the team that let him die for them, the ones that got under his skin in the first place and made him soft? He’d scoff at that last bit, sure. But ultimate power… that’s tempting. The perfect score. 

But he doesn’t know how to use it. How could he – he just heard it existed? He barely knows anything about it. He normally likes to be in charge of his jobs and calling the shots, but he understands this group isn’t like that. They’re all equals and he’s on the lowest rung, the new guy operating with the least information. He’s patient as fuck though, and more than willing to bide his time and see how the chips fall.

They take him to WW1 and he’s already been devising a plan. Mick’s on the team. First things first, isolate him. The Legion gave him some insight on this, they must have: Mick’s there but more like an outsider, not as trusted, clearly even they can see that doesn’t fit so well (or else how would Len jump so fast to those conclusions). But it’s worse than he thought. Mick seems confused to see him, and confirms that yes, he really did die. All Mick is trying to do is stay on mission. He doesn’t even seem to care about what he can take from this time period or anything else for that matter.

He’s a white goddamn hat.

And Len’s got all sorts of angry thoughts about that, but we’ll leave those for now and fast forward to the end of the episode. They’ve got the spear, mission accomplished. The universe’s biggest score and it was almost too easy, really. And Mick mutters that he thought it was just going to be them. Len may have given him that impression. Hard to convince him to take it otherwise, really, Len figured. Mick’s a white hat and he’s been fighting Eobard and Damien and Malcolm for months, he wasn’t going to hand over the spear to them. Len doesn’t mind a little lying when it gets the job done.

But as much as he’d love to have it for himself, again: he doesn’t know how to use the damn thing. 

And as ready as Len is to betray his tenuous allies if he needs to, there is no reason to right now. Taking the spear and running is pointless: not only does he have no plan for getting away from a time-travelling speedster with a vengeance, but they’re all currently on the same page. These guys may be assholes but they are helping him save his own skin, and so far no one’s tried to stab each other in the back. He can wait and see though. He won’t be pushed around, he’s not loyal to them in any way. But they have compatible interests at present, and that’s enough.

“There’s enough power to go around” - maybe he doesn’t normally play nice with others, but Len has always known how to work on a crew and how to split a score evenly.

Final note? Len doesn’t know much about these guys. Would know likely nothing about Damien and even less about Eobard. Malcolm is an enigma to him: a rich man turned… assassin? Apparently? Who also levelled a whole section of Starling City? So Len would understand that they’re in a league of their own, so to speak, but wouldn’t necessarily know just how evil these guys are either, and wouldn’t be looking for reasons not to want to work with the only guys offering him a chance to not-die. 

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some gta!freewood headcanons?

  • you’d think that once they get together, they argue less
  • in actuality, they argue probably three times as much as before, and it drives the entire crew up the wall, like seriously, what is wrong with you guys, we thought it was sexual tension but clearly that’s not a problem anymore
  • gavin can get ryan to do conceivably anything with very little persuasion because ryan succumbs to peer pressure like nobody’s business
  • they like to play ‘who can cause the most chaotic destruction before geoff has a conniption fit’ during heists and to be honest there are no winners in that game
  • the first time they hook up, ryan walks into the bedroom in nothing but his boxers and the skull mask as a joke, but can only keep it up for about three seconds before he loses his shit at the alarmed, horrified expression on gavin’s face
  • geoff finally has to stop pairing them up during heists because, honestly, four separate times of suddenly hearing breathy moans in his earpiece while robbing a place is four times too many
  • gavin likes to start bar fights and then hide behind ryan and make ryan finish them
  • ryan keeps saying one of these days he’s just going to let gavin get his ass kicked, but he won’t.
  • and after they get together it’s not like they’re hiding it from the others exactly, but they don’t say anything about it for a while for reasons
  • but then when they finally come out about it to the crew, literally everyone is like “jfc we know” because they are not the paragons of subtlety they think they are 

I think about the sheer number of people who pulled together just to save my sorry ass, and I can barely comprehend it. My crewmates sacrificed a year of their lives to come back for me. Countless people at NASA worked day and night to invent rover and MAV modifications… 

All to save one dorky botanist.

Hunters vs Hunters - Final Part

Title: Hunters vs Hunters

Pairing: Dean x Female!Reader

Warning: Swearing, Blood

Word Count: 9097

Summary: Reader, a big shot hunter with a her own hunting group, and Dean do not get along. Not only does she solve every case before the Winchesters even arrive to the crime scene, she also has a personal bone to pick the Dean from their teenage years. When the reader’s crew cannot solve a world threatening case, the crew suggests that alerting the Winchesters might be a good idea. But, reader will have nothing to do with them.  

Part: 8/8

Previous Parts: Part One, Part Two, Part Three, Part Four, Part Five, Part Six, Part Seven


Reader - Reader

Dean Winchester - Jensen Ackles

Sam Winchester - Jared Padalecki

Vince Stones - Dylan O’Brien

Lex Garder - Shay Mitchell

Harten Horns - Crystal Reed

Josh Phillips - Alfred Enoch

Tags: @holahellohialoha, @lilyleely, @xoxoaudreymarie, @littlefrenchnuage 

A/N: So, this is it. The final part! Thank you so much for the love! I’m gonna be starting a new series. It’s an AU called Small Town Charm! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last part! And remember, I’m taking request, so please send me some things you’d like to see. Also, this is not entirely edited. Beware of grammar, or spelling mistakes.

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The Next Morning

You didn’t realize how sore your legs were until you dragged yourself out of bed. The soft, yet hasty touches, and quick, short breaths of last night made blood rush to your cheeks as you slightly limped to the bathroom.

As you just stepped through the doorway, Lex walked into the room. “(Y/N),” she sighed in relief. “I’ve been meaning to ta-”

You shut the door, cutting her off. The confession last night bled over your interactions with Dean. The hurt and betrayal set in as you pressed your back against the door again. This was all too familiar. You should’ve known better. Hasn’t this happened before? Your father? Your mother? Bobby? No one ever really stayed in your life. They all left at some point.

But, your team was family… Weren’t they?

You shook your head as you swallowed the lump in your throat and blinked back your tears. You pulled your hair back, tying it in a loose ponytail, and turned on the cold water. Cupping your hands under the running water, you washed your face. Instantly, the intense temperature woke you up, pulling you out of the night before and into today.

After a quick shower, you got dressed in plain blue jeans, and a tight beige long sleeved shirt. As you pulled on your brown combat boots, Harten walked in. She paused for a second as you ignored her presence and let your damp hair down.

“So-” you cut her off.

“I’m hungry, tired, and in need of a really big cup of coffee.” you muttered as you pulled on your leather jacket. “So, I suggest your hold off the back stabbing for another time.” You grabbed your duffle bag, and swung it over your shoulder before heading out to the cars.

The moment you set foot outside, Dean emerged from the neighbouring room on your right. He noticed you as well, returning the shocked, awkward stare that held your face too.

He cleared his throat. “Morning,” he mumbled looking down to his shoes.

“Morning,” you replied, looking around for Sam. Behind a crappy silver volvo, Sam was throwing in his bag and some weapons in the trunk. You spared Dean one last glance, then rushed over to his brother.

Sam smiled at you and took your bag when you reached his side. “Like the new ride?” he asked. “I thought we’d pick something that wasn’t us, so we could blend in.”

You nodded. “Good idea.”

“Sleep well?” he smirked.

You narrowed your eyes at him as you tried to fight back the blush tainting your cheeks. “Did you two braid each other’s hair after your heart to heart, or skip around the room?” you mocked.

“Nah, we had a pillow fight.” he retorted with a smile playing on his lips.

You swatted his arm, and when you realized it had no effect on him, you gave him a light shove. He slightly swayed to the side as he laughed at your embarrassed state. “Shut up,” you mumbled, trying to force back the smile dancing on your lips.

A hesitant figure behind Sam made it’s way to where you were. It was Vince. He had a tight, closed lip smile on his face as he shoved his hands into his pockets. “(Y/-”

“I’m gonna get the engine going.” you cut him off, walking over to the driver’s seat.

You got in and began fiddling with wires under the steering wheel. As you sparked two wires together, a quick knock came from the window. You jumped in your seat, grabbing the gun out from your waistband and pointing at the knocker.

Dean’s smug face met yours causing you to sigh in relief. You got the car going, then reluctantly  rolled down the window. Leaning his hands on the open edge, Dean gave you a small smile, all cockiness disappearing. “Now correct me if I’m wrong, but-”

“You’re wrong,” you interrupted.

Dean slightly raised his eyebrows and looked around before lowly asking, “You okay?”  

The sincerity in his voice didn’t go unnoticed. You shifted in your seat as sadness took over anger. In the corner of your eye, you saw Josh staring at you and Dean. Dean followed your gaze, then looked back to you.

“What happened after we left?’” he questioned.

You met those green eyes again, and took a deep breath. “Uh, nothing. It’s fine- I’m fine. Everything is fine.” you lied. “I just need some coffee.”

He stared at you for a moment. You knew he knew it was all a lie, but admitting that everyone you considered family was willingly leaving you, wasn’t exactly something you had in you just yet. Then, he did something you weren’t expecting, especially after that awkward morning greeting you two had by the door. He, hesitantly, reached into the car, and grabbed your hand.

With eyes wide, you looked between your joined hands and his worried eyes. After a soft graze of his thumb over your knuckles, he cleared his throat and detached his hand from yours. “Good luck,” he muttered.

“You too,” you breathed before he stood up straight and made his way to his own car.

You watched after him, stunned. It was weird, and new to see him like this. You didn’t know what last night meant, or if it was even real, but for some reason, you felt okay. For a moment, you were at ease, like nothing could ruin the sudden steadiness of your heart beat.

The loud slam of the passenger door startled you out of your thoughts. You snapped your head to the seat and found a smiling Sam. Glancing down at your hand, his smile wavered. You followed his gaze and remembered the gun in your hand.

“Could never be too careful.” you lightly chuckled. The confused looked still held his face, so you  let of the pistol, and sped out of the parking lot before the real owner noticed their car being stolen.


Nine Hours Later - Cedar Rapids, Iowa

“It’s official.” Dean grumbled as he lead Harten and Josh out of the basement. “I hate soul eaters.”

One of two teens, that survived and trailed closely behind Harten, worriedly asked, “That was what those things were called?”

“That’s what they’re commonly known as; yes.” Josh responded as they walked out onto the parking lot.

As Dean lead the group to his car, another teen quietly asked, “Who’s Sam?”

The three hunters exchanged looks. Dean cleared his throat as he unlocked his car. “My brother,”

“What about (Y/N)?” The same one questioned, suddenly feeling rather chirpy.

Dean faked a sweet smile her way. “Would you rather walk home?”

“No,” she muttered, all enthusiasm drained from her face.

“Then stop asking stupid questions.” he snapped as he got into the car.

Harten shut her door before whispering, “You don’t have to be mean to them. They just experienced the wrath of a soul eater.”

Dean, with a frown, started the car. The image of a sad (Y/N) flashed into his mind. He recalled the gist of the reason behind her discomfort and scoffed. “Funny you talk about sympathy.” he blurted as Josh and the high school students got into the car.

“What?” Harten, surprised and puzzled, asked.

Dean ignored her question and glanced back at the two teens through the rearview mirror. “What do you two live?”

After dropping the kids off, Dean muttered, “I need food.”

“What did you mean when you said, ‘funny you talk about about sympathy’?” Harten quired sounding quite angry. “What did she say?”

“She didn’t say anything!” Dean replied, driving towards a burger joint they drove by on the way to the school.

Josh sat up, looking away from his computer. “She didn’t tell you the full story. There’s another side!”

Dean spared him a quick glance through the rearview mirror. “I told you, she didn’t say anything. Would you two just relax?”

Harten and Josh exchanged nervous glances before hesitantly resettling into their seats. In that moment, thankfully breaking the building awkward tension, Dean’s cellphone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket and threw it to Harten. “Answer it and put it on speaker.” he demanded, not tearing his eyes away from the road.

Sighing, Harten obeyed. “Cas?”

“I thought the correct greeting is ‘Hello’?” he asked.

The three on the other end sighed. “What’s up, Cas?” Dean said, hoping his angel friend would just get to the point.

“Lex just thought it was a good idea to let you know that we finished our case in Decorah.” Cas replied. “What about you?”

“Just wrapped up ours in Cedar Rapids.” Dean answered. “Have you guys checked in with (Y/N) and Sam yet?”

Lex was the one to answer. “No, we haven’t. But, we made sure to let a soul eater go and let it slip that they are both dead.”

“So did we.” Josh added. “We should probably head to the cities in Illinois now. Just in case they need back up.”

“We’re on our way to Freeport. You guys should take Mount Carroll.” Vince suggested.

Dean, as he pulled up to the parking lot of the burger joint, said, “Alright, talk to you guys soon.”

“Goodbye.” Cas finished. “How do you hang up?”

“The red button.” Lex replied.

The line went dead, and Harten and Josh got out of the car. “Coming?” Harten asked.

“Yeah,” Dean muttered, looking away from his phone. “I just need to make a phone call.”

She nodded, and walked into the restaurant with Josh following behind her.

Dean took a deep breath, and looked between the two numbers, unsure which one to call. With a final breath, he pressed down on a number, and brought the phone to his ear.


Galena, Illinois

The phone rang. And rang and rang. Cramped in the backseat of the car, you groaned. “Answer it, damn it.”

“It’s yours.” Sam muttered from the front seat.

You groaned. It had been about twenty minutes since you and Sam decided to stop trying to track Rowena in town and take a long overdue nap. “Just answer it.” you whined, pressing your face into the seat.

After a long moment of shifting, Sam finally discontinued the ringing. “Hello?” he asked. “She’s sleeping.” he answered after a few minutes. “(Y/N), Dean wants to talk to you.”

He threw the phone over the seat and it landed on your face. “Ow!” you exclaimed as Sam returned to his sleeping position. “I hate you.” you muttered into the receiver.

“Morning to you too sunshine.” he replied sarcastically.

“Dean, you better be dying. Why the hell did you wake me up?” you mumbled, your eyes still closed.

Dean chuckled. “Just finished the case and wanted to check up on you. How are you feeling?”

His concern made you open your eyes and sit up. It was extremely odd how none of it felt odd. In fact, it felt rather familiar to have him check up on you. “I’m fine.” you replied. “We’re fine. Still looking for Rowena and Crowley, but we’re good.”

“Ah, you miss me.” he teased.

You scoffed. “You wish, Winchester.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s normal for this to happen.”

You rolled your eyes at his infuriating cheekiness. You knew you should’ve just hung up, but your urge to humour him took over. “For what to happen?” you immediately regretted asking.

“For you to want me near you every second of every day.”

You could’ve bet any money that he was smirking right about now. “Take a cold shower.” you quipped.

Sam sat up in his seat, and turned to give you an amused, questioning look.

“Only if you do that same, or we could just-”

You cut him off, feeling embarrassed for forgetting about Sam’s presence. “I’m gonna have to call you back.”

“Oh, you gotta take care of business.” he joked.

You let out a short sigh, trying to hide the pink tint that stained your cheeks. “Bye, asshat.”

“I love the pet names you give me.”

Rolling your eyes, you muttered a goodbye and hung up. Looking up from your phone, you met Sam’s confused gaze. After an awkward moment of silence, he began laughing.

“Wow, are you to a thing now?” he asked, after he finished his last few chuckles.

You grabbed your jacket, which was previous used as a blanket, and got out of the car. “We were never a thing.” you tiredly answered before shutting the door.

Sam mimicked your actions, stepping out of the car and following after you. You pulled on your jacket as you walked down the street of the small town. “Where are you going?”

“I need a burger, and since I can’t go back to sleep now, I thought it would be a good idea to go back to looking for that evil bitch.” you replied as Sam jogged to catch up to your fast strides.

Shoving his hands into his pockets, Sam said, “Hey, you okay?”

Once again, some asked you that same stupid question. Why the fuck were they suddenly caring about you, or your feelings? When did that happen, and why the fuck was it happening now? Choking back a loud groan, you sighed, “Yeah, I’m fine.”

“What is something I said?” he quickly asked. “Because I was just joking. I didn’t mean anything by it. I just knew it would annoy Dean the most.”

Furrowing your eyebrows, you gave him a longside glance. “Why the fuck would that annoy Dean?” you questioned, about to stop in your tracks. “You’re bugging me.”

“What?” Sam nervously asked. He cleared his throat, and averted his eyes to the wet pavement. “I never said that. What?”

This time, you did stop. You turned to face him. “What are you hiding?”

“Hiding?” Sam asked, faking disbelief. “I’m not hiding anything.”

You opened your mouth to force the truth out of him, but found that you were in no mood to argue, or talk. You were tired, hungry, and traces of betrayal - from the knifes stuck in your back - were running in your blood. Instead, you muttered, “Fine. Let’s go eat.” You turned from him and took the last few steps to the door.

“What?” you heard Sam call after you. No doubt, he was expecting you to fight back.

You ignored him and entered the diner, looking for an open table to sit at. However, despite the flashing open sign and bright lights, the diner was empty. No soul, not even a waitress, was in sight.

With Sam behind you, you surveyed the restaurant one last time before turning to meet his bemused gaze. The strong stench of sulfur invaded your senses. “Demons,” you muttered, pulling out your gun.

Sam followed pursuit, standing in a defencive stance.

“Evil bitch?” a high, obnoxious voice asked. “I think you could do better than that.” Her tall, skinny figure emerged from the back. A smug look painted her caked face as she walked out from behind the counter.

You, without hesitation, pulled the trigger. The bullet flew out of the gun, and - before it could pierce her heart - froze in mid air. With an arrogant smirk, she twirled her fingers, turning the bullet around. Your eyes grew wide, knowing what she was about to do next. With a simple snap of her fingers, the bullet flew in your direction.

Sam got a hold of your arm and pulled you out of the way. However, he didn’t move you in time. Instead of wounding your heart, the bullet blew its way into your opposite shoulder.

“AGH!” you screamed throwing a hand over the wound. Sam held you up, urgently looking between you and the witch.

Rowena sinisterly smiled. “I just love reunions. Don’t you, Samuel?”


Six Hours Later - Mount Carroll

“Yeah,” Dean huffed in the phone as he walked out of the diner with Josh and Harten behind him. “I talked to them before we came to Mount Carroll.”

“Did they find anything?” Lex asked.

Dean pressed the phone to his ear with his shoulder as he unlocked the car. “Not when I talked to them.”

“So you haven’t called since?!”

“Why don’t you call?” Dean snapped back.

Lex hesitated. “Um,” she mumbled. “She doesn’t exactly want to hear from me, right now.”

Dean sighed, recalling the cold shoulder (Y/N) was giving to her team. “Right,” he said. “I guess I’ll call her then.”

“Great. Keep us posted.” she said, hanging up.

Dean hopped into the car, and - once again - threw the phone to Harten. “Call (Y/N).” he ordered as he started the car.

“Um, she-” he cut her off, already tired of hearing the ‘she hates us’ speech.

“I’ll do the talking; just call her.”

Harten rolled her eyes and began dialing (Y/N)’s number as Dean pulled out of the parking lot. After a few long beeps, her voicemail sounded, “I’m busy. Leave a message.”

“Charming,” Dean muttered. “Hang up.”

Harten obeyed, hanging up and tossing the phone back to Dean. “Should we call again?”

“Nah.” Dean replied.

He opened his mouth to say that they were fine, but the thought that they weren’t, entered his mind. She would answer. She always answered. Maybe she was hurt. “Call Sam,” Dean demanded, throwing the phone back at her.

“A please would be nice.” Harten mumbled, dialing Sam’s number.

The same long beeps echoed in the car before Sam’s voicemail said, “This is Sam. I can’t come to the phone right now, so leave a message.”

Shit. Dean thought. Suddenly, he slammed the breaks causing Josh to hit his head on the back of Harten’s seat.

“Ow!” Josh hissed, rubbing his forehead.

Dean ignored him, sharply turning the car around and speeding towards Galena. He didn’t know what it was, but something inside him told him they were in trouble - she was in trouble. He pressed harder on the gas as the image of her lifeless body, coloured the floor red.


One Hour Later

The floor was cold against your face; it was the first thing you noticed as you regained your senses. A sharp pain shot throughout your shoulder causing you to squeeze your eyes shut. You hissed as the pain continued. Slowly, you pushed yourself up into a sitting position and clutched your wound. Opening your eyes, you took in your surroundings.

There wasn’t much. You were in a cell. Four bleak cement walls trapped you in. A rusty steel door, with bars as a window, stood before you. And even if you wanted to try to pick that lock, you had to pick the locks of the cuffs that chained you to the wall first. You took a deep breath, attempting to ignore the pain for a moment, and looked around for something to pick the locks with.

Your search was short lived, because of the aching pain that shot out of your shoulder. You looked to the injured arm and found your veins bulging out. But, that wasn’t the worst part. They were black. Your veins were black, from your shoulder to your fingertips.

You let out a shaky breath,and blinked back tears. Out of the cuffs or not, you were going to die. The dark veins pulsed to the fast beat of your heart. “Sam?” you found yourself calling out.


This was it. You were going to die.

No. A voice in your head shouted. Get up and get out! It ordered.

You leaned your head back and swallowed the large lump in your throat. After a couple of deep breaths, you clenched your jaw, to subside the pain, and resumed your search for something, anything to get out of those cuffs.

However, the ground was bare. Not a single speck of- wait. Wedged in between the floor and foot of the wall, was a thin, yet sharp piece of hay. You never tired to pick a lock with hay, but hey, it was worth a shot.

You reached for the piece and pulled it out. Holding out your injured arm, you carefully stuck the hay in the lock, and moved it around. Truthfully, you had no idea what you were doing. But, survival mode was on, and nothing was going to turn it off.

The thin piece of hay shimmed in and out of the lock as you forced it to unlock the the stupid cuffs. That were beginning to leave a mark around your wrists; it was getting rather annoying.

Click. The lock fainted sounded as it released it’s tight hold on your wrist.

A small smile of relief twitched on your lips at the little success. Although, it quickly disappeared with you realized that your other wrist was still in the cuff’s grasp. You transferred the piece of hay to the other hand. Even with the little movements of holding the tiny stick of hay, your arm when wild. You blinked back the tears that were already running down your face, and bit your lip. Slowly, and very carefully, you wedged the piece into the lock and once again tried to break free.

After several attempts and the hay threatening to split in two, the same faint click sounded and you were set free. A small chuckle escaped your lips as you tore the loose cuff off. You, tentatively, got to your feet and stumbled to the door. Your vision blurred, but you forced it back to normal by repeatedly blinking and shaking your head.

Looking between the bars, you looked for - well you weren’t sure what you were looking for. “Sam,” you whisper-yelled, hoping that he could hear you.

Once again, all you received was silence. You angrily huffed slamming your palm against the bars in frustration.

“I could help you out,” someone voiced behind you.

You gulped. You knew exactly who that voice belonged to. You shut your eyes, settling into defeat, and turned to face her.

Billie stood in that same old beige jacket with her hands shoved in your back pocket. “No way out of this one, (L/N).” she smirked.

“Fuck off,” you mumbled turning back to the door.

Sighing, Billie continued, “That poison’s moving pretty fast to your heart., and he won’t get here in time to save you.”

Your gaze fell to the ground. “Who?”

A cynical laugh left her lips. “You knew exactly who I’m talking about.” she replied. “Dean can’t save you. Sam can’t save you. And honey, it’s looking like you can’t save you either.”

“I’m not dead yet.” you spat looking back out the bars for anything to open the door.

“Really?” she asked, her voice laced with mockery. “Because the talk around the block, is that you and that little Winchester died on the job. Apparently, Rowena’s soul eaters got a hold of the two of you. And now your team and your boyfriend with that clueless angel are running around, trying to avenge you.”

You sighed in defeat, letting out a cynical laugh of your own. “They summoned you and asked, didn’t they?” you questioned, slightly tilting your head to face her.

“You should’ve known.” Billie shrugged. “So, what’s it gonna be?”

You slowly turned to fully look at her. “I should ask you the same thing.”

Billie shot you a questioning look. “What do you mean?”

“If I don’t destroy that book, that bitch is going to wiped out the world.” you breathed, losing the will to stand. You leaned back against the door to maintain your balance.

Billie didn’t fail to notice it, but didn’t mention it just yet. “More business for me,” she dismissed with a shrug.

Your eyes glassed over as the tears resurfaced. You stared dead straight into her eyes, and begged with your voice breaking, “Please. Please just open the door.” The tears streamed down your near-lifeless face. “If I make it, I make it. If I don’t, you take me to wherever the fuck you want. Heaven, hell, the empty. I don’t give a fuck. Just open that door.”

Billie gave you a once over and sighed. The lock on the door suddenly clicked. “I’ll be back,” she promised before disappearing.

Letting out a sigh of relief, you rediscovered your balance and pulled open the door. Your vision blurred once again, but you shook your head. You stumbled down the long hall looking for the stupid book. You followed down the path turning wherever you could. Left, right, left, left, right, left, until you reached a staircase.

Carefully, you climbed up the steps. As you reached the top, you heard the loud voices of Crowley and Rowena.

“Oh, she’s long gone, Samuel.” you heard Rowena inform.

Quietly inching towards the voices, you took refuge behind a wall. Peeking over to take in their surroundings, you found a bloody Sam on the ground, and a chirpy Rowena walking around him as Crowley sat pretty on his throne.

“No,” Sam murmured, spitting out the blood the dripped from the corner of his lips.

Crowley, resting his cheek in the palm of his hand, sighed. “You’re so dramatic, mother.” he groaned. “Just kill him already.”

“Patience is a virtue, Fergus.” she smiled. She turned back to Sam and, with the quick flick of her fingers, twisted his arm in an irregular angle. Sam shouted out in pain, his face turning fifty different shades of red.

Biting back a wince at the sight, you caught a glare off something hidden in an open suitcase. The suitcase was against the same wall you were peeking from. It couldn’t have been more than a couple of feet away. Squinting, to adjust to the light, you recognized the same glass, silvery blue cover of the book.

Looking back at the torture and cruelty, you found that both Crowley and Rowena were captivated by the sounds of Sam’s pain. Just as you were about to step out of your hiding place and steal the book, a loud crack echoed in the room. You turned back, and pressed your back into the wall as you tried to remove the lasting sound of Sam’s bones breaking and voice fading.

“Now, now (L/N). No need to look away now.” Rowena called.

Suddenly, you were pulled into the room and landed right beside Sam’s broken body. You forced yourself to remain eye contact with Crowley, knowing that looking at Sam would be the end of you.

“I figured you’d be dead by now.” she said, making her way towards you. “But, of course, you hunters have to be so difficult to kill.”

Through gritted teeth, you spat, “Fuck you,”

“Sorry, darling, but you’re not my type.” she shrugged. “I prefe-”

The sound of a gunshot cut her off. She stumbled back, and looked down at her shoulder. “That the best you could do?” she asked looking up to the owner by the door.

Turning your head around, your eyes met his burning green ones. But, that wasn’t what caused the look of pure shock and horror on your face. Standing not so far beside the book, was Billie. And she looked just about ready to collect.


She looked horrified. She couldn’t even hold his gaze. Ignoring the hurt that came from that realization, Dean focused on Crowley and Rowena.

Crowley sighed and rolled his eyes. “I knew this was a bad idea.” he muttered. “I’m just glad I didn’t actually use my empire. Kill you later, Squirrel.” And with that, he vanished leaving Rowena to fend for herself.

“Good for nothing,” Rowena called after him before flicking her wrist and shooting that bullet out of her arm. “And you’ll have to do more than that to kill me, darling.” she said to Dean as she dusted off her shoulder.

But, that didn’t entirely register with Dean. His eyes landed on his brothers unnaturally bent body, and started shooting bullets from there. Each bullet shot back out, but that didn’t stop Dean from shooting.

His gun suddenly clicked, signaling the end of his bullets. “Son of a bitch,” he muttered, throwing the useless gun a side.

Then, unexpectedly, a wave of bullets shot to Rowena from behind Dean. Josh and Harten both stood at the entrance with their guns high. Dean took the opportunity to rush to his brother’s side and try to help him.

“Sammy,” Dean shouted as he tired you open his brother’s eyes.

Sam, with his eyes only just opened, faintly mumbled, “She’s dead.”

Dean shook his head. “No,” he replied. “I just saw her, she’s-” Dean cut himself off noticing the absence of her body beside him. Frantically, he looked around the room.

He only just made her weak figure, kneeling in front of an open suitcase. Flames suddenly ignited from it, her body falling back to the ground. Covered in blood and arm drawn in black, she laid down, closing your eyes and nodding.

“Fuck,” he whispered, knowing exactly what was happening.

Just then, Josh and Harten’s ammo finished. And when Rowena realized it, she sent both to the wall, gasping for air. But, to their good fortune, Cas - along with Vince and Lex - entered the room.

Rowena rolled her eyes. “How many of you are there?” she tiredly asked.

As Vince and Lex also began shooting at Rowena, Cas ran to (Y/N)’s lifeless body.

“Hey, Sammy!” Dean yelled at his fading brother. He lightly slapped his face. “Stay with me, buddy.”

“Do you hunters ever learn?” she yelled. “You can’t hurt me, I’m-” The pain of five gun shots cut her off. She groaned and screamed as she fell to her knees. Turning to look at the book, she found it in flames and Cas pressing two fingers over (Y/N)’s forehead.

“No!” she cried before mustering up her last bit of magic to disappear.

Harten and Josh fell to the floor. Vince and Lex ran to their sides. Cas, again, pressed two fingers to (Y/N)’s forehead, a worried look taking over his face. When her team rushed to her side, Cas got to his feet. “She’s alive, you just need to give her time.” Cas said, then made his way to Sam’s body.  

Hearing Cas’s words, Dean’s features only just softened. Cas, as Josh carried her to the exit, pressed two fingers to Sam’s forehead. Another crack sounded, and Sam yelled in pain as his shoulder reset in its correct position. And as Sam’s wounds and dried blood disappeared, Dean helped him up.


Seven Hours Later - Sioux Falls, South Dakota

When you woke up, all pain from your shoulder had disappeared. You blinked repeated trying to adjust to the moonlit darkness. Looking down at your previously injured arm, you found it spotless. Not a single black vein in sight.

“Your angel friend got you before you fully stepped in,” Billie’s voice informed. From the darkest corner of your room, Billie emerged.

You looked up at her, the horrified expression resurfacing. “Here to take me back?” you quietly asked, scared to hear her answer.

Billie stared at you for a moment before finally shaking her head. “I’ll make sure you stay dead next time.” she vowed before vanishing in thin air.

Sighing of relief, you looked down. You found yourself wearing a baggy, light blue shirt that didn’t belong to you and grey shorts.You quietly scrambled out of bed and made your way to the kitchen for some beer, ignoring the cold against your bare feet.

As you crept down the stairs, you found Dean and Sam sleeping soundly in the living room like they have been for the last couple of weeks. Remembering that their departure was near made your heart break. You didn’t want to admit it, but you wished they weren’t leaving - he wasn’t leaving. In fact, you wished that everyone stayed where they were. But, you knew that when tomorrow morning came around, you’d be alone again.

Silently sighing, you shuffled into the kitchen and made your way to the fridge for that beer you were suddenly craving. You used the hem of the shirt to help you twist open the cap open. Finally getting it open, you took a long gulp of it.

“Pull me one out too?” he whispered.

You turned to find his built body leaning against the doorframe. Turning back to the fridge, you took out a beer, and handed it to him. Effortlessly, he twisted it open and took a sip.

“You look good in my shirt.” he smirked, looking down at your body.

You rolled your eyes, thankful for the night’s dark cover, hiding your rosy cheeks. “Why the hell am I wearing your shirt?” you questioned, biting back a laugh.

“Yours was bloody and smelt pretty bad.” he shrugged, taking another swing from his beer. “How are you feeling?” he asked, taking a step closer to you.

You looked down, wondering where to begin. “Honestly?” you asked. He nodded waiting for you to continue. “I'm…” you trailed off trying to find the words. “I'm… falling apart.” you shrugged as your voice broke.

Dean took a couple of steps closer to you and leaned down to meet your gaze. You looked up to meet him halfway. He rested a hand on your shoulder and squeezed it, urging you to explain your thoughts.

“They’re leaving, Dean. All of them.” you confessed, your heart breaking with every word.

“Who?” Dean asked, the concern so eminent in his eyes.

“Josh, Vince, Harten, Lex.” you listed. “They’re retiring and moving. They’re leaving me. I called them my family, I treated them like my family. They are my family.” you quietly cried, careful not to wake Sam up.

“(Y/N),” Dean whispered, wiping away tears you didn’t even know you were crying.

Shaking your head, and choking back sobs, you continued, “Everyone always leaves.” you muttered, crashing into his chest.

He pulled you in without hesitation and wrapped a hand around your head. He ran it through your hair, trying to sooth you.

“Hey, hey, hey.” he cooed. “You’re okay. It’s all okay. Everyone doesn’t leave you.”

“My mom left. My dad left. Bobby left. My team is leaving. You’re leaving.” you blurted before you could stop yourself.

He slightly pulled away from your embrace and stared at you, starstruck. “I won’t go if you don’t want me to.” he muttered after a long pause.

You shook your head, and let out a shaky breath. “Don’t be stupid.” you replied. “You need to go back to Sam and that amazing bunker. It has really good water pressure.”

Dean let out a small chuckle. “Then come with us.”

Your eyes widened and your brows shot up. “Come with you?” you repeated in disbelief. “I can’t just come with you. Bobby left me this place.”

“You can always come back to it when you get sick of us.” Dean suggested with a small smile.

You opened your mouth to reply, but shut it. You were confused, conflicted. Did he seriously want you to tag along with him and his brother?

“Look, you don’t have to decide right now.” he quickly said. “Why don’t you sleep on it?”

You looked to the ground and shrugged. “I guess.” you mumbled, setting your half full beer on the counter. “I better go sleep then.”

Dean nodded, resting his beer beside yours. “Right.” he whispered, leaning you out of the kitchen and to the stairs.

You took a step and turned to find Dean already walking back to his makeshift bed on the couch. “Wait,” you found yourself whispering.

He turned to face you immediately. “Yeah?”

“Will you, um, sleep with me?” The question sort of found this way out of your lips.

Dean smirked. “I think I already did.”

You narrowed your eyes at him as you tried to hold back the smile playing on your lips. “That’s not what I meant and you know it.” you hissed.

He lightly chuckled. “Lead the way,” he smiled, nodding his head up to the stairs.

You turned around and tiptoed up the stairs as his heavy steps followed you. When you got to your room, you crawled into the right side, your favourite side, of the bed.

Dean shut the door and settled into the left side. He turned his head to face you. Noticing your stiff state, he brought his arm up and under your head. You gave him a questioning look, but before you could voice any concerns, he pulled your body into his.

“I never took you for a cuddler.” you tease easing into his warmth.

Dean brought his other hand to pull your leg over his. “I’m not,” he said as he lightly rubbed up and down your thigh. “And that’s what we’ll continue to tell people.”

You laughed, burying your face into his chest. His musky scent invaded your nostrils, bringing you back to that hasty night in that motel. You didn’t know what this was. You weren’t even sure if you wanted to know. But what you did know, was that this Dean that saved your ass more than once, and slept with you on more than one occasion, was the same Dean that tripped you and broke your arm.

And for the first time, you were okay with that.


The Next Morning

He woke up with a ridiculously numb arm. However, her peaceful, quiet state over his body made it all worth. He smiled down at her and lightly ran his fingers through her hair. This was good; this was nice. He wanted it to last. But, he was afraid, she didn’t.

“Touch me again, and I’ll kill you.” she tiredly muttered with her eyes still closed.

Dean chuckled. “You’re really cranky in the morning.” he croaked, his morning voice still holding him hostage.

“I like sleep.” she replied, snuggling closer into his side.

“And I like coffee.” he mumbled.

In a split second, she was up. “I need coffee!”  she announced crawling out of bed and rushing downstairs. “Last one there has to reload the salt guns!”

Dean jumped out of her bed, and ran after her. “You’re a child, you know that?” he called as he ran down the stairs.

She bolted to the kitchen, but he was quicker. Dean wrapped his arms around her waist and placed her behind him.

“Cheater!” she yelled as he ran into the kitchen and to the coffee pot.

Suddenly, Dean felt a weight jump on his back. Much to his surprise, (Y/N) had hopped on his back, forcing him to give her a piggyback ride. Dean held the coffee pot out of her reach. “You’re crazy.”

“I want-” she cut yourself off and stopped fighting. Dean looked up at her with a confusing look. “It’s empty!” she cried.

“Yeah, there are other people that like coffee here too.” Sam said from his spot at the table. Around him sat the team, and they all stared at the two of them.

Dean and (Y/N) shared a flustered look. Slowly, (Y/N) climbed off his back and patted down her shirt. “I’m going to make some more.” she mumbled prying the pot out of Dean’s hands.

Dean stood awkwardly in his spot, not sure what he should do. “So,” he said, rocking back and forth on his heels. “Did everyone sleep well?”

The five at the table exchanged looks. “Not as well as you two did.” Lex answered going back to her blueberry muffin.

“You better pack Dean. We have a road ahead of us.” Sam suggested before he took a bit of his toast.

Harten got out of her seat, taking her dishes to the sink. “Yeah, we better get our stuff together too. We gotta leave soon.”

Dean’s eyes shifted to (Y/N). As she turned in the coffee machine, her shoulders tensed. She kept her back to them.

“Where are you guys heading?” Sam asked, taking a sip from his orange juice.

“Um,” Harten stuttered.

Josh stepped in, and said, “We all have different places to go.”

“Not all.” (Y/N) snapped, turning to glare at Josh. “Not all are betraying lairs.”

Sam looked to Dean sending him a questioning look. Dean mouthed, “The team is retiring.”

Sam’s mouth was shaped in an o, symbolizing his understanding.

“(Y/N)-” Vince started.

She cut him off. “Just go fucking pack.” she ordered, the hurt and anger in her voice so prominent.

Her team exchanged nervous glances, but made their way to their rooms to gather their things.

Sighing Dean took a seat beside Sam at the table. He picked a piece of bacon off his brothers plate.

“So, what are you going to do?” Sam asked.

Her shoulders stiffened and she slowly turned to face them. Leaning her lower back against the counter, she crossed her arms over her chest. “I have no idea.” she shrugged looking into Dean’s eyes.

Sam nodded and went back to his breakfast. Dean maintain the eye contact, offering her a comforting smile.

Maybe it was stupid to ask her to abandon the only place she’s ever felt safe, and come along with him. But, at the same time, Dean was glad he asked. He didn’t want to leave her; he wanted to be with her all the time. He wanted to hear her complaints and threats in the morning, and watch her kill monsters by his side. He wouldn’t have admitted it before, but they made a great team. He knew it would break his heart of he saw it end.

She, in return, sent him a sad smile and turned back to the finished coffee. She poured it into two cups, then called over her shoulder to Sam. “Want some?”

“I already had a cup.” Sam replied.

Bring the cups to the table and taking a seat across from the two boys, (Y/N) asked, astonished, “Only one?”

As she handed the cup to Dean, he shared a worried look with his brother. “How many do you have?” Dean asked before taking a sip.

She looked between the brothers then shrugged. “Not many.” she dismissed, taking a long gulp from her’s.

Dean smirked knowingly. He knew she drank too much, but he decided to cut her a break. She was clearly having trouble adjusting to her friends daunting departure.

Though, she didn’t fail to notice the smile on his face and glare at him. Dean wiggled his eyebrows at her. “Shut up,” she muttered, blushing.

“I didn’t say anything!” Dean said defensively.

She sat up in her seat. “But you were thinking it!”

“Can you two not flirt around me please?” Sam, clearly annoyed, asked.

Dean caught her face flush a deeper red as she covered her face with her hair. He bit back a chuckle.

“Hey,” Vince voiced walking into the kitchen. Hesitantly, he asked, “It is okay to borrow a couple of cars?”

Dean’s eyes immediately shifted to (Y/N). All giddiness had vanished from her features. A cold stone look took over and she shrugged. “Whatever.”

Vince exasperatedly sighed. “For what it’s worth, it’s hard for us too.”

She let out a dry chuckle. “Clearly it’s not hard enough.” she retorted.

Scoffing Vince turned to leave the room, but paused and looked back at her. “This not an attack. We aren’t trying to hurt you. I’m sorry if it is. You’ve done a lot for us all, but this just something we have to do.” And with that he left the room.

Clearing her throat, (Y/N) pushed away her coffee and got up from her seat. “Excuse me.” she mumbled exiting the kitchen.

Dean watched her go, feeling her pain and hurt. He knew what it was like to have family turn their back on you. It had happened on more than one occasion.

“Look this might sound insane to you because I have no idea where you stand with her,” Sam started pulling Dean out of his thoughts. “But I think we should invite her back to the bunker with us. She’s a great hunter and you guys seem to make a great team.” he explained.

Dean gulped down the remainder of his coffee before replying, “I already invited her.”

“Before or after you two slept together again?” Sam smirked.

Dean shot him a confused look. “I didn’t- we didn’t- how did you- never mind.” he stuttered. “The point is I already asked her.”

“So is she coming?”

Dean shrugged. “She hasn’t said yet.”

Sam nodded, looking back at his plate.

“Hey, where’s Cas?” Dean asked, scanning the room.

“He went looking for a lead on Rowena. We’re not really sure if she’s dead or not.” Sam answered.

Josh, then, walking into the kitchen. “Could you guys give us a hand with some of the boxes?” he asked, pointing a thumb to the front door.

Dean, along with Sam, nodded and headed out to the front carrying boxes. As Dean stored them into the truck, he looked up at the house. Looking from her window, was (Y/N). Before he could wave or smile, she disappeared, shutting the curtains.

Dean went back to his work. Once done, the team stood in front of the house. “Is she coming out?” Lex asked.

Vince shook his head. “I don’t think so.”

“Dean, go talk to her.” Harten ordered.

Dean furrowed his eyebrows. “Why me?”

“Because you fucked her and she likes you.” Vince stated like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Dean tried to hide the growing smirk on his face at the mention of (Y/N)’s feeling towards him. The team gave him pointed looks, causing Dean to roll his eyes.

“Okay,” he gave in. “I’ll go talk to her.”

Turning around, Dean made in his into the house and up to her room. When he reached her room, he lightly knocked on the door. “(Y/N),” he called. “Can I come in?”

“I’m not going down there.” she yelled, though her voice was muffled.

Dean rolled his eyes and let himself in. There, on her bed, (Y/N) laid on her stomach with her face pressed into a pillow. “Hey, come on.” he whispered, making his way to her bed, and taking a seat on the edge. He placed a hand over her shoulder and soothingly rubbed up and down it. “Don’t you want to say goodbye?”

“I rather not say anything.”

“Look, they’re going. They have their boxes and bags in their cars and they’re ready to go wherever the fuck they’re planning on going.” Dean started. “That’s that. Now you can either stay up here and let them leave without a proper goodbye, or get your cute ass up and talk to them.”

The room settled in an unpredictable moment of silence. Slowly, she raised her head from the pillow and turned to him. “You think my ass is cute?” she asked in a quiet voice.

Dean chuckled and pulled her out of bed. “Come on,”

With their hands joined together, Dean lead her down the stairs and out to the front porch. Her team stared at her for a moment and she stared back.

She walked up to them, and looked down. “Be safe,” she muttered. “And if you need help, just call.”

Relieved smiles flooded their expressions at the sound of her approvement. Vince was the first to crash into her and engulf her in a tight embrace. Harten and Lex joined next, pulling Josh into the mix as well.

Dean proudly watched from his spot beside Sam. Tilting his head to Sam, he noticed the knowing smirk on his brother’s face. “What?” he lowly questioned.

“Nothing.” Sam shrugged, looking back at the group hug.

It seemed to have ended as they broke apart. “We’ll call.” Harten reassured.

“Always!” Lex agreed.

“I’m really gonna miss you.” Josh smiled sadly.

She nodded. “I’m gonna miss all of you.”

“Thanks for everything.” Vince added. “You’re the best!”

She let out a small laugh. “Have a safe trip.”

With that, each member got into their car and drove away with a couple of waves and smiles. (Y/N) hung her head low and turned back to the house, walking in.

Dean and Sam followed her into the kitchen. She immediately downed the rest of her coffee, then poured herself another cup.

Sam looked between Dean and (Y/N). “I’m gonna go shower… or something.” he lied, running up the stairs to give them some privacy.

Dean rolled his eyes. “So, don’t you feel better?”

“I feel like I was run over by a truck.” she mumbled.

Dean made his way to her by the coffee maker. “My offer still stands, and Sam’s okay with it too.” he reminded.

She set down her cup and turned to him. “You want me to go with you?” she asked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah,”

She smirked, crossing her arms over her chest. “Beg.” she demanded.

Dean laughed, taken aback. “What?”

“Beg me to come with you.” she repeated.

Dean smirked. “Don’t we have to be naked for that?” he joked, wiggling his eyebrows at her.

She rolled her eyes trying to fight off the blood rushing to her cheeks. “You have to ruin a perfectly good opportunity for revenge.” she groaned.

“Hey, I’m happy to beg.” he smiled walking closer and closer to her. He snaked a hand around her waist and pulled her body into his. Standing with their foreheads pressed against each other, he quietly whispered, “Please come with me.”

He smirked at the sound of her breath hitching as she melted in his arms. He liked seeing her like this, so infatuated with him. With her arms around his neck, she leaned in and collided her lips with his. Dean immediately responded, pressing her closer against him.

She suddenly pulled away, her chest rising and falling heavily. “He left this place for me,” she whispered.

“I know,” Dean replied, trying to regulate his own breathing.

She shook her head walking towards the table, and taking a seat. Dean followed her, taking the seat across from her’s. “If I leave-”

Dean cut her off, knowing her worries about abandoning Bobby and his wishes were controlling her thoughts. “It will still be here. I will always be here. If things don’t work out and you realize you actually still hate my guts, you can come back here and beat my ass in every case again.” he reasoned with a small smile.

The same smile was tugging on the corner of her lips as she stared in his eyes. “We’ll be out of here in an hour. If you want to come with us, pack and meet us outside.” And with that, Dean stood up and made his way to the living room to pack. As he shoved his clothes in his bag, Dean hoped that she would see the reasoning behind all this, and come with him.

After he was finished packing, Dean changed into a simple pair of jeans and a grey t-shirt with a plaid shirt over it. As he tied the laces of his boots, Sam descended from the stairs, also dressed and ready to go.

“Where’s (Y/N)?” he asked as he grabbed his duffle bag.

Dean threw his over his shoulder and made his way to the door. “I don’t know.”

“You mean she’s not coming?” he said as he followed Dean outside to the car.

Sighing, Dean repeated, “I don’t know,” He opened the trunk and threw his bag in.

Sam tossed in his too. “What do you know?”

“That you’re annoying the fuck out of me!” Dean snapped. He was annoyed with Sam, but his true irritation came from the stubborn girl inside that house.   

He went to shut the trunk, but frantic shouts from the porch stopped him. “Wait!” she called shutting the door and locking it. She ran down the steps with three duffle bag and threw them into the trunk. “That was so not an hour!”

“Yeah it was,” Dean argued slammed the trunk shut.

(Y/N) rolled her eyes, making her way to the front seat. “That’s my spot.” Sam whined.

“Shot gun!” she yelled as she got into the passenger seat.

Sam looked to Dean for support, but Dean ignored him and hopped in the driver’s seat. As he started the car, Sam huffed and got in the back seat, harshly shutting the door. “Hey!” Dean called over his shoulder. “Take it easy on Baby.”

(Y/N) snapped her head to him. “You named your car?” she asked.

Dean straightened his face. “Why? Is that a deal breaker?”

She smiled widely and shook her head. “No.”

“A match made in heaven,” Sam grumbled from the back seat.

“Shut up,” Dean and (Y/N) demanded in unison. They shared once last smile before Dean drove out of the driveway and onto the main road.

Turning back to her, Dean found (Y/N) looking out the window. She was calm and relaxed, something, he noticed, she hadn’t been in a while. Her serene state brought a certain joy to his heart. It almost filled that darkening void that was created long ago in hell.

And for the first time, he was okay.

Is it just me, or did the Crystal Gems just kind of stop using their upgrades? Like I could see them not using them out of respect for Bismuth, but they used them for a little bit after. It may be  a case of the crew forgetting about them?