I’ve seen a lot of sad headcanons about Shinichi lately, so obviously I have to tell mine as well;

When turning back into Conan again after having been Shinichi for a while, he avoids looking at his own reflection in the mirror, feeling nauseous every time he accidentally does so. This usually goes on for a couple of weeks before he can finally look into the mirror again without wanting to break it, something which has already happened a few times before.


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Everyone talks about how long Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach are and how finally one of them seems to be ending after 15 years, but can we talk about the one that is still on going and has been since 1994? With a cartoon that has been running since 1996?

Look at that smug asshole. 85 volumes and over 753 episodes and he still isn’t ready to fucking retire from being a kid detective. YOU HAVE BEEN AT THIS FOR 20 FUCKING YEARS. YOU SHOULD BE IN YOUR 30’s BY NOW.

The year is 2076. Detective Conan is still going strong. The series now includes 92 films and over 10000 chapters of manga. there’s a new update. You sit down at your holo-screen, and begin to read. He still hasn’t found the chemical that can help him return to his ordinary age, but last week there was a vital clue that seems to be leading up to a storyline involving it in some way, so there’s hope! Then again, that’s what they did in 2045, and that storyline ended with a dance party with rubber chickens. That storyline had some especially nice animation.
There’s a theme park.