detective conan 90s fashion au where the only way to hide from the well-dressed black organisation is for shinichi and shiho to wear clothing so terrible they’re physically undetectable beneath it

@blushingtheifkaito promised a shiho to go with this disgusting shinichi and i’m holding them to that


how can a wanted traitor of a huge, and fashionable, crime syndicate stay out of their clutches? awful, awful 90s fashion no one would expect model status shiho miyano and shinichi kudo to be caught dead in 

companion to @edorazzi ‘s incredible tie dye disaster shinichi ! i feel like i should apologize to shiho…


The Opening sequence for Detective Conan Episode One remake, with the french opening song ! :D The french version didn’t have the same length so I had to do a bit of cutting, but I hope you’ll like it, nonetheles. ^^

French: La séquence d’ouverture du remake du premier épisode de Détective Conan avec la chanson du générique français ! Comme les fichiers n’ont pas la même longueur, j’ai été contraint de faire des coupures grossières. J’espère que vous aimerez malgré tout. ^^

Detective Conan is property of Gosho Aoyama & Shogakukan

I Watched the Detective Conan Episode ONE remake

This remake has done something the franchise didn’t manage to do for a long time:


I’ll probably do a more in-depth appreciation of the 2-hours special but that was the best way to sum it up for now. ^^

Why Mika gotta look like he’s havin heart problems in official art

*clutches chest* oooh bOii

like especially with yuu 

Does yuu have special heart attack powers or

see he’s concentrating on mika’s heart with his powers

they are now in sync with their heart attack powers

conclusion??? Yuu has special heart attack powers

The year is 2076. Detective Conan is still going strong. The series now includes 92 films and over 10000 chapters of manga. there’s a new update. You sit down at your holo-screen, and begin to read. He still hasn’t found the chemical that can help him return to his ordinary age, but last week there was a vital clue that seems to be leading up to a storyline involving it in some way, so there’s hope! Then again, that’s what they did in 2045, and that storyline ended with a dance party with rubber chickens. That storyline had some especially nice animation.
There’s a theme park.