Overheard practically everywhere
  • Haibara:Kudo-kun! You should be careful, if somebody learn that you are high school detective, Kudo Shinichi, that was shrunken with APTX 4869, you will be in danger!!
  • Conan:Er.
  • Haibara:By the way, I made another test antidote for APTX 4869 that turned your body into child
  • Conan:Haibara.
  • Haibara:Yes, once-was-high school detective Kudo Shinichi that was shrunk down to a child body with APTX 4689?
  • Conan:I think we should talk about your ways of channeling information.

Why Mika gotta look like he’s havin heart problems in official art

*clutches chest* oooh bOii

like especially with yuu 

Does yuu have special heart attack powers or

see he’s concentrating on mika’s heart with his powers

they are now in sync with their heart attack powers

conclusion??? Yuu has special heart attack powers

The year is 2076. Detective Conan is still going strong. The series now includes 92 films and over 10000 chapters of manga. there’s a new update. You sit down at your holo-screen, and begin to read. He still hasn’t found the chemical that can help him return to his ordinary age, but last week there was a vital clue that seems to be leading up to a storyline involving it in some way, so there’s hope! Then again, that’s what they did in 2045, and that storyline ended with a dance party with rubber chickens. That storyline had some especially nice animation.
There’s a theme park.


「初心者コナン 」@negiryo_vine ぶっちー , ちえり , ちょふ(ねぎりょー。)

[Beginner Conan] (ねぎりょー。)