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  • Candy: Amber stole my money!
  • Castiel: Why are you saying that to me? Do I look like a Bank?!
  • Candy: Woa, today is so hot...
  • Castiel: Why are you saying that to me? Do I look like a fan?!
  • Candy: Man, I lost my pencil.
  • Castiel: Why are you saying that to me? Do I look like a Pencil Case?!
  • Candy: Ouch! Dammit! Just cut myself with paper!
  • Castiel: Why are you saying that to me? Do I look like a Nurse?!
  • Candy: Hey, wanna hang out?
  • Castiel: Why are you saying that to me? Do I look like a- wait.
  • Castiel: Wait.
  • Castiel: I am.
  • Castiel: I am your boyfriend.

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The raven-haired boy held his hands underneath the running faucet inside the corner store’s restroom. His t-shirt and jacket laid crumbled on the floor on top of his backpack that was leaning against the wall. He took the bar of soap and ran it under the water, rubbing it until suds began to form. Once the soap was foamy enough in his hands, he began to scrub his arms, up to his elbows and then to his armpits taking a little extra time there. He had deodorant and body spray tucked away in that backpack of his.

Jughead Jones was homeless. This little sink was going to be his bath for right now. At least he didn’t have school the next day, but he didn’t want to walk around smelling like he walked out of a dumpster. He would shower at the school, but since it was Saturday morning and they were having some sort of sports game, he knew it would be too risky. Once his body seemed to be covered in soap, he took some water into his palms and began to rinse it off. He slipped off his beanie, tucking it into his back pocket and then used the soap bar to rinse his hair. He took the towel he had lifted from the locker rooms at school and began to dry himself off.

The situation he was in sucked. It was embarrassing but he had to make it work. He didn’t have much money on him and his dad would barely offer anything to him. Maybe he would offer one or two words of encouragement, but words can’t buy food or clothes. He grabbed the deodorant from his bag and rubbed it onto his armpits. Taking a quick sniff of himself, he nodded in approval. Jughead got changed, packing up his bath supplies and slipped out the beanie from his back pocket. He adjusted it onto his head and draped the backpack over his shoulders. Walking out of the bathroom, he snatched a few candy bars and went to the counter. The clerk looked at Jughead and then started to scan the bars. Jughead hadn’t noticed the droplets of water sliding down his face until they dripped onto the counter.

The teen paid for the bars and then walked out, unwrapping one of the chocolate bars. He took a bite from it and then started down the sidewalk. He munched away and surveying the neighborhood. Inside the teen’s mind was his plot about where he was going to sleep. Which house was empty or had a for sale sign? It wasn’t going to take long to figure out how to shimmy through a window or unlock the door. However, he did have to watch out for those alarms. The last time he pried open a window, a loud beeping started and dogs in the neighborhood started to bark. Before he could close the window, he took off running in the opposite direction. He managed to find an empty warehouse and sought shelter until the cops passed, but then he ended up falling asleep.

All that remained of the candy was its wrapper. He headed to the nearby park, tossed the wrapper into the trash can and went to sit down at a picnic table. He set his bag down and exhaled. The silence broke when he heard his nickname. The boy turned his head in the direction and saw his friend, Betty approaching him with a cute smile on her lips.

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Learning To Let You Go | Young Sirius Black X Muggle!Reader

English isn’t my first language, so please excuse any mistakes.

A/N: This was supposed to be a fluff, but my mind suggested something a little more sad, then here it is.

Characters: Sirius/fem!reader, James. Remus, Peter and Bellatrix are mentioned.

Warnings: Mentions of death.

(E/C) stand for “Eye color” /(M/N) stand for “Mother’s name”/(F/N) stand for “Father’s name”/(L/B/N) stand for “Little brother’s name”/(H/C) stand for “Hair color”.

Word Count: 3623 words.


He walked through the soft grass, a serious expression on his face and delicate flowers in his hand. The day was fairly beautiful, the sun was shining, but not so much; a light breeze was blowing, but for a moment it made dust fly into his eyes.

It could be a fairly beautiful day for everyone, but not for him.

His eyes moved from one vinyl cover to another. He had never actually heard any of those bands, but the photos looked cool. Sirius stopped in front of one of the vinyls and took it in his hand, analyzing it, the cover had a large mausoleum in the middle with a skull on top and two silhouettes on the bottom, one female and the other difficult to identify. Nice.

Ever since Sirius had left his home to live with the Potters, he’d take some time off from time to time to take a walk in the Muggle world. And that time, his walk had led him to a small vinyl shop, which was hardly noticeable as someone passed in front of it on the street.

Sirius felt he was being watched, lifting his gaze from the vinyl he held to the girl sitting behind the counter, a shy smile gracing her face as her (E/C) eyes stared at him. She looked quickly down at the newspaper she was reading when she noticed he’d caught her staring. Sirius smirked a little, continuing to walk through the rows of vinyls there, but his gaze never really leaving the girl.

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It’s someone we know

The more I think about it, the more uncomfortable I get but then it seems like the only reasonable alternative.

The person who’s sending Iris threats is someone we know.

It just has to be.

It’s someone who’s close enough to her to know a deeply hidden secret (supposedly the secret they’re blackmailing her about. But who knows if there’s even a secret. Maybe it’s just bullying for the sake of it who knows) It’s also someone who’s geographically close enough to her to know if she is or isn’t actually putting to action all the ultimatums he/she’s been sending her- aka that creepy standing alone on a deserted street thingy, getting bad grades, etc…

So it has to be someone who’s always around. It has to be someone we know.

And that’s just plain terrifying.

The psychology of the character behind the threats is also deeply alarming and makes me even the more uncomfortable. Because this person isn’t getting anything from threatening Iris.  They’re not asking for money, nor are they asking for favors. All they’re getting from it is the pleasure of savoring Iris’ fear.

But I can’t imagine anyone around us who would be prompt to that kind of behavior. Who in our entourage is that twisted.

Some people are out of question. The boys for one. Violette, Priya, Rosalya, Alexy, : the gang obviously. Capucine too.

It doesn’t seem like something the pest trio would do either. They’d be more of the type to confront you directly rather than hide behind anonymous messages. Also Amber doesn’t mind Iris.

Melody floated on my mind a little, I’m not gonna lie. Because she seemed almost as eager as Iris to get the phone back but then again maybe I’m just being paranoiac. Also it probably wouldn’t make much sense since Iris has been receiving loads of messages as we were at her house and the girls were searching together so I had to erase that from my mind.

Peggy and Kim were the only one not at the party but I will fight anyone who’d tell me one of them did it.

But who is it then?? It has to be someone we’re at least acquainted to.

In any case I hope that Candy would do the mature thing - and as much as her investigation with the gang can be pretty “fun” in a way as it’s pretty thriller-like - I hope that she gets the adults involved for once. Tell Iris’ mom who deeply cares about her daughter’s well being. Show the police the messages and they’ll most likely be able to trace it back to the bully.

Most of all I hope Iris will be okay.

I know very long post sorry about that. but please if you managed to read all of this, do not hesitate to reply with an even longer post telling me what you thing about this situation