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Richie is really big on showing affection towards Eddie. He loves kissing his temple and holding his hand and having Eddie sit in his lap so he can wrap his arms around him. He loves telling Eddie how cute he is or how much he likes his outfit or his cute little nose or his eyes. He’ll kiss the back of Eddie’s neck or rest his chin on Eddie’s shoulder or head. Eddie was a little nervous about it at first but now he eats it up. He loves all the attention.

Eddie shows his affection in more subtle ways. He’ll run his hands through Richie’s hair whe he’s perched on the boys lap, he’ll adjust his shirt or shirt collar, he’ll play with Richie’s fingers when they hold hands, he’ll carry things like a spare pair of glasses for Richie or a bag of skittles (Richie’s favorite candy) in case his boyfriend ever craves them or is sad and needs something to cheer him up. Mostly Eddie just likes to be close to Richie, most commonly in his lap or nestled into his side with Richie’s arm around him.

They show their love for each other in different ways but they both adore each other equally.

Trunk Or Treat: The Bullshittest Halloween Event And Why You Should Avoid It

Every year as halloween draws closer, churches start handing out those fucking flyers for their bullshit ass ‘Trunk or Treat’ event, where the church members all line their cars up in a circle in the parking lot and you take your child on a quick 15 minute circuit of the cars, where they get like 3 bits of candy from each trunk and then go home. No one really likes it and it’s a ritual done out of fear and sheeplike cowardice born of the often circulated lie that for some reason on one night a year your neighbors turn into bloodthirsty assholes intent on drugging, poisoning and cutting your children. 

Heres a list of reasons why to avoid Trunk Or Treat.

1) It’s Not Safer

If your neighbors are gonna go nuts and try to kill your kids on Devils Night, why the fuck would being in a church lot change that? It wouldn’t is the answer you’re looking for.

2) Your Fears Are Bullshit

No child in the history of ever has ever been given poison or drugs on Halloween by a stranger. Not ever. 100% of poisoned/drugged candy cases were done by the parents. You are more of a danger to your kid on Halloween than Mr. Connors  down the street. 

3) Trunk Or Treat Is No Fun For Anyone

With the restricted costume list stifling your kids creativity, the ridiculously low age limit for who can trick or treat and even lower for who can wear a costume, the quickness of the event, the planned route and the limited candy, Trunk Or Treat is incredibly boring for the kids and even more boring for the adults, it feels mechanical and stupid. 

4) The Religious Aspect

Halloween is a time for fun, not a 20 minute dusty sermon about respecting Jesus and rejecting the Devil followed by a 20 minute rabbit-on-a-track walk around to peoples sparsely decorated shitty hatchback mom cars, listening to each of them say “god bless” and being made to thank them for each measly roll of sweet tarts. 

5) Costume Restrictions

You are crushing your childs spirit each time they get hyped to be Hellboy or a Vampire or an Imp for Halloween opnly to be told “You can’t wear that Demonic™ and UnGodly™ costume here.” You’re also making your older children, who are often barred from costumes at all, resent you, and trust me, they will carry that hate forever, DAD.

6) Its Too Quick

Half the fun of Halloween is not getting home until 9, its dark and spooky out and you have a bag full of candy and a pumpkin with a face on it, it’s little kid heaven. Unless of course you’re a shithead who took their kids Trunk Or Treating at 5 in the goddamn afternoon, starting and finishing well before sundown, in which case its just a church trip with shit candy at the end, and a lasting resentment for Disney Channel shows that portray Halloween the way it should be. 

Anyway don’t take your kids Trunk Or Treating. 

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Hey You!

Yes you, over there! What do you know about diabetes?
No, it’s not being fat, and it’s actually more complicated than not eating sugar.
Well, since it seems most people don’t know that much about it, for World Diabetes Day, we’re gonna do a quick crash course.

There are two kinds of diabetes: Type 1 (formerly known as ‘Juvenile Diabetes’) and Type 2.

Type 2 is the more commonly known type. This can come about from flooding your body with more sugar than it can process. While many type 2 diabetics do have larger body types, they are not the only ones. Even if you are burning off the calories that you eat, your body still has to process the sugar you feed it, and while it you can’t get diabetes by eating healthy foods, nearly everything has sugar in it- bread, sauces, and even fruits and veggies all have sugar.

Type 1 is by far the lesser known of the two, for all that it is fairly common. No one knows exactly what contributes to Type 1, though there are many factors that are suspected to have a hand in it. Type 1 Diabetes is an irreversible autoimmune disease where your body’s immune system recognizes your body’s beta cells as foreign entities and destroys them. Beta cells are found in the pancreas and are responsible for producing insulin to break down sugar.

As of yet, there are no proven cures for Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetics sometimes can technically ignore their Diabetes without fatal consequences. However, this can lead to serious health issues, including loss of nerve function in the feet (hence all those commercials you see on tv), irritability, and general unhealthiness. Type 1 Diabetics cannot.

Living with Diabetes is manageable, but some days it can be tough. Some of the realities kinda suck. To list a few:
- giving yourself a shot every time you eat or else wearing a pump
- managing your numbers every day
- screwing up your numbers can mean anything from feeling dizzy to death depending on the situation
- needing to carry insulin and a kit everywhere
- needing to know the nutritional facts of everything you eat, or at least be able to make an accurate guess

So, in order to help your friends with Diabetes, here are some things you can do to help them out (A/N: many of these are geared more towards Type 1):
- do not tell them that they cannot eat sugar. Especially if they are full grown. They know their bodies and their limits, and it is insulting to insinuate otherwise. (Besides which, this is inherently untrue, otherwise they would all die as everything has sugar of some kind. Diabetics just need to dose themselves with insulin to eat it.)

- do not harass them about their kits. Yes, it looks like they are taking drugs. Yes, they’ve heard that joke about a million times. No, it is not funny or okay to inform teachers that they are taking drugs. That is discrimination and bullying, and nobody needs that.

- if somebody close to you has Diabetes, ask them to teach you how and when to use their glucagon pen just in case. Also, keep hard candies, juice boxes, or other fast-release sugar sources on hand.

- give them the recipes of the food you make them. This will make their lives so much easier. Homemade food is nearly impossible to measure accurately, especially without at least an ingredients list.

- provide protein (i.e. cheese, beef) with meals, as it is one of the few things Diabetics can eat without dosing (though, if it’s drowned in sauce, this is no longer true)

- give them prep time if you want to plan trips. Lantus (long term insulin used for sleeping) needs a fridge. Insulin kits and snacks must be packed.

- do not pull on their pumps. Pumps are attached to the body like IVs- under the skin. This hurts.

- be generally accepting of their dietary needs and do not get frustrated when accommodating them. Remember, this is their life every day, a bit of inconvenience for their sake can go a long way.

- do not call them fat, or shame them for their Diabetes.

- DO NOT provide people who ask for diet soda with regular soda.
This is not a joke.
I don’t care how you feel about dieting, Diabetes is often not a visible thing, and while diet soda is okay to drink without dosing, regular soda will throw your numbers out of whack in a dangerous way.

(Feel free to add more helpful tips to this post)



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fun fact: most cases of poisoned halloween candy were done by relatives or someone who knew the child. often a parent and also i can’t believe 90s era fake chainmail stories are still being passed around in 2017, when we all have a high speed internet connections and google right at our fingertips every second of the day