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Sherlock Subtext 101

In case you missed it – The shrine to Thatcher was given prominence in the middle of the room while the shrine to their son Charlie was over in the corner of the room, telling everyone these parents care more about their conservative values than their only son, making that son hide himself and die before he is ever able to come out, his parents none the wiser, never giving him the happy moment where he can come out to the father he loves and can have his love radiated back to him, that’s why there’s a rainbow prism in this shot as we play the loving scenario the boy hoped he could have but never got with his conservative father.

Biology resources: DNA/RNA 101

In case any of you Bio students out there are having trouble with this particular topic, I thought I’d share my favorite resources!

These r super awesome fun + free on youtube and you can literally pause and go back as much as you’d like. I’ve included just two lectures (yes, those are actual free MIT lectures) because I really love Eric and he explains things so well wow, but the other videos are shorter! xx

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ check my biology resources

Biology resources: mitosis 101

In case any of you Bio students is having trouble with this particular topic, here r some very well explained, fun & free videos on youtube going though all of these takes just an hour and you’ll be a pro at it. 

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ check my biology resources

First Time DM Tips

I recently accidentally deleted an ask from @hidnplainsight, but I believe the ask was regarding DMing for the first time, and perhaps doing a one-shot before launching a full campaign. Thinking on this, I decided to start a series of short “Tip” blurbs - in this case, DMing 101.

TIP 1: Starting out a new campaign is stressful for the new DM and seasoned DM alike, particularly if you are beginning with a new or mostly new group of people. Sometimes you aren’t entirely certain if the dynamic will mesh, or if everything will work out as planned. Because of this, starting your campaign with a “one-shot” is the perfect way to go. 

Create a short one to three session campaign for your new group (or as a new DM), and remember to keep it fairly simple. This is your chance to get used to using the stats of a new edition, or the mechanics of DMing in general. It’s also a good opportunity for your players to figure out how they interact with each other - and you. 

This one-shot should read like a novella - one or two plot twists, a couple of major encounters, and basic adventuring. Just remember that this is your chance to hash out details and get your footing, so think of it as a prequel.

If everything goes well, you can even start building your campaign off of this one-shot. Perhaps you can use the small story as a way of having brought your characters together, or as a way to set the main arc of the story in motion. Just keep in mind what many people forget - your one shot does not have to be completely separate of your upcoming campaign, should you decide to go through with said campaign. If any of your players want to change characters after the one shot, you may be able to incorporate their leaving (or death) into the story as well. 

Being a Dungeon Master can be nerve wracking, but it’s also a rewarding experience! Start simple and work your way up - and don’t forget to have fun!

TAB, a summary
  • Sherlock: I am a Sad Gay
  • John: fuck all this shit the public doesn't even know who I am without the mustache stupid fucki'g
  • Sherlock: :-(
  • John: oh, hey there *wiggly eyebrows* mate
  • Sherlock: :-)
  • Mary: hi
  • Sherlock : -(
  • Mycroft: I'm obese help
  • Sherlock: no
  • *present day*
  • Sherlock: *still a Sad Gay* I'm going to die once I get off this airplane. Oh, I'm going to miss John so much. Oh, johnjohnjohn drugsdrugsdrugs FUCK
  • Mycroft: I was there for you once, and I will be there for you again. I'm always there for you.
  • Mary: ....
  • Mary: *starts playing on phone*
  • John: *quietly seething with rage and sadness because the man he loves is an addict who will never love him back*
  • Sherlock: *crying internally with built up sadness because his brother that he is never nice to loves him so much, the wife of the man he loves is trying to help him with the case, and the man he loves can't even bring himself to say something to him because of the state he's in*

I’ll wait. In case you need me.