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My Top 3 pick: #3 Hanahreum Company, Kim Taemin (the meme prince)

(to his mom) “I’m sorry for whining, let’s walk in the flowery paths” by Kim Taemin - Fear

p/s: Have a speedy recovery and let’s meet in a better condition. Thank you for all the laughter you bring to us :)

Even Mnet likes Daniel and Woojin

I swear like the whole time Woojin was performing the camera always panels to Daniel lmao

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i just saw that zayn has a rodger tattoo!!!! who's rodger and who's running that twitter i mean to get that name tattooed on his body it means it's so fucking important but what is it what is this band why're they so shady i hate them

Not to be all conspiratorial, but this is looking pretty stunty. LOL

Initially, I did wonder why he was in a wheelchair as opposed to being on crutches. But I thought, all the better to avoid Gigi and the Met gala probably. However, it’s definitely easier to photograph the tats if the leg is relatively stationary. And why not even a soft cast or a brace? Those things might have obstructed the view or distracted the fandom, maybe?? Not to mention, he looks a little awk, probs because he’s trying not to let his other leg block the view of the tatted leg.

Is he confirming Rodger Malik as his alter-ego? Notice it’s next to The Hulk, alter-ego of Bruce Banner. Do we need to watch that twitter account? What is happening??

I also appreciate that he’s using an official narrative stunt to be shady. Those of us that pay attention know that Zayn has a long history of doing his best to swerve on fakelationship stuntin’. The frequently changing hair (making old saved up stunt photos useless), the addition of tatts (same logic), the mysterious MIA moments (like Jay’s wedding, which per the placecards was supposed to be a Zerrie stunt opportunity like it was for Elounor and Sophiam). He tries so hard, God love him.

The more I think about this latest incident, the more I think he’s rebelling again. I guess in time we’ll get some kind of confirmation as to whether or not that was staged as @rodgermalik promo…and a means to shift focus from Zigi stuntin’. Stay tuned.

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they're making dolls? where can I see them?

UPDATE: I’ll make an official post later, too, but if you are interested in the Jonghyun doll, please read and fill out this survey -> HERE

omg bud YES. They’re unfairly cute

Here’s the twitter for the Wartortle doll. Look at the concept art omg:

Link to the Minhyun doll. And what it will look like:

im dying

changes in heathers 101

in case u wanted to feel horribly depressed (then realise that it’s just a high school production and it Doesn’t Really Matter) here’s a link to a google doc I made with all most of the changes to the script in heathers 101.

also despite how shit it sounds, i’m still heathers 101-positive: I recognise that it’s a crappy high school version that is nowhere near as good as the original, yet I still see that it is a high school version. for high schools. written to be pg-13. yikes. chill u guys.

guys there are so many fanaccounts saying that sewoon is the leader and main vocal of playing with fire, he did really well with his adlibs and singing!! let’s hope mnet gives him the screentime he deserves :“)

edit: apparently sewoon was only leader and not main vocal? dongho was main vocal and the other members on his team were minki and daehwi. again these are only rumors since we don’t know for sure until the broadcast but from what i’ve seen he definitely sang playing with fire!

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Omg I can't believe they're making dolls, it's so cute TT TT this is a dumb question but is it paper dolls, plastics dolls, or plush kind? 😂😅

UPDATE: I’ll make an official post, too, but if anyone’s interested in the Jonghyun doll please read and fill out the survey -> HERE

It’s not a dumb question, buddy! They’re plush dolls! They come with clothes that you mix and match. The Wartortle one also comes with his Wartortle shell backpack. I sent a DM to the creator asking if I can open a USA group order so fingers crossed that I get an okay. 

Fans usually only make dolls when the fandom is big (because you need a high demand) so I’ve only seen EXO and BTS dolls (and other big fandoms) but now Nu’est is getting their own and I’m so happy ;__;

A bunch of other Produce 101 trainees are also getting dolls made. I’ve seen Hyungseob, Haknyeon, Jihoon, Minki, and Jaehwan doll concept art and I’m sure there will be more soon. 

This twitter RTs a bunch of fan goods but all are Korean so you have to wait for a GO to be made for your country or try to open your own. 

In the last teaser Daniel ranked 21st in Dancing (Out of 24).
ITS OKAY. His team has a lot of (popular) members, he probably got less votes than many members from other teams and consequently ranked last in his team (maybe the audience was salty af).
Well the only thing that truly affects me was that the evaluation happened right after his controversy. I hope Daniel does not let himself be too affected by this and keeps going strong.
What we truly have to wait for is the popularity ranking.

Let’s keep supporting Dan, and only write positive things.

Oh, let’s not blame Mnet on the next episode for evil editing because I think that’s not the case.

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what happen?

Samuel’s Chinese “fans” admitted that they bought Naver fancam views. This is why he has a lot of views but not a lot of likes and the fancam never trended much. Link to the tweet. This is really weird for a true fan to say, though, so it’s most likely an anti-fan posing as a fan?? iirc, I don’t think you can actually buy views. It still sucks for Samuel. He doesn’t need controversy right now. 

EDIT: Proven false omgf thank god

Biology resources: DNA/RNA 101

In case any of you Bio students out there are having trouble with this particular topic, I thought I’d share my favorite resources!

These r super awesome fun + free on youtube and you can literally pause and go back as much as you’d like. I’ve included just two lectures (yes, those are actual free MIT lectures) because I really love Eric and he explains things so well wow, but the other videos are shorter! xx

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ check my biology resources

Please Just Stay - Ha Sungwoon Requested Scenario


Genre: fluffle

Message?: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO __________________

Everything seemed dull these days with Sungwoon not around.

Obviously I was proud when he debuted, but it never went so well and he was always around.

That wasn’t the case with Produce 101. He was never here.


But today I was going to see him again.

As I walked into the Produce 101 dorm at 8:00am, I saw many other families.

Apparently, they were all sat in different rooms and we’d surprise them but now I was freaking out.

What if I make a fool of myself?! What if I fall over?! What if he doesn’t even react?!

“Mrs Noh!” I exclaimed, seeing Taehyun’s mum, recognising her from Hotshot’s debut party.

“Y/N!” she said. “Hello! How are you?!”

“I’m so nervous,” I said honestly, there were already cameras filming us and we weren’t even with the boys.

“You shouldn’t be nervous,” she said. “This will be one of the only chances you get to see him from now until the end of Produce 101, may as well embrace it.”

I nodded, thinking about her words.

“Families for Noh Taehyun and Ha Sungwoon?” someone asked.

Taehyun’s mum smiled at me and we walked towards the door.

“What relation are you?” a guard asked.



“Y/N Y/L/N.”

He nodded, letting me through and telling me to wait behind the red door.

Inside I heard the PD talking.

“Sungwoon, who do you want to see the most?” she asked.

“Y/N,” he answered, without hesitation.

“Why?” she asked.

“Because she’s done so much for me and I don’t do much for her and I haven’t seen her in ages even though she’s my girlfriend and I just want to see her,” he said, going on and on.

“Go,” someone who I didn’t even realise was behind me said.

I heard the PD whisper, “your welcome,” as I pulled the door handle down and walked in.

“Y/N!” Sungwoon screamed as he turned round, pulling me into the tightest hug I’ve ever felt.

“Y/N,” he said again, whispering this time. “I missed you so much, I’m so so so so so sorry.”

“For what?” I asked, tears stinging my eyes. “You’ve done nothing but make me so proud to be your girlfriend.”

Tears fell from his eyes and he released a sob before I reached up to kiss his nose.

“Don’t cry,” I chuckled, wiping his tears away as some fell from my own eyes.

“I just don’t want to let you down like I did with Hotshot,” he said, sniffling. “You wanted to tell everyone you had an idol boyfriend but no one knew who I was.”

“Sungwoon,” I cried. “I’m just proud to tell people that I have a boyfriend and that you are my boyfriend! I don’t care whether your an idol or not!”

Then continued by whispering, “I just want you to be happy and healthy and I think achieving your dream will do that.”

He nodded, “thank you.”

He pulled me into another hug, tears falling onto my head as he kissed my forehead over and over again.

We heard Taehyun shout with tears from the room next to us and both laughed.

“I love you so much,” I whispered. “Make the top 11, yeah?”

Sungwoon nodded, “but, is that it?”

I looked at the PD and she nodded sadly, “you have until everyone’s seen their relatives.”

More tears fell from Sungwoon’s eyes as she said this.

“Luckily, thats still about 40 turns away,” she whispered.

“Thank you so much,” Sungwoon said to the PD.

“Do you think they’d mind if I stole you for the rest of Produce 101?” he asked. “You can just stay in my bed and I’ll bring you food.”

I laughed, “sounds like a great idea.”

He looked at me with teary eyes, “please just stay.”

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Hi I heard memes~ rubs my leg on you. Do whatever numbers you want 😘

//You heard correctly! We got memes here, there, and everywhere! You’re looking at one right now!

1) How did they meet?

It was at the introduction of the third smash tournament where the two met, with Link being one of the newcomers. Ness is a social butterfly who is naturally quite talkative and interested in meeting him, Link included. At first it was difficult due to Link’s language barrier making him not want to talk a whole lot, but eventually he opens up to Ness and the others to become good friends.

2) Who confessed to who first?

Link is the most oblivious blockhead on the planet about this sort of thing (I wonder who would be more oblivious: Lucas or Link?), so despite how long it takes for Ness to confess, he won’t have to worry about rushing it.

3) Who said “I love you” first?

Link said it first, but he said it in Hylian. When Ness asked him what he said, he was nervous in giving a translation.

4) Who is the better kisser?

Ness, but Link gets to his level in due time.

5) Who is the big spoon? Who is the little spoon?

Ness is the big spoon, and for once this applies to both size and position. How Ness became the tall one in a relationship is a mystery to me too.

6) What nicknames do they have for each other?

“Lonk” and “Nuss” cause they’re huge dorks like that.

7) Who talks about having children / adopting children?

Ness would be the one to bring up adoption fast, I think. He wants to be a dad and have a family.

8) Which one kills the spiders?

Link is a fierce warrior whose sword has felled many beasts, spiders included. Ness will take care of ones on the ceiling and in higher up places, since they don’t need another hole in the wall courtesy of Link’s hookshot.

9) Which one nags the other about washing their hands better?

…I can’t imagine either of them nagging the other about dirty hands. As long as nothing is extremely filthy, the hand is fine.

10) Which one changes the light bulbs?

Ness, cause Link doesn’t even know what a light bulb is.

11) Which one will carry a ton of heavy objects in single trip while the other one tells them that it’s okay to take multiple trips?

Ness is insistent on carrying everything, and Link will let him unless he sees Ness obviously struggling. Otherwise Ness makes a great pack mule for carrying all of Link’s shopping bags.

12) Who cries more when watching a sad movie?

Ness edges out Link on this one, but only slightly. They’ll both be crying by the end, just Ness a little more.

13) Which one does the cooking more often?

I have no clue how well Link can cook. Since Ness definitely can’t cook, one of them better learn if they don’t want to only eat what they can buy at a store

14) Which one will respond to the other’s texts with memes?

Link adapts to meme technology surprisingly quickly and is thus able to outmeme Ness once he gets a handle on some English slang.

15) Which one is more competitive at video games?

Link beats Ness when it comes to competition, but Ness has the advantage when it comes to actually knowing what a video game is. The win/loss ratio is surprisingly even.

16) Which one is more affectionate in public?

I can see them both being equally affectionate. They’re such dorks who love each other so much they don’t care who sees.

17) Who initiates the tickle fights?

Link will initiate the random ones, while Ness is more likely to initiate ones out of revenge for something silly Link says.

18) Which one likes to cuddle when sleeping?

Link likes cuddling his big warm pillow of a boyfriend. He’s quite soft.

I Don’t Understand That Reference

Characters: CastielXReader, Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester

Word count: 1315

Summary: AU* – Y/N is a solo hunter rescued by the Winchester brothers and now living with them at the bunker. Working an intriguing case, her relationship with the fallen angel Castiel blossoms into something more than friendship - but is their love strong enough to survive the next apocalypse? AU note* - Cas has never been human in this universe. Fluff except for chapter 7 which is pure smut and can be skipped without losing anything of the plot.

Chapter 1

“Hey, I think we have a case,” pushing back from the laptop, Sam wearily rubbed his face, “heh, actually two.”

“When it rains it pours,” you leaned back from the Enochian text you were hunched over, craning your neck sideways in a long overdue stretch, “whatcha got?”

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