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My Top 3 pick: #3 Hanahreum Company, Kim Taemin (the meme prince)

(to his mom) “I’m sorry for whining, let’s walk in the flowery paths” by Kim Taemin - Fear

p/s: Have a speedy recovery and let’s meet in a better condition. Thank you for all the laughter you bring to us :)

Even Mnet likes Daniel and Woojin

I swear like the whole time Woojin was performing the camera always panels to Daniel lmao

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i just saw that zayn has a rodger tattoo!!!! who's rodger and who's running that twitter i mean to get that name tattooed on his body it means it's so fucking important but what is it what is this band why're they so shady i hate them

Not to be all conspiratorial, but this is looking pretty stunty. LOL

Initially, I did wonder why he was in a wheelchair as opposed to being on crutches. But I thought, all the better to avoid Gigi and the Met gala probably. However, it’s definitely easier to photograph the tats if the leg is relatively stationary. And why not even a soft cast or a brace? Those things might have obstructed the view or distracted the fandom, maybe?? Not to mention, he looks a little awk, probs because he’s trying not to let his other leg block the view of the tatted leg.

Is he confirming Rodger Malik as his alter-ego? Notice it’s next to The Hulk, alter-ego of Bruce Banner. Do we need to watch that twitter account? What is happening??

I also appreciate that he’s using an official narrative stunt to be shady. Those of us that pay attention know that Zayn has a long history of doing his best to swerve on fakelationship stuntin’. The frequently changing hair (making old saved up stunt photos useless), the addition of tatts (same logic), the mysterious MIA moments (like Jay’s wedding, which per the placecards was supposed to be a Zerrie stunt opportunity like it was for Elounor and Sophiam). He tries so hard, God love him.

The more I think about this latest incident, the more I think he’s rebelling again. I guess in time we’ll get some kind of confirmation as to whether or not that was staged as @rodgermalik promo…and a means to shift focus from Zigi stuntin’. Stay tuned.

pick up line series! woojin

author’s note! wowowow as a newbie, i didn’t expect a number of likes so quickly and it honestly means a lot to me so thank you for those who are liking my content - you make my heart all fluffy ;;

so i actually have plot prompts for the rest of the wanna one members regarding this series but i will have to venture away from this every now and then simply because i don’t want to bombard you nor bore you with it. so this might be the last one i’ll make for now but i will continue with the series if you wish and please let me know which member you want next :’)) thank you again for all the likes and reblogs < 33 

member: park woojin 
genres: high school!au, fluff, romance
pick up line series: yoon jisung | ong seongwoo | park woojin | more soon(?)

the ideal student and perfect role model yet still relatable and ever-so friendly, you were produce high’s girl-next-door for a reason; your million dollar smile matched your down-to-earth and sweet personality that the teachers love you, the seniors adore you and the juniors look up to you. 

there was never a bad remark about you but even so, he remained in doubt. he disregarded his friends and their words on how he would be swept off his feet once he crosses paths with you, as he would always reply with the same words: “well, i’ll just have to see it to believe it.” 

it wasn’t until the start of the school year when everything changed; the teacher assigned him to sit right next to you and the very moment he sat down was when he saw you send a smile that caught him off guard and caused his heart to palpitate. “park woojin,” his heart did a double take as his name smoothly rolled off your tongue, “nice to meet you, seat mate. the name’s y/n, hopefully we get along well!”

“y-yeah.” he stuttered a reply, discretely making his tie loose whilst he wondered why the room got hot all of a sudden. 

sitting next to you causes him to silently curse his friends on a daily basis for being right; you truly had a magnetic charm that drew him in as he sat next to you day by day and every moment he shared with you allowed your friendship to bloom. eventually, he started falling for you.

hence here you guys were; a few metres away from each other as you were walking to your home and him following suit. feeling a presence, you turn only to come to a flustered woojin as he sees your wide grin, “oh! park woojin!” you call out to him, waving as he lightly jogs over to you. 

you both walk side by side in comforting silence which is broken by your curiosity, “i didn’t know you lived around here. we could have been travel buddies since i’m always by myself.” you state as you nudge him lightly. 

woojin looks straight ahead with his hands shoved in his pockets, “i don’t, actually.” he confesses as he halts his tracks causing you to do the same as you let out a sound of confusion. 

he then remembers the conversation he once had with you regarding one another’s dreams and passions and out of a spontaneous confidence, woojin looks at you straight in the eye; his stare completely melting you and the next few words you hear escape from his lips makes your knees close to giving way.

“but my mom always told me to follow my dreams.”  

despite the dark shade of red creeping up your cheeks, you let out a soft laugh at how cheesy (yet effective) his words were, “well, your mom’s right. follow your dreams and those dreams in return might come true.” you shyly say to him. 

woojin’s eyes widen as he tries to say a word yet only to return into a fumbling, stuttering mess and immediately stops to admire the sweet smile you send to him as you tiptoe to ruffle his hair the same way he constantly does to you whenever he finds you cute (which is like every second of the day), freezing him in his spot. “see you tomorrow, park woojin. get home safely.” 

woojin, still in his spot, watches your figure disappear into the distance. he stands there for another minute, “wasn’t it suppose to be the other way around…? she should be standing here and i should have been the one to ruffle her hair and coolly walk away.” he says to no one in particular before burying his face into his hands, “i shouldn’t have listened to jisung hyung and his kdrama ideas.” 

yet a wide smile paints his face - his snaggletooth appearing as he recalls your words in his head while he begins to walk to the opposite direction, the smile plastered on his face becoming bigger and brighter. 

“i have a chance.” 

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I find it funny how Jaehwan's other name is Mario but the other team he was up against for Sorry Sorry was named "Super Mario" 😂 bc it sounds like he was competing against himself in a way

Okay.. listen… ever since Jaehwan’s Mario name came to light, I’ve been doing some deep thinking and I’m convinced the show has shown a repeated leitmotif regarding Jaehwan. Strap yourselves in lads (and lasses, and everyone in between), we’re gonna don our tin foil hats and delve into what I’m calling… The Mario Conspiracy. 

Our story begins in Episode 4 with the creation of the oft forgotten, but just as talented Sorry Sorry Team 1 which consisted of Kim Namhyung, Jo Yonggeun, Kwon Hyeop, Choi Dongha, Yoo Seonho, and Ha Minho. 6 members. Remember that number. They decided to name their team Super Mario as a (cute) play on the name Super Junior. But wait, let’s expand on this. Why did they chose Mario? Sure, we can say they chose it because it’s a popular video game character with the word Super in it- but they could have gone with Super Saiyan or the word Superhero. Why Mario? 

Let’s fast forward to the training scenes of Sorry Sorry Team 2 (or Mianhaeng)- in one scene where Ong is being his usual funny self with the rest of the team, who do we see sitting by the wall watching? 

That’s right- sitting between Jaehwan and Hyunbin is Seonho. What if I told you, Seonho learned Jaehwan’s English name when both groups trained in the same room. Very likely given Seonho’s irresistible cuteness that makes you want to give him the world (source: me). My theory is that Seonho learned Jaehwan’s name and then told his team about it so they named their team Super Mario as a playful jab at Jaewhan (the true Mario) implying that Seonho’s team is better (the super version of Jaewhan). But is this jab really playful?

Now, you might be thinking I’m insane and you’re probably right lbr. But now let’s look at something else. Guanlin’s lyrics in his Fear rap included the part “I’m not a character like Mario, I’m just me”. There it is again, “Mario”. We know Guanlin and Seonho are close so it’s feasible that Seonho told Guanlin about Jaehwan’s name and Guanlin - who we know is self aware- decided to incorporate that into his rap. Let’s break down the lyrics. “I’m not a character”- this is fascinating because it implies that Guanlin has seen through Jaehwan’s facade of being reasonable and practical- lest we forget, he face palmed at the thought of training with Hyunbin for Dounpour. He could have left it at that, but no, Guanlin furthers the allusion to Jaehwan with the words “like Mario”. But why did he choose Mario? Could it be that Seonho had figured out Jaehwan’s true personality (crazy) and told Guanlin about it? Or is Guanlin using Mario to allude to something bigger than this. Perhaps by “Mario” Guanlin was showing us yet again that he is self-aware. He’s not “Mario”- and the only Mario on the show is Jaehwan- so Guanlin is saying he’s not Jaehwan. Jaehwan is a great vocalist so Guanlin is implying that he knows he’s (Guanlin) not a great vocalist. By using the “Mario” nod, he’s telling the audience that he recognizes that he doesn’t have the same level of talent as Jaehwan. Then he continues “I’m just me” meaning he’s just himself, just doing his best. 

There it is. Beautiful world play with hidden allusions. Guanlin has been a true master of prose this entire time and he did it while also calling out Jaehwan for acting so sensible when he’s really hiding an inner crazy person which the audience only learned later during the lipstick cut. But why did he even call out Jaehwan in the first place by calling out his facade as a “character”? Perhaps Jaehwan is the main character of Mnets story. Perhaps Mnet has been pushing Jaehwan this entire time and Guanlin knew this so we was trying to discretely tell the audience by using Jaehwan’s other name. 

Now what about Seonho? His name has 6 letters, his team had 6 members, but why is this important? Let’s look at Jaehwan’s name- 6 letters that we can hear (the h is silent). H is also the 8th letter of the alphabet, which is 1 more letter than Jaehwan’s name and 2 more letters than Seonho’s name. 1 + 2 is 3. If we add the silent H back to that count we get 4. Jaehwan’s final rank.

There you go. Mnet knew Jaehwan’s rank from the start and the cube trainees were trying their hardest to reveal this to the audience. That’s why Sorry Sorry Team 1 called themsleves Super Mario. That’s why Guanlin called out Jaehwan in his rap. Did Mnet know they were up to this? Sources (i.e. me) say yes. This is the true reason Guanlin’s rank fell. Mnet has been in cahoots with Jaehwan this entire time. 

[this is where the X files theme would play if this was a crappily edited youtube video and not just crappy writing]

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they're making dolls? where can I see them?

UPDATE: I’ll make an official post later, too, but if you are interested in the Jonghyun doll, please read and fill out this survey -> HERE

omg bud YES. They’re unfairly cute

Here’s the twitter for the Wartortle doll. Look at the concept art omg:

Link to the Minhyun doll. And what it will look like:

im dying

changes in heathers 101

in case u wanted to feel horribly depressed (then realise that it’s just a high school production and it Doesn’t Really Matter) here’s a link to a google doc I made with all most of the changes to the script in heathers 101.

also despite how shit it sounds, i’m still heathers 101-positive: I recognise that it’s a crappy high school version that is nowhere near as good as the original, yet I still see that it is a high school version. for high schools. written to be pg-13. yikes. chill u guys.

Vanilla Cream

Street racers!AU

warnings: strong language, Justin’s younger than the main character (for the noonas. Just a year or two), standalone (not related to the Wanna One’s stories), just a break for now, fluffy, don’t expect it to be the best (I’m so sorry) to the anon who requested for one it feels so rushed. 

Running–you kept rushing towards the vehicle your best friend was occupying; however, someone held you back which prevented you from moving towards the burning automobile. You shouted at the top your lungs while struggling out of the person’s grasp when the car blew up. You cried, “No, stop fucking holding me!”

Two months passed after the burial, you attended classes regularly again. A boy glanced your way for a second before turning back to his phone when you looked up. You shifted around your seat, leaning your head against the window of the train. Soon, you drifted into a light nap after you saw the automatic switch of the streetlights. The same boy observed your sleeping demeanor from where he stood; taking in your features and the uniform you were wearing.

You awoke to the sound coming from the train, the announcer said, “Prince Will Station.”

Swinging your bag over your shoulder, you pulled yourself of the seat before heading towards the doors. The male stood beside you as he waited for the doors to open. Once they did, the both of you simultaneously left the vehicle. However, you didn’t notice his presence behind you.

You strolled down the sidewalk, quietly taking in the scenery before you. You passed by a few blocks before you reached Oregan Street, thus you ended up in front of your porch. You let out a breath when you stopped in front of the apartment complex. After you got in the studio, you set your bag inside the living room before heading towards the kitchen to heat the leftovers.

Once you took out the food, you pulled the note from the refrigerator door and read it softly, “I’ll be back around two in the morning. Feed the pets for me.”

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Biology resources: DNA/RNA 101

In case any of you Bio students out there are having trouble with this particular topic, I thought I’d share my favorite resources!

These r super awesome fun + free on youtube and you can literally pause and go back as much as you’d like. I’ve included just two lectures (yes, those are actual free MIT lectures) because I really love Eric and he explains things so well wow, but the other videos are shorter! xx

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ check my biology resources