So we get asked about a lot of stuff.

But nothing.. I mean nothing… more than this.

You all missed skills… we know.  So did we.  You know what else we missed?  Perks.  You too? 

Well….   we have got news for you!  shad0wshayd3 has been hard at work on a major project.  We’ve kept it close to the vest for now, but here it is, dressed up in a sexy new UI by master of the UI Neanka.

Aw yeah!

Oh, and since I know you’ll ask… and shad0wshayd3 is planning to release a version of this for use in FO4 outside Cascadia, too!

(note: requires F4SE)

Remember back when you could have more than four dialogue options?

Pepperidge Farms remembers.  And so does the Cascadia team.  We liked it.  We liked it a lot.  People have been trying to figure out a way around it since day one.
Well friends… take a look what we did!
I think we can officially declare Cascadia team member Neanka a genius for figuring this out.