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I was reading your headcanons for Hikaku and. Mito and Hikaku? She may have married Hashirama, but come on. A Sensible Being. From the Uchiha clan? What god sent this gift? Hashirama didn't realize the only reason he made peace with the Uchiha was because Mito married them to Hikaku.

Omg I LOVE this. Have some ridiculousness, I couldn’t resist. 

“He’s pretty, isn’t he?” Mito asks thoughtfully, eyeing the Uchiha currently arguing—more or less politely—with Izuna. Hashirama caught enough of their conversation earlier to know that Hikaku is the main reason Izuna even agreed to peace talks, though those talks look like they’re going to go up in smoke if something doesn’t change drastically.

Hashirama blinks at his wife, then glances back at Hikaku, wondering if this is one of those things established couples are supposed to do. Looking at other people is healthy, right? And Hikaku is definitely worth looking at—all the Uchiha are pretty, but Hikaku has finer bones than most of them, and the high ponytail emphasizes the delicate angles of his face. Hashirama caught a glimpse of him smiling at his younger cousin earlier—the cousin who then attached himself to a bewildered Tobirama and refused to be shaken loose—and he was lovely indeed.

“Very,” he agrees, offering Mito a smile, happy to make her happy.

“Hmm,” Mito offers thoughtfully, and snaps her fan shut. She glides away with the poise of a queen, cutting right through the Uchihas’ argument and somehow coming out on the other side with Hikaku on one arm and Izuna gaping behind them. Hikaku doesn’t look like he has any clue how it happened, either, but when Mito turns her empress smile on him he flushes and doesn’t try to pull away.

Hashirama might have looked deeper into it, because it’s Mito and she never does anything without a reason, but that’s the moment Madara and Tobirama get into another hair-pulling match and he has to bolt over and break them up. Wrangling them back to their respective corners pushes the matter entirely out of mind, and Hashirama forgets all about it.

It stays forgotten right up until he steps into their bedroom that night and finds Hikaku tied to the headboard with Mito perched on the mattress beside him, smiling like a tigress.

“Oh,” Hashirama says dumbly, and then “Oh,” as the pieces connect, because he might not have his wife’s mind for politics but he’s gotten a lot better at reading through the layers in each of her actions, and this one is clear. He chuckles, leaning over to kiss her gently, and then offers Hikaku a warm smile. “Hello. Just her, or both of us?”

Hikaku goes crimson, stutters, and then groans in clear mortification and closes his eyes, tipping his head back against the pillows. “Both of you,” he manages, almost a squeak.

“This is a test run,” Mito says cheerfully, and stands up to drop her robe to the floor. Hashirama watches her with admiration and no little hunger, because Mito is the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and so devastatingly brilliant he can barely breathe when he looks at her sometimes.

From the sound Hikaku makes, he entirely agrees.

Mito laughs, leaning in to kiss Hashirama teasingly before she bends to offer Hikaku the same. Hashirama watches them, feeling the heat crawl through his blood and curl up his spine, and then prompts, “Test run?”

“Mmm.” Mito leans forward, the cascade of her scarlet hair tumbling free of its buns, and sprawls on the far side of Hikaku, sliding a possessive hand down his bare chest as she gives Hashirama a wicked smile. “If we all have fun and there are no objections, I can have a wedding scheduled within the week.”

His wife is an evil mastermind, Hashirama thinks fondly. He’s so glad she’s on his side, though he does feel a bit of pity for Madara, who keeps trying to oppose her. Leaning forward, he unknots the ropes holding Hikaku, and at Mito’s pout reminds her gently, “Bondage on the second date, Mito. Let’s see how he is with his hands this time.”

One of the hands in question slides up Hashirama’s shoulder, tentative but determined, and curls around the back of his neck. Hikaku puts just enough pressure behind the gesture to make it a question, and Hashirama goes gladly, kissing him thoroughly.

“I’m very good with them,” Hikaku promises, faintly breathless, when they separate, and his eyes are crimson and black in the low light of the bedroom.

Mito chuckles, looping an arm through Hashirama’s to pull him close. “Prove it,” she challenges, and tumbles Hashirama onto the bed with them.

(It’s a good night, and the look on Madara’s face the next morning when he bursts in to complain about Tobirama is very nearly better.)

So this is another Gambit fic because I promised my darling Simone that I would write her another one and until now I have not kept that promise. (For those of you uninformed as to the identity of Simone, please read the previous Gambit story, Play The Game, and/or the Steve Rogers Emoticons one-shot). Enjoy, my darlings!

“Neighbourhood Watch”

You were soaring through the air, pirouetting between, and stroking, the marshmallow clouds. The blazing sun watched over you and brushed your skin, giving it an auburn glow. Spinning, you dove beneath a blanket of cotton wool as a sound ricocheted in your ear. Tap. For such a small sound, it seemed to echo in your head so you paused, floating in mid-air, and looked around. Nothing. The clouds were pink and fluffy but you still could not see the source of the sound. Tap. You turned to the side, spinning around completely. Still, nothing.


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Love is hard - chapter four

Pairing: Madison Joseph x reader (friends), Josh Dun x reader (friends, lovers?), Tyler Joseph x reader (friends), Jenna Joseph x reader (friends), other Joseph and Dun family members

Plot: You take a leap year abroad, where you meet Madison Joseph. You become best friends and move in with her family. You meet her brother Tyler and his best friend Josh, who you have a crush on. Will Josh and you become more than friends?

This chapter: You finally get some alone time with Josh. Will something good happen?

Warnings: None

Word count: about 2200

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/n: Happy new year everyone! I’ve been sick the past few days, so it took a bit longer to get this one up. I hope you enjoy it!

“Her brother?” You asked, confused. “Yes, don’t tell me they didn’t even tell you!? Ashley is Josh’s sister. Who do you think she was?” Jenna looked at you with a knowing smirk on her face. “I honestly didn’t give it much thought. I assumed they were old friends or something.” You lied. “Sure. I’m not saying you even want to know, but I’m just putting it out there; as far as Tyler and I know, Josh is still very much single. Anyway, I think it’s about time to get to bed. Sleep tight and see you tomorrow.” Jenna hugged you and went upstairs. You entered the guest bedroom, quickly undressing and jumping in bed, accidentally waking up Madison. “What are you smiling about? Are you drunk?” You heard her sleepy voice. “I’m not smiling that much. Nothings up. Go back to sleep.” You answered her, trying not to smile so widely. Lying in bed, you attempted to sleep, but once again were preoccupied with thoughts about Josh. Just because he is single, does not mean you stand a chance you tried to convince yourself.

You sat down in the kitchen, thinking about your plan for the day. You had breakfast with Jenna and Madison and when Tyler got home Madison and you went home. Some of Madison’s friends, who you met at the state fair, invited you both to a Cleveland Brown’s game. But since you didn’t really enjoy football and you had a bit of a hangover from the night before, you decided to stay at home. After assuring Madison you were alright staying home alone, she got ready and left, leaving early to drive to Cleveland with the group. I should probably assemble my wardrobe.

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Could Have/Should Have

oh hai, moar rebelcaptain cause i’m obsessed. this one is 100% fluff and tropey cause i’ve had a rough week OKKK?? :) that being said this is not my strong suit but I tried!!

summary: Cassian has patched Jyn up before on missions, but this particular time around things are different.

word count: 1138 pairing: Cassian Andor/Jyn Erso ao3 link: here

tags: fluff, hurt/comfort, hurt Jyn Erso, Cassian plays medic, established relationship, sorta hairplay, passing mention of needles/broken bones (nothing graphic)

Jyn was anything but the perfect patient, reluctant and angry to be tended to. Cassian had expected this, of course, making sure to sit her against the wall of their ship, giving him at least some control over her outbursts.

He’d patched her up from far worse injuries than this, but something about this was — different.

She wasn’t hiding her pain. That, or he was just getting better at seeing through her.

And now her right palm was in his, the left in a tight fist at her side.

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◣◣The creature opened his head massive maw, top jaw unhinging and cascading forward. His mouth opened wide in a long yawn, closing shortly and his upper jaw re-hinging back into the skull. He gave a shake of his body, sending droplets of water spraying around him, adding to the dew on the sparse grass scattered along the sand dunes.

The sun was gentle in the morning, and while he was warmblooded, the creature enjoyed the heat nonetheless. Warmblooded great whites sunned themselves after all, and he was closer in relation to them than most other creatures. At least physically.

His talons dug into the soft sand as he lumbered forward towards the sunlight dunes, enormous head low and bright piercing blue eyes alert. Twenty feet long from snout to tail, the creature was a sight to behold. A terrifying sight for some perhaps, but a sight nonetheless.

The Cetus was about to lay down on the soft ground until a twig snapped. Immediately, Bruce rose, body still and eyes scanning the forest line. Air was thinner than water, and such the electroreceptors on his snout and lateral line were weaker. In the water, he could detect muscle contractions like heartbeats; electrical pulses from each individual fish. But on land? The sense was fuzzy, and distorted.

Bruce stood idly, watching the trees and ground with a wary gaze.