Castle crew on Twitter + episode commentary + describing Stana’s water scene in “In the belly of the beast”

Andrew: She did a lot of the stunt work here, Stana did. We had somebody in, but she wanted to do a lot of it.

Rob: I don’t think I used the double except when I couldn’t have Stana. So, Stana did every single shot that she was available to do, which I think was 95% of them. I couldn’t even tell you which shots aren’t Stana. I would just play along that every single one of them is.

Andrew Marlowe, Rob Bowman, David Aman episode commentary


Andrew: You wanna make the entrance interesting, memorable…and somewhat, you know…ridiculous. I mean…look at these three people; she must be thinking: “ What the hell am I walking into?”


Stana: *smiling* It was great that moment.

Andrew Marlowe, Rob Bowman, Susan Sullivan, Stana Katic, Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn, episode commentary


Stana Katic & kids

“I’ll see Stana running up and down the lot with some kid and I’ll say, ‘Who is that?’ just assuming it’s one of her relatives. 'Oh, this? This is so-and-so’s daughter.’ All the producers bring their kids to the set and they’re all in love with this girl. They’re all, 'Staaana!’ ” - Tamala Jones on Stana with kids on set


“I have a tremendous amount of compassion for the people that are going through that experience. I got a chance to speak with a few people who have either worked through it or are working through it. (…)They really don’t know how to handle it because it’s a very solitary experience." 

Stana Katic speaking about PTSD


“I’ve always been comfortable with it. I love it. (the physicality involved n filming Castle) I have a lot of brothers. It’s easy for me to do physical stuff. I had to survive. I really love it, and I’d love to do more of it. I want to do action films. I want to go and hang off of wires, and jump off of bridges, and hang on bungee chords. I’ve always really loved it.”