site before program.

The Site is an important architectural concept…says some. There is a definite rift when it comes to architectural theory on whether the site, the program, the concept, the form or any other factor should be studied first. Because of this ‘rift,’ different studio professors will have you study different ones first. Professor Casbarian (our current prof) believes in SITE FIRST! We were told that our final project is going to be an 'urban winery’ but no specific programming or anything, and that we should just study the site as it stands. So below is a study of the different elements such as the demographics, the methods of approach, the splice in the grid of streets at that point, a mapping of building typology, a site history and more. 

From the studies, I found that the site sits at a focal point, where there is a splice between two different communities. One side that is more urban, a little multipurpose, but mostly offices. The other side, all residential. This is seen in differences in transportation, views, typologies and more. This site stands at an important point that can help fill the gap between the two sides and that the spur (small highway) creates. 

Anecdote: Studio Song

We kind of have a studio song…thanks to the international students the song “Loka People” by Sak Noel was chosen ( The song is ridiculously-perfectly fitting. It beings with the lines: “All Day…and All Night.” Something descriptive of studio life in general. As the story goes, we were having a meeting as a class with Professor Casbarian (I will now call him Casbo from now on for shortening purposes) and he asks if we have been working a lot. And I replied we work “All day…and all night.” There were small chuckles around the room from the students at the 'inside’ joke. And Casbo, turned to the class and said “You know there was a really popular hit in Europe over the summer…but it has terrible profanity.” Everyone’s eyes grew wide. MariaPia, finally spoke up, and asked “is it Loka People?” “YEEESSSS!” -Casbo… We all died laughing.