casas por cristo


I’m going to Guatemala for Spring Break in 3 weeks!!! And I just decided to go TODAY!!!

Long story short, my church group is going to Guatemala to build houses and I wasn’t planning to go because my parents were taking us on a cruise. Well, the cruise was canceled in late February and we decided to go to Missouri and visit family instead. The deadline to sign up for the Guatemala trip was in December, so I figured my chance was passed.

Well TODAY I mentioned to my minister Megan about the canceled cruise and she said “Well, we had 2 people drop out so you could totally go if you wanted.”

And I was like “!!!!!!!”

I immediately got on the phone and called the parents, they agreed and now I’m FREAKING GOING TO GUATEMALA!!!!!

There are a bunch of logistics to work out obviously (money, getting my passport to me, buying things, etc), but I’m going nevertheless.

This is what being young is about yeah? Making quick decisions that lead to adventures?

THREE HOURS AGO, I WAS GOING TO MISSOURI!!!!! And now I’m going on a completely different trip….


So for those of you who wanted to see pictures from my volunteer trip to Mexico here they are! The lovely lady in the pictures is @newts-in-hats because I would much rather be behind the camera than in front of it.

We built a simple house for a homeless family over three days and spend a fourth day doing activities with kids at a local orphanage. This was my seventh trip. It’s hard work but I personally find it way more fun than any vacation I’ve ever been on.


I’m coming back home.  To help.  I’m determined