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OHHH!! I was just listening to this so, Miagete Goran Yoru No Hoshi Wo by Kyu Sakamoto, pairing is Viktor/Yuuri :)

okay you won’t believe how long it took to get me to a good cover of this one because i couldn’t find the version by kyu sakamoto… anyway. it’s such a good song… and the english cover is terrible lmao

anyway….. -shifty eyes- anyone in the mood for some casablanca?

Stepping back into the Paradise Bar feels like being doused in a torrent of old memories. From the moment he crosses the threshold, Viktor Nikiforov’s nails dig a little harder into his palms as he looks around the curve of the well-loved space.

“I’m going to get us a table,” Yuri Plisetsky says from next to him. Viktor barely feels himself nodding before he’s watching his half-brother walk across the room to an empty table near the piano, where a familiar person is sitting at the piano. 

Phichit Chulanont’s fingers are skillful as they dance across the keys to familiar bar tunes. Viktor is suddenly reminded of afternoons spent at this bar with the blinds drawn and the windows open, Phichit playing merry tunes to pass the time while Viktor helps out with the sweeping and cleaning. Halfway through one of these sweeping sessions, though, Viktor would often find his broom exchanged for a partner, his hands sure and his eyes gentle as he guides Viktor through the rest of the dance. 

He looks through the bar for this partner now, and doesn’t spot him anywhere. Phichit would, though, so Viktor crosses the room to his table, taking a seat right next to Phichit. 

“Hey,” he says. 

Phichit blinks at him, and then his face breaks out into a grin. “Viktor,” he says. “It’s been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Too long,” agrees Viktor. “Have you met my half-brother?” He gestures to Yuri, who waves sullenly. “I swear he’s a lot nicer than he looks.”

“Stop lying about me,” mutters Yuri. 

“Why would I ever lie about something like this?” Viktor asks with mock innocence. 

Phichit chuckles, though his expression crumbles a little after a moment, as if he remembers the implications of Viktor showing up here. “Yuuri’s in the back right now,” he says. “He’ll be out in a bit.”

“How about some music, then, while we wait?” asks Viktor.

Phichit hums. “What do you want me to play?” he asks.

Viktor bites his lip. “You know which one,” he says, and Phichit blinks.

“I really shouldn’t play that song,” he mumbles. Viktor gapes at him.

“Why not?” he asks.

Phichit’s expression is hard. “You know why,” he says, before returning to his current melody. 

Viktor remembers Yuuri’s hands around his waist. Remembers the warmth and clumsiness that accompanied their unskilled shuffling between all of these tables as they danced in their socks along the barely-brushed linoleum.

“Please?” he asks, causing Phichit to pause in the middle of his new set. “For old time’s sake?”

Phichit sighs, puts his hands on the piano, and begins to play. The dulcet tones of the melody suffuse through the air, and Viktor briefly closes his eyes and drowns in the memories suddenly evoked by the song, by the cadence of Phichit’s voice. Phichit sings in Japanese, his voice as wistful as the expression on his face as he sings. Even the very image of looking up the night sky feels like a moment relegated to the past, to memory, and to a world in which Yuuri had been in his arms.

But all good things had to end, and those lazy afternoons at the Paradise ended like any other good thing in Viktor’s life. 

He’s so lost in his memories that he doesn’t remember his vision blurring with tears, or the angry, brisk steps that someone takes to approach their table. He only looks up at the sound of raised voices, just in time to see Yuuri Katsuki turn to him – 

– and immediately go silent.

Viktor feels as if every molecule of air had been dragged out of his lungs. Even after all this time, he still ended up walking backwards. Back into the arms of the person who had suggested they end things in the first place. 

“Phichit, you know I told you not to play that song,” Yuuri says, and Viktor watches Phichit nod towards him. Watches Yuuri’s gaze slide up to meet with his, bittersweet recognition sparkling in his eyes. Yuuri’s cheeks flush, and Viktor swallows as he smiles and gestures to Yuri.

“My half-brother, Yuri Plisetsky,” he says. “It’s really been a while, hasn’t it?”

“Indeed,” says Yuuri quietly, extending a hand for Yuri to shake, though his eyes never leave Viktor’s. “And out of all the bars in all the world, you came back to me. To mine.”

Viktor nods. “I could never stay away,” he confesses, and Yuuri’s next smile reaches his eyes.

Adekan Fragrance

Yoshiwara Shiro

Top - Lemon, Lime, Lychee
Middle - Jasmine, Muguet, Lily, Casablanca, Mimosa, Lavender
Base - Musk, Amber, Woody, Vanilla

Yamada Kojiro

Top - Lemon, Ozone, Armoise
Middle - Lavender, Basil, Rose, Jasmine, Lavandin
Base - Musk, Woody, Amber

Yoshiwara Anri

Top - Lemon, Mandarin
Middle - Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Muguet
Base - Musk, Amber, Vanilla, Sandalwood


Around the garden, 13 Aug 2015:

Rain and thunderstorms kept me out of the garden for much of today, until I could no longer resist its lure, and popped out with an umbrella and my trusty camera.

Top: Crocosmia covered in rain drops.

Second: My gigantic Lily that’s over 6 feet tall, with my Sango-Kaku Coral-Bark Japanese maple and Nasturtiums in the background.

Third Row, Left: Casablanca Lilies, with their pollen washed in rain and pooling in its petals in bright yellow smears.

Third Row, Right: ‘Nostalgia’ hybrid tea rose.

Fourth: Japanese Blood Grass, New Guinea Impatiens, and Ligularia ‘Rocket’ in what used to be the compost heap.

Bottom, Left: Mophead Hydrangea.

Bottom, Right: ‘New Dawn’ climbing rose.

#TentenAppreciationWeek: March 9th (Thursday) - Birthday

Read Time: 10 minutes.   Pairing: NejiTen-ish

For a single woman celebrating her twenty-ninth birthday, there weren’t a lot of social options for her when the clock strikes past seven. 

All her friends had spouses and children to go home to for the night. The few ones who didn’t, like Aburame Shino, had students to meet the following morning. 

The former village leader, Tsunade-sama, would probably have gamely accompanied her, but that would have meant getting dragged to gambling dens with suffocating tobacco smoke and boisterous jeers. 

Not exactly her cup of tea.

(Plus, while Tsunade-sama perpetually held a queenly place in her heart, even she had to admit that the former Hokage had terrible, terrible luck in games of chance, and she held no desire to start her twenty-ninth year in this world with a co-borrowed debt from Konoha’s loan sharks.)

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Pink for Her, Red for You

A soulmate au fic about Holsom where what your soulmate writes on their skin appears on yours. It got really long so most of it is below the cut. All the characters are from @omgcheckplease

Holster stood across the street from the row of quaint little shops stretching. His run wasn’t overly difficult but well he just plain didn’t like running. The tingling sensation that always accompanied new words on his skin ran along his arm.

“What are you writing now?” He wondered aloud watching the tight chicken scratch appear on his on tanned skin.

Mom’s birthday… don’t forget flowers.

The large hockey player smiled seeing the familiar handwriting. He tugged out a pen from his pocket, he always carried one for that reason.  The ink stained dark against his skin as he quickly wrote.

Take pansies, sunflowers, and pink tulips.

Once again the heralding tingle under his skin ran along his arm. He always got thrill out of the sensation, like it could bring the message that would finally bring them together.

Why should I do that?

They stand for loving thoughts, adoration, and caring. It is your mom after all.

Holster blushed slightly as he fiddled with the pen. It was mildly embarrassing that he knew that but he had been outvoted by his group mates, all girls, in ninth grade history during the Victorian Era culture project. ‘Flower Language and Poetry of the Victorian Era’ by Adam, Ruby, Sophie, and Grace.

This time the tingle was in a different place. Rather than his left arm where the messages usually originated the scrawl appeared on his right knee. The only time it did this was when his soulmate was forced to sit and didn’t want to notes to be noticed.

Don’t know how you know that but I’m trusting you. She loves Sunflowers so it’s a good choice anyway.

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Touch me with your nicotine
Cigarette burned lips
The Casablanca blooms
Underneath a red moon
My fingertips trace the circles
Of your hungry eyes
I feel you as a coming tempest
A tremble then a cry
Exchanging sanity for chaos
Visions of your midnight sky.

- P. Cervantes  

Anon Request: The kids walking in on some “Fun Times”

Oh dear anon, why must you request such a-

You sat on the bed, reading one of your husband’s scripts as he came in.
“The princess is asleep.” He grins at you and winks. You order the pages and hand the stack back to him.
“So far it sounds good.”
“Does this sound good too?” Saeki sits down beside you and leans in for a kiss, his hands capturing your body eagerly. It wasn’t long before you were lost in his touch, his scent, his needy grinding between your legs.
Whining softly under him, you trace your fingers against his neck and his shoulders, absentmindedly stroking his skin as he penetrated you deeply. Both of you were so absorbed in the heat of the moment that the patter of footsteps along the hall was completely unregistered.
At the sound of his daughter’s voice, Saeki jerks out of you and rolls away to the side, hiding himself into the sheets. You fight him for the blanket as you try to cover yourself, chest heaving in fear that your daughter had seen you in the middle of…
Saeki speaks first.
“Sweetie, why are you up?
“I almost forgot to brush teeth.” She whispers, blinking up innocently at you with beautiful eyes. “I heard sounds here.”
“It’s all alright. Back to bed, dear.” Saeki flashes her his best grin through the dark red of his face. He was glad she couldn’t read too much out of his expression in the dimness. Ayame nods obediently and turns away to go to her room and her father gives a breath of relief.
As Saeki listens to her room door click shut, he turns back to you.
“Close call.”
“Too close.” You mumble and draw the blankets around you tighter. Your husband puts a hand on them and tugs hard. A glint crosses into his eyes.
“Come on, I didn’t get to finish earlier.”

Usually you wouldn’t let him start so early in the evening, but he had been away on a month long business trip for a project. As soon as his lips found yours, you surrendered to the desire and let your husband drop you into the bed.
“I missed you.” You whisper softly as he comes down on you, rustling the sheets on the bed. Your fingers tangle into his hair and you give a soft gasp. His mouth moves against hungrily against your neck. His thrusts feel blissfully good between your legs, and you lose yourself in the sensation. Kunihiko groans above you, his movement slowing as he releases. With a moan, you turn your head to the side, muscles unclenching. Through the haziness, you see a little figure standing in the doorway.
“Toshio!” You yelp and struggle under your husband. His violet eyes stretch wide and he rolls off you, pulling the blankets up to cover your body. You sit up, holding the sheets to you, blushing furiously in the darkness. “Toshio, what are you doing?”
He looked terrified, tottering up to you.
Kunihiko scratched the back of his own head nervously and gave a dry chuckle. Toshio climbs into your bed and snuggles into your lap.
“I’m scared, mommy.”
You swallow hard and pet his hair.
“I heard sounds. Like someone was hurting.” He shivers against you.
“Do you still hear them?”
Toshio shook his head of wild purple bed hair.
“No more. It was from your room.”
Kunihiko gives you a half amused, half embarrassed look and flops back into the bed from his sitting position.
“Don’t worry, Tosh. You won’t be hearing any more of those tonight.”

His lips were rough against your shoulder as your bodies move together on the mattress. Your fingers tangle into his curls, and you feel his hot breath flare over the wet bruises he left. Hands kneaded your breasts, and you suppress a moan as he pushes in further. Teeth bite your shoulder and you give a relatively loud yelp.
He chuckles and slams into you again, your mind fizzling at the sensation. The pace accelerated and you feel the pleasure unraveling as you muffle another cry into his neck.
Yuta jerks as he empties into you; his head bows to press soft kisses against your face.
Your husband scrambles off you as if he had been struck by lightning, throwing a blanket over both of you at top speed.
“Yoichi!” He calls out to his son, standing by the door. “What are you doing?”
“What are you doing?” The boy shifts on his feet anxiously as both his parents flush red. “I heard… sounds.”
“It’s fine.” Yuta assures with a forced laugh as he casts you an awkward look. “Go back to bed, you’ll be so tired tomorrow!”
“Oh… ok.” As Yoichi walks off, you put your head into your hands.
“That was just horrible.”
“It doesn’t seem like we scarred him forever?” Yuta smiles hopefully and pulls you against him.
“But Yoichi just walking in on us… we were…”
“Relax, _______.” His blushing cheeks pressed against yours. “He’s like me, inobservant. He probably didn’t catch too many… details.”

You whimpered against his harsh thrusts, friction burning your back as he ravaged you against the wall. It wasn’t that Yamato stopped lusting after you since the twins were born; it was just that the two of you were limited to the bedroom, and he hated that. With a growl against your neck, he hitches your leg higher on his hip, angling himself for better penetration.
For the first time in a long while, he had dragged you out to the living room while the twins were sleeping. His hands bunching your nightgown, Yamato’s voice teases quietly against your ear. Your entire body was tensed, so close to the edge, when you get the strangest feeling of being watched.
He dismissed your quiet voice as another steamy moan and kept moving inside you.
“Yamato!” Your whisper grew more urgent as you noticed the nervous eyes staring at you from the side of the hallway. He hits a spot inside you that makes your entire body shudder and come undone. “Ahhhh!”
Masaru hits the lights and the twins come running up.
“Mommy?! Are you alright?”
Yamato groans and pulls you against him to finish releasing inside you, avoiding a mess in front of the kids. You bury your face into his shoulder in embarrassment and he runs a hand through his hair. As you pull away from him, he turns away immediately to tuck his member back into his pants. Quickly, with stiff movements, you adjust your nightgown and face the twins.
“No, it’s fine. What’s wrong?”
“We heard noise.” Michiko whispered. “Masaru said to come look.”
“Well there are no problems.” Yamato’s voice was stern, but you saw the flustered look across his face. “Go back to bed, mommy and I have things to do.”

He had been busy for the past two weeks, staggering under a particularly difficult case. As he moved over you now, you feel the tension in his body shift into desire. Lifting your head up, you meet his lips and he clutches you tighter, plunging into you.
“Takao…” Your fingers flutter over his shoulder and back, arms wrapping around him, drawing him closer, further into your body. It was hard to steal a moment together like this now, mostly due to the boys sleeping in the next room.
He picked up the pace, heat growing between the two of you where you were connected. You gasp and moan quietly under him, feeling his entire body stiffen as he came close.
Your older son’s voice cuts through the sounds of heaving panting and slapping skin, innocent and out of place.
Takao groans against you, releasing into you at the same time as he tries to wrench himself out. Half a mess trails across the sheets as he pulls out violently and nearly topples off the edge of the bed. You drag his shirt over to cover yourself as your son stands there, baffled and shocked.
“What is it, Norio?” Takao forcibly keeps his voice calm, and you see his awkwardly red face in the dimness. You see him shift slightly, debating if he should go over to talk to his son in all his naked, sweaty glory. He sinks deeper into the sheets. You couldn’t help but stifle a giggle at your husband’s flustered face.
“Er… Nothing… It’s ok…”
“Norio?” You call out to him and he turns, fleeing down the hall with wide eyes.
You turn to meet your husband’s abashed gaze. He sighs.
“I’ll talk to him in the morning.”

You whimper as your husband thrusts deep into you, holding you in his arms as he moved. A sliver of moonlight slips through the blinds and turns his blond hair silver.
“Mmm, __________.” His low voice was soft and sent a warm ripple along your spine.
It was one of those nice days when he got off work without too much stress, and he could spend the evening with you and Aina, and still be awake when your daughter goes to sleep. You shift underneath him, prompting him to adjust his angle, and you muffle a cry against his shoulder when he hits that particular point.
His hands slide along your spine and lift your hips so you could wrap your legs around him. This time you give a slightly louder cry and you hear a tiny voice at the door.
“Daddy? Mommy!?”
Aina standing there, her sketchbook and pencil case clutched in her hands.
“Aina!” You exclaim in blank horror and Ren quickly pulls blankets over to cover the two of you, drawing himself out of you and scurrying to hide his body.
“Mommy?” She tips her head, a cascade of blonde hair shimmering faintly. “What’s happening?”
“Nothing, Aina. Why are you up?” Your voice wavers a little in embarrassment and anxiety.
“The Casablanca lilies bloom.” Her green eyes light up. “I wanna draw them.” She wiggles her sketchbook.
“Go on, I’ll come with you in a bit.” Ren prompts and she skips from the room, all of her shock forgotten as she hurried toward the night-blooming flowers. Your husband turns to you with a shy, nervous chuckle. “That was a bit, shocking, huh?”
You blush even more and he kisses you lightly before getting dressed.

I never thought I’d use “kids” and “NSFW” in the same post but apparently I did.
It was funny to write, but whether it was very creative, idk.

Hope you liked the read!

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The Hades' Cabin Renovation ~ Headcanons about how that went? :)

so I’m imagining that after the war when he finally settled back in he really gave it another go because he was invested in sticking around long term so: 

  • Nico woke up one day to a note from Persephone on how she thought he should renovate 
  • he gave the note to Chuck Hedge as a snack 
  • He made sure to have a sun roof 
  • Anytime Jason tried to give input Nico would just say “what do you know four eyes?” 
  • He bought a big bean bag where he likes to sit and drink hot chocolate
  • the walls are covered in photos of Italy that remind him of his mom and Bianca
  • the Demeter cabin insisted on decorating the outside pillars with flowers that bloom at night like the Casablanca Lily and Moon Flowers, which Nico loved so much that he actually moved a few inside 
  • Before he finalized the new plans, he sat down with Hazel and Reyna to see what they thought 

[EPISODE] Act 28. Infinity 2 - RIPPLES -.

Series: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal

Kana: 無限2 - 波紋
Romaji: Mugen 2 - Hamon

Original Air Date: April 18, 2016

Director: Hayao Yashiro
Writer: Yuji Kobayashi
Animation Director: Paul Año-Nuevo

Plot: As her fifteenth birthday approaches, Rei goes into the mountains to monitor Mugen Academy’s activities.


  • This episode debuted one day after Rei Hino’s birthday: April 17.
  • In alignment with the manga, Rei’s favorite flower is the Casablanca Lily. Sailor Moon creator Naoko Takeuchi chose that flower because Michie Tomizawa, the voice actor for Rei/Sailor Mars in the first anime series, liked them.
  • In the manga, Eudial turned into a gorgon-like daimon before she was defeated by Sailor Moon. That monstrous transformation was left out in the anime adaptation of Act 28.


  • Mars Snake Fire and an unnamed use of Fire Buster were both shown for the first time. While “Fire Buster” was never actually said by her in the manga or in this episode, it was listed as Eudial’s special attack in the Materials Collection artbook.
  • Professor Souichi Tomoe was introduced.
  • Until now, Hotaru’s name was not known.
  • Eudial’s actual name, Yuko Arimura, as well as her codename were first mentioned. Additionally, the enemy’s collective name Death Busters was revealed.
  • This episode marked the first physical appearance of the Taioron Crystal.
  • This was Hayao Yashiro’s first episode as a director.


  • The Tomoe Residence
  • The Secret Base
  • Mamoru Chiba’s residence
  • Haruka Tenou’s residence
  • Crown
  • Fruit Parlor Crown
  • Omega Area
  • Mugen Academy Gymnasium
Lights Will Guide You Home

I was listening to this song whilst writing, so I guess this counts as a songshot. Enjoy!

Looking at her now, I saw a new look in her eyes. It was dull. Vacant. And compared to the soft, glimmering sparkle I was so used to seeing, this look was almost…scary.

We’d known each other for a while, her being one of our producer’s best friends, meaning we saw a lot of her around the studio.

Luna was beautiful, always smiling, always laughing. She was the true definition of happiness because that’s all she seemed to exude. And it was contagious.

I remember when we introduced ourselves. Her hand was so soft in mine, and all I wanted to do was explore every inch of her body with my hands, feeling her supple, sweet-smelling skin shudder underneath my own. My name rolled off her tongue like the nectar from a flower, honeyed and pleasing, and then I wondered if her lips would feel that way against mine, too.

I was fucked from day one.  

Before long, all awkwardness aside, we all became best mates, her being easily likable and very, very attractive.

But I think I was the only one who felt that way.

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