This week, we visit Anthony Sasso at Casa Mono to learn how to preserve lemons, transforming the citrus into something perhaps even more delicious. 


Films watched in 2015.

Film 43: Heima (Dean DeBlois, 2007)

Nota: 8/10

La abuela de Kjarri fue al concierto y le pareció muy ruidoso. Luego se enteró de que lo ponían en la tele. Dijo: “Lo ponen en la tele. ¡Vámonos a casa! Si sale en la tele, vamos a casa y veámoslo allí”. Luego llegó el final de la última canción con esos telones de fondo tan estrafalarios. Todo muy intenso. Creyó que se le había estropeado el televisor y lo apagó.

Un documental que sigue a Sigur Rós en una gira de conciertos gratuitos en parajes bellísimos de su Islandia natal. Un país glacial y tremendamente fotogénico. Una película para respirar a ritmo de post-rock.

Sigur Rós: Popplagið


5/24: Casa Mono (NYC)

:: small plates split amongst 4 of us: Beets and Blood Oranges w/ Cana de Cabta + Foie Gras w/ Cinco Cebollas + Soft Shell Crab Bocadillo w/ Ramps + Razor Clams a la Plancha + Whole Sepia a la Plancha w/ Salsa Verde + Duck Breast w/ Asparagus and Cherries Calimocho + bottle of Primitivo Quiles ::

just before tearing myself away leaving New York to head home, we took a break from work and—in the sun, 80 gorgeous degrees—walked over to Casa Mono, a stone’s throw from Union Square on 17th St. and Irving Place

…I had no idea how sublime this last meal would turn out to be—the hazelnuts w/ dark beets and cheese, the crunchy, ramp-wielding soft shell crab / the foie gras w/ stringy onions and thin slice of baguette was a layered tier of decadence and I have never in my life had duck breast w/ cherries as rubied as these, soaked in calimocho

figures this phenom won a Michelin Star in ‘09 and that Mario Batali was partly behind its creation / truly felt like Executive Chef Andy Nusser transported us to the fishing village in Spain where he grew up, dishing out small portions of authentic, from-the-heart won’t-soon-forget-it goodness

full and happy, New York—it’s been a dream / thank you for being so good to me

(and I’m finding you next time, cryingisforsissies and 94monkeys—I would love to go on a run w/ you!)


Casa Mono / Bar Jamon

I consider myself a foodie but as my time in New York City is quickly dwindling, I find myself having a hard time making a list of restaurants I’d like to try or retry before I move. Not the “issue” (if you can even call it that) that I’d thought I have. On most nights I find myself too tired to do anything beyond ordering seamless or going to the usual suspects in Nolita. Call me lazy or call me old. Anyways, when Will let me know he was taking me to Casa Mono for an early celebration of my birthday and Valentine’s Day, I was actually really excited and here’s why. Casa Mono was always the restaurant that was vetoed by friends when I suggested it for a group dinner year after year. I heard it was pricey, I heard the portions were small and I heard the seating was tight but I still wanted to try it. After all these patient years, I was finally able to dine there and for a special occasion nonetheless. When I got there, I agreed it wasn’t the best place for a group dinner but it certainly was the perfect place for a date. We had arrived early and were asked to grab a drink next door at Bar Jamon. Boy am I glad we did. The Pinor Noir (An/2 2012 vintage) and the Serrana ham were really such a nice way to start the meal and despite how cozy and crowded the place was, I rather liked it. It felt very “New York” to me and I knew I was going to miss that. For our mains we ordered a variety of things: rabbit cooked three ways, soft scramble eggs with uni, bone marrow with toast, pepper stuffed oxtail and octopus with fennel and grapefruit. I would say that the only thing I felt weird eating (or rather really weird) was the rabbit… don’t get me wrong, it was really tasty and tender… maybe even too tender (yikes!) Like the restaurant recommended, 5-6 dishes is really the perfect amount for two people. Anyways, I really had a lovely time and am surprisingly pretty excited about turning 29! Thanks Will for such a lovely evening! xoxo


a super smart and easy method for poaching eggs!!! thanks to anthony sasso of casa mono for showing us HOW TO do it!!!!

Dining Out: Casa Mono

Casa Mono, awarded a Michelin star in the Michelin Guide for New York City 2011, is phenomenal.

After going over the menu a couple of times, I decided to go with the Pulpo with Fennel and Grapefruit— a savory and citrusy dish. The grilled octopus was served over grapefruit segments and salad and topped with fennel.

The restaurant itself is cozy and there’s very limited seating— you can dine by the bar, chef’s counter, or table. 

 Casa Mono is on 125 E 17th St, close to Union Square and Gramercy Park.


Casa Mono is a small, pretty and cozy Spanish restaurant on 52 Irving Place, NY. One of the surprises I had last weekend for my birthday was having lunch there. No, it wasn’t one of those NY restaurants that tourists go to. The recommendation came from a close friend who lived in NY more than a decade. 

The place was perfect for a quiet romantic lunch but the food… Oh the food! My favorite dish was the fideos with chorizo, sea beans and clams. One of the best fideos I have ever had, and I am Mexican! I have eaten fideos even before I could speak. I have tried all kinds of fideos. Sopa de fideo, fideo seco, with so many variables in the making. But this fideo con chorizo was just, unforgettable.

All the food we had was beyond what we expected. The pan con tomate, the bacalao croquetas, the pulpo with fennel and grapefruit, the confit goat with avocado queso, and finished with the crema Catalana con buñuelosAmazing, just amazing. It was a wonderful combination of flavors in each bite. I can go on and on, but I will leave the real food critics to write more about Casa Mono, I am just a mommy blogger with a real love for good food!!

Next time you go to NY, you have to go to Casa Mono. I guarantee it will become your new favorite place in NY.

Casa Mono



T: 212.253.2773



Twitter: @casamono 


GRAMERCY — “So that’s why my ex-girlfriend is currently staying at my apartment.” Why is he telling me this?  On a first date.  Within 5 minutes of me sitting down.  Only on one of my first dates would the guy not only tell me this information but also justify it! I cannot comprehend why that story seemed like a good way to start off the date. I responded - “Wow, that’s really nice of you - I would never let my ex-boyfriend stay at my apartment”. He cut me off, “I really don’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriend”. WHAT? So he’s allowed to talk about his exes but I have to pretend that this is my first date? These boys are ridiculous.