This week, we visit Anthony Sasso at Casa Mono to learn how to preserve lemons, transforming the citrus into something perhaps even more delicious. 


5/24: Casa Mono (NYC)

:: small plates split amongst 4 of us: Beets and Blood Oranges w/ Cana de Cabta + Foie Gras w/ Cinco Cebollas + Soft Shell Crab Bocadillo w/ Ramps + Razor Clams a la Plancha + Whole Sepia a la Plancha w/ Salsa Verde + Duck Breast w/ Asparagus and Cherries Calimocho + bottle of Primitivo Quiles ::

just before tearing myself away leaving New York to head home, we took a break from work and–in the sun, 80 gorgeous degrees–walked over to Casa Mono, a stone’s throw from Union Square on 17th St. and Irving Place

…I had no idea how sublime this last meal would turn out to be–the hazelnuts w/ dark beets and cheese, the crunchy, ramp-wielding soft shell crab / the foie gras w/ stringy onions and thin slice of baguette was a layered tier of decadence and I have never in my life had duck breast w/ cherries as rubied as these, soaked in calimocho

figures this phenom won a Michelin Star in ‘09 and that Mario Batali was partly behind its creation / truly felt like Executive Chef Andy Nusser transported us to the fishing village in Spain where he grew up, dishing out small portions of authentic, from-the-heart won’t-soon-forget-it goodness

full and happy, New York–it’s been a dream / thank you for being so good to me

(and I’m finding you next time, cryingisforsissies and 94monkeys–I would love to go on a run w/ you!)


a super smart and easy method for poaching eggs!!! thanks to anthony sasso of casa mono for showing us HOW TO do it!!!!

Dining Out: Casa Mono

Casa Mono, awarded a Michelin star in the Michelin Guide for New York City 2011, is phenomenal.

After going over the menu a couple of times, I decided to go with the Pulpo with Fennel and Grapefruit– a savory and citrusy dish. The grilled octopus was served over grapefruit segments and salad and topped with fennel.

The restaurant itself is cozy and there’s very limited seating– you can dine by the bar, chef’s counter, or table. 

 Casa Mono is on 125 E 17th St, close to Union Square and Gramercy Park.


Phenomenal food at Casa Mono

Situated very closely to Union Square in New York city is a small restaurant that goes by the name Casa Mono. This is one of those restaurants that I have been meaning to go to but have never managed to actually go for one reason or the other. This time I finally went, and boy oh boy was I sorry it took me this long to make my way here!

This restaurant is small, very cozy and is set up in a way that there are plenty of intimate table seating, but (my favorite spot) also offers seating at a bar that overlooks the kitchen area where the food is prepared in front of your eyes. Dish after dish, sensation tapa-sized meals left this area as we sat there observing the artistry and talent that went into each plate.

Their food menu is vast enough to satisfy the palate of just about anyone. It is, however, strongly focused toward seafood.The wine menu is extensive and they have a designated person to take charge of you ordering your perfect glass. My own order consisted of one of their massive glasses (thumbs up, Casa Mono!) of a white wine which was based predominantly on gewürztraminer. 

In terms of food, everything was delicious, down to the olive oil and bread. My choice was not an easy one, as everything sounded great, but the fact that there was Pulpo (squid) with fennel and pink grapefruit had me sold. Everything was so very good that I decided that vanilla custard and cappuccino was a necessary continuation to my meal. The custard was very much like a traditional crème brulee, yet o the side of it were deep fried bay leaves. Yes, I did say bay leaves. This was something  I have not ever seen offered at any restaurant and was a very elegant and different touch to the meal. (Don’t worry, for the forgetful kind they will make sure to mention that you are supposed to only eat the flavor-saturated dough around the leaf as they bring over the food.)

All in all I was, and still am, raving about this place. Having watched so many other meals prepared in front of my face I know for a fact that I certainly will be coming back to try their other delicious works, and to make some more headway in that book of a wine list that they have.

Casa Mono

Casa Mono.

Great reputation. Good food. Bad Service.

One of the hottest “it” restaurants as of late, I have to disagree with all the rad reviews out there.  Andy Nusser’s Casa Mono and Bar Jamon definitely have good food and an extensive wine list, the service was the problem.  What went wrong?  Well, they took our food as we were eating, silverware and all.  Then rushed us through our bottle of wine, and finally, asked to hurry…3 times.

Yes, I understand this is NYC but if you are sitting at a bar, spending money, and have only been sitting for an hour (ok maybe 75 mins), please let me enjoy my dinner.  

Though the food was good, the service did not live up to the reputation.