casa borgo

Carlo Scarpa & Francesco Guiotto, casa per appartamenti, contrà del Quartiere 8, Vicenza, 1974-79

(…)  Marta   “I’m a long time reader/viewer, but didn’t comment till now. I really enjoy your photos and comments! I found the plan of the building in my book (ground and 1st floor): plans In addition to what all you of wrote here, the book says the facade was originally in pinkish "marmorino” (now white).“
seier+seier  "thank you, marta. just what we needed! so, we are looking at two flats per floor, one on either side of the stairs/lift. it is actually a very beautiful plan for a highly irregular plot, a difficult exercise reminiscent of 18th and 19th century poché planning. the sudden, symmetrical, object-like elements are typical of scarpa, but notice how even these - on the first floor - are not centered. scarpa designed a single flat for the entire top floor, including roof terraces. I would love to see that. and there was a conflict of some sort which caused him to leave the project. apparently, the developer did not follow his instructions to the letter. welcome to housing, mr. C.S… ” (…)