🌻 studyplants’ 18k+ celebration!!

hi, everyone! i recently reached 18k followers, which is somewhat mind-boggling. i am absolutely awestruck, and i’m so grateful for all of you. 

to celebrate (partially inspired by the amazing @obsidianstudy​), I thought i’d do a blog awards thing to say thank you! 

all the winners and runners-up will get spots on my faves page and my updates tab, in addition to my undying love + friendship 

🌻 rules + info

- follow me 
- must be at least 80% studyblr
- reblog this post / likes only count as bookmarks, not entries
-after you have a look @ the categories, put #seedling or #sunflower in the tags if you want to be considered for either of those in addition to the other categories

ends august 29 / results announced august 31 

🌻 the categories

since my url is studyplants, i thought it’d be fun to have plant-themed categories! 

daisy - best theme

iris - best url

marigold - best posts

tulip - best icon

sweet pea - nicest blogger

lavender - best overall

seedling - best small studyblr (less than 1k followers) 

sunflower - best big studyblr (more than 5k followers)

thank you so so so much, and I hope you have the best day !! love you all xx