Dean dressed as Cas (he even has a collar with plaid inside, I mean) except for the brown jacket hooks up with a girl in a brown jacket. But it doesn’t end here:

There is a picture of a boat and what looks like a dog with the sign LOST.

It’s almost like the people who make the show are trying to get a point across.

Also pay a little attention to this exchange:

He doesn’t want the healthy omelette, he wants pancakes, but the omelette is there, so… he’ll deal. Almost like he’s settling for something that is not what he really wants but is there. While semi-cosplaying Cas in Gus’ BS.


This is a masterpost for all the fanart and cosplays and fanfics that are being made by wonderful people about the amazing AU by:  @BYEOLLUMIERE

Fan art:



I’m impatiently waiting for all the fics that are being made and all the cosplays that are being sewed >:D

13x01 Trench Coat

One of the most interesting characters from the season 13 premiere is the angel, Miriam, that calls Dean ‘Becky.’  When we are first introduced to her she is very easy to overlook as just a drunk girl. Many people have noted how human like she had to act to pull this off. And yes during this first meeting with Dean she is an angel. That is why she is wearing the typical angel steal grey. The next time we see her is when she shows up at the police station. She is wearing a different outfit. The way she is positioned between the two angels, that had been seen looking for Jack at the lake house, tells us that she is their leader.

She decided to change clothes between meeting Dean and going to the police station. Now she is wearing a light weight tan sweater instead of the grey jacket she had on earlier. The reason she changed clothes is because she is anticipating a confrontation with Dean and she wanted to hurt Dean as much as possible.  She needed to change her clothes to do that. 

Someone asked me a while ago if Castiel’s new outfit was something pretending to be Cas and asked me why I thought it wasn’t some sort of Castiel cosplay. I  said that because of how well it is put together and how smart the whole outfit looks, clearly means a lot of thought went into it. I didn’t think that if something was pretending to be Cas that they would get such a nice ensemble. Miram is cosplaying as Cas here to hurt Dean more. Her jacket resembles a trench coat in many ways. It has the length, the collar is made to resemble the wide lapels of a trench, it has a belt, and it even has a piece of fabric across the back resembling a rain flap. But it’s very thin and flimsy. It’s just a costume. 

I find it very interesting that she took off the usual grey that the angels wear to don this sweater. We only see her with the rest of the angels once. She has to separate herself from heaven to play this Castiel like role. An angel in a leadership position that expresses a lot of human emotions. She is basically a negative version of Cas.

Castiel representing hope is  going to be a theme this season. Especially when it comes to Dean’s hope. The fact that Dean went through with burning Cas’s body is a sign of just how hopeless Dean is. A major part of Dean losing hope is because of this angel, Miriam. She purposely gives Dean hope when she tells him that Jack can do “almost anything”. Then she quickly squashes that hope by telling Dean that “Castiel, he’s dead. All the way dead, because of you.” This very closely mirrors what Hestor tells Dean in 7x21 with “ The very touch of you corrupts.” Neither of these angels truly cared about Cas. They just want to set most of Castiel’s stuff on fire. 

Every time another angel such as Metatron or Lucifer tries to dress up as  Cas it’s always a perversion of what Castiel represents. This interaction with Miriam is a perversion of how Cas represents hope for Dean. She is here to give Dean despair the opposite of hope.  

Miriam is an unusual name for an angel. That’s because it’s not an angel name at all. It’s the name of a prophetess from the Bible who foretold the birth of Moses. I think that it is possible that Miriam’s name was chosen because this angel that is trying to be the opposite of Cas could be foreshadowing. Foreshadowing that we could soon meet Cas’s opposite. This supports a theory that I have been telling to anyone who will listen. That there will be a confrontation in the empty between two opposite sides of Cas’s personality id!Cas and super ego!Cas.

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OK, Where Are You Little Shits Finding Cas Cosplay????


  1. I would love to hand out candy as Cas on Halloween forever
  2. I might go to an SPN con soon and I would really like to be able to cosplay as Cas???

I’ve never cosplayed before tho and have no idea what I’m doing. I would really love to find a cheap trench coat and suit but ??? where do you guys even find that shit while being economical, I’m at a loss. (Or do you just blow your mortgage money on Caswear haha, I’ll be honest it sounds like a good trade-off to meee)



Cas: CCXP 2016 por Jenniré Narváez
Via Flickr:
CCXP - Comic Con Experience, 2016.

I wanted to share this really cool moment from the Nashcon cosplay contest!

I was one of the winners of the Castiel cosplay competition (mukestyleswalker is the other, on the right!) and I was really happy just to stand up there and have my wings be a cute little in-joke with everyone in the audience who knew what the colors meant.

Then when we stood at the front of the stage, Adam actually asked me about the colors (I’ve won with a set of black wings before, but these were new), so I said: “The colors do have a special meaning - shout out to anyone in the audience who already knows!”

And I was gonna leave it at that, but I had a ‘what would Misha do’ moment and continued:

“And for those of you who don’t… these are the colors of the asexual pride flag. I am up here today representing asexual pride.”

There was a lot of cheering and I really wanted to share that~ I had several people come up to me after and thank me for it, there were a lot of hugs and a lot of excitement, and a lot of ‘this means a lot to me’. There felt like a lot of support and it made me really happy~