The Fallen Angel. The Broken Soldier. The Cursed Hero.

Inspired by amazing art by Jasric. Sorry, we just can’t stop cosplaying your arts :D

Fandom: Supernatural

Сharacter: Team Free Will

Cosplayer: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


Photographer: Apromit & Ksusha Armstrong

Retouch: Apromit

Makeup: Apromit, Margarita Richie, Tatiana Strange


castiel can do the cup song guys not really though

So here’s my photo op with Misha! Let me just say I am SO happy with how it came out. Story time:
So the entire day I had been nervous, and standing in line seeing him in his Cas outfit somehow made me calmer and MORE nervous at the same time, who knows how haha.
So, I walk up to him, and say, “Hi Misha!” He says “Hello!” I go “So I don’t know what this would exactly mean in terms of a specific pose, but can we look like we’re in love…?” And he smiles and nods and goes “OH yeah :)” so then we get into this pose, I barely remember it because the entire time in my head I’m going “my face is on Misha’s face wtf wow”.
So we take the picture and one of us grabs the other’s hand and squeezes it, I really don’t remember if it was me or him. So I said thank you and he smiled and said you’re welcome and then I went outside and had to regain consciousness haha.
Vegas Con was so much fun and THIS was definitely one of the biggest highlights :)