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Inktober #17: Night

Well hello to you, good sir.

It’s not like this was supposed to be more menacing until I added the sparkles everywhere oops


14.01 coda

Minor spoilers for 14.01

Castiel walks slowly to his room. His beaten face stings, but it’s nothing compared to the ache in his chest.

Dean Winchester is still missing.

It feels like blasphemy to ‘take the night off’ as Sam had suggested, but Cas knows he’s in no shape to travel. He’s been running himself ragged for the past three weeks, hunting down any scrap of information he could find, any whisper of Dean’s whereabouts. So far, he’d found nothing, and that hurts worse than any beating.

He enters his room, head bowed, and closes the door behind him.

It’s only then that he senses the presence inside the room. He looks up, hand instantly calling for his blade, but then he stills when his eyes land on the figure standing calmly in the center of the room.

“Dean,” Cas breathes. For a moment, he feels nothing but overwhelming relief, but that chills instantly when 'Dean’ gives him a cold smile.

“Guess again,” Micheal says. Cas’s heart clenches painfully in his chest and he glares. If he looks, he can see the light of the archangel inside Dean’s body, beautiful and terrible and cold, completely eclipsing the light of Dean’s soul.

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Day 16: Falling

It’s been awhile so I don’t remember for sure whether or not Cas’ wings were considered tattered at this point, but oh well I’m going with it ^.^ I dunno which idea I like better so those feathers can either be considered Cas’ own falling around him or him watching the feathers of his siblings’ wings flutter down as they fall to earth :)

#Suptoberart2018 for @winchester-reload ‘s challenge ^.^

Make Amends

Part Thirteen - Fire Water Burn

This series is a sequel to Breaking A Promise.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam, Cas, Crowley (mentioned), OFC Jenny (mentioned) and lotsa doomed Demons.

Warnings: Language, ANGST, lots of violence and some gore, voices in head, kind of possession? Maybe split personality? I guess there’s a weird sadistic crack vibe too? I dunno, this series and this chapter is particularly batshit so I don’t know how to warn it anymore.

Word Count: 4000~ (yeah this ran away with me a bit)

A/N: Don’t even ask what was going through my head with this one, coz hell if I know. Yes, I brought a Bloodhound Gang song into a fic. Yeah I’m weird and you shouldn’t follow me. *shrug* Here’s the song if you want to hear it.

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It all started with orders…

Orders from Heaven… Orders to save a righteous man broken

I did as I was told. That was the beginning of the end for me…

For humanity… A declaration so decietful

No further words from the truth could be spoken…

It was for man, not men that I succumed.

That I stole the souls from Purgatory

That I fell from Grace…

A useless, emotionally wrought, sickly, homeless human…

But in my fall…

Whenever I fell…

He was always there to catch me.


This is my Inktober submission for “Fall”.

@winchester-reload ’s lovely prompt list

This took literal hours, the photo doesn’t do it justice but there’s only so much I can do there.

Things I can be 100% sure of…

If Destiel and Sabriel had kids:

- Dean and Gabriel would be the dads that spoiled their kids rotten

- Sam and Cas would be the ones to discipline them

- Gabriel and Cas would want to teach their kids how to defend themselves from enemies, but Dean and Sam would want them to have a normal childhood