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The Arrangement (Part 14)

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Summary: Dean tries to cope with your breakup, and then gets a surprise visit from Crowley. Your friends take you out to try and cheer you up, but eventually you head home alone, only to find someone waiting for you.

Pairing: AU!Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,500

Warnings: Language, alcohol consumption (like a lot) (this is not how to cope with feelings, friends), heartbreak, sadness, loneliness, desperation, suspense, cliff-hanger

A/N: Reminder… I love you guys a lot. Like so much. Don’t hate me, it’ll be okay!

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@wildfirewinchester - my last drunk drabble of the night (January 5) *I’ll probably do this again tomorrow, but don’t hold me to it pls*

“Cas, I think-” You started, but the angel cut you off.

“You think what, [Y/N]?” His tone was harsh. “That’s the problem with you humans, all that thinking.”

“Castiel, please. Just listen to me for one second.” You pleaded.

“One second has passed, [Y/N].” He glanced at the watch on his wrist.

You huffed, frustrated at how literally Cas took everything you said.

“Cas, come on.” You sighed.

“What is it?” He demanded.

“I think I’m pregnant…” You spoke softly. “Cas, I think I’m having your baby.”

“But how is that possible? We used protection.” Cas was dumbfounded.

“Yeah, it doesn’t always work.” You held your head in your hands. “I don’t know what to do, Cas.” 

“Don’t make things needlessly complicated, as you humans tend to do.” He was growing more impatient by the second. “I’ll be there as soon as I get out of the bunker. The warding doesn’t allow me to travel to you.” He stepped outside and was next to you in the blink of an eye.

“Castiel… What do we do? This baby, I’ve heard you talk about them before. Our baby is an abomination…” You let tears fall.

“Not this one. This one, the one that is inside you, [Y/N] - I can feel its soul - is not an abomination. I’m not too familiar with emotions yet, but I think this is love. I love this baby. I’ve never even met this baby.” He shook his head, not understanding.

“I - I love the baby too, Cas. We’re keeping it?” You held his hand.

“We’re keeping her.” He let his face relax into a smile as he pressed a hand against your belly.

“A girl?” You squeaked.

“Heaven’s smallest outlaw.” He smiled and kissed your forehead.

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White Wedding

Words: 1.8k

Summary: You’re at your best friends wedding reception when you run into the grooms younger brother, Cas.

Warnings: AU, hints of light drug use, is fluff a warning?

A/N: This was inspired by a little drabble I wrote based on the picture above. It was requested by @willowing-love that I write a oneshot. If you can’t tell, this AU Cas is based on Endverse!Cas.


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Title: Sex Drunk

Pairing: Wincestiel

Rating: Explicit

Wordcout: 1,994

Notes: just a little cheer up quickie for @hornsonmysoul, because ily, be nice to yourself (loosely based off what I remember of the episode ‘99 problems’ with the whore of babylon, I know this doesn’t really work with the timeline of it but anyway)


“What’s with the angel passed out on the bed?”

Dean pulled his jacket off and tossed it over the back of a chair, eyeing Cas spread out on one bed on top of the comforter, trench coat and shoes still on.

“He showed up drunk.”

On the small couch, hunched over an old book, Sam didn’t even bother to look up at Dean.

“What, seriously? He can even get drunk?”

Sighing, Sam ran a hand through his hair and finally sat back, looking at Dean. “He said he drank a whole liquor store. I think he might have meant that literally.”

Dean pulled a dingy glass down from a kitchenette cupboard and filled it with tap water. “Man, what is up with him.”

“He called me stupid when I asked if he was ok.”

“I mean, it’s kind of obvious he’s not.”

Setting the water down on the table, Dean moved to root through a duffel bag at the end of the couch, pulling out a bottle of aspirin.

“Where’s Padre?”

“Taking a minute to get his head on.”

Passing the couch, Dean patted Sam on the arm and his brother leaned into it before settling back quietly over his book. Picking up the water, Dean took the aspirin over to the bed and sat down hard, bouncing the mattress.

Cas was dead to the world.

“Maybe you should let him sleep,” Sam said.

“Maybe you should mind your business.”

The bitch face he got for that was reassuring. Things’d be fine between them. Always were.

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Hope you enjoy it and gifs aren’t mine

(Y/n) and the boys had just gotten back from a rather long hunt and a drink was needed for all of them. As the impala pulled up inside of the bunkers garage, (y/n) was already half way out of the back seats door and making her wat into the kitchen.
Dean raised an eyebrow at her behavior glancing at his brother who for some reason he thought would have the answers to his non spoken problem, only to get a strug from Sam as he replied “We all had a long day and a bad hunt.” Dean just struged and got out of the impala carefully closing the door as him and Sam made their way inside of the bunker, not before Dean had said his ‘goodnight’ to ‘baby’ of course.
Inside of the kitchen sat both Cas and (Y/n) who were both nusing beers. While Cas healed Sam who sat at the table Dean went to get him and his brother some beers.
Dean made his way back into the room and handed Sam a beer who said a soft ‘thank you’ while Dean sat down next to him. Getting straight to work Cas placed his two fingers on deans forehead and healed his cuts and bruises from the hunt.
“So-” Cas began his deep voice cutting through the silence around the table “How did the hunt go?” An annoyed grunt was sounded from across the table side in which the (h/c) haired hunter sat with ber now finished beer. “Oh how I hate witches, I mean why couldn’t she summon a gaint gummy bear on me. But nope the bitch summoned a creepy ass tree on me that just threw me around like a rag doll.” Sam glance up from his lap top that was seated in front of him along with Dean who was staring into his beer bottle. Dean chuckled at his friends behavior.
“Are you drunk?”
“Are you short?!” (Y/n) responded back.
Sam chuckled which earned a bitch face from his brother. “I think thats enough beers, sweetheart.” Dean leaned over the table and went to grab his friends beer but she was quicker then him and pushed back in her seat falling down onto the floor while her empty bottle rolled a few distance away from her.
“Are you alright?” Cas asked the drunk (h/c) haired hunter. (Y/n) whined and rolled over onto her stomach and spreaded her arms and legs out onto the ground. “I’m fine guys!” her voice shurred out. She turned her head toward the two hunters and angel her (h/c) hair fell down onto her face covering her eyes a little. “I’m just giving the floor a hug I mean were always hurting it by stepping on it, I really think we need to just be friendly with it.”
Dean laughed quietly to himself “So now we know (n/n) is a hippie drunk. Cas who was already on his knees helping (y/n) up smiled softly at his drunk friend. “Yes we do happen to step on it a lot but I’m sure it will forgive us.”
Suddenly the (h/c) haired female had an idea, “Let’s play truth or dare guys!” She yelled out surprising Cas which caused him to let go of her and she stumbled a bit before grabbing a near by chair and sitting in it. “Nope sorry princess but it’s bed time for you.” Dean spoke a groan was geared from the female as she pleaded to ber friend “Please just one round.” She held up one finger to show how many rounds she wanted to play that night “And then I’ll go start to bed, scouts honor.” Dean sighed knowing he would regret agreeing toward the drunk female. “Fine.”
Show where along the game, the four friends ended up choosing dare which caused them all to have to drink a full bottle of liquor.
“You’re bossy and short.” Sam complained to Dean who was to busy flirting with a piece of pie which he had taken out to eat but his drunken mind confused the pie with a hot female and he just started flirting with her. Cas was in the corner of the room petting a baby duck which he was dared to get and he kept on telling it what soft fur it had but the duck didn’t mind the attention. And (Y/n) Oh well she was crying and petting the floor telling it sorry for being mean all those times she and the boys walked on it to hard.
Just then Crowley popped in. “What in the bloody hell is going on here?!.”

Love Runs Out.

Pairing: Dean x reader

A/N: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Anti-Valentine Challenge. Such a clever idea! I hope this kills you inside. This gif is from season five so that is where this story takes place from. 

Cast: Dean, Y/N, Sam, Bobby, and Cas. 

Word Count: 1,429 

Warnings: A whole lot of angst, ANGST, did I mention angst? abusive!dean, Dean is a major pain in the balls in this story. 

Titled: ‘Love Runs Out.’ 

Tagging: @sis-tafics @mysteriouslyme81 @winchesters-favorite-girl@daughters-and-winsisters @spnsisimagines @winchester-writes @thing-you-do-with-that-thing @sincerelysaraahh @ilostmyshoe-79 @abaddonwithyall@winchesterwhisper @waywardsons-imagines @winchester-writes@winchesterfics @winchesterenthusiast @winchester-clique @soaringeag1e@spnfeelstrain @msimpala67 @ivvitm1109 @mkay-chan@the-mrs-deanwinchester  @one-shots-supernatural @mysupernaturalfics@supernatural-jackles @bringmesomepie56@youwerelikeadream@mysteriouslyme81 @zombi3gyrl07@beatlesobsessionlove @wanderer-08@madelineannmolder @feelmyroarrrr@girl-next-door-writes @oh-goodness-loki @chantillilace @mysupernaturalfics @castiels-sweet-little-grace @supernotnaturalcas @atc74 @mommaton@ilostmyshoe-79 @my–heroine@curliesallovertheplace @blacktithe7@pureawesomeness001 @little-red-83@deansbaekaz2y5 @ellen-reincarnated1967 @chaos-and-the-calm67 @tardis-full-of-fallen-angels@therewillbeblood @meeshw777

Dean and You weren’t on the same page. Hell, you weren’t even speaking to each other. You were still so mad at him. Dean didn’t understand what he did was stupid, he saved your life for Chuck’s sake. He wasn’t just going to let you die. You were okay with dying. You wouldn’t be hunting if you didn’t accept in your heart that may you die whenever you step out the door. 

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sleeping devastatingly handsome

They can’t figure out this fucking curse. Cas is still as a corpse but still breathing, heart still beating, limbs still warm to the touch, but he won’t wake up no matter what they do.

“Fuck this,” Dean says for the upteenth time, shoving another book with another worthless antidote away.

“We’ll find it,” Sam says, turning pages quickly as he scans for more options.

Instead of continuing what feels like a fruitless needle-in-haystack search, Dean stomps off to Cas’s room. Cas looks just like he did last time Dean was in there, laid out flat on his back with his chest rising and falling slowly. He looks peaceful, like he could be dreaming about something other than the hell-hole he’s found himself trapped in on earth.

“Cas, buddy,” Dean says, flopping in a chair next to the bed. “We’re not finding anything. But I’m going to get you out of this, ok?”

He doesn’t expect Cas to respond, but he sits there in silence for awhile anyway, just staring at the wall above Cas’s inert body.

Every day since Cas went under, Dean has been coming to the room to talk to him. He’s not actually sure if he hopes Cas can hear or not, because he’s been saying the kind of shit he would never say if Cas were conscious, speaking quietly between them like the walls have ears. (They might; Sam is always lurking around waiting for Dean to have a moment of Feelings that he can take advantage of.)

“I hope you’re ok in there,” Dean says, leaning forward in the chair, elbows on his knees. “I, um. We miss having you around.”

Dean drops his head into his hands, scrubs his hands through his hair. “You’re part of us, you know? Team Free Will, remember? I can’t – we can’t – do this without you.”

Next time Dean visits Cas, he is disastrously drunk, went through most of a fifth of Jack on an empty stomach while everyone else keeps researching.

“I’m the shittiest guy,” Dean says to Cas. “I’m the shittiest fucking friend you could ever have, Cas. We’re gonna figure this out, and then you gotta leave, ok? You think you love me, but it’s just cuz you don’t know anyone else. Someone else will be better for you. Wouldn’t let this happen in the first place.”

Dean reaches out and touches Cas’s hand, his slender fingers. This vessel never gets gun and shovel callouses like the one covering Dean’s hands. And because Dean is drunk, he does something he’s only done in life-or-death situations before, touching Cas’s face, just the back of his knuckles brushing down Cas’s cheek. He kind of expects the skin to be clammy, but it’s not; it’s rough with stubble that’s not any longer than it was the day Cas went under but soft and warm underneath. “Cas,” Dean says quietly, voice breaking. “Need you, man.”

And because Dean is drunk, he leans further forward and brushes his lips over the place his hand just touched, just a barely-there caress of Cas’s cheek.

Dean is half turned towards the door, heading out, when Cas says, “Dean.”

Dean turns in a flash. “Fucking hell – Cas!”

Cas sits up and gives Dean a smile far too wide for someone who’s been comatose for months, but Dean falls into it like he always does.

“You – how – ?”

“You kissed me,” Cas says, touching his cheek like he can still feel the ghost of Dean’s mouth.

“I’m really fucking drunk, I’m sorry, it didn’t mean –”

“It’s a Sleeping Beauty curse, Dean,” Cas says.

Dean gulps. He can guess what Cas is going to say next.

“True love’s kiss,” Cas says, “is the only way to disable the curse.”

angel-of-purgatory-1967  asked:

Congrats on 5k. For the drabbles, maybe a cute drunk destiel scene?

“Did you see what I just did, Cas?” Dean chuckles as he holds his beer out, pointing at the bar. “I did, I just… they totally-” He snorts, burying his face into Castiel’s neck and laughing uncontrollably. Castiel’s chuckling as well, knowing exactly what Dean meant even though he didn’t finish his sentence.

“I- I think we should go back to the others,” he says, with only a tiny hint of sobriety in his voice. “They’ll probably think why we’ve been gone so long…” He grins at the idea.

“Oh, we were just slaying some vampires or somethin’ normal like that,” Dean says, still laughing under his breath. They walk over the grass, holding onto each other, trying not to spill beer on their clothes.

They hear the loud singing of Gabriel coming from the circle of friends spread out on the grass, laughter of Benny, soft giggling from the girls. Dean slumps down on the place Cas was sitting earlier and pulls his friend down with him.

“Dean!” Castiel says as his beer spills over his and Dean’s arm. A few of their friends laugh, but they don’t pay much attention to them.  

“Oops,” Dean grins with a failed attempt to dry Castiel’s arm with his soaked sleeve. “Sorry, buddy.”

“…’s fine.” Castiel puts his empty bottle aside and takes Dean’s. “But now you got to share.”

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(Dean’s is way longer because I already had it written before I decided to make this a preference. I don’t know why most of them are in grocery stores? Sorry about that. Also, I’d love to take any request you have here...)


“Dean!” you waved the candy bar around in his face, his expression dropped and he looked at you, half wondering if you were really being serious. “Please! I really want candy right now. Dean! Dean! Dean! Dean, please! I’ll love you forever.” 

“Well, in that case,” he snapped sarcastically. 

“Please, Dean!” you begged. 

“Alright, Y.N, God! Stop with the eyes!” 

“Haha! Yea!” you exclaimed, laughing as you put the candy bar on the counter, dropping a couple Reece’s cups for Dean. “Can we get coffee later, too?” 

“Sure, princess.” he rolled his eyes sarcastically. 

“Your sarcasm is excruciating.” You covered your heart and slipped a five dollar bill into his closed fist. 

“Keep it.” he handed the bill back to you. 

“You two are adorable.” the young girl behind the counter blushed, looking at you and Dean. 

“Us?” you asked, peeking out from behind Dean’s arm. The girl nodded. 

“Thanks.” Dean bobbed his head in the air, flipping through his wallet for a ten. 

“How long have you been married?” she asked, waving your items over the scanner. 

Dean looked over his shoulder at you, tucked behind him. “Five years.” he blurted. 


“Sam!” you called quietly. “Sammy! Come on!” you sighed as you turned the corner and saw the tall man looking at a box of something. 

“What is this?” 

“I dunno. Hey, Dean said he’d rip us a pair of new ones if we didn’t get to the check out line right now.” I reported. “So we better- Are those chocolate covered strawberries?” you asked, walking slowly to Sam to look at the box he was holding. 

“Guess so. You want them?” 

“Uh, hell yes.” 

“Will you share?” 

“I bet if we both give dean the puppy dog eyes he’ll buy them for us.” you said, taking the box. 

“He can’t say no to you.” Sam stated. “Not with your eyes.” 

You heard snickering behind you and turned to see an old man hunched behind you. “Sorry.” he said hoarsely. “You two remind me of my wife and I when we were your age.” 

“Oh, we’re not-” you started but Sam smiled softly.

“Thank you.” he beamed. “Have a nice day.” 


“Ooo!” your sister squeaked. “Hello, baby sister!” you could smell the champagne on her breath when she slung her arm around your shoulder and placed a slobbery kiss on your cheek. 


“I am Castiel, angel of the Lord.” Cas intorduced himself. You groaned but luckily, your sister was too drunk to comprehend what he just said. 

She gasped. “Is this Cas? The Cas? The Cas you never shut about?” she laughed, waving her hand and spilling a little golden champagne on the floor. “Is he your boyfriend?” she tried whispering but it wasn’t working. 

“No.” you said. 

“I bet he is. You’re her boyfriend, huh?” 


“Come on. Cas, you’re her boyfriend.” She nodded at the angel. He nodded. “Look,” she pointed her glass at Cas. “He says you’re together.” 

“Is that how it works?” Cas asked. “I promise to watch over you, Y/N.” 

By the time Sam and Dean walked in, two bottles of wine, three of tequila, half a 750cl of Scotch and more beer cans than they cared to count littered the table in front of you and Cas.

“Jesus. What are you two doing?!” Dean’s stare immediately went to you for answers. After all, you were sober as a nun.

“Getting Cas drunk,” you replied. It was pretty obvious, wasn’t it?

Why?” asked Sam.

Because you had been bored. Because Cas told you it practically couldn’t be done. Because it was about time the angel took a break from bearing a world of guilt on his shoulders and had a little fun.

But you didn’t get to say any of that. Dean had interrupted with a loud, “Aw, man! I was saving this!”

He yanked the bottle of Scotch from Cas’s hand. It didn’t take much effort. The angel’s coordination was desperately lacking.

“For what?” you asked.

“Special occasion,” complained Dean.

Castiel glowered drowsily at the hunter. “He means masturbating while watching animated pornography. That’s what happened to the missing six-pack from last week.”

Dean went red, and Sam abruptly dropped the dripping beer can he had picked up from the table. “Ugh, more than I needed to know.”

You, meanwhile, laughed. “Yeah, he’s been a wealth of info. It’s the best part of getting him drunk. Like, did you know that Adam was with Eve when she first tried the apple?”

“He dared her,” Cas said. Then he belched.

“Or that Delilah didn’t really weaken Samson by cutting off his hair?” you continued.

“She cut off something, but it certainly wasn’t his hair,” Cas slurred, grinning darkly. Dean and Sam both winced and pressed their knees together.

“I’ve been learning all kinds of stuff. The Da Vinci Code’s got nothing on this guy.” You grinned and patted Cas’s arm. “Come on, Cas. Spill. What else? Shock us with another revelation.”

Without missing a beat, Cas replied, “I’ve been in love with you for 3 months, 2 weeks, 5 days, 3 hours and approximately….” Squinting, he looked at the clock on the wall before turning back to a jaw-dropped you. “Twenty-two minutes.”

He smiled.

After a moment of silence around the table, Dean poured you a shot.

“Looks like you need this.”

Drunken Truths

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Dean Winchester X Reader

Warning: Abusive family, and Drinking

Summary: You “help” Cas with his “human studies” by getting dead drunk. Sam and Dean go looking for you two, to find that you are drunk to recognize them. One the way home you tell them stuff you vowed never to tell them.

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Love Bites (part 4)

Words: 1.3k

Summary: You react to Cas apologizing and confessing his feelings for you; and an old friend stops by to visit. (I’m also terrible at summarizing.)

A/N: I lied. This isn’t the final part; there should only be one more. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM. As always, constructive feedback is always appreciated.


You jumped at the sound from your window and groaned while you opened it. “What the fuck, Cas?! What are you, 14 again? What do you want?”

He climbed through your window like he used to when you were younger. “You. I want you. I was an idiot for letting you walk away so many times.”

You shook your head and frowned at him. “Cas, are you drunk? I know you don’t mean that. You have a fiancé and a life here, remember?”

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Drunken Feathers - 31 Days of Halloween

This is from my 31 Days of Halloween Writing Challenge.

Request:  #11 with cas x reader!! cute and fluffy ending please ☺️

Prompt: 11. Are you drunk?

Characters: Cas x reader, Dean (small cameo), Sam (mentioned).

Warnings: Drunk!Cas, raw fluff.

Word count: 1,787

A/N: This is the fluffiest fluffy fluff I have ever written, no lie. I’m not sure if it was too much for a Cas fanfic but still think it’s too pretty to care. I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by constiellation

The night was cold. There was a light storm pouring out, but you were dry and safe inside your small apartment.

You were feeling lonely. Whether because you had spent almost three months hunting along with the Winchesters before finally going back to your own life, or just because you hadn’t gotten news of them after their last hunt together.

You were sitting at your sofa, which was placed strategically for you to be able to look out of the window while being sat down. The rain drops dripped through the clear glass, and the lights were out, allowing your mind to wander.

You missed being at the Impala, jamming to some old rock song with Dean as Sam tried to focus on his reading; you missed pulling all-night researches with Sam as Dean drank or slept. You missed teaming up with the boys, and celebrating a successful hunt at the closest bar… But specially, you missed certain angel who always happened to appear in the weirdest moments.

You missed his baby blue eyes staring at you as you prepared your weapons; his squint whenever anyone mentioned something unknown to him. You missed his gruff voice speaking your name, and the flutter sound his wings made whenever he appeared. You missed that baby in a trench coat with all your heart, which was starting to swell by your thoughts.

“Hello, (Y/N).” Cas slurred, appearing behind you.

Instinctively, you jumped out of the couch. The smell of alcohol filled your nose as you took the picture in: Castiel the angel was standing there, his cheeks were blushed and his brown locks were messy. His tie was undone and his trench coat was unbuttoned.

“Cas! What are you doing here?” You asked astonished at his sudden appearance.

“You called me.” He stated, dragging his words.

“No, I didn’t…” You furrowed, “Are you drunk?”

“Yes you did… And yes to that too.” Cas answered, not being able to keep a still pose but instead, balancing over himself.

You walked over to him, guiding him towards the couch for him to sit down.

“I had never seen you drunk before.” You commented, not being able to pull your eyes off from the angel.

“Do you really miss me?” Cas drunk-asked, connecting his eyes to yours.

“Yeah, I…” You responded, unable to lie to him.

“I heard your pleas and I came over as fast as I could.” He interrupted.

“I didn’t pray to you, Cas.” You furrowed.

“Your longing reached to me in the form of a pray… So I came.” Cas repeated, he wanted you to acknowledge how fast he had arrived after listening to your please.

“Thanks… You didn’t have to.” You had no idea what else to say. After all, there was a drunken angel on your couch. “So, why were you drinking?”

The angel took in a deep breath, taking his time trying to find the proper answer to your question.

“Because I missed you.” He finally responded, “I’ve seen Sam and Dean drinking when they miss someone, they say it helps them forget so…”

“Did you really try to forget me on booze?” You asked with a chuckle. Cas lifted his gaze, giving you the biggest puppy eyes you had ever seen.

“I don’t want to forget you.” He muttered.

You stroked his cheek. He had a little scruff starting to grow, but either way you could feel the softness. Castiel smiled at your touch, nuzzling in your palm as you cupped your cheek.

“Let’s get you sober up.” You whispered tenderly.

As you tried to pull away in order to get a glass of water for him, the angel let out a whimper and held your hand in his. He tried to pull you back in with him.

“Cas, let me go. I need to…”

“No, no. Please, just stay.” He begged.

How could you say no to his pleas after he had responded to yours? With a nod, you sat back down. The angel rested his head in the crook of your neck, eventually falling asleep. His weight was too much for you to carry; therefore you leaned back in one of the couch pillows, allowing Cas to wrap himself around you as you raked your fingers through his messy hair.

You had never seen the angel sleeping, but then again, you had never seen him drunk either. His facial features where relaxed, little snores leaving his half parted lips. Eventually, you gave into sleep too.

The next morning you were woken up by a soft, shy kiss on the cheeks from the most adorable, hung-over angel in the Garrison. He even tried to make breakfast, ending in a mess that required a fire extinguisher and a pile of newspapers – don’t ask.

However, in spite of the mess and his tiredness, Cas managed to turn your whole day brighter by just cuddling with you in bed, watching Netflix while his head ache eased.

“I don’t get it.” He would say, followed by a never ending list of questions only an angel could formulate.

As the day went by, so was Cas’ pain and with that, his release came. He was finally able to put apart the whole bunch of feelings he, through his human body, was feeling. It was something that not even his grace could resign.

“(Y/N), I think I’m dying.” He whispered as another movie came to an end. You turned the TV off and looked up at him.

“It’s part of being hung-over, Cas.” You whispered back.

“No. My body is completely alcohol-free now.” Castiel spoke, “It’s something else.”

You shifted, sitting over your bent knees. Castiel was leaning against the multiple pillows in your bed, looking like a frightened puppy.

“What are you feeling?” You asked, placing a hand over his forehead, trying to find a fever.

“I’m not sure.” He mumbled.

“Do you feel nausea or…?” Cas nodded.

“I’m not sure if this is what nausea feels like, but I’m afraid my heart is on my throat right now.” He informed, fear showing through his eyes.

“I’m sure your heart is in the right place, sweetie.” You replied tenderly.

“But it’s beating too fast, I’m sure it moved.” He insisted.

You sighed and touched his throat, trying to humour him. After not feeling anything, you lowered your hand to his chest, right over the heart.

“Your heart is fine, dear.” You smiled.

The angel furrowed, sitting up and touching every part of his body. He closed his eyes, trying to analyse himself in vain.

“I need to make a phone call.” He spoke, getting up from bed and going out to the small balcony in your room. He shut the door behind him a dialled the first number he could think of.

“Heya, Cas!” Dean cheered from the other side of the phone.

“Dean, I need help.” Cas urged. The hunter furrowed, turning his joyful mode into a serious one.

“What’s wrong?” He asked.

“I think I might explode.” The angel simply replied. Dean furrowed even deeper, not knowing what to say.

“Wha-what?” The hunter stuttered, “Why?”

“I was with (Y/N).” The angel begun, immediately ripping a knowing smile from Dean’s lips. “I started to feel like my heart jumped up to my throat.” Castiel was completely serious, even frightened but Dean, on the other hand, was trying to hold his laughter and excitement.

“Is your heart on your throat?” Dean asked, holding back as much as he could.

“No, (Y/N) already checked that.” Castiel explained.

“What else do you feel?” Dean encouraged his friend to keep talking.

“My stomach tickles.” The angel continued, receiving a hum for an answer. “My knees are weak and, if I could, I’m sure I would be sweating right now.”

“Tell me, have these symptoms been uniform of have they ceased at some point?” Dean asked using his best doctor voice.

“They were worse when I was with (Y/N).” Castiel observed, “I went out to the balcony and…”

“Cas, I think I know what you have.” Dean interrupted.

“You do? Tell me, how do I stop this?” The angel asked, his blue eyes were full of hope.

“I think you’re in love, and there’s no cure to that.” Dean chuckled, trying to sound as manly as possible although deep inside him he was squealing like a fangirl.

“Now I know why you humans make love so complicated…” Castiel whispered, “So what do I do?”

“Tell her how you feel.” Dean simply responded.

“I already told her my symptoms.” Cas rolled his eyes, and Dean laughed.

“I mean: Tell her you’re in love.” Dean insisted.

“Okay, but what if she asks who I’m in love with?” Cas inquired.

“Then you tell her.” Dean answered.

“But I don’t know who I’m in love with.” The angel sounded like a lost kid asking for directions to get home without knowing his address.

“Cas, dude, think. What caused you to feel those things, huh?” Dean asked.

“I was fine until I saw her last night and… Oh.” Dean chuckled.


Without even saying goodbye, the angel hung up the phone and walked back in.

You were lying in bed. Your hair was messily spread all over the pillow as your eyes were focused on your phone. Cas cleared his throat to announce his returning, to which you left your phone at the night table and stood up to walk closer to him.

“Everything okay?” You asked, pressing your hands firmly on his shoulders.

“I know what I have.” He answered. You tilted your head, frowning in confusion.

“Is it bad?” The angel shook his head, giving you a half smile. “Then what is it?”

“I’m afraid being this long on Earth, wearing a human vessel, has led me to develop certain human mannerisms ; such as getting drunk, sleeping and…” Cas sighed, not finishing his sentence. His eyes were lost in yours.

“And…?” You encouraged him to talk.

“Falling in love.” He breathed out.

Before you could ask for more details, the angel grabbed your waist, pulling you closer. He crashed his lips against yours. He was shy, and hesitant, afraid to ruin this or to have you pull away; however, all you did was kiss him back.

It was all shy and slow, yet soft and so full of love. You didn’t want to break the kiss, but you did either way because you needed to breathe.

“We should get you drunk more often.” You joked, “I like hung-over you.”

“I certainly don’t share the feeling.” Cas shivered.

The rest of the day got limited to endless kissed, tight hugs and baby blue eyes staring deeply into yours.

Who would’ve though drunken angels were that fun?

Cas Prompt Request #8

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Prompt: 83 +90  “Can I kiss you?” +  “Drunk confessions.”

Characters: Cas,

Warning: Drinking, slight fluff

Requested by: @tokentransboy 

“Let’s go to the bar” you complained. “Y/N I don’t know about that” Cas told you. “It’ll be fun come on” you told him again tugging on his arm.

“Fine” he sighed giving in. “Yes” you cheered. “Let’s go.” You grabbed your keys and ran out the door. Cas was following behind you.

You got to the bar and hopped out of the car. Cas walked in first and you followed in behind him. You both sat up at the bar and ordered your drinks. 

The bartender set the drinks in front of you and Cas, and then another round, and then another. Before you knew it you were drunk. 

“Y/N we should get you back” Cas told you and tried to get you off the bar stool. “I love you Cas” You slurred. “What?” He was confused.

“I love you” you told him again. “Let’s go back to the hotel” he told you. You hopped down from the bar and stumbled. 

Cas led you outside, let’s get back to the hotel. He transported you back to the hotel.

You woke up the next morning, “remembering your drunk confessions” “Yeah” you told him. “Did you mean it?” 

“Yes, I love you Cas.” “Can I kiss you?” “Yes” you told him, and he leaned in and kissed you. It was the best kiss you had.

 You were glad you were finally able to have a kiss with the angel.

Choose Your Own Ending

Alright, so for shits and gigs Any and I started texting as Dean and Cas while I was crazy white girl wasted. And Any thought let’s post it on our blog and get our readers to write the narrative of what happens next. So let’s do this! Reblog this craziness with your narrative, and we’ll reblog it with the corresponding texts between Dean and Cas after your narrative. So on and so forth. No word length requirement or anything, let’s choose your own ending this bitch!

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Imagine Dean Getting Jealous Because Of Cas

Pairing: Dean x Reader; Slight Cas x Reader

Description: Cas and the reader talk a lot and Dean gets fed up with it.

Warnings: None

A/N: I found this in my drafts from a long time ago and its short and stupid but its okay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


You held Cas’s phone is your hands as he leaned in close. The two of you sat on the couch as you explained how to work the electronic device. Dean sat beside you burying his face in a magazine.

“And that is how you use emojis?” Cas questions. His face was centimeters away from yours as he spoke, his breath could be felt on your cheek. You didn’t mind none, knowing Cas doesn’t know any better. He pointed at the screen. Dean looked up from the magazine narrowing his eyes.

The eldest Winchester developed feelings for you but would deny them any chance he gets. Since their history, we can just say that their love life leaves a burn.

“Yeah,” you turned your head slightly, looking up at Cas from your slouching position,“ Wow…” He tilted his head.

“What?” Cas furrowed his brow. Dean scoffed rolling his eyes. He knew that all the ‘hints’ weren’t hints at all. He knew that everyone would go for the angel. Even if Dean didn’t swing that way, he would admit this angel was on the attractive side.

"Your eyes are really blue.” You muttered, mouth a gape. At this Dean stood and walked away. Tearing your eyes away from Cas you watched as he left. Cas shrugged simply and grabbing his phone from your hands and typed in some emojis, sending them to Sam. While Cas was occupied you stood and went off into the direction Dean left to.

Heavy breathing and metal clinking got louder as you steppes closer to the room at the end of the hallway. The door was ajar and light seeped out into the darkened hallway. You pushed open the door and stepped in leaving it open. There Dean stood. He punched a sack hanging from the ceiling from a metal chain.

"Dean.” You said quite loudly. He ignored you. “I know you can hear me.” This made him tense up but he continued to punch the sack. Doing something you shouldn’t, you moved and stood in front of the sack, in the line of fire. Deans fist stopped just before it collided with your nose. His eyes were wide as he was frozen.

"Y/n seriously you could have gotten hurt.” Dean had snapped out of it and put his hand down to his side. His breathing slowed along with the rapid heartbeat from the scare.

"So what’s up?” You asked smiling.

"Don’t you have Cas to go help?” He rolled his eye and grabbed the sack with both hands above your head, preventing it from swinging more than it is.

You looked up at him furrowing your brow. "That’s why you always storm off? Because I’m with Cas? Like the time when I was showing Cas how to research and you stormed off to the bar to get drunk and laid?”

“I-” Dean started but you put a finger to his lips before crossing your arms.

“Fine. I’ll admit it. I like you Dean okay? You know how much it hurts me to see you go off with prettier woman. No? Well it does a lot. So if you’re jealous from Cas hanging out with me. Suck it up.”

“Y/n…you like me?” He questioned, his face turning softer.

“Seriously? That’s all you got out of that come o-” Your eyes widened as heat crept up toward your cheeks. Deans hands moved down to your cheek, cupping your face.

“I know. You don’t have to say it again. I like you too…maybe a little more than like.” Dean smirked at your state currently.

“Just shut up and kiss me already.”

“Now that I can do.”

Off Limits (Persephone P7)

Title: Off Limits (Persephone P7)
Summary: The continuation of my shameless AU trash of Y/N & Casifer. Spending some quality time with Chuck, distracting him while the boys carry out their plan. And having to face Lucifer again.
Words: 2,416

Prologue, Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6, Part 8 , Part 9Part 10Part 11

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