cas would stare at him blankly so dean would go over to him and take it off

Come With Me.

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Pairing: Dean Winchester x Daughter!Reader with Sam Winchester and Castiel

Prompt: “Hiya I got a dean x daughter!reader request I hear you’ve been looking for these :) So like maybe Dean doesn’t know he has a daughter but she’s in potential or immediate danger (maybe with one of his former enemies) and Cas knows about her and is like dean she’s destined for great thing you have to save her blah blah blah and maybe she’s a resident surgeon and has goals of creating a hunter hospital so she’ll save lots of lives in the future or something? Thank you so much I appreciate it😘 “

Warnings: Little bit of blood and gore from a bullet injury and some demon killing.

Extra: I changed this up a little bit so it would make a tiny bit more sense. Reader is a college student that is majoring in Human Surgeries and has a small hunter hospital in the basement of her home. Some monsters find out and Castiel tells Dean that he needs to save her. Reader is also 19 years old.

P.S: There may be a part two? I’m not entirely sure yet. But I will write one if you guys are interested!

“What do you mean I have a kid?” Dean said sternly, staring at Castiel. Cas slightly shed back, trying to stand his ground, but failing miserably. Nineteen years ago, Dean Winchester had gone on a single case without his father, John Winchester, by his side. He had one hookup, and thought nothing would happen from it. But, alas, here he is, speaking to his angel pal about how he has a daughter, and she’s about to be in danger. 

“I think it’s pretty clear what he meant, Dean.” Sam said, just as shocked as Dean was. Castiel didn’t exactly break the news calmly-he blurted it out right when he stepped foot through the door of the bunker. 

“But why are you telling us this now?!” Dean yelled, resisting the urge to slam his hand on the table. Castiel let out a puff of air and looked at Dean. 

“Because,” Cas started, staring blankly at Dean, “I thought that if you knew about your child, it would distract you from saving the world all the times that you have. I’ve been keeping an eye on her since she was born. It was something that God had supposedly told Joshua to do before he left. I’m telling you now because she’s in trouble and needs protecting.” 

“So you’re telling me you’ve known about my nineteen year old daughter since the day she was born and haven’t even told me?” Dean asked with sass in his voice. Sam resisted the urge to roll his eyes at Dean’s childishness, but Sam’s eyes went wide at Castiel’s words. 

“Wait, she’s in trouble?” Sam asked, causing Dean’s face to go from angry to concerned. 

“If you would stop arguing with me and listen I can tell you how!” Castiel snapped. “Her name in (Y/N) (L/N). She lives in South Dakota near your friend Jody, but still far out. She runs a miniature hospital for injured hunters in her basement. Some demons found out and have teamed up to ‘take her out.’” 

“How does she even know about hunting?” Dean asked, suddenly confused. 

“Her mother died when she was a few years old.” Castiel explained. “She went into foster care, then suddenly disappeared from the system. A married couple that were hunters came and grabbed her before she got shipped out of state.” Dean felt a pang in his heart. His daughter had already been through hell and back and he hadn’t even been there to help her. 

“Dean.” Sam said calmly, causing his brother to look at him. “Don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault.” 

“I could’ve looked harder.” Dean said, shoving his face in his hands and taking a few paces around the library. He wanted to say ‘Cas could’ve told me,’ but he didn’t.

“What you can do is make up for it now.” Sam continued, walking over to Dean and setting a hand on his shoulder. “So let’s go find your kid.” Dean removed the hand from his face and glanced at Sam, then Cas, then back at Sam.

“Yeah.” Dean mumbled, letting a tiny, crooked smile escape his lips. “Let’s find my kid.” 

“I’m almost finished!” You said to the man on the table, his girlfriend holding his hand as you held open the bullet wound in his arm with your fingers. Your free hand was using a pair of tweezers to dig around in the muscle of the man’s bicep, trying to find the silver bullet that was shot into him. “Just hold on a little longer!” 

You finally felt your tweezers hit something solid and you fumbled around a bit more, ignoring the man’s groans as you grabbed the bullet, pulling it out and taking your blood covered hands away from the man. He almost screamed in relief as you turned around and set the bullet and tweezers on a table, grabbing your needle and thread and hurrying to stitch the man up and bandage his wound. 

You were finished in a matter of minutes, glad that your college class covered stitching a few weeks prior so you knew what you were doing. You quickly bandaged the wound and gave the man a few pain killers, then sending him and his wife out the cellar door and away from your home. You knew the wound was fresh, but you didn’t want to be around if that vampire pack had followed the couple. 

You let out a sigh and turned to the wall of your muggy basement, turning on the sink and running your bloody hands under the cold water. That man was your sixth patient of the day, and your head was pounding and your body felt limp. College was wearing you out, and running a secret hunter hospital was even more tiring. 

There was suddenly a creaking sound above your head, and you froze, looking up. The creak sounded again, this time closer to the stairs of your basement door. You quickly turned the water off and turned to one of your many tables, grabbing a pistol and unclipping the magazine, making sure it was loaded, then clipping it back. You crouched down behind the table that you had just performed surgery on, hearing the basement door slam open and footsteps pound their way down the stairs. You took a chance, remembering your ‘training,’ and looking over the table. There were four females and a man looking around the room, and one of the females spotted you and her eyes flashed black. 

You gasped and grabbed your knife out of your boot, knowing the Latin symbols on it by heart. You lunged at one of the females and quickly stabbed her, not bothering to watch as she fell lifeless to the ground. You quickly took out the other two females and the man with little trouble, only using your gun at a few points. 

One of the females had been hiding behind a table and you didn’t notice as she lunged out, her knife skimming your cheek as you dodged her swing. She backed you up against the wall, knife held at your throat. You suddenly felt terrified. You had never been this close t a monster before, even if you had been trained to fight them. You squinted your eyes shut as the cool metal of the knife pressed harder against your throat, fully prepared for your death. 

Then suddenly, the pressure was gone, and the body fell to the floor. 

You opened your eyes ad saw three men standing in front of you, and you tried to back yourself further against the wall in fear. The one in the trench coat simply looked at you while the tallest one glanced around the room awkwardly. The other man was looking at you with wide eyes and a concerned face, and you lazily cocked an eyebrow at him.  

“Are you okay?” the one that was staring at you in admiration asked. 

“Y-yeah.” You stuttered, looking at three. “Who are you?”

“I’m Sam.” the taller one said, lightly gesturing to himself. “That’s Castiel,” he pointed at the one in the trench coat, “and that’s my brother, Dean.” 

“Wait, Sam and Dean?” You asked in shock, knowing who they were. The Winchesters were here in your home, and nevertheless, you were scared. They were known as the most psychotic, crazy, and B.A hunters in the world. 

“Are you (Y/N) (L/N)?” Dean asked, still staring at you. You felt yourself shy away slightly. Were they here to kill you? 

“Um, yeah.” You squeaked, hand opening and closing by your side, itching to grab your knife from the ground. 

“We’re not here to hurt you.” Dean reassured, holding out his hand slightly. “I’m, uh…” Dean trailed off, looking back at Sam then back at you. 

“I’m your father, and I need you to come with me.” 

Just Another Breakdown

SPN FanFic

~Y/N leaves a note for Dean, explaining her reasons for leaving~

Dean, Sam x Reader

2,232 Words

Warnings: Angst


I wanted to say, Dear Dean, but that sounded odd. What I should have said was, To my best friend, but here we are.

I’m leaving. Please don’t look for me for a while. I’ll call when I’m ready, but I can’t say right now when that will be. I need some time away, need to clear my head I guess; need to be alone. I thought I could handle all this, thought I could be strong like you and Sam, but let’s face facts: I’m not. I’m not as strong or brave, I’m just not. That’s OK, I tried, right?

Please don’t take this on yourself. It’s not your fault, nothing you could have done. It’s me. It’s always been me. You’ve been my rock for so long, that’s not fair to you. You have enough on your shoulders already. My crap- that’s not something you need to deal with.

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Words: 1385
Dean x Reader
Warnings: none
A/N: A little sweet Dean drabble for you all. :)

Your name: submit What is this?

“Sam, what the hell are we doing here?” Dean asked impatiently, wandering after his brother towards the expansive building ahead, weaving through the rows of parked cars. “I’ve got shit to do.”

Sam scoffed. “When I found you in your room you were asleep, drooling on your pillow while the DVD menu for ‘The Karate Kid’ was playing on a loop.”

Dean glared at him. “Yeah. And? You interrupted!” Sam only rolled his eyes and said,

”You’ll see.”

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Then and Now

Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 709

Warnings: Soooooo much fluff.

A/N: This was originally an Anon ask that turned into… well… this. I got very carried away. It’s just so fluffy.

Anon Ask: “Quick question: How would Cas react to finding out you’re pregnant? Also: reaction when he first sees his son and/or daughter?”

You smiled as you layed the small stick down onto the counter, the third test in two days to come up with the little pink plus. With your suspicions confirmed, you exited the bathroom in search for your angel.

Cas was sitting in one of the chairs in the library, talking to Sam as Dean as they towered over him. The air in the room was light. You shuffled over to the group, interrupting Sam mid-laugh.

“Hey guys, can I talk to Cas alone?” You tried to keep your tone casual, but the secret eating at your chest was making it more than difficult.

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Having A Child With Dean Winchester

(The reader is a female in this by the way)

(Not requested at all, I thought this up from my brain)

-Telling Dean would be so casual

-”So Dean, how would you feel about making a baby room?”

-He’d just stare at you blankly after pausing from his burger


-”Why the hell would we need a baby room?”



-”Are you…..”

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Can’t Help Falling in Love (Part 15)

Summary: The reader has tried continuously to fall out of love with Sam, however just when she thinks that she’s got it under her belt Sam comes waltzing right back into her life again undoing all of the hard work that you’ve worked toward.

A/N: Sorry guys, the updates are gonna be a little spaced out because of my exams but I already know how this gonna end and where I’m taking it so it will be finished, just at a slow pace, anyway, hope you enjoy, more plotty plot, here, Dean goes into your mind.

Warnings: Language, Mildly graphic descriptions of torture, Angst

Word count: 3880

Sam x Reader

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3  Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12 Part 13 Part 14

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Ever since Dean announced his idea that was it, they all hit the books and were researching from dusk till dawn, night and day constantly trying to find something. It had been two days since Lilith had taken over your body and the boys hadn’t heard anything since, Cas and Meg had left to try and find anything from their outside sources but they also weren’t having much luck.

“Dean, you found anything?” Dean looks up from the book he’s currently scanning through, there are several scattered around him, Sam is sat opposite with a book of his own, he looks up at Dean with a hopeless look in his eye.

Dean sighs and closes his book “nope, nothing, honestly I’m starting to wonder if this is just a waste of time.”

Sam shakes his head “it’s not Dean, it can’t be, we just have to keep trying.”

Dean admires Sam’s resilience but is starting to worry that they might be wasting time “I think we should tell dad.”

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“Who I Am Inside” Part 3

This day off was not going as planned. After dealing with those FBI agents, I’m on edge. To make things even better my boss called me in to receive some packages she ordered for the Library and sort through them. She couldn’t get them herself because the UPS was delivering them at 8 P.M and was babysitting her granddaughters.

I spent most of the day in the living room on my laptop typing, watching Friends, and eating an endless amount of popcorn with gobs of butter. At one point, I thought I would try to be productive, but everything was pretty much done. Getting antsy, I looked up stuff online about essential oils since I recently bought a diffuser. My absolute favorite recipe for it is 3 drops of lemongrass, 2 drops of peppermint, and 3 drops of lavender. It’s like inhaling heaven.

I also tried to look up strong connections at first sight, to see if I could find anything. Nothing popped up except love at first sight crap.

“Why am I even trying. It’s probably nothing.” I thought to myself

As the hours go by faster and faster. It was already time to head to the Library. I changed into a pair of skinny jeans, a black v-neck, my favorite cardigan, and my black pair of riding boots. Dressy, I know, but it all of it was lying in the chair next to the closet and I’m to lazy to look for anything else. Plus, knowing me, I would run into somebody I would know. Since I decided to pick up some stuff at the store afterwards.

I grabbed my keys and headed to my car. I got in and started blasting pandora with the aux cord. It took me only 7 minutes to get there since I live pretty close. As I hopped out of the car, I opened up the side door to the Library, and went immediately into the conference room. I turned on the light in there, since he usually pulls up this way when he delivers packages and sat in one of the comfy conference room chairs. Scrolling through facebook to pass the time.

As I sat there deep in thought, staring blankly at my screen, I heard a noise. It kept getting louder and louder. Until, I realized it was someone knocking on the side door. I ran to the door and he greeted me with a smile. He thanked me for signing, as he handed me the packages. I gave him a warm smile back, told him to have a nice night, then shut the door. I took the boxes back to the conference and organized them exactly how she wanted it. 30 minutes later I was done. Smiling to myself, realizing that I can go home now, I grabbed my purse and keys.

I looked around to make sure I got everything, when it seemed like I did, I turned to head home. Until I saw a shadowed figure out in the hallway, I gasped and yelled “Holy Shit!”. Quickly making out who the shadowed figure was, I grabbed at my chest, trying to calm myself down from almost having a full blown heart attack. It was Mike, the Library handyman. He was in his mid 50’s, kind of on the bigger side, and had light gray hair.

“Oh my gosh, Mike! You gave me a heart attack. Sorry for the language, but you scared me! What are you doing here?” I say frantically.

Mike never responded to my question. He just looked right at me. Like he could see my soul my soul or something. I was starting to freak out a little bit  because Mike was never like this. Always in a jolly good mood, and friendly. Reminded me of Santa.

I waited a couple more seconds before I started again.

“So, uhh Mike, watcha doing here?” my voice shaky as I uttered the words.

He came closer to me, still staring right into my eyes with a mean look upon his face. All of the sudden his eyes went completely black. I backed up into a table, hyperventilating, wanting to believe that this was some kind of prank. I knew it wasn’t when he made his way towards me.

I searched around the room for the exit. As my eyes land on it, I looked back at him. His expression getting angry by the minute. Before I knew it, I was bolting towards the back door. Running as fast as my legs could take me, while fearing for my life. Unlocking the door quickly, and pushing it open with force. I pushed it so hard that tripped and scraped my knee. It started bleeding bad, but I got back up and ran faster as he followed.

I felt like I was in a horror movie as I passed the parking lot, and ran past the railroad tracks. I stopped at the stoplight that had shined a bright glow over the street. I looked all around to see if he was still following me. I cussed myself out in my head for not running to my car, but it was parked on the other side of the Library. I saw no sign of him, but still had a feeling that I would piss my pants since I was afraid.

I calmed myself down and tried to think of what to do next. I reached for my phone and pulled up the phone number that Agent Craig Ramirez gave me. He said “anything at all…”. I bit my lip and dialed the number hoping that he would pick up. I held the phone to my ear and looked at the Library from where I was standing. Praying that this man would answer…

Sam’s Pov

*A Few Hours Earlier*

Cas came to the motel as soon as Dean prayed to him. He looked a little out of it, since he had been doing some research for another case back at the bunker. He also told as he started watching “Friends” on Netflix and that’s why he was forgot to check his cell.

“Hello, Dean. Hello, Sam. What Is Up?” He said in his deep, voice.

“Cas we need your help on something. I was wondering if you knew of a Y/n Greene?” I asked.

“Y/n Greene? Is she important to this case you’re working on? He asked curiously

“Sam feels like he has a ‘strong connection’ with her or something.” Dean mocks while cleaning his gun.

“Dean you promised you would help.” I said, getting pissed off.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. So do you know her or not Cas?” asked Dean, gruffly.

“I’m not supposed to tell you.” Cas says bluntly

Dean and I shared a look with each other before pressing him on the matter.

“What do you mean you’re not aloud to tell us?” I asked Cas, confused.

“It’s against the rules.” He said, like we should know what that means

“Why is it against the rules, Cas?” Dean said, starting to get curious.

“You are supposed to figure out who she is, by yourselves.” He said, wanting this discussion to be over.

“Why can’t we just ask, you?” I said. Dean and I were trying to see if we could get him to spill the beans with annoying questions.

“It does not work like that.” starting to get annoyed. Dean and I pressed further.

“Why doesn’t it work like?” Dean asked, smiling to himself.

“I didn’t think you’d want another one, after Adam.” Cas said, completely annoyed.

Dean and I paused for a moment, processing what Cas just said.

“Wait, wait, wait a minute. You mean to tell us that she’s our sister?” I said, almost speechless.

Cas just realizing what he said, uttered the only word what he could think of.


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*Present Time*


“Hello, Agent Ramirez speaking.” I say in my best professional voice.

“Agent Ramirez, Agent Ramirez, are you there?” the distressed voice said, sounding like Y/n

“Y/n? Is that you? Are you ok?” I asked, fearing for the worst, especially after just finding out she’s my sister.

“Agent! Please I need your help! There was this guy an-” Y/n said practically crying

“I’m on my way! Where are you?” I asked.

“I’m near the Library, under the closets streetlight. Please hurry, Agent! I’m so scared.” she says, barely getting her words out between sobs.

“Stay right there! Don’t move ok! Everything will be fine! We are on our way!” I said in a calming, but serious tone.

“Please Hurry!” She says before hanging up.

I looked at Dean, who had the duffle bags ready to go. An unreadable expression on his face.

“Where to?” He asks, still not being able to read his expression.

“Library! Closest streetlight to it.” I say in a rush, as we exit the motel.

Y/n’s Pov
I never thought I would see something so horrible in my entire life. My work, my safe place, my second home. Burning down in giant red flames. The whole fire team was there and the police. The flames are almost too much to save anything. I felt dead on the inside. I told the cops what happened and they believed me completely after Mike told them he did it. I didn’t understand how his personality changed in such short of amount of time.

All I could think about was what he said to me. After he set it on fire.

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“Everything you love will burn to the ground, everyone will die who you love, all these people will suffer just at the hands of knowing you. All these people will suffer because of the person who you really are. None of my people will stop until you are truly miserable. If it’s the last thing we do.” He said this right before he shot himself in the chest.

I saw black smoke come out of Mike’s body and go into the ground. He was still breathing, but he barely looked alive. Then that is when police showed up.

I shuddered thinking about the events I just witnessed. Not even hearing the two agents approach me from behind.

“Are you ok, Y/n?” he asked with that same caring tone again.

“No.” I spoke so soft. I didn’t even think that they could hear me.

“We need to talk, Y/n. Would you be willing to come with us? We can protect you.” Craig said, softly.

I looked back at the Library and saw that the flames were just not letting up. My heart feeling like a wilted rose. Until I couldn’t stand the scene, I turned my attention back to the men. We walked over their car and Eric opened up the back door for me. As I sat down, I saw Eric give me a sympathetic look. Looking like he understood exactly what I was going through. After Eric started her up, we drove down the road and out of sight from the Library.

I couldn’t help but feel that everything was about to change.

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The Other Parts to this story you can find on my tumblr! If have trouble let me know! If you want to be added to the tag list just message me! Thank you for those who’ve been reading this series, and praising it! I means a lot! Thank you all!

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There and Back Again (Part 6: Dean)

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Summary: Dean returns to find you gone, he and John have a moment, and shit hits the fan when you return and something’s a little off…

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,400

Warnings: language, angst, sexual references

A/N: this one is sort of third person where you get some of Dean and John’s thoughts, so enjoy. Next part will be back to reader’s pov

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Fresh Start - Tough Call

A/N: Fresh Start part 12. This is a Mechanic!Dean x Single mom!Reader AU. I know it’s a day late, sorry! I hope you guy’s enjoy this part. Thanks again to my fantastic beta @thorne93

Memories are in italics.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Beth.

Warnings: None I think. Maybe language.

Wordcount: 2009


*not my GIF*

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“Can we go home now?” Cas asked as you excused yourself from your friend. The two of you were at a bon voyage party for one of your friends who had gotten an amazing opportunity to study abroad, only downside was that she had to leave before the school year was over. Cas was never one for big parties, he liked it best when there was just a few people who he knew, so you were kind of impressed that he had lasted this long.

“Of course. Let’s just find Jill and we can say goodbye.” You gave him a quick peck on the cheek and then dragged him through the room. Once you had said your goodbye’s and good luck’s you and Cas stepped out into the crisp spring air.

“You want to walk back? It’s a beautiful night.” Cas asked as he looked up to the sky where the stars were blinking.

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When you least expect it - Part 18: You and Me

Characters (AU: first names are as in the show renaming a few last names to fit my story): Reader (Y/N Mills), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Jess Winchester, Winchester Twins (OCs), Jake Winchester (OC - mentioned), Anna Milton, Castiel Novak

Pairings: Reader/Dean,

Warnings:  mention of cheating, fighting, unexpected pregnancies, mention of loss of baby,   

Wordcount: 3800ish

A/N: This is a Mechanic!Dean AU and it is mostly written from the readers POV but it will have a few from Dean’s as well. It is an emotional rollercoaster so consider yourselves warned. It will have smut, fluff and angst. It will get pretty dark at some point too.

This chapter: Anna is pregnant and so is Y/N. Is both babies Dean’s? and what does that mean for his future with Y/N?



Dean had no idea how long he had stood frozen to the spot when Cas’ blue eyes finally started to come into focus. Cas was holding him by the arms and calling out his name loudly over and over.

“Where is she? Where is Y/N?!” Dean looked around the room as reality began to dawn on him but Cas just shook his head. “I have no idea. Sam went after her. Maybe you should let him…”

Dean didn’t hear out his friend he just ran out the door and straight to the impala breaking every speedlimit on his way to the motel praying to God Sam had been able to keep her there.

Dean drew a sigh of relief when he saw her and Cas’ car both parked outside her room. Dean took a deep breath trying to gather himself before he got out of the car. He frowned as he heard the loud voices coming from the room. He would have expected Sam to be comforting her not yelling at her.

Dean slowly pushed the door open to hear Sam hiss at her.

“He is my brother so either you are telling him or I am!”

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Velvet Tongue, So Sweet.

Pairings: EndVerse!Cas x Reader

Word Count: 3900-ish

Warnings: SMUT, NSFW, some dirty talk, semi-public sex

Summary: So, the reader works at Camp Chitaqua and Cas maybe has a thing for her, but he’s not sure if he’s really into her of if he just wants to sow as many wild oats as possible along the way. Either way, the reader is cool with it because the new mortal Cas is just what she’s into.

A/N: So this is dedicated specifically to Jess @abaddonwithyall because she’s my favorite Cas!girl and she’s been nothing but sweet as hell to me and I can’t say thank you enough. But this is also dedicated to Kim @ilostmyshoe-79 and Kat @unadulteratedstorycollector as well because they are very encouraging and have been amazing cheerleaders through everything and I love them both.

Tagging: @bovaria @winchesterenthusiast @balthazars-muse @mrswhozeewhatsis @but-deans-back-tho @theerinpage @iwriteshortstuff @spnfanficpond (if there are any Cas girls or smut lovers who I didn’t tag and you think they’ll like this feel free to tag them too!)

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The camp isn’t really a place to fall in love, it’s not a place to form emotional attachments or bonds. It’s a place to survive, and honestly it takes so much energy trying to do that, that it seems silly to bother with anything else. But everything is still new to Cas. The world in its glorious visceral form is still enchanting, even if his friends are dropping like flies.

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Way of the World- part 11

Fandom: Supernatural

Word count: 2198

Characters: Dean x soulmate!reader, Sam, Cas

Warnings: angst, injury to Sam

Summary: Sam tries to help you, but you struggle with the reality of his and Dean’s life. Part 1 Part 2  Part 3Part 4 Part 5  Part 6 Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16

@kittenofdoomage @ilostmyshoe-79 @stillnotginger2294 @spectaculicious @rusticbellamy @satan-squared @i-just-wanna-live-gc @clariedelalune @25kitkat @caitsymichelle13 @supernotnatural2005 @daydreamingintheimpala @bitch-i-am-a-dean-girl @2104maplestreet @alyeskandragon @mrswhozeewhatsis @unapologeticallyapologeticoops @superwholockbooknerd526 @superwhoavengelocklover

“Y/N. You need to get out of bed.”

You heard Sam’s voice in the doorway, just a little exasperated as he waited for a response. You just decided to ignore it. It was warmer under your blanket. And you knew from experience that it would still be early.

Still, Sam was used to it by now. When you went thirty seconds without moving, he strode over to your bed and yanked the covers off in one smooth motion. You rolled onto your back, blinking up at him reproachfully. “Fuck off, Sam. I was sleeping.”

“No, you weren’t. You were awake, and you were ignoring me. Now we’re gonna go train.”

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Anonymous asked: soulmate/college/roommate-AU where instead of a tattoo/name everyone’s born with a pendant/charm necklace that matches their soulmate’s. Dean walks to their bathroom thinking it’s empty but there’s Cas taking off his shirt to shower and Dean sees his necklace (that matches his, obviously) and freaks out (because Dean is totally 100% NOT gay at all). Bonus if Cas already knows.

Author’s note: Several people requested a Soulmate AU, so here it is. I did alter the rules for the necklaces a little bit, because I couldn’t imagine someone wearing a necklace when coming out of the womb. Omg, that sounded so weird, lol. Anyway, enjoy!

As much as Dean was trying to not let his sulky mood get to him, he was failing miserably. He sighed as he got into the elevator, pressing the ‘twelve’ button before heavily leaning against one of the walls. It wasn’t even the long day of exhausting lectures that had him this grumpy, not really…

As the elevator doors slid closed, his mind wandered to the text that his younger brother Sam had sent him that morning.

‘Hey Dean! Guess what, I already found my soulmate! Her name is Jess and she’s perfect!’

Of freaking course. The kid had turned sixteen less than a month ago, and he’d already found his match.

Dean wistfully thought back to his own sixteenth birthday; he’d been so excited when waking up that morning, for the first time admiring the silver necklace that had appeared around his neck while he’d been sleeping. The piece of jewelry that would lead him to the person he’d possibly spend the rest of his life with.

But now, four years later, Dean was beginning to lose all hope. Sure, not everyone was as lucky as Sammy, to find the one with the matching necklace within weeks after receiving it. There were plenty of stories out there about people who didn’t find their soulmate until they were in their thirties, or even forties. Regardless, sometimes Dean was tired of waiting, and today was one of those days. He was happy for his little brother, he honest to God was, yet he couldn’t help but feel slightly envious.


The elevator paused when it reached floor seven, and a little old lady offered Dean a friendly smile as she got on. Dean nodded at her, faking a smile of his own.

When the elevator started moving again, Dean absently reached for the necklace that was hidden behind two layers of clothing. To Dean, it was something private. He’d only pull it out whenever he found a girl with whom he thought he felt a possible connection, to see if it matched. It never had.

It was a personal matter, really. Some proudly wore their necklace for the world to see, like most of the still single girls that Dean encountered. Others, like Dean’s best friend Castiel, and their other friend Charlie, didn’t deem it necessary to wear their heart on their sleeve.


The ninth floor. The old lady shuffled to the exit, but not without wishing Dean a good day. As if. He smiled at her anyway.

Alone again, Dean pulled out the necklace, staring at the pendant almost resentfully; A flame made of emerald, cradled by wings made of sapphire. It was beautiful, it truly was, but it also made Dean bitter because every day, it reminded him of something still missing in his life.

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Ruined - Dean x Reader

A/N: Final part! I’ve enjoyed writing this one. I decided to go with a flash forward, simply because I wanted it to follow the show a bit. Really emphasize what the Reader was willing to endure to be with Dean. I hope you all have enjoyed this requested series as much as I have. Especially you, anonymous requester! 

Warnings: Brief summaries of the big bads in Supernatural up to season 11, flash forward, death mentions, bit of angst, no editing

Previous parts: One | Two | Three | Four | Five

Word Count: 2108

Years passed from that point. Sadly, life hadn’t been done with you two yet. The thing following him? That had been an angel named Castiel. You’d both stabbed him in the heart the first time you’d met him. One in the front, and one in the back.

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more demi!Cas stuff for ace!Cas day because I said so  (*˙︶˙*)☆*°
destiel, canon divergence (probably some time after s8 finale where Sam’s fine and dandy after not finishing the Hell trials and human!Cas joins them at the bunker right after he falls)

Castiel is sure he’s the one; they’ve been hunting this siren for the past two days, and he’s tired and exhausted and just wants to go back to the bunker and rest.

He texts Dean and Sam the location of the siren while he keeps his eyes glued to the thing. He sips his drink and grimaces. Alcohol tasted much less like… alcohol when he was an angel.

“Hey there, sweetheart,” a woman slides beside him. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Castiel gives her a glance and back to their target. “No, thank you.”

“Aw, don’t be such a stiffy,” she says smoothly. “Though, I hope by the end of the night someone will be a little of that, if you get what I mean.”

Castiel frowns at this (he really doesn’t have time for this right now), and glances at her again. She smirks and tucks a loose strand of dark hair behind her ear, and leans a little lower to display herself better. She’s a very attractive woman.

“I’m a little occupied at the moment, but thank you for your interest,” he replies evenly.

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When You Were Human

“I really wanted you, when you were human.”  Dean says this with a dull cough, as though trying to pass the statement off as casual.  “Just thought you should know that, is all.”

Cas looks up from the book he’s currently reading, brow furrowed.  He appreciates the sentiment (even if he doesn’t entirely believe it), but this is coming out of nowhere:  it’s been years since he was human, and it’s a period of his existence that he’s very much content to put out of his mind.

“Thank you, Dean,” is all he says, however, deciding it’s best to let the unpleasant subject drop.

He goes back to his book, but Dean lingers, hand rubbing uncomfortably over the back of his neck.  “I wouldn’t of mentioned it,” he continues.  “I know it’s, uh…probably not something you wanna think too much about…”

And you are very much correct, Cas thinks.

“…And I really didn’t wanna remind you what a dick I was to you back then, but, well.  Sammy’s been talkin’ to me lately, and, uh…he said some chick flick crap about being more ‘considerate with people’s feelings’ and all…”

“You love chick flicks, Dean,” Cas points out, not looking up as he recalls their Sex in the City marathon the night before.

Dean glowers at him – or tries to, anyway.  He can never muster any venom anymore, when it comes to Cas.  

“Look, what I’m just tryin’ to say is…” He takes a deep, steadying breath through his nose.  “I know it must of hurt, y’know?  And I know you must of assumed it was because you weren’t ‘useful’ or whatever, and that I just didn’t need you anymore.  I know a little something about people walkin’ away from me, and I know a little something about assumin’ the worst about it.”

Dean has his attention now, because yes, that was, in fact, exactly what Cas had believed.  On some level, he still does, though he’d never admit to it.

“But the truth is…” Dean closes his eyes, and recites a sloppy rendition of the same speech he’d heard in the bathroom just minutes prior.  “…When I found out you were human, Cas, I was worried.  God knows I was.  But…part of me was also kinda happy about it.  ‘Cause even if I didn’t admit it to myself way back when, some part of me was already thinkin’ what kind of a life we could have together:  I thought about takin’ you to beaches, laughing in the water and kissing in the sand, about keeping you warm on snowy days and kissing your cold nose.  I thought about watching you go to sleep at night, just like your creepy ass used to do to me, and making you breakfast before you woke up.”

“’Chick flick crap,’ then?”  Cas offers, recalling Dean’s earlier, colorful terminology. 

Dean huffs out a laugh.  “Yeah, you got me there, angel.  Point is, I know I wound up being a dick to you, Cas.  I know I turned you away when you needed me most, and I don’t think I ever apologized for that.  Not enough, anyway.”

“Dean,” Cas sighs, setting his book aside.  “We’ve been over this:  you did what you thought you had to.  You thought Sam was-” 

“I know.  And I know I did what I needed to, but – I coulda done it better, Cas.  I could of put you up with Garth or Jody – God knows they’d love to have you – but I was too busy thinking about how hard it was for me to worry how hard it was for you.  So I just cast you out, like…like a dirty sock, or somethin’.”

It’s a stupid idiom, but Dean knows it hits it mark.  Cas lowers his gaze and makes no reply, adam’s apple bobbing as he swallows.  

“And when I met up with you again, I wasn’t much better,” Dean goes on.  It’s not as hard as he thought it was going to be, now that he’s finally saying it – he thought making amends for his treatment of Cas would make him feel like more of an asshole, but if anything, it feels as though a weight is being lifted off his shoulders.  “I made fun of you for your job, what you were doin’ to get by.  And I was dumb enough to let you go out with that Dora chick even though I was already head over heels for you.” 

“It’s Nora, Dean,” Cas corrects him, though a smile tugs at his lips now.  A faint, Cas-like smile, but a smile nonetheless.  

He enjoys the slight jealousy that twinges Dean’s words, and never let it slip to Dean that all he had done with Nora was babysit (occassionally, he still does – Nora was a nice lady and a good friend, and her child is becoming a wonderful conversationalist.  He decides not to tell Dean that, either.)   

“Whatever,” Dean huffs, eyes rolling theatrically.  “Point is, Cas, I was a dick, and I didn’t deserve you.  But I loved you.  I loved you then, and I love you now.  And I really wanted you, when you were human,”  Dean pauses, swallowing wetly.  “Just like I really, really want you now.”

Cas only nods, unable to convey how much Dean’s words mean to him.  He’s become more secure in Dean’s love for him as their relationship evolved, but in his dark hours, he’d be lying if he were to say a little voice – a voice that sounded suspiciously like Lucifer – didn’t nag at his mind, telling him he was only ever a tool to Dean, and his rejection of him as a human had proved that. 

“Thank you, Dean,” is all he says.  Still, the sincerity of his tone conveys more than words could say.

There’s a comfortable silence as the two just stare at each other – those minute long staring contests, that never cease to make Sam so very uncomfortable (unbeknownst to Sam, they sometimes do it just to get on his nerves, to see how long they can stare longingly into each other’s eyes before he passively-aggressively clears his throat or throws a bitchface and leaves.  Everyone considers it great fun – everyone except Sam.)

“You know,” says Cas, finally.  “We can still do the things you mentioned.  Most of them, anyway.” 

As an angel, Cas can’t sleep unless his energy is seriously depleted, but he’s sure he could fake it fairly convincingly if that’s what Dean wishes.  He can vouch for the fact that watching loved one’s sleep is a wonderfully fascinating experience.  

Dean, however, seems to have something else in mind. 

“Oh yeah?”  he smirks.  “In that case, whaddya say, angel?  You up for a quick romp on the beach?”

Cas stares at him blankly.  “It’s one AM, Dean.  In the middle of Kansas.” 

“So?  You’re wings are feelin’ better, right?  We could be in Miami before you could say Bugs Bunny!

Cas opens his mouth, then closes it again.  It’s true, of course, though he’s been without the use of his wings for so long he sometimes finds himself forgetting he can fly again.  

Wearily, he gets to his feet, wrapping his arms around Dean’s waist as he grins that stupid smirk of his, spreading his arms like Rose from Titanic.

Doesn’t like chick flicks, his ass.

Dean grins at him over his shoulder.  “Take us away, huggy bear.” 

Castiel rolls his eyes at his hunter’s goofiness, yet he finds himself smiling, saying a silent prayer of thanks to his unseen father.

It’s true, of course:  things would be easier if Cas was human, even if it was never meant to be.  And yet, Cas can’t imagine life much better than it is right now.

Revolve (AO3)

@perennialcastiel, winner of nicest blogger from my ta asked: deancas jealous roommates. Hope you like it <3

“Hey, nerd. You’re up early.”

Castiel smiles to himself, keeping his head down as his pen flies across the page. “Hello, Dean. Did you sleep well?” 

When Dean doesn’t plop down beside him at their dining table, Castiel looks up at him confused. “Ah, yeah I did but I just wanted to let you know that I can’t do lunch today.” Dean says, nonchalantly.

Castiel squints. “Oh. Okay, that’s fine. What are you doing at lunch?”

“I’m meeting up with Lisa.” Castiel’s stomach drops. Oh. Right.

“Okay, great. I guess I’ll just see you tonight then.” Castiel replies, forcing a genuine smile. 

“Cool. See you then.” Dean replies, with a wink before taking off out the door of their apartment. As soon as the door is firmly closed, Castiel huffs and rests his head on the table. Lisa and Dean have been dating for only a little while and it’s already ruining Castiel’s mood. 

He knows it’s selfish because he does want Dean to be happy. But why can’t Dean be happy with him? Castiel shakes his head. It’ll be fine. They’re still roommates so it’s not like Lisa is completely taking him away. Right?

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knock. Knock. On the bathroom floor and you looked up from your hunched over position next to the toilet and closed your eyes knowing that you would have to face the angel and your bothers at some point. “Y/N, are you alright?” Cas asked and your groaned in response. “Come on, your worrying me know”

“I’m fine, I think I ate something dodgy” you lied “Screw Dean and his junk food” you complained and pushed yourself up from the floor to open the door. Cas looked worried and rightly so, your skin was pale and draw and your breath smelt of vomit. “Wow, your attractive” Dean smirked as he walked past the bathroom to the kitchen. You shot him a sarcastic smirk back at him but grimaced a little as the sick feeling welled up in your stomach again. “I’ll fine once I’ve cleaned my teeth” you smiled trying to comfort your boyfriend before shutting the door on him and glaring at your reflection in the mirror. 

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TFWXReader: All the fluff

Request:  Hi! Lately Ive been stressed bout school so can you please do an imagine where TFW sees hw stressed out the reader is & to get them to relax, they take them to Barnes&Noble, paint w/ them & play basketball & finish the day watching Netflix together?

Request:  Hi, can you write something where the reader has a strange infatuation with Bucky Barnes and you watch winter soldier with TFW, swooning over Bucky, making them jealous. Fluff please! Thanks so much!

Request:  Hello! I was wondering if you could write something where the reader sees some people cosplaying (preferably from homestuck) and gets really exited and TFW think it’s adorable… Super fluffy please!! Thanks so much!!! (this happened to me the other day and yeah)

Request:  Hey! So i have been feeling really bad and was wondering if you could do a imagine where the reader is feeling really self-conscious and worthless and tfw helps her feel better? Thanks it would help alot!

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“Sam. Sam? Buddy, wake up. We’re here.”

“Trees! We’re getting a tree.”

Castiel laughs and ruffles the child’s hair. “Yes, that’s exactly what we’re doing. So glad you remembered.”

As soon as his car seat is unbuckled, Sam runs toward the lot and disappears among the trees before Cas can even shut the door. He would be worried, except for the fact that the kid is really loud and easy to find. Even while he’s walking across the parking lot, Cas can see him zipping in and out between the trees, his curly black hair bouncing with his movements.

“Hey! Kid! Be careful! Where’s your mom?”

The man’s voice is so low and intense that Castiel hopes Sam straightens up and listens or else they might get kicked out of this place.

Sam doesn’t listen. He darts back and forth between two trees and giggles maniacally, and suddenly a man pops out from behind a tree across from him with a stern look on his face.

But then he smiles and says in that same voice, “I’m too old to chase you, kid.”

It takes Cas all of three seconds of survey before deciding that this man must be the owner of the Christmas tree lot. He’s got a yellow and brown flannel buttoned and tucked into his jeans, which sit comfortably under a large, round belly that will probably rival Santa’s in a few years. His beard is full and red and mountainy, and there are freckles all over his cheeks and nose. He only looks to be about 30, but he carries himself like a much older man.

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