cas wip

For those of you wondering about my sketching process…it’s garbage. However this app Procreate is not. It literally just records automatically like wtf??? @charliebowater was using it on her insta so I thought I’d try it out for some drunk Cas and not fully sober Azriel trying to get his ass home. 

As promised just about 17 hours ago on my A03 post:  an animated WIP of one of the pieces I made for the @destielreversebang : Emerging Wings.

Please check out the rest of the art (Here on A03) as well and let me know what you think :D (Also, I might be adding more art to this eventually. I got an idea. TODAY. of course i did, right?)

I’m particularly proud of this piece. This scene is in the very first chapter @formidablepassion wrote and I had 4 ideas off this scene - the first frame is the first one i drew out and while i love the expression on Cas’s face, it wasn’t what i was looking for.

the second one I attempted was the one i went with as you can clearly see! It was also the one I thought I would NOT be able to do (but was the one I REALLY wanted to draw, which is why I tried it anyway. I did not regret it).

So you see it progress from pencils on scrap paper, to ballpoint pen with some minor changes, then to pencil again on GOOD paper and me starting to fill in the inks (micron pens and sharpie). Then it’s scanned, threshed and colored on Photoshop :D

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