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#63- Needy/Clingy Sex (Destiel)

Requested by @that1seniorchick and an anon.

Warning: smut, season 12 spoilers

Word Count: 1450

A/N: Hope you enjoy! Feedback always appreciated!


Dean doesn’t look toward Cas’ voice. Instead, he raises the bottle of whiskey to his lips and continues to stare out at nothing. He gave up on using a glass an hour ago, but he still isn’t drunk. He silently curses the alcohol tolerance he’s built up over the years. He doesn’t want to feel anything tonight.

“Dean, are you alright?”

Cas won’t leave until Dean answers him, so he drags his eyes over to the angel and focuses on his hair instead of his eyes. “‘Course I’m alright. Why wouldn’t I be?”

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Characters: Castiel, Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester 

Pairing: Cas x Reader

Warnings: Jealousy, well hot annoying best friend should be a warning according to my beta :P (and I tend to agree)

Word count: 1900ish

A/N: This is writing for @one-shots-supernatural hiatus challenge and the prompt was:  Is this one of those times where you want me to lie to protect your delicate emotions?

Thanks to sweet @adriellej for being silly enough to share a story with me (my friends never learn it seems ;)) And thanks to the my co wayward scandi bitch @winchesterswoonathon for betaing the hell out of this for me!

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

Cas had a hard time understanding human relationships and some even more so than others. Y/N was a mystery to him. An alluring intoxicating mystery. Every time she laughed, he couldn’t help cracking up in a smile. Every time she was hurt, he wanted nothing more than to heal her and not just that, but to hold her, take away every bad memory she ever had.

Her touch was magic. Or so he was convinced. Every slight touch of her hand sent a shiver through his vessel and made a warm feeling spread through his skin, made him feel lightheaded and strange. No, he didn’t feel sick. It wasn’t like the flu, which he had experienced in his short time being human. This was different. More of a  pleasurable feeling, somehow.

But then there were the other things she made him feel. An unexplainable anger he never wanted her to know he was capable off.The way  his stomach would twist into knots when she was on top of Dean, trying to grab the remote from his hands, or when he made some sly comment of how her ass looked in her new jeans.

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Blues Run the Game 

A S13 adventure by awed_frog [Dean/Cas, M, Angst and Feels, Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Slow Burn, Saileen, AU World of Doom, Canon Compliant, Cas is NOT dead]

The ride back to the Bunker is mostly silent. Dean feels Sam glance at him from time to time, his eyes so full of unsaid things Dean always shifts away from his brother when he knows Sam is looking, because No thank you, okay? Fuck off. He doesn’t want to think about Cas, and he doesn’t want to think about Mom. Hell, he doesn’t even want to think about Crowley. And he certainly doesn’t want to think about Lucifer’s kid, who could be anywhere by now, and god fucking dammit.

(He’d told Cas they’d found a cure, told him they could turn that thing into a human baby, told him -

They’d been so fucking close, and now -)

Instead, he looks straight ahead, his head full of music (Sam knows better than to complain about the volume), his heart a black mass of charred and useless flesh.

It’s unfair, maybe, but why him? Why the fuck him? With Mom back, he’d really let himself hope that for fucking once, things would be - hell, not perfect, not by a mile, and not even okay, whatever, but - bearable? Not the kind of life people need to forget about in half a bottle of Johnny, that is, but just - just a life you live.


He remembers driving on a road much like this one, just a stretch of gray flanked by golden fields, Mom sleeping in the passenger seat. He remembers the elation he’d felt - how he couldn’t wait to tell Sam, to see Cas - how he’d imagined it a thousand times - unlocking the door of the Bunker, making his way downstairs, a shit-eating grin on his face as he caught sight of Sam and Cas walking towards him, because they would have heard the door opening, okay, and they would have come to meet them, Sam with his gun aimed straight at them and Cas all serious and sad and stubborn, and then - Dean remembers those fleeting feelings, annoyance and frustration, or some light, inconsistent version of them, as he’d tried to come up with something smart to say. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated, maybe, or possibly I knew you couldn’t get Gary fucking Busey, you suck so bad. Not that he’d known, exactly, how Sam had organized his wake, but yeah. No chance the stupid kid would get Busey. And when his mother had moved in her sleep, turning her face towards him, Dean had forgotten all about it and just drunk her in, because, Jesus, maybe this was it - this was finally the moment they could fucking have it all.

His thoughts had shifted, then - sliding off the shock and relief Sam and Cas would surely feel, all the way to what would happen later - to lazy evenings in the Bunker - man, they would buy a couch - two couches - to how they’d watch movies as a family so Mom could catch up with all the awesome stuff she’d missed - Sam would whine about having to sit through The Lords of the Rings one more time, and Cas would make that face he mostly made when he thought Dean was being unreasonable, but Dean would have shrugged it off, because the four of them eating popcorn as Frodo faced the Black Riders - yeah, nothing could beat that, not ever. And if his hand moved towards the back of Cas’ head at some point during the movie, hell, no one needed to know.


Dean taps his fingers on the wheel, glances at their passenger through the rearview mirror.

(The body is sitting up straight, head resting back, eyes closed, and it looks so much like Cas Dean wants to crash the car.)

That’s not him, he thinks, automatically, as he has every time he’s caught sight of the body over the last five hours. Not him.

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Not Fade Away

for cellstiel, because I heard you were feeling sad. I hope that you feel better soon, starlight.

“I hate it when you call me that,” Cas said, after two hours of silence.

He sensed rather than saw Dean glance over at him from the driver’s seat, his own face turned away to stare out of the window. There was nothing to look at but the night, with his own dim reflection superimposed over the darkness; his features were blurred and flattened by the distortion. His eyes were twin black circles, and his mouth was scissor-blade thin, lips pressed tight together. He’d snipped the sentence out of the silence like a young surgeon making the first incision: quickly, to hide his nervousness.

Dean cleared his throat, and Cas clenched his fists a little tighter.

“Hate it when I call you… what?” Dean asked. His tone was trying for light-hearted, but there was an undercurrent of gruff cautiousness that belied him: he’d caught the tail ends of Cas’ mood, and was grasping for a better hold. Cas paused for a moment before replying, trying to still the rapid thump-thump of his heart. He was used to its steady pulse, now, of course, in his throat and in his wrist and in his chest; but when it sped up, when it pounded on his ribcage like this, it almost took his breath away. The quick thud thud reminded him of wingbeats.

“Hmm?” Dean prompted, and Cas turned his head, so that Dean could see his profile. His lips were still drawn hairpin-thin.

“Buddy,” he said, at last.

“Buddy?” Dean repeated, after a moment. Cas had taken him by surprise; Dean shifted slightly in his seat, cleared his throat. “What’s wrong with calling you that?”

Cas’ gaze dropped down to his knees for a second. Dean was watching the road again, but Cas could feel the awareness between them, the mutual focus on each other’s breathing, each other’s body. Cas rubbed his thumb once over the knuckle of his index finger, and saw Dean’s hands clench slightly on the steering wheel in response. He swallowed; this was intimacy without touching, closeness with distance between. He was hot in his coat, though the night was cold.

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Dean/Cas: Equilibrium

11.03 “The Bad Seed” Coda. 800 words. Dedicated to my dear @astra-lux.

When Dean gets up from the table to head off to bed later that night, he stops and turns a few feet away to look directly at Cas, gaze filled with questions. A silent exchange passes between them, more cautious uncertainty than anything else, until Dean huffs and says “Just- Come on” and Castiel smiles, rising to his feet. They don’t touch while they bid Sam good night, or hold hands as they walk out the door, but almost immediately they fall into step and it’s like a single pair of footsteps puttering down the hall.

Sam has no idea if they talk or not, if Dean continues his line of apology. But the next morning when he walks into the kitchen, he finds them side by side with Cas’ hand in Dean’s.

“How come you didn’t heal these?” Dean grumbles low, touching a thumb to the inside of Cas’ wrist. Sam spots the reddened skin, probably tender from wearing the cuffs, and Dean looks so unhappy, guilty about it, gently releasing his hold to take the other hand.

“It slipped my mind,” Cas replies, both cheeks coloring when he notices Sam. Dean doesn’t see him for another moment or two, until Cas coughs and nudges his arm.

“Sammy,” Dean says then looks back down, turning Cas’ wrist and sighing at it. Eventually, Cas tugs himself free and shyly tucks his hands back into his sleeves.

Sam crosses the room toward the counter. “Guess I’ll put on the coffee then.” Like a saint, he ignores the fact that Cas is still curled inside Dean’s grey robe. He also glimpses a soft, old shirt that Dean dug out from in his dresser, Sam’s sure. He almost thinks Cas looks better this way, with his hair so hopelessly disheveled, as if their lives are normal for once, comprised of slow, sweet mornings and coffee and eggs.

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Its my job to make you happy. - Castiel Imagine

Request - “Could you do one were you dating Castiel and it’s your anniversary but he’s on a hunt so he poofs you your favorite things during the day then when he comes home it’s all fluffy thanks!”


You dragged yourself out of bed, making your way to the kitchen to pour yourself some coffee. The bunker was silent, the only sound coming from the coffee machine. The Winchesters were still on a hunt, and they needed Cas to go with them.

You were slightly upset that Cas wasn’t here, today of all days. I don’t think anyone in their lifetime can say ‘I’m dating an angel.’ But that rang true for you. A year today you had started dating, after a hunt when you were badly hurt, Castiel saved you, resulting in you blurting out your feelings. The most shocking part was that the feeling was mutual with Cas, you assumed since he was an angel; he couldn’t feel those kinds of feelings for a human. This made the relationship all the more special.

Today was your anniversary, you expected to spend it together, just enjoying each other’s company but you couldn’t complain, the brothers needed his help. You couldn’t go with them since you were ill, and you didn’t want to jeopardise anything.

Grabbing your mug of hot coffee you made your way to the couch, turning on the TV to start searching for something bearable to watch, just to pass the time. You searched every channel, but nothing peaked your interest. Suddenly, the TV started to flicker, static filling the room. You ran to grab your knife by the table, ready to take on whatever had broken into the bunker. The static cut out, you watched the screen and the opening titles to your favourite film began to play. A small smile crept up on your face, still unaware of what was going on. However, you went along with it, placing yourself back in your seat to enjoy your all-time favourite film.

2 hours passed and the film rolled the ending credits, you stood up and stretched and began to wander the bunker, finding something new to preoccupy yourself with. You ran your fingers along the spines of the worn out books in the library, finally finding a book you wanted to read. Turning round to go to the table, you noticed a box, one that wasn’t there before.

You scanned the room, your brow furrowing with confusion. You hesitantly made your way over, gingerly lifting the lid up finding all your favourite books, candy and drinks. Your grin grew wider and wider, the realisation pooling your mind. Cas must be doing this, it’s the only explanation.

You rested your legs on the table; enjoy your favourite books and treats, feeling content with the day going by. After a few hours had gone by, you notice it’s late in the afternoon and the sound of your stomach demanding food echoed throughout the silent bunker. You padded towards the kitchen and yet another surprise was bestowed upon you, a pizza box lay on the counter containing a deep dish pizza from Chicago itself.

You couldn’t help but giggle and smile like a high school girl as you plated up a few slices on a plate, but that wasn’t the end of the surprises. As you made your way to the table to eat, music flooded the room. Your favourite song began playing, making you dance and jump around the library while eating your pizza. You couldn’t believe he was doing this for you; you were scared that he had forgotten your anniversary but of course not, he’s an angel.

You finished your pizza, still dancing to the song but it soon came to an end. Pouting you turned around, only to be greeted by a grinning Castiel. A blush rose in your cheeks, covering your face from him seeing you dancing.

“Don’t cover your face (YN).” He said, grabbing your wrists so he could see your face. “You look beautiful.”

You giggled at his compliment, giving him a light peck on the cheek. “Thank you, Castiel.”

“There is no need to thank me, (YN). I wanted to make this day special for you, since I could not be here with you.” His fingers intertwined with yours, his face merely inches away from yours.

“You’ve made me a very happy girl, Cas.” You said, grinning up at him.

The only time you get to see a genuine smile on Cas’ face is when he’s done something to make you happy, something he liked to do often.

“I’m glad, it is my job to make you happy.”

You pulled his face towards you, kissing him hard before pulling away to gaze into his blue eyes.

“I love you.” You said, giving him another peck on the lips.

“I love you too, (YN).” 


Sorry this took so long, things on the blog have been a bit slow. I hope you like it.

- Icarus

Castiel x Reader - Drop it Winchester

Summary: The reader has been hunting with the Winchesters for the past 5 months and a few hours ago Castiel confessed his feelings to the reader. Sam and Dean caught them making out afterwards. Things get a bit awkward later that day.

 Word Count: ~1100

 Warnings: jealous Dean, clueless Cas

A/N : can be considered as the next part of “Adventures in Hometown” can also be considered a one shot, they’re not related that much. Oh and it’s also up on my Wattpad ( Sherlockofmidgard )

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

“Don’t make this awkward Dean,” you warned him, when he gave you a dirty look.

“Awkward? I didn’t kiss your best friend or your best friend didn’t kiss me, it was the two of you. So if someone made things awkward here, then it deffinately wasn’t me,” he said.

“ I don’t understand, did I offend you somehow when I kissed Y/N?” Cas who was sitting next to you on the backseat of the Impala asked.

“ Offend? No, but dude, you just kissed her, just like bang, she’s like a sister to me and I don’t want to see you making out with my sister,” Dean was looking at you from the rearview mirror.

“ Can I point out the word like? I might be like a sister but I’m deffinately not your real sister, so get over it,” you were blushing like crazy but everyone heard the tone of annoyment in your voice. Dean had been whining about you and Cas for the past 30 minutes.

“Still…” Dean started again.

“Just leave it man, it’s not like you didn’t know that they liked each other. It had been obvious for months,” Sam cut into another Dean’s complaints.

“ No it wasn’t!” Dean said.

“It was and we even talked about it,” Sam shot him a harsh look.

“OK, yeah but we have also talked about the possible alien invasions and lizard people in the White House. That doesn’t make it real,” Dean was getting on your nerves and Cas sensed it.

“Shut up,” Castiel said with a steady but intensive voice.

“What?” Dean replied after a second.

“I said shut up, you are making Y/N feel uncomfortable, ” Cas was staring at Dean, who looked at you( you were trying to keep your head turned to the window because you felt like you were about to burst out crying or about to start hitting Dean any minute now) and then Sam. Dean noticed that you were on the verge of crying.

“I’m sorry Y/N, it was just very unexpected thing to happen,” Dean’s voice was sweeter this time.

“Yeah, sure,” your voice was almost silent. Cas put his hand carefully and clumsily on your tight to comfort you.

Dean was quiet for the rest of the ride, Sam tried to start a smalltalk for a few times but none of you went along with it. Cas kept his eyes locked on you , Dean’s eyes on the other hand shifted between you and the road. You didn’t see neither of them looking at you, you were looking out from the window for the whole ride. Dean had somehow made the atmosphere in the Impala tense. In about 3 hours Dean parked the Impala next to a cheap looking motel, you and Sam went to the registration and got two rooms. Castiel had been worried that you wouldn’t want to share a room with him so soon after he had confessed his feelings for you but the two of you had shared rooms before so you just said that it wouldn’t be such a big deal. At least that’s what you said, on the inside you were nervous and freaking out a bit. Just as you had said, it wouldn’t have been the first time sharing a room with Cas but now things were different.
You had many questions and ideas in your head, some of the made you feel uncomfortable, some of them made you blush out of nowhere. Castiel seemed even more nervous, so you had to play it cool.

Usually after getting your rooms you would get together in one of the rooms and discuss the next or past hunt or just have a beer with the guys, today you had different plans. You and Cas had a lot to talk about since the two of you had been interrupted by the Winchesters this morning. You went to your motel room and thought that Cas would follow you, after a few minutes of just waiting there you walked back outside, he wasn’t there, neither were the brothers. Obvious deduction was that they must have gone to the boys’ room. You walked to the other side of the motel, where the boys’ room was. You were about to walk in when you heard a loud bang, as a hunter you of course suspected the worst. You were standing behind the door and listening, it was all very quiet. You took a knife from your jacket’s inner pocket and were about to open the door when you heard Sam saying:

“ You like almost every girl, just drop it!” There was a groan.

“ Not like that!"Dean whined.

” She’s finally happy, she’s been crushing over him for ages and Castiel has been doing the same for het even a longer time, I swear if you’re going to mess this up for her and Cas,“ Sam said and trailed off.

” Tell me a reason why is this feathery dude better than me? From the first time we met him, he’s been only messing things up. He even tried to be God, he made the angels fall, don’t even get me started on Levithians!“

"Dean, you don’t mean any of this. He’s basically the only friend you’ve ever had, he’s your best friend! And Y/N, she’s like a sister to you, just as you said,” Dean made a weird noise, “no, don’t start with that, she’s like your sister. Now look at me and tell me that you don’t want two very close people to you to be happy.” There was a weird silence.

“ OK, I guess,” Dean finally said. You were a bit taken aback by the news but to be truly honest it wasn’t that much of a surprise, Dean had always been a massive flirt, you just hadn’t taken it seriously. You understood that Cas couldn’t have been in their room when a conversation like that was taking place, so you put your knife back into the pocket and without making much noise made your way back to your room. When you got inside you turned around and rested your back on the door, you inhaled sharply when you felt Cas’s hands on your shoulders.

“Sorry,” he mumbled close to your ear.

“For what?” you wrapped your hands around him.

“I scared you,” he said and pulled you into a tighter hug.

“Oh, that.” He picked you up and carried you onto your bed, there were hundreds of candles around the room that you hadn’t noticed before.

“Oh, Castiel. This is so sweet,” you felt how your eyes started filling up with tears.

“Don’t cry, did I do something wrong? I specially bought them for you,” he loosened the grip on you. You pulled him back closer to you and kissed him with all the passion you had in you.

“ You did everything perfect, I’m glad you decided to confess your feelings to me,” you whispered after you had ended the kiss.

“The feeling is mutual,my love!” Cas said and looked at you with admiration in his eyes. The rest of the night was a bliss that you two remembered even after the long years that you spent together.

~~~The End~~

a little fic for thekingslover, because she’s home from holiday and we’re all so excited to have her back!! <3

prompt by a lovely anon: college roommates au, dean as an engineer, cas as an art student who leaves his stuff everywhere

read it here on AO3!

The alarm went off at seven in the morning, like always. Dean reached out blindly, his face still buried in his pillow, knocking over his empty water bottle and his stack of books before finally locating his phone and swiping his thumb across the screen, shutting off the shrill tone.

Across the room, Dean heard Cas groan loudly, and mutter a string of quietly vitriolic words at the alarm, at Dean, and at the world in general.

“Good morning to you, too, your highness,” Dean said, his voice slightly hoarse. He’d been feeling under the weather for a couple of days, now; it was probably the stress of turning in his final project that was undermining his health, but he didn’t have time to take a day and recuperate. His project was going exactly nowhere, and had been sitting on his conscience like an anvil for two weeks. Dean lay completely still on his bed, running through the same problems that he’d been going through last night, and all of yesterday, and the day before that one…

He breathed in and out, sharply, and sat up. He’d figure it out today, he was sure. But first, breakfast. He swung his legs out of bed, stomach grumbling. He was absolutely –


Dean hopped on one foot, grimacing.

“Shhhh,” Cas murmured sleepily.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Dean said loudly. “Did I wake you up when I stepped on another one of your goddamn pencil-sharpeners?”

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          “Hey, Cas! Can I sell your trench coat?” Dean teased, tipping his chair out with his feet, smiling smug at Cas. Cas rolled his eyes and pulled the trench coat from Dean’s hands. 

“No.” Cas sighed. Dean had been asking questions to Cas, knowing fully well that the answer was no. It was starting to get on his nerve, constantly being asked pointless annoying questions that Cas would never say yes to.

Dean chuckled as Cas ran his hand down the trench coat lovingly. He got up from the chair and smacked Cas’s ass as he walked past. 


           "Can you turn into a girl for me?“ Dean asked, driving down the road. Cas sat shotgun, rolling his eyes for the fiftieth time. 

"Why do you ask questions you know the answer to?” Cas asked, wondering what his motive was behind this game he was playing. Dean smiled, reaching over and patting Cas’s leg. 

“I like seeing you all flustered and annoyed.” Dean admitted, turning to Cas. He winked and returned his gaze to the road ahead. Cas shook his head. 


            “Cas, do you think we could get ‘This is Dean’s’ tattooed on your ass?” Dean asked as he surfed on Sam’s laptop. Cas nearly punched the wall, but knew that if he did, the entire wall would crumble and that’d be a lengthy fee. 

“No.” Cas said through his teeth. Dean let out one of his dark chuckles, eyes still glued to the screen in front of him. Cas squinted his eyes at Dean. 

“You look like you're trying to fart, Cas.” Dean said. How could he know what his expression was without even looking away from the screen. 

“I don’t have flatulence.” Cas stated. 


          “Hey Cas?” Dean asked. Castiel didn’t even expect it to be anything important, just another question he’d say no to. 

“Hmm?” Cas answered, focusing his attention on the book Sam had given him to read. 

“Do you wanna have sex?” Dean asked. 


"Okay, well bye then.” Dean said, almost leaving before Castiel realized what he asked.

“Wait!” Cas rushed, grabbing Dean’s wrist. Dean turned around and started bursting into laughter. 

“It’s not funny, you need to stop asking unimportant questions.” Cas said, feeling embarrassed and a bit teased. 

“I know, I know, I’m sorry, baby. I just wanted to see if you’d so no to a question you’d say yes to if I kept asking you unimportant questions.” Dean smiled, feeling successful. 

“I don’t understand you sometimes, Dean.” Cas sighed. 

“The feeling is mutual. Come here.” Dean grabbed Cas’s ass, bringing their hips together. As one hand squeezed at Cas’s cheek, the other came up to his chin, pulling Cas into Dean’s lips. Cas hummed at the feeling of Dean’s lips against his. Cas opened his mouth, welcoming in Dean’s wonderful tongue. The kiss became fiercer and fiercer, Dean squeezing harder and harder on Cas’s ass, rutting against him every once in a while to get some kind of friction. 

“I could get that tattoo now that I think about it.” Cas breathed as Dean left his mouth and starting sucking on his neck, leaving hickeys. 

“That’s my boy." 

avyssoseleison asked: Heh, I got a prompt for you as well! Here it is: Dean has gotten a little chubby recently, and despite denying it, he feels really uncomfy in his skin, is actually a bit ashamed to having himself let go so much now that he’s finally with Cas, who has to see him naked and all. Cas loves seeing the proof of Dean having a safer life, of course, so in order to make him feel better, he kisses his belly, takes him shopping for new, better fitting clothes and (unskillfully) makes him his fav pie. Thx! ♥

“Dean! Sam says dinner is ready, are you coming?” The rumble of Castiel’s gravelly voice made its way into Dean’s bedroom through the partially opened door.

“Yeah… I’ll be there in a minute, Cas.” Dean called back in the general direction of the door.

Dean sighed as he went back to his previous activities… With a disapproving grimace he checked his reflection in the mirror again, and downright loathed what he saw there. Of course, with Dean being… well, Dean, that was nothing new. However this was the first time that his self-loathing was based solely on appearance.

He bit his lip as he lifted up his slightly too-tight shirt, revealing his tummy. Maybe tonight’s meal was one meal that he should skip… Dean wasn’t overweight, he knew that, but this was clearly not the body he used to have. It used to be all smooth skin stretching over defined muscles, but nowadays there was too much skin and too little muscle to Dean’s liking.

Not that he was surprised; Dean’s life was a lot easier now that the gates to Heaven and Hell were both closed, meaning that planet earth was a safer place. There was still the occasional ghost or wendigo hunt, but overall, there was also a lot of time to simply relax around the bunker. There was time to finally eat decent meals, time to sleep in, and sometimes it was tempting to just be lazy and watch a movie on the couch instead of doing something active… Sure, it was nice, but it did nothing to keep Dean in shape, and even though Dean was well aware that he was no longer twenty-five but close to thirty-six, he felt self-conscious about it.

What was making Dean even more insecure, was his newfound relationship with Castiel. A couple of weeks ago, the two of them had finally ‘gotten their heads out of their asses’, as Sam had so delicately put it, and talked about their feelings for each other. The talk had been way overdue, and naturally, plenty of cuddling and heavy make out sessions had happened ever since, to make up for lost time. Lots of kissing, lots of touching, but they never went further than that, because Dean feared the idea of having to be naked in front of Cas. Because yes, the former angel had seen Dean naked before, but that was when he’d been rebuilding Dean’s body in hell, back when the hunter was still young and fit… Dean imagined Castiel seeing him exposed like that now, and being appalled at what Dean had become over the years.

Dean all but squeaked in surprise when he was suddenly being hugged from behind. He moved in the embrace so that he was facing Castiel who had a worried look in his big blue eyes.

“Are you feeling alright, Dean? What are you doing?” The ex-angel’s gaze fell on the mirror that Dean was for now avoiding in favor of looking at Cas.

“Nothing’s wrong.” Dean muttered, reciprocating the hug by lightly resting his hands on Castiel’s hips.

Dean could read Cas like a book, and the expression on Castiel’s face was practically screaming the words ‘I don’t believe you’. He kept staring at Dean, obviously counting on Dean to crack if only he stared long enough.

“I said, nothing’s wrong.” Dean repeated, harsher than he’d intended.

But Castiel, as always, was having none of his bullshit. “You can’t fool me, you must be aware of that by now… You were looking in the mirror, what were you looking at?”

Dean groaned as he freed himself from their embrace.

“I was looking at something I don’t like, okay!” He answered evasively.

“That something being you?” Cas’ tone was neutral as he pried, but Dean could feel that something was seething beneath the surface; there always was with Cas.

“Look, Cas, it’s stupid. Let’s just forget about it, alright.”

“If it’s making you unhappy, I’d much prefer if we talked about it.” Castiel argued, his eyes fierce as he stubbornly folded his arms in front of his chest and waited for Dean to spill his guts.

“Fine!” Dean barked as he threw his hands up in the air, abruptly regretting his icy tone when Cas flinched. “I was just thinking that I should watch what I eat, because I’m looking… I just feel… I mean I…”

Dean had no clue how to formulate this in a way that didn’t make him sound like an insecure girl in a chick flick who was trying to reason with her boyfriend, and so he gave up. He just pulled at the hem of his shirt, his eyebrows knitting together when he was once again reminded that it had gotten rather tight.

“Wait… You are worrying about your physical shape… You think you’re unappealing.” Castiel guessed, using a rather clinical term but hitting the nail right on the head.

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bitchlessons101  asked:

Could you pleaaaassse do a cute imagine where you teach Cas how to kiss and yeah and it turns out all fluffy and adorable!! xoxo

Hi! I swear, this was the CUTEST requests I have ever received. Thanks for sending it in! I know it’s taken a while to write so I’m really sorry for that.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: Most of my requests have not been gender specific but this one was. I just felt it worked best to have something written in. But if you want, feel free to replace ‘her’.


“Y/N, there is a couple outside kissing. And the girl is holding roses,” Cas informed you.

“Well, it is Valentine’s Day, Cas. The most romantic holiday of the year,” you teased.

“I don’t understand,” Cas said.

“Well, it’s this day celebrated all over the world where people-”

“No,” Cas interrupted. “I mean that I don’t understand the kissing part.”

“What about it?” you asked in confusion.

A slow blush spread across Castiel’s cheeks. “I don’t understand…”

“What is it, Cas?” you prompted gently.

“I don’t understand how you do it,” Cas admitted.

“Hey, there’s no need to be ashamed,” you told him. “Come on, sit down,” you said, patting the lounge beside you.

Cas sat down and turned to face you. “Why am I sitting down?”

“Because I’m going to give you some advice. First,” you instructed, “you’ll want to to place your hand on her face. No, not like that,” you said as Cas placed his hand heavily on your cheek. “Gentler, like you’re cupping it. That’s better.”

“Next, look her in the eyes so that she can see how much you care about her.” You looked up to see Cas looking at you in adoration. “Um, yeah, like that,” you murmured.

You took in a deep breath. “Then you should put your arm around her back or around her waist, to pull her body towards you.”

“And then,” you continued, your face mere inches from Castiel’s, “you look down to her lips. It’ll drive her crazy.”

“What next?” Cas asked. He was so close that you could feel his breath ghosting across your lips.

“You lean in and kiss her,” you uttered.

Cas leaned down and fitted his lips to yours. It was soft. Sweet. Loving. He pulled back.

“Was that satisfactory?” he inquired.

A nervous laugh escaped your lips. “I guess you could say that. You know, considering you’re a beginner, you’re pretty good at this,” you told him.

A thought crossed your mind, causing you to lean back. “Cas?”

“Yes, Y/N?”

“Why did you want to know about kissing?”

“Because…There’s someone that I wanted to kiss,” he said.

“Oh,” you replied, a sinking feeling in your stomach. You knew that you shouldn’t be disappointed but you had hoped that he had felt the same connection you had felt. “Well, I’m sure whoever you want to kiss will love it.”

“Couldn’t you give me the verdict now?”

“Wh-what?” you asked shakily.

“It’s just…I have feelings for you. Human feelings. And Dean has informed me that I should kiss you but I didn’t know how and I wasn’t sure if the feeling was mutual-”

“Cas,” you cut him off.


“If you want to kiss me, all you have to do is ask.”

“Ok then. Well, may I kiss you again?” Cas asked.

“You may,” you murmured before leaning forward to bring his lips to yours once more.


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