cas needs to be saved

True Colors

Characters: Castiel, Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Reader, Gabriel (mentioned), Reader’s mother (mentioned briefly), unnamed angels (mentioned).

Pairing: Cas x Nephilim!Reader

Warnings: I don’t know how true my version my Nephilim is to the lore. I went of the SPN version and added to in for literary purposes. Swearing I guess. Not much but Dean is in it so…

Word count: 3600ish (it got a little long - hope it is okay)

A/N: Based on this request by @nerdybarbariangardener :

Hiii! Heard requests are open! If you like the idea, I’d love to read a fic Cas/OC where she is a Nephilim and the boys find her during a case because the angels are trying to kill her (kind of “No angel-human hybrids rule”) and instead they save her and Cas is smitten. Non need for smut, mostly platonic and maybe a few kisses. 

And I was listening to True Colors by Phil Collins as I was coming up with the premise of the story as well as a few times as I was writing so I drew some inspiration from that hence the title.


“Wait can we see that again” Cas frowned as he stared at the screen.

Sam who was sitting at the keyboard looked up at his brother and then the angel, “sure,” he replied turning his attention back to his laptop starting to rewind the surveillance tape.

“What did you see Cas?” Dean quietly asked his friend making a note of his change in demeanor and turned his attention back to the tape before Cas could speak, “there!”

Sam quickly pressed pause on the frame showing a girl in her late 20s and the brothers both saw it too.  

“What the hell?” Dean mumbled as he leaned in next to his brother to get a better look at the screen. Her eyes were glowing with a purplish light for a second before the room went white and everyone in it was dead. Burnt to a crisp.

“What the hell?” Dean repeated starring from his brother to his friend as Sam scanned through the police report, “she wasn’t among the victims.”

“That’s because she caused this,” Cas turned his back to the boys and started pacing.

Dean raised his brows “Cas?” Dean threw his hands into the air as he frustrated turned to his brother when Cas didn’t reply making Sam get up. He took a step towards the angel, “Cas,” Sam tried patiently, “then where did she go?”

“She flew out of there,” Cas turned around to face Sam and then he looked to Dean, “but it doesn’t make any sense. The color of her eyes either.”

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Okay but you know what I really want?

I want Dean to grab Cas look him in the eyes and say “I need you.”

And I want Cas to answer “But I’m useless…”

And I want Dean to say this in return: “Cas, look at me. I don’t need your healing mojo or your wings. I don’t need you to fix my problems or help me save the world. I need you. I need you to be okay, to stay with us. I don’t need you to be “useful,” you are not a tool. You are my family and I need you.”

And then Cas finally get’s it. That every time Dean said that he needed him he didn’t mean that he needed his help, he meant that he needed him.

What Dreams May Come

4k words - 11x21 coda because I need a conversation between Dean and Cas to help save Cas from Lucifer and I’m not holding my breath for SPN to deliver. AO3

Sam finds Dean in the garage under the Impala. The portable radio that he set up in here is blasting Korn because it’s loud and angry and about the only thing drowning out his own thoughts. Sam shuts off the music and Dean prepares himself mentally for a confrontation.

“The fuck, dude? I was listening to that!” Dean’s growls from under the car.

“We need to talk,” Sam says as nudges the side of Dean’s leg. “You’ve been hiding out in here for two days. What’s up?”

Dean sighs loud enough to piss off his brother and rolls his eyes even though he knows Sam can’t see it. He’s tempted to tell him to go away, but he knows Sam will just press on and he’d rather just get this touchy-feely crap over with. He rolls out from under the car on his creeper and looks up at Sam.

“What’s up? Chuck fucked up my suspension, that’s what’s up. Seriously, God or not, I’ll stab him in the face if he keeps zapping my car around.”

Sam gives him a warning look, “You should probably take it easy with him. I mean he is… God. He’s kind of got a reputation for smiting people who give him shit.”

Dean gets up and slides the creeper to the side, walking over to put his tools carefully back in their drawers. “Yeah, well, he doesn’t act like a god. I mean, he’s a mess. You know this morning he used the last clean towels and left the wet ones on the floor. Isn’t cleanliness supposed to be close to godliness?”

Sam just shrugs. That’s one cliche that is far from the truth. Chuck never washes his dishes, leaves beard trimmings and toothpaste chunks in the sink, and helps himself to whatever he wants in the bunker. I mean who uses another guy’s robe without asking?

“I’ll tell you one thing,” Dean grumbles, pointing at Sam, “it’s a damn good thing he was willing to move Baby out here. What the hell was he thinking, putting her in that room? If I had to take her apart to move her, he would be one homeless deity!”

“I don’t know, Dean, we were just happy to not get thrown into the void by your creepy stalker.”

“Fine!” Dean surrenders, “he gets a pass for answering a prayer… finally.”

Sam shifts on his feet and Dean can tell he’s revving up to bring up whatever crap he came in here for. “So, Chuck and Lucifer are upstairs trying to figure out our next steps. We could kind of use your help.”

“Dude, do you listen to yourself? We’re bunking with God and the Devil himself and you think they need the help of two humans? And why the fuck does our life sound like the opening line of a joke?!”

Sam huffs a small laugh but presses on, “They do need us, Dean. And you are the one with the Darkness immunity idol, so yeah, you should probably get up there and help.”

Yeah, he knows that this crappy connection he’s got going on with Amara might just be the key to finding her, but it’s been two days of Lucifer hanging around the bunker and it’s driving him crazy. Every time he catches a glimpse of tan trench coat or blue eyes his heart does a flip before he remembers, that isn’t really Cas standing there. And now, he can’t even look at his brother. Turning away, he drags a hand down his face and finally admits, “I can’t do it, Sam.”

Sam, of course, misunderstands. “Dean, we aren’t going to let Amara do anything to you. We’ll find another way.”

Dean can’t help it. A defeated laugh bursts out of his chest and he shakes his head. “That’s not it, man. I can’t… sit across the table from Lucifer.” Dean feels a damn prickling behind his eyes and blinks it away before turning around to face his brother. “He’s sitting there wearing Cas’ skin like fucking Leatherface.”

“We’ll get Cas back, Dean. But… we need Lucifer to re-cage Amara.”

“C’mon, Sam. You really think that even if he does help us, once the Darkness is gone, he’s going to just give up that vessel? There’s pretty much one other option on earth and that’s you, which by the way isn’t happening either so don’t think about it!”

“We’ll find a way. We’ll trap him or exorcise him or… I don’t know… get Chuck to throw him back in the cage.” Sam argues desperately. “We just need him to do this first. It’s what Cas wanted.”

“What, and let her get her hands on Cas again? No way, Sam!”

Sam opens his mouth to argue that they now have Chuck and Amara won’t be able to take Cas and Lucifer again but Dean interrupts him.

“Don’t, Sam! You know she used Cas to get to me? You don’t think she’ll do it again? She was torturing him and somehow she figured out how to get into my head through him. We can’t let her get near him again.”

“We won’t.”

“And he’s sitting right there. Right across the table from me and I can’t even talk to him. I look at Lucifer and… fuck! I know Cas is in there but Lucifer won’t let him take the wheel and I don’t even know if he’s OK. I mean, Crowley said - ” Dean’s voice breaks and, dammit, he feels a tear wet his cheek. But he coughs and continues, “Crowley said he’s too far gone and I don’t even know what that means. We may never get him back and I can’t sit across the room from the asshole who’s holding him prisoner.”

“What if there was a way to talk to him?”

“We tried that, Sam. Crowley said he barely even acknowledged him.”

“Well, yeah, Dean, that’s Crowley. He and Cas aren’t exactly besties.”

“We’re kind of out of other options, here. Cas’ family all try to kill him every time they get near him so who else are we going to get to jump his bones?”

“I was actually thinking… you.”

Dean squints at him, “Dude, that’s not what I meant when I said jump his bones.”

Sam just barely stops himself from rolling his eyes. “Yeah, save that for after Lucifer exits the building at least.”

“You’re hilarious,” Dean grouses. “Besides, I already asked Chuck to expel Lucifer. He won’t.”

Sam sighs, “Yeah, I know.”

“Kept going on about how this was Castiel’s choice and he has free will and he won’t take that away. How the fuck did we end up Air BnB-ing the most useless god in the universe?”

Sam just makes a bitch face because he’s still breaking out of his Chuck fangirl phase.

Dean grabs a beer off of his tool bench and turns back to Sam, “You know he said he’s actually proud of Cas? Proud! Of Cas for understanding free will and using it. A lot of good that did him. Now he’s trapped in there with the damn devil.”

“Look, Dean, Lucifer isn’t going anywhere. He knows that if Amara wins he loses too. We all do. And once we deal with the Darkness, we force him out, with or without Cas’ permission. I’ve been thinking about this, and I think if you could talk to him, he might just be able to expel Lucifer. He overcame Lucifer briefly before. We just need to get you in his head, let him know what’s going on out here.”

Well, wouldn’t that be nice? Dean has tried praying, but he doesn’t even know if the prayers are getting through. Lucifer is an archangel and Cas is just a beat up soldier with clipped wings.

“Sam, Lucifer’s a pretty strong firewall. How do you suggest we get past him?”

Sam suddenly looks excited, and Dean knows that face. Sam has found something.  “I’ve got an idea. I found this spell. It’s for temporarily incapacitating an angel by putting them to sleep. I figure we set up another trap and ward it with Rowena’s spell, summon Lucifer and put him to sleep then you get in with African Dream Root.”

Dean just stares at him for a moment. “Three layers of spells, what could possibly go wrong?”

“Hey, I’m just saying, if you want to talk to Cas, this is how we do it.”

Dean chuckles and tips his head back to take a swig of beer, “What the hell, right? Go big or go home.”

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Recap of the ep’s best moments

- So first of Dean being a grumpy little cutie pie about his coffee and not letting it go. 

- Casifer playing angry birds. 

- Misha’s freaking eye rollsss !!

- Mark Sheppard like holy hell well done mate good acting. 

-Sidenote crying because Crowley. 

- Dean still not shutting up about his coffee goddamnit. 

-Dean being a feminist. 


-Dean in a sailors uniform

-Casifer being soaked and omg misha’s wet hair !! 

-Dean being a cabin boy ( hey cockles fandom, remember the boat trip?) 

-Dean hurting for the poor sailor boy because he has so much love okau




-Dean wanting to help all the people on the ship even in the circumstances because again so much lovee. 

-Sam yelling that’s not Cas.

-Mishas expression when he says “the cat’s out of the bag”


- Dean being so wrecked about Cas and refusing to believe he said yes to lucifer. 

-Deans face omgg i think we all cried 

- Sam being a supportive little bro



tl;dr this was a top notch episode thank you spn.

okay but real talk
•chuck’s crashing at the bunker
•lucifer is now freed from amara and in the bunker as well

Don’t think about Dean still praying to Cas every night after this, telling Cas he’s gotta hold on, telling Cas that they’re going to save him, telling Cas that he needs him and that Cas is loved.

I just got around to watching Safe House and Rufus keeps referring to the “oldest rule,” you can’t save everyone. And Dean keep saying he needs to save Cas. If this is some kind of foreshadow I will flip my shit.

Cain didn’t save Cas so he’d go tell the Winchesters on him. They were already on his trail. They’d still have figured out where he was going. He saved Cas because if Dean did kill Cain, he’d need someone to save him anD IT IS POINTLESS TO ARGUE WITH ME ABOUT THIS

did anyone else notice how good the “previously on” segment was this time? usually they’re no help at all if you haven’t actually seen the episodes they’re covering, but this one really gave us the full history of cas and lucifer, like, disproportionately, since this ep had probably only two minutes that were explicitly about needing to save cas from lucifer.

but it makes sense because this episode not only gave us dean as broken up about cas as we could reasonably expect from a motw episode, but was subtextually all about cas. like. they even put gunner in a fucking tan coat. not even to fucking mention:

  • the funeral backdrop (they’re mourning cas)
  • the “hell raiser” beating the shit out of dean’s hero (before he makes a victorious comeback)
  • someone dean adores (and has blind faith in in another way) having turned out to have made a deal with the devil and being under the thumb of an emissary of hell
  • being involved with “satanic crap”
  • dean talking him down into doing the right thing (as he promises he’s going to do with cas)
  • dean not even holding a grudge because he’s been there…even though dean is literally the only part of team free will that hasn’t said yes for the devil, so other terrible life choices aside, he can at least be proud of that

also, did anyone else get the sense that harley trying to make up with gunner (”i took a shot at you, a cheap-ass shot”) has shades of dean and cas (of course, it’s a little late for cas) finally talking about the various highlights of them beating on each other in cas’s ptsd flashback reel? if anyone else has something to say about gunner’s scar and cas’s handprint, or the sumerian symbol that can “pluck the spark of life” out of someone and the darkness, or either and the mark of cain, i’d like to hear that, too

Castiel running around all over the world looking for SOMETHING ANYTHING to help Dean feels a lot like Dean slashing his way through purgatory looking for Castiel. 

Just as Dean was determined to not leave Cas behind, to make sure they both got out safely, just as Dean needed Benny’s help; so Cas is determined to find a way to save Dean, and Cas needs Sam’s help.

But Dean DIDN’T get Cas out.  Castiel chose to stay behind, he didn’t think he deserved to be saved.  And that set into motion a series of events that lead to Castiel being subverted for heaven’s goals and ultimately the crypt scene.

This makes me nervous.  Dean’s already been signaling that he is not sure he can be saved.  We’ve been told he’ll start rejecting help.  Is Dean going to be subverted for hell’s purpose?  Is the reverse crypt scene actually a ways off yet?  Like next season?  (fuck I don’t want to wait that long!)  Was our little demon Dean arc analogous to leviathan Cas?  Interestingly in both cases Crowley was a catalyst.  And now the heart to heart Dean and Crowley had feels a little more ominous.